Insipid Inchocks Diary, Wednesday 30th December 2020

♥ TFZeress Lovely Lillie, from Norfolk ♥

Wednesday 30th December 2020

Irish: Dé Céadaoin 30 Nollaig 2020

00:00hrs: As I woke, half-hanging out of the recliner, with the bottled water, headphones, woolly-hat, spectacles, pen and pad and other bits on the floor around the chair, there were little bits of the dream I must have been having, milling about in my head…

I was determined to write down the thoughts, and I attempted to get free of the recliner, up on my feet and get down to pick up the pen and pad, to record the memories. Things did not work out as planned, though!

In my haste, I got up too quickly, and without catching my balance. Crumpled to the floor on my knees. Unfortunately, setting-off RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) and CC (Cartilage Cathy) hurting. The thoughts of getting the pad were lost, replaced with the task of getting myself back up on my feet. Tsk!

By the time I’d managed to get back up, with the assistance of the heavy recliner as a lifting aid, and had used the picker-upperer to get the articles dropped in the night, any residue of memories of the dream were long gone into the ether! Fungleboggles! I was well miffed with myself now! Mind you, I did find the missing TV remote control while I was down there!

The need for a wee-wee arrived, so over to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket) for an SSAO (Sprinkly-Spraying-All-Over) mode wee. With SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) kicking into gear as I did so, it was a miracle that I managed without and spillages!

So, I’ve been up for around five-minutes – A tumble onto my knees, CC, and RAI giving me grief, then SSS joins in, a pathetic wee-wee, and now I’ve just stubbed my toe taking the bucket to be sanitised!

And now, I think I’ve set Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding. This is not the sort of start to the day that bodes well, is it?

Still, it didn’t bother me in the slightest. A man of my calibre, youthful exuberance, and happy-go-lucky outlook. “Huh!”

I took photos of the moon, which came out decentish, for me.

Made a brew of Glengettie, and got the computer going, and had a wee. The wee-wee was of a different mode this time – a little stronger than the first weak one, but it went on, and on and on! 

During the first hour or so on the computer. The eyes started running, I started sneezing, then coughing, back to sneezing, then had a visit from Dizzy-Dennis. Saccades-Sandra is also playing up this morning. After the 60-minutes or so, the sneezing and coughing stopped completely?

I got the photos on CorelDraw from yesterday, and then in WordPress, and got the Wednesday blog all done. Sent it off to WordPress. Emailed the link. Pinterested a couple of graphics. Then did the Facebook updating. On to the WP Reader next. Again, not much on with it being the holidays, but there’s some great stuff posted.

Made myself a mug of 99 tea, and read assessed the emails. I was glad that I read the one from Iceland, for they are arriving tomorrow, not today now. Same slot, 06:00 > 08:00hrs.

I’ve no problem with that. I can rearrange my meets with President Biden and Her Majesty for a later time. Hehehe!

Then I had a look at the Nottingham, and Nottinghamshire email magazines, to see if anything interesting was on it today.

The latest figures for Nottingham was not up to date, because of the holiday period, obviously.

The national Patients Admitted graph looked like a bit of a spike is developing, after a dip?

I received this mornings edition of Nottinghamshire Today, and I  found this article about the local and National Coronavirus figures.

Then, like lightning, (Well, that’s me all over, Haha!) I realised that I had not done yet done the morning Health Checks! Sad innit? The SYS was a bit of a shock, at 180, I’m sure I’ll implode or explode any time now!

I still can’t believe that when the hospital, paramedics or Doctor takes readings, it’s always, but always in range! Grumph!

Of course, it could be Woodthorpe Court’s mysteries; the phantoms, kelpies, spectres, poltergeist, spirits, manifestations, zombies, daemons, cacodemons, rakshasas, hellions, aliens, extraterrestrials, hobgoblins, apparitions, elfins, pishogues, apparitions, or gremlins?

Still, the body temperature came out alright.

On with the dating of this bog, then decided some brekkers would be a good idea. A Jenny supplied pickled egg, halloumi sticks and a Cornish pastie. A fair feast I found veritably tasty!

Summonings to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Apart from losing a fair bit of blood, things went well enough. I got the ablutions done at the same time. Which went well, a few dropsies, no more than ten, mind. Two decent sessions! The legs were looking good too.

