Inchcock Today – Sat 31 Oct 20: It’s my morosophy that keeps me going, yer know!

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Saturday 31st October 2020

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 31ain Hydref 2020

00:00hrs: There was no clinomania when I stirred into imitation life at midnight.

For semi-refreshed after four hours + of Sweet Morpheus, I was raring to go; but first I had to go for a wee-wee. So, off to the wet-room.

At this point, I’d like to explain that the wee-weeing got really out of hand today. So if you imagine I’d been nipping off for a leak every half-hour or so, you’ll be pretty accurate. Gotten Himmel! So to save time writing, let’s agree to accept this estimate, please. Thank you.  Pickleglobknobs, it nearly drove me around the bend!

I had a good wash and did a bit of medicationalisationing (Little Inchies Fungal Lesion had been leaking a little). Then had a go at the Health Checks. I got the equipment out and used both of the thermometers to see what the difference would be this morning.

As anticipated, the Amazon forehead one was lower again. The one that Matron Jackie mended and showed me how to use it properly is the one I trust. At 35.6°c, I was well pleased with it. The Boots BP sphygmomanometer gave another high reading for the SYS. Why? I’ve had the BP taken this week three times on different days, by nurses, and every time it shows up as around 144? Even when Matron Jackie did it in the flat, she got only 145! Gerumph!

Took the medications, guzzled lots of the pathetically-inefficient, weak, substandard, ineffective, not-up-top-the job, Peptac. I rubbed in some Phorpain gel on my hands, ankles (although reaching the ankles is getting a more challenging job lately, Tsk) and knees.

I checked the done-wrung and hung washing from yesterday, and moved both of the zip-up jumpers over the kitchen heater on the curtain rail, to dry betterer. I checked first that there was no chance of any drips to fall on the electrics, so it’s safe.

Then I set about computerisationing. But this blast of concentrating was a marathon session, three hours or more. I was starting with the photographs from yesterday getting sorted. I’d got a headache by the time the pictures were all sorted, and got in the WordPress gallery.

  I went to make a brew of Glengettie to freshen myself up, and then had a bag of Frazzles with it. (By gum, I live the life of Riley!) Utter luxury!

Well, maybe not!

The first summing to the Porcelain Throne arrived, and what a painful experience it was! Admittedly it was over quicker than of late, but this level of discomfort caused me to regret not taken extra last night to make up those capsules I’d missed through being out and about for so long. Grunglebogknickers!

Back on the computer, and guess what? Yes! Mr $19m a year plus expenses earner, boss of Liberty-Global who owns Virgin Internet Media, must be laughing and cackling when he finds out! How does he keep his job? Mind you; I bet it’s what he knows of others failings and weaknesses, and the Mafia, who keep the incapable sod going in a job.

Just a couple of thoughts, I’ve got nothing against the crud-nut whatsoever… apart from jealousy! Hehehe!

I checked the email when Fries farce of an internet service came back on. Just as a phone came in, it was Sister Jane and Pete, telling me they had taken some photographs of Deana from the BBC1 news, and sen them via email. Bless ’em!

I went to make a brew of Extra Strone Black Assam tea, notices that the rain was pelting down and the wind was getting so strong now. The sun came out later. I had to look to see if a rainbow had appeared, but could not see any.

Plus maybe, an: I found time to upload the photographs from the email Pete had sent. Six in total. I sent them directly to CorelPhotopaint – Whatta-mistaka-To-Maker! Panic set in, when first, CorelDraw froze and would do nothing at all, the Computer sent me messages I didn’t understand, then the dreaded blue screen came up! I lost everything I was doing and had not saved, plus wasn’t sure I could retrieve the situation!

Everything was turned of, a few minutes later, I switched it all back on, and with Duodenal Donald starting to kick-off, through the worry and panic I imagine. Very slowly, CorelDraw started to let me do things, move things, something in the background was working, what I knew not; I was just glad it was!

The one photo I’d managed to download on Photopaint was examined. I found that the actual size of the photo’s width was 84 inches! The file size when I was in Gigabytes! No wonder the computer was struggling. I’ll have a look at the news site later, to see if I can get some photos there. I was so glad the computer was still working, slow yet mind, but operational. Phew! I rang Pete. I’d got a question to ask him anyway. Glad to report that he was feeling a little better in himself today, and Jane was coping with her one eye is better than none approach to her problems. We are a sickly bunch! Hahaha!

I pressed on and got the blog sent off eventually, but it was after six hours more work on it this morning, nearly afternoon already now!

Gawd, I’m such a lucky bugger!.

I then had a look at the Your Area (postcode) E-newsletter, to get updates on the Coronavirus and hopefully find some photos of Winwood Heights.No luck with Winwood pictures. Ther only things I could find about Nottingham Coronavirus figure on the right here.

I went to check on the meal, well, mushrooms and potatoes cooking. 

The mushrooms have a lot of balsamic vinegar in the water, nothing else, but last time I tried this, they were very bland.

The weather had snapped back to the sun shining! The wind remains high and noisy, mind you.

I went onto Facebooking catch-up. It took me ages and ages, and a long time, too!

So tired now, well gone my usual head-down time, but the fodder needs preparing, so off to the kitchen I poddled to do so.

Flavour rating: 6.2/10. Not one of my best efforts, but I was feeling drained, strained, featherbrained and mentally restrained.

Waited for the new Coronavirus lock-down rules from the Rhyme Minister, but I fell asleep.