Inchcock – Saturday 7th November 2020: Panic Stations! Shortage of cans of Chilli Con Carne!

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Saturday 7th November 2020

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 7fed Tachwedd 2020

01:30hrs: Woke wanting a wee-wee. I wrenched my wonderfully-fit, firm, fat-free, furuncleless, amazingly muscled, massively-genitally-gifted body from the brand new, recliner, and singing-out-loud, ♫ Oh what a beautiful morning ♫, Gordon MacRae, style, as I skipped jollily to the wet room, without walking into anything, a dizzy spell, or any leg dancing! Ahem!

I thought I’d start today’s I.T. with a whopping great long series of terminological inexactitudes, cause I was in a decent frame of mind for a change. Knowing that after all the hassle, help from Matron Jackie, and panicking yesterday, I knew I’d got some Bisopropol (Beta-Blocker) tablets to take this morning. So I felt the urge to share my temporary satisfaction/sanity mode, with you, to raise a laugh. Hahaha!

I exited the wet-room, uninjured, and poddled to the kitchenette. Got the kettle filled, and started the Health Checks. First the temperature, and look at it! Much higher, and I think within range too! Swank-Mode-Adopted!

The old Boot’s BP sphygmomanometer gave forth more heartening figures. The SYS was down to 163. I increased my Smug-Mode to DefCon-3! Hahaha!

Then went to make a brew. Unaccountably, I decided to have a mug of the healthier, well, better for bladder and diabetes, so they tell me. Decaffeinated Morrison’s tea. But it was a disaster. Weak, insipid rubbish! I might as well have had just a drink of warm, water, it was terrible!

I went back to the kitchen and made a brew of the Yorkshire brand Decaffeinated slop; I mean tea. (Although maybe not!) It looked a lot stronger and tastier…

Nae, that’s a fib, that tea was horrible too! But was only just,  barely passable… Eurgh!  Still, I drank some of it, to take the medications with. The new trial Cephalexin, anti-bacterial infection capsule, instead of the Amoxicillin was taken for the first time with the regular medications. Phorpain gel applied to the knees, to counter Arthur Itis and PKCCP (Proximal Knee-Cap-Cartilage-Pain), Sounds all knowledgable, don’t it, Hahaha! I’ll have a go at the other areas when I get the ablutions done.

I had two tries at getting a decent shot of the view, as the fog came down outside. The first one was in the ‘Night Landscape’ setting: the second in Aperture Priority. Neither looked anything like what my eyes were seeing. Tsk!

It was a long slog, but getting the updating done, with the occasional veering off-track and doing some graphics on CorelDraw for templates, took me many an hour.

I had a break and made a proper good mug of proper Glengettie tea. Aye, by Jiminnee, that was more like it! Then got the Saturday, (no you fool!) Friday post sent off. Emailed the link off, and Pinterested some snaps. Went on Facebooking, then the WordPress Reader. The fog is deepening a tad.

Reluctantly I made an order for Sainsbury delivery. Unfortunate that, because after the last order, with its stupid substitutes, overcharging, and damaged good, I thought I’d never use them again. But I cannot get any pickled eggs (Apart from Amazon, but they charge even more than Sainsbury’s, over a quid more than JS do, for jars of just five eggs. Mind you, if I buy a jar of approx., guessing by the photo, they are sold by weight (2.25kg), about 25 eggs, was only £25!!! No point though, it would not fit in the fridge. The first date available for me was Saturday next, 14th November, at 13>1400hrs. Not worried about it though, I’ve got a Morrison one coming for next Tuesday, I’ll not starve (He says hopefully, Hehehe!) 

Aha, the fog is turning into a mist now.

I continued working on the blogging of today’s diary. Managed to get one graphic done in advance, on CorelDraw. Pathetic, but better than none!

The mist is lingering somewhat this morning. And I am wee-weeing well, but only little teeny-weening jobs. Haha!  

Feeling shackered now, time for me to get the nosh prepared. Got the Princes canned Chilli-Con-Carne on the go, sliced some tomatoes to go in. I bravely added some gravy to the mix, with Chilli seasoning in it. Only a little mind.

As I was turning of Computer Cameron, I came across the latest Coronvirus figures for Nottingham.

They are not publishing them so clearly or often nowadays – this is an opportunity for the Conspiracy Theorists to use, surely?

I’d taken the bread thins out of the freezer earlier, and they were ready to be used with rather hotter than a planned bowl of Chilli dinner. A pot of lemon mousse and aa Cox’s Pippin apple added to the tray, and I got settled o watch a ‘New Tricks’ DVD while eating the fodder on my knee. Luxury!

On the first forkful of Chilli, I ate – I thought; “Hello, you’ve made this too hot mate!”. But oddly as I carried on, it seemed to be highly acceptable, and I ended up loving it. I ate all of the bread thins as well, a lot of extra gravy to mop-up, Hahaha!

A decent flavour-rating of 7/10 was granted (The bread thins had thawed out with hard edges, Tsk!) Ah, well! Just a shame that this Princes Chilli-Con-Carne from Iceland costs twice the price of Sainsbury’s Hubbard’s or Morrison’s own label!

: Did the pots, and I made a check on my stocks of canned CCC (Chilli-Con-Carne). I could only find three cans! This will have to be investigated in the morning. Panic-Mode-Adopted!

18 thoughts on “Inchcock – Saturday 7th November 2020: Panic Stations! Shortage of cans of Chilli Con Carne!