However, drying off I did find a new, what looked like a Clopidogrel allergy mark. Its was only cause it was itching and hurting when scratched that I investigated further.

Can you guess from the photograph where I found it: Clues: Not a place that is easy to look at physically – Had to take the picture blind, cause I couldn’t see it visually – Near a joint, affected by an ailment! Not easy is it?

When I came out of the wet from into the kitchenette, there had been a slight covering of snow while I was ablutioning. Took this picture from the unliked, light and view-blocking window.

Then back on the computer to try and get some graphics done. The internet was so slow and causing problems. I phoned Jenny, to wish a happy new year and see how she, Nora and Frank, were doing. They seemed okay, Jenny was pragmatic, is the word methinks, about the current situation.

I got some waste bags done up, took them to the chute, and the big bag down to the caretaker’s bin.

On the way back up in the lift, it shuddered a little for a few seconds. Of course, this didn’t bother a heroic, brave, devil-may-care, outgoing young man like me at all.

No worries, shocks, involuntary escapages of wind from the rear-end, fears, or cheek-pinching. Nor, saying to myself “Hello, this is it!” Hahaha!

I tried getting the three-wheeler-guide in through the flat door, going backwards this time: It was so much easier to get the trolley in and over the high door tread with the double wheels ahead. That’s it, I’m coming in backwards in future! See? I can sometimes get things right with my plans and schemes – I did it once in October 1959 as I recall!

The weariness dawned earlier than ever today, and Duodenal Donald kicked-off for the first time in ages. I made a snack of some soup and the last of the bread…

But in the morning, I  had problems with the SD card, it had split! So I lost all the other photographs on it as well! There were about 2,100 on it. Gragnangles and Grogglebonksworth!

And it got worse, when I tried to put the Canon card in, the computer said it needed formatting and would lose everything on it if it was done? I know there were over 2000 photos on that one as well – I opted to format, and the computer said it was ‘Unable to format this disc!’ I was shattered! I put the disc in the Canon camera, and that gave a formatting option automatically – so I pressed ‘Yes’, and the camera said something, but the screen cleared before I could read it properly. I took out the disc, put it back in, restarted the camera, and the option came up again, and I pressed ‘OK’… it did it, but of course, I lost all of the photographs.

I took a picture or two to try it, and it worked. Then put the disc in the reader, prayed… and the picture thingy came up, and I uploaded the photos post haste. Not happy with this cock-up, and will try not to mention it again, I’ll skip round it in tomorrows blog, the memory is too painful. If you don’t mind. It hurt to write this, and I don’t want to repeat it and bring back memories. Sob!

I got the pots washed, rinsed and down in the recliner, to the depths of depression and self-pity. Spit!

Inchies diabolical diary for Tuesday 29th December 2020

♥ TFZeress, Nancy, a good un! ♥

The Bowel & Bladder are not gerrin’ any betterer… Tsk! Haha!

Tuesday 29th December 2020

Hawaiian: Pōʻalua 29th Kekemapa 2020

23:50hrs: I woke, wanting a wee-wee, that felt rather urgent. No time for a preamble, I manipulated my colossal-wobbly stomached torso from the £300 second-hand, c1968 recliner. I hobbled over to the with the greatest of speed available to me, to take a wee-wee.

This evacuation was of the WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible-Trickling) style, and painful with it! It took ages to free, and maybe it added up to enough to fill a couple of egg cups. Not only that, but I felt drained of energy afterwards? Something amiss here? The thought of the treatment and put-downs I had suffered on my last visit to the Oncologist, was enough, to encourage me not to call them, but to wait to see how things develop, first. (How dare she tell me to stop drinking Glengettie tea and go onto the crap-tasting decaffeinated type!) Hehehe!

I washed the dandies and got the kettle on. Made up some waste bags and got them in the box on the three-wheeler-walking guide. The box seems to have got filled-up a lot quicker than it normally does? I may have made the bags up a little too large to fit in the chute? Humph!

Another wee-wee needed, I’ll try not to waste time mentioning this again, they lasted all day on and off, every one of them in the same WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible-Trickling) mode.

I tended to the Health Checks next. Starting with the Boot’s made in China Sphygmomanometer. At least the SYS was a tad lower than yesterday, the pulse was up a fair bit, mind at 91, compared to yesterdays 87 reading.

The Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer was down a smidge, but within range, I think, at 36.5°c, it was in the green anyway. I like this machine, it is quick and easy to use. Of course, now I’ve said that; somethings bound to go wrong!

I used up the last of the Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops. The reason being that the Doctor didn’t show me how to put them in at the hospital. Thus, most of the liquid ended up running down my cheeks, through the moustache and into my mouth! The Carmellose drops had some left in it to use, I still got the biggest part of it down the cheeks. Tsk!

The foul-tasting Docusate was not taken this morning, as the problem with Constipation Konrad had now been replaced with Trotsky Terence. However, I thought I’d still take a Dioctyl® 100mg Poo-Softener capsule, just the one.

I got the medications sorted and taken. Then onto the computer to update the Monday blog to get sent off. First, the photographs from last night needed uploading, but the damned Microsoft Pictures Ap was not having it again! I wrangled a way of getting them in from the plug-in in the end. Heck of a mess about!

Then, the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. No messing about, I stopped everything and made my way to the wet-room. By Jiminy Cricket! This visit was as near to perfect as one has been for months (Note I only said ‘near’ to perfect!) No pain at all! And a quick evacuation to boot! Sadly, it was messier than ever, the Docusate had worked! I regret taking the Dioctyl® now. Still, yer can’t win ’em all! Cleaned up, washed and back to the computer.

I concentrated fairly well this time, and Nicodemus and SSS were both in a good mood for me. So it didn’t take too long before the blog was finished. I got it sent off to WordPress and Pinterested some snaps. Emailed the link. Then went on Facebooking catch-up. This took over two hours, but it was interesting and a few comments to peruse. (Several WUNT’s taken doing the Facebooking)

I went to make a mug of Glengettie, and I took these photographs through the light & view-blocking kitchen window. The first a wide shot that didn’t come out as it showed in the Nikon viewer’s window. However, I thought I saw a fire on the horizon!

I zoomed in to get a clearer picture (Okay, I failed). But it did look like a fire was burning, and a decent-sized one too!

I had a look on the web for any news of any fires but didn’t find anything.

As I was closing the light & view-blocking kitchen window, the moon came through the clouds. So I popped out again and got this photograph taken. I tried to get a closer one, but the Nikon wasn’t having that, and the close-ups came out terrible! Humph!

I opened the YourNottingham news magazine and had a look to see if any news of a fire was on it. I found this disappointing Covid figures for Nottingham.

I also spotted this photo above and recognised the street straight away, Sherbrooke Road, where I lived before coming to these flats. I’m even gladder I moved now!

I was well pleased when I came across the Crime Figures for my new postcode. Down 19%, they say.

Ah, well, better get the ablutions done. I don’t want to miss the travelling shop when it comes. Now then, erm… bread, err… oh, I’ll sort it out later.

What an Awesomesauce Ablution Session!

Please Note: The above statement does not include the medicalisationing!

  • Teeth-cleaning: Not such good a start, the cracked tooth has lost another bit, and is beginning to hurt a little.
  • Shaving: Smug-Mode-Adopted! Not a single cut! A few dropsies, but only three!
  • Showering: Dropsies just two! No dizzies! No hitting the grab bars! Great!
  • Drying off: Nothing knocked over or off of the floor cabinet! No toe-stubbing! Just the one dropsy. Smug-Mode-upgraded to Class C!
  • Medicationalisationing: Ah, the real black spot I’m afraid, didn’t go well at all! I dropped the Haemorrhoid cream tube, bent down to retrieve it, and SSS kicked off. Dropped the furuncle ointment, picked it up and dropped the cap from it. I’ve not seen it since! On the brighter, silver-lining search side, at least the tube was nearly empty anyway! Bending and lifting the leg up simultaneously, to put some Germolene on the stubbed toe from yesterday, I slipped getting myself back up. I scraped my chin against the sharp corner of the cabinet, and I ended up on my bum, via the floor cabinet, of which I knocked several deodorants off of. This started Harold’s haemorrhoids bleeding, and it took me a while to stop them. (At least I hadn’t already medicated them! Hehehe!) Which started of Cartilage Cathy as well! I utilised the WS bowl to get back upright again, this was not easy.
  • Getting dressed: No loss of balance getting the PPs on. No walking into anything on exiting!