  1. I see you are acclimating to chili. Excellent. But a shortage of chili? What did the Welsh identify it as essential? I heard talk that various essential items were banned from sale in the UK because the Welsh thought they should be banned. I think I shall renounce my Welsh ancestry. And no pickled eggs? What’s the world coming to? Oh yeah Covid. I saw something about people being arrested for leaving their houses in the UK unless they had a really good excuse. Governments are freaking out of control. Although, now that Biden has supposedly been elected president, I’m sure that covid will soon go away. It was all Trumps fault, you know. I think you should drink the tea you like. You are already miserable from lock downs, sorry pharmacies and all your ailments. Why make yourself suffer with sucky tea? I seriously doubt regular, caffeinated tea will be responsible for doing you in. Enjoy the tea you like!

    • Methinks with the full lockdown, folks are panic buying food again, Tim. I really can recall last time we went on FLD, chillie was just aout the only tinned meat left on the shelves? But both Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s reckon they have some in stock for my latest orders for next week, we shall see.

      I’ve not read about the Welsh bannings, but if I get time today, I’ll investigate!

      A shortage of my beloved Pickled eggs, can you believe it? And, two years ago, the jars of five eggs were 99p each… now, if you can get them, they are £2.85 at Sainsbury’s! Humph! But fair do, it looks like I might get some CCC from them next Saturday.

      Yep, there have been arrests in Nottingham, but oddly enough, the students who hold parties of about 20-25 people, have not been arrested, just told-off, Grrr!

      The Trump-haters are in their eyeholes now. He’ll get the blame for everything, global-warming. Coronavirus, Roswell UFO cover-up, and should another terrorist attack come. that as well!

      I expect that Biden will have the Coronova cracked within two-weeks! (Huh!)

      The urologist who gave me the cystoscope, and said she would call me in two weeks to see how I’m going on, didn’t. But has sent a new monitoring list for me to record each day. How much fluid you drink – the types of fluid you drink – how often you need to pass urine – the amount of urine you pass – how many episodes of incontinence you have – Colourisation chart – how many times you experience an urgent need to go to the toilet etc. That’ll help!
      I shall continue with by Glengettie, Thompson Punjana, and strong Assam brews. It’s not a lot to ask. Hehe!

      Cheers, Sir, thanks.

  2. “terminological inexactitudes” — a great phrase that I look forward to borrowing if you do not mind.
    Speaking of terminological inexactitudes, I once defined decaffeinated as “castrated.” Well, ’twas in German (kastrierter Kaffee). Without caffeine, a product should receive a totally different name. Just my two farthings, of course.
    Speaking now of COVID, the US recently broke the 10 million case mark; however, we only took 10 days to get the last million. “We’re number 1”, as some are fond of saying.
    We wish you much wellness!

    • Help yourself, Sir.
      Oh, how I do dislke that imitation tea!
      We here are on 997k, on the same page it says (Total 1.19M). Which confuses me a bit? Perhaps pou would help out by comparing this to the ratio in the US of A, Sir Billum. (Numbers)
      I make note, that we were numero uno, first, mate! Hehehe! Sorry can’t work it out myself.

      Biden will get it down for you.

      • My friend in Edmonton, Alberta keeps me up to date on the Covid numbers in Canada. Seems to me they are doing a betterer job at keeping the numbers lowerer than are we.
        I shall work on the ratios and proportions in the morning — I think better when the sun is out. Might even include Canada while I’m at it. Maths are one of my fortes. I was the only student in my high school chemistry class who brought a slide rule along — was able to triple check my answers while the rest of the class was doing long division with paper and pencil. Smug mode adopted. Sorry.
        Biden is already getting started on the Covid scene, perhaps we shall learn something from Trudeau?

      • I’ll get back to you, I’m cooking my chilli while doing this Sir. Not being rude, but sleep is hours late being seached for with the food farce.
        Thanks for trying to work it out for me, it’s beyond my ability, capability and my fuddled brain, numbers again, Tsk!

      • The US population is 5 times larger than the UK, so multiplying the Covid numbers in your neck of the planet by 5 gives you a comparison on which country is vying for the bottom of the barrel in Covid policies.
        Conversely, divide a US Covid count by 5 and you get the comparison from the ‘tother direction. Hoping that this helps!
        I always use the Google search bar for making calculations, until I find my slide rule perhaps? (lie possibly detected).
        Looking forward to a vaccine by crossing my fingers. 🙂

      • So, erm… who has the worst percentage then Bill?
        Arithmaphobia is one of mch later in life ailments, but I newer ones, diabetes, stroke, peripheral neuropathy etc, I don’y like being greedy, but… Haha!

      • As Lisa would be very glad to attest, I am able to drone on indefinitely about arcane matters of disinteresting topics. Also known, of course, for providing TMI (Too Much Information). At a TMI Anonymous meeting, that’s where I belong 🙂
        Say, I’ve wandered into waffling once again. Und so:
        New US Covid cases are incomparable to any other country, it’s like the difference between the troposphere and the ionosphere. Here is a graph of the 10 most Covid-affected countries, updated to 11 November 2020. A WTFarama, wirklich:

      • I hope Lisa is catching a bit of shuteye, Billum.
        I’ll reply to that when I’ve looked up what troposphere and the ionosphere are. That gives totals, thanks. What is the population of UK vs USA, the n I’ll get someone to work out a percentage for me. Mr Google will be consulted laterer.

      • Poetical described, Sir. Good for Lisa ♥
        The population figures will be attempted to be use, and worked out, later on.
        Merci mon amiski.

      • 1961 *was* a stylish year. Turn it upside down and 1961 would still read 1961 — or turn your monitor upside down…hold that thought..erm…might not be a good idea. 🙂

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