I’m sure of the order that things occurred, but they shook me up a bit!

So there it is, had it not been for the medicating, I reckon this would have been my best, least painful, and fewest dropsies ablutioning session for years! A shame that!

I got dressed and off into the kitchen to sort out the last waste bag.

Well, the snow had been falling a bit while I busy in the wet room! I got the Nokia, took its photo, put the camera in the three-wheeler-guide bag, and later took a photo in the chute room.

Did you note my deliberate mistake there? Putting Nokia instead of Nikon? Ahem!

I got the waste bag on the box, set out of the door to go to the chute room.

I somehow managed to knock the box off the trolley, as I bent down to get the bags back into the box, I felt the warm, wet sensation in the front of the PPs! I knew straight away what had happened, mind. The medium size substituted for large-sized PPs from Sainsbury’s had squashed Little Inchie and started the lesion to bleed. Swine!

  I came back inside the flat to check things in the nether regions. Dang-It! Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding a bit. I went to the wet room and cleaned things up and applied some Clobetasone Butyrate cream. Off out again, and took this photograph through the lobby window before entering the chute room.

I took this shot om me putting the last little bag down the rubbish chute. Not a lot of room, is there?

But, fair does, if they had left the big opening on, some folks tend to put loose large waste into the funnel, and so many blockages last year, proved very costly to unblock.

Back to the apartment and got the kettle on, taking two more photos of the snow falling, but was turning to train as I snapped the pictures.

The snow was almost in the rain after a minute or so, but anything can change. I think I heard of a yellow warning for snow, I’ll look at Mr Google. Aha, they, well, the BBC, gave out Sleet Showers and a gentle breeze. Spot on for now!

I’m feeling a bit odd at the moment. Likely the bum-meeting-the-floor incident. Hahaha! Back to the food van’s shopping requirements, that should be arriving in about an hour, if the snow hasn’t blocked him in somewhere.

I got carried away with the CorelDrawing and missed him, well and truly. It was hours after his call time hen I realised, and beginning to get dark. Hahaha!

I went to the Iceland Foods site, and found that they could deliver in the morning! So I made an order up and posted it. I ordered some milk loaf bread, several packs of part-baked rolls and baguettes,  more wine for Jane & Pete, etc. Being delivery twixt 06:00 > 08:00hrs.

Got the nosh made earlier than usual, as the fatigue had come on so early today. While the nosh cooked, I rang dear Jenny, just to see how she was going, not heard from her for a while. I can report that Jen, Nora and Frank are all coping well, which cheered me up… I needed a little lift.

I Got the meal served up, got down in the recliner, put the TV on, and tucked into the chilli with a relish despite feeling so tired.

Boy, did I polish off that meal! Slurp!

I got the TV on and found that some old ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ were just starting that I wanted to view. Good old memory prompting the first one was too! I stayed awake for the entire fist half-hour one, but sadly, missed the rest of them. Waking up two hours later, just as the last episode was finishing. Makes yer sick, dunnit, when that happens!

I expected, my feeling so weary, that I’d nod back off to kip with no problem… But No! I lay there with rubbish spouting from the TV. I’d have turned it off if I could have found the remote control, I hope to find wherever it’s fallen, or I’ve dropped it, in the morning.

Anne Gyna kicked-off and kept me company, until I gave up trying to sleep, and rose up, defeated, for a wee-wee.

Inchoative Inchies, dairy. Monday 28th December 2020.

♥ TFZeress Janet, visiting Nottingham, I’m keeping an eye on her! ♥

Monday 28th December 2020

Zulu: UMsombuluko 28th December 2020

Such fascinating memories! Ahem!

Head-down 21:30hrs. At 23:10hrs: I shot awake, and the brain soon joined me. Whatever the sudden expergefactor was for this, I do not know! But I did know I could not ignore that something had woken me, and I had to get up and have a look around for any signs of danger, calamity, or risk, that might be lurking. I needed a wee-wee anyway.

The freeing of the onerously large and flobby-stomached torso with the dangly legs from the recliner was achieved with relative ease, this morning. Once up onto my feet and doing the balance exercises, I knew care would be needed in my hobbling around in my search for the cause of me rude-awakening. The balance was all over the place, SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley), CC Cartilage Cathy and RAI’s (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis’s) knees were all in a cruel, foul mood with me. (Fair enough, yesterday they were all kind to me)

I made an inspection of sorts of the flat, room by room. The Hallway apart from being untidy had no indications of anything out of order.

Apart from being even more untidy and messier than Steptoe & Sons, the junk room bore no signs of wrongdoings.

The wet room, again untidy, but it looked okay safety-wise.

The kitchenette, the three rooms’ messiest, made me feel guilty, but no dangers were found.

Off back to the front room, to utilise the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket). I think it’s going to be another struggle-to-pee day. The flow was reluctant and needed internal encouragement, which was a risky thing to do; When I applied some power to push the fluid out, the rear-end department very nearly started to evacuate of its own accord! Crivvens, it was a close thing! No question about it, Trotsky Terence is going to be in charge of the evacuations this morning!

As I was getting the kettle on, (and this must have looked the most comical speed-hobble I’d ever done) the movement from the rear-end began to flow of its own accord on the limp to the wet room, I hit my shoulder on the door frame, knocked the clothes off of the coat hangers in the hall onto the floor, and stubbed the same toe as I did yesterday against the heater!

I distinctly recall thinking, ‘Well fancy that!’, as I scrambled onto the much-needed Porcelain Throne! Cough, cough!

The action began before the bum had hit the plastic lid! A mammoth, tremendously long torpedo made its way to freedom. But smoothly! No pain, but much bleeding from Harolds Haemorrhoids, I’m afraid.

Where all evacuated product came from, I’ve not the foggiest? Well, I know that. What I meant was, with me not eating a lot of fodder yesterday, how did such a massive quantity of waste come from. I think? A total victory for Trotsky Terence once again. All over fairly quickly, I began to clean things up, medicate the backside with Germoloid ointment, and wiped around to make sure that none of the sprinkling wee-wee that exited at the same time, had missed the bowl. Thinking all the time, about the mess I have to clean up in the hallway and kitchen yet! 

Washed, and cleared, cleaned-up the mess I’d made in the hallway and kitchen in my desperate dash to the throne. Got it done, eventually, and brooded over my bad luck, wondering if it will ever improve before the Grim Reaper arrives. Tsk! Did myself no good though, BPB Back-Pain-Brenda) is giving me some stick now, due to all the bending when clearing up. Humph!

Made a brew of 99 tea for a change, and noticed the two lights were showing again, in fact, they came on as first looked out of the window? An odd thing that, lights coming on at two in the morning? I took a couple of snaps of the view from the kitchen window.

The first one I used the Nightime Panorama, the second was done in Auto mode.

I later found this shot on the right. I think it was an involuntary one, Ahem!

The stomach was beginning to rumble and churn again, I didn’t think it would be long until the Throne was needed again. (Where’s it coming from?)

Then, I went into one of my brain-dead, lacking logicality, total loss of concentration, lost-the-plot-yet again, what-the hell-am-I doing, modes!

I knew what I was doing alright, and yet I didn’t think it was right for some reason. But on I plodded, started on doing the hand-washing and sorting the togs out.

All in a robotic fashion?.

I moved the zip-up jacket, hanging above the sink to drain on a coat-hangar, it was nearly dry enough to use now.

I hung that in the hallway over the clothes airer.

Then got the quilt from the recliner, and hand-washed it with great care and attention? Checking it closely for any loose bits of cloth or spots I’d missed in the washing process.

Even the fabric softener and disinfectant were used in rinsing, and I rinsed the thing several times before adding the liquids in one final rinse. I got that hung above the kitchen sink to drip dry.

Why had I done this? No idea, but I somehow knew it had to be done? I had a spell similar to this a few months ago. I mentioned it to the Falls-Team man if I remember correctly, it just made him laugh! The instant I’d got the quilt hung, a semi-normality returned, and much confusion with it! Why?

So, much later than ever before, I made another brew of Glengettie and started updating the Sunday blog. My doing the sudden handwashing kept coming into my mind to toy with. Why? The wee-wees kept interrupting my progress, and each one was just a tiny sprinkling. The damned ‘Hum’ was again so loud.

At long last, I got the blog finished. I got it posted off, along with the email link. Pinterested a few snaps. (Using the notes from the pad to update this, I came across F13, written clear enough for me be certain that is what I had scribbled – what the heck it means, I’ve not the least knowledge of?) Reading through the other writing on the pad, I realised I had not done the Health checks!

I got the ear drops done first. Another farce, I got more down the face than in the eye. Huh! I was beginning to think I was losing it today!

The flaming SYS was at 165, to high again. There will be no nurses calling to take my blood that I can talk to with the holidays. Shame!

The temperature was fine, though. Not all bad and bonkers then, Haha!

Back to the computing, and went on Facebooking. That took far less time than usual, folks will be busy with their families, sorting out and getting plans made for the New Year?

Aha, the second summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. There was nae bother this time. I got there in plenty of time, a repeat of the first visit, but less of it. Hehe!

The well-stubbed toe was not as bad; I thought it might be. The pale skin looked a bit blotchy, but that’s normal, I suppose. I think I should be more concerned about the brain, rather than body, after this morning’s mental farcicalities!

I made a start on this template for an hour or two, but the concentration was ailing. Then went to make another brew of Glengettie. The fog had come down now.

I took a few pictures.

After which, I had visits from Shaking Shaun, which did me no good, especially as Shaun stayed with me for over an hour! By the time he’d left, SSS had returned for another hour or so, donating a very stiff aching shoulder for me to put up with, making typing with any degree of accuracy a difficult job. I’m literally praying that the other ailments, like Nicolas and Anne Gyna, don’t kick-off. Now the mental and physical challenges were a hassling me. Argh!

I took a break from the concentration-demanding blogging, and I poddled to the kitchen to check on the thin quilt.

I moved the nearly dried quilt, over the server on wheels trolley, and moved it close to the storage heater, to let it get dried enough.

Then had a look into what I might have for the meal today. The tin of Krakus Lopatka (cooked pork shoulder), I’d bought in error, thinking it was pork knuckle attracted my attention. That, with some potatoes or chips, peas or beans sounded a good idea.

Then I spotted a can of sausage and bean stew, that appealed even more to me. Because I vaguely recall trying it before and enjoying it. Of course, relying on what I remember is not a guarantee of anything! But, I took the decision to try it today. I took a decision a few weeks ago, you know, oh, yes!

Of to the kitchen and got the can opened without any fuss A ring-pull!

Put it in the saucepan to find there is only one insipid looking sausage in it! The beans are tasty, though. It’s called a stew? So I got the oven on, to do some frozen pork sausages to add to the pan. Cunning eh?

The fog was still there outside. How I feel, and things are going today, there is probably more fog in my head than there is out there. Hogglebogwash!

The head was getting more confused now, so I gave up on the blogging and prepared the meal. I did some sausages in the oven, and added them to the saucepan, along with some Squid vinegar, and a tin of chilli beans. It came out alright, a Taste Rating of 7/10.

Sleep took a while, but it did arrive earlier than usual. Didn’t stay too long, but I had a  straight-through uninterrupted kip of 4-hours, which was welcome, and is about average for this last week.

Take care, folks.

Incised Inchies, Sunday 27th December 2020 diary

TFZer Nancy, it was a couple of years ago, mind.

Sunday 27th December 2020

Greek: Κυριακή 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2020

01:10hrs: I woke after a rather sad, just under three hours of sleep. Robotically, I climbed falteringly out of the egregious, £300, second-hand, c1968, unsteady, not-working, incommodious, oh, so sickenly beige-coloured, haemorrhoid-testing recliner, and caught my balance easily enough. No calls for a wee-wee!

I turned the computer on. Argh! The greatly dreaded, much-feared, trying, and gut-wrenching ‘Blue Screen’ came up mid-way through its loading!

The heart sank, instant depression dawned, my shoulders sagged, and it seemed as if life had stopped for me! A blackness, blankness and confidence-destroying mood ensued!

As it restarted. It seemed to take a long time, during which I waited patiently… no, that a lie! – I panicked, fretted and prayed for a successful outcome!

‘Phew!’ It started up okay then! I gingerly opened up the Firefox internet, then the CorelDraw, and things seemed to be working in a normal fashion. I cheered up exponentially but did not go into any Smug-Mode, not until I was sure things would work right again. Boy, was I relieved and glad!

Within a few seconds of my renewed faith being restored, the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived, somewhat urgently. Off to the wet room I trotted, well, limped.

This Throne session had to be the easiest of the year! (I’ll stop taking the Docusate, now!) I was almost in complete control of the movement (First time in many a month, that!) Minimal pain! No Bleeding! Most satisfying!

However, this for the first time in ages, an easy victory for Trotsky Terence over Constipation Konrad, was the messiest evacuation in months as well! I may even have to order some more toilet rolls if this carries on. Hehe!

I then had to tend to the Health Checks because I’d forgot to do them earlier. Sad, innit? But I digressed from the plan yet again, deciding it was time for the first Glengettie cuppa of the day to be made and drank. While the kettle was boiling, I noticed the lights that I thought were car headlights again, across in Sherwood. This time two hours earlier than usual?

I got the Nokia camera to take a photo, but the rain was pelting down, and the wind was blowing. So I opened the unwanted unliked, light and view-blocking kitchen window, and tried to take a snap from within, of the lights. Aha! I’d made yet another mess of my photographicalisationing! Although there is an artistic aspect to the resulting picture, it was not planned, obviously.

I read the paragraph above later while editing, and realised I got something else wrong too. I’d written Nokia, in error for Nikon camera, yet again! Grobleknackerbangles!

Got the tea brewed, and back to the Health Checks. The Boot’s Boot’s made in China Sphygmomanometer readings were a lot betterer, with the SYS down from 178 to 154. Nice that!

The Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer, was in the green again, showing a temperature of 36.7°c.

I concentrated on getting the updating of the Saturday post completed. During this session, the wee-wees kicked in, and I think had to have about four of them over the next two hours. Mmm!

I got the finished blog sent off to WordPress. Replied to some emails, and made another brew of tea, Thompsons Punjana this time. (Two more wee-wees?)

The car lights were there still, although I do not think they are vehicle lights now. And tried to retake a decent photograph. This one came out much better than the first effort. Then I took an unzoomed shot in Nightime panorama mode. I’d hoped the clouds I could just make-out in the sky would be captured, but no!

Then I went on the Facebooking updating. Next, onto the WordPress Reader. (Three wee-wees) Started this blog off, and stayed with it for a good while. Sadly, mostly due to the never-ending error-correcting that was needed. Not blaming any ailments. They were kind to me, just a lack of concentration, and lousy-memory for facts, the wanted word and details.

The wee-wees were lessening a lot for some reason, in all the hours of doing the above, I only needed two of them. Then I realised I’d not taken the morning tablets yet – So I did. Hello, the rain has stopped falling!

Another mug of tea was fancied, so I went and made a cup of Glengettie. On the way back to the computer, Argh! I stubbed a toe! A pretty good effort it was, on the wheel of the swivel chair.

Of course, it didn’t bother a bold, brave, heroic person like me at all. Ahem!

I got a brekkers of sorts made up. It was supposed to be a little snack, just a Cornish pastie, peas and what was planned to be a tiny portion of cheesy potatoes, which I got carried away making and went overboard with the amount I made. I think doing Josies CP’s later was on my mind, and I did enough for both of us, Hehe!) So, this ended up as breakfast and main meal for the day for me. I ate it while watching a YouTube video about the serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. I ate all of the breakfast, and I even nibbled some nuts afterwards.

Did some blog updating on this post, made a brew.

Then it was time to get the ablutions sorted out. Which, I did! A stand-up job, which took longer than expected, not that it mattered much. The shaving produced a few nicks here and there. One on the earhole, the chin and the lip. I had a tender spot in a delicate area that I assumed was another furuncle coming. I manipulated the Nikon camera, with dexterity, or just good luck. I managed to get a shot of the offending pain giving whatever it was. Anybodies guess, but I’ll stick with it being a … well, it looks like a boil or furuncle. The discharge from it overnight had been captured in the PPs, so no bother there.

I did a lot of blogging, email reading and sorting, got rid of some unwanted photos from the SD cards, and potatoes. The wee-wees were going on strike. And I took this photo after the rain had stopped altogether.

Time to get Josie’s nosh prepared, and what a performance that was!

  From the preparation to plating, took only about an hour. But the mess made was astronomical! The dropsies, too many to count included; the mixing bowl, cutlery, saucepan (luckily empty at the time), the mixer tool and the oven tray (luckily, also empty at the time).

Burnt my finger on the oven rack, I knocked the little black clock off of the window ledge (Not working now! I’ll investigate it later), cut my little-finger slicing the tomatoes, Clouted my head getting back up from retrieving the wooden spoon, and hit it again on the cupboard door! (Spacial awareness on the right side). All-in-all, a Nightmare Kitchen purgatory scenario, that Gordon Ramsay would not have been able to help with. Hahaha!

However, with my confidence aflame, I pushed my muscular firm youthful body onwards, ignored the blood, aches and bruises, and got the meal finished and plated! And delivered it to Josie’s door at the regular time of 12:00hrs.

As normal, she was on the phone to her sister again. Every week, it takes the edge off, making all that effort, not knowing if the gal will carry on with her call or get the meal while it’s still warm. Still; ‘Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit!‘ I hope that she does get it eaten and enjoyed. Then I’ll be happy, too!

By the time I’d got back and cleaned up… well, pretended to sort out the mess in the kitchen, I was drained again, even earlier than usual. All-in, mentally.

Dizzy Dennis joined in with the Thought Storms, as I settled into the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety, incommodious, grotty recliner.

The brain required respite from the annoying Thought Storming, but it didn’t get any.

Incandescent Inchies Saturday 26th December 2020 diary

♥ New TFZer gal. Who? ♥

Saturday 26th December 2020

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 26 Dùbhlachd 2020

Late, for me, at 03:45hrs, I stirred, after managing a good five hours kip! Mind you, I had been up for 24hrs the day before. I was flabbergasted at how well I felt.

I jiggled my bits about and tested the ailments that were testable. RAI Rheumatoid Arthur Itis’ knees, BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda), Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters, and the rumbling, churning, gaseous innards were the only real hassle I could find.

I hauled my cumbersomely flabby-bellied body from the depths of the now looking like collapsing, unsteady, c1968 recliner to get my balance to go for a wee-wee. I soon realised that CCs, (Cartilage Cathy’s) patella needed adding to the list of my being-naughty ailments. Still, it made for a bit of change in my usual limping and hobbling style as I made for the wet room. Where another surprise awaited me, a good one! Well, more, actually.

The wee-wee, an SSAO (Sprinkly-Spraying-All-Over) mode, was effortless and Post & Pre Micturition dribble-less, and pain-free!

And the legs seemed to be losing the water retention, they had actually got a bit of colour to them! And the furuncle at the rear end, had apparently given up trying to grow, and had died off? All the good stuff together there! However, with my record for Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangleplops, I resisted the temptation of engaging any Smug-Modes, yet.

Another mini-miracle when I as washing the hands, I belatedly recalled something of a dream I’d been having, well, I think so anyway. My Cyber-Buddy in New Mexico, was in the cat’s hammocks hanging from the roof, drilling something into the roof, the furries were all sat down looking up at Tim. Sadly I can remember nothing else… yes I can, he had a gun holster on, but it might have been a nail gun… funny the tricks the mind can play on you. I wonder if he’s been doing work again in his outhouse, or patio? I’ll ask him later on if I remember.

I got the medicalisationing tackled, starting with the Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops, the Carmellose eye drops, into the eye, and down my cheeks, over the moustache and into my mouth, as normal. The Docusate Sodium medicine, Dioctyl® 100mg Poo-Softener, and the morning medications were taken.

I got the computer on, and had a long job again, cause I had to load and sort out the evening sky photographs. Although it wasn’t my skills that made these snaps so good, I still got an inkling of pride that they came out alright for once. My particular favourite was this one on the right. a grand mixture of light and dark patches, the grey clouds visible higher up in the sky. The yellow strip… I liked this one.

I got the blog completed, but not sent off, went to get the ablutions done, and turned off the computer, to let it cool down. For some reason, when it gets hot, the Microsoft Pictures thingy, will not recognise the SD card? Fiddlglomptits!

The session went better than any has for months! Honestly! Altogether, no more than a handful of dropsies! No, I say ‘No’ shaving cuts! No Dizzy Dennis visits! Not a single knock against of banging into the grab rails or doorframe! Nothing knocked off of the cabinets either! I couldn’t help but go into a Smug Mode then… but a little prematurely, I fear!

Doing the medicationalising after drying off, (I knew this would happen one day!) applying the Gemoloid ointment, and damned SSS kicked off, at just the most inopportune time! I started Harold’s Haemorrhoids bleeding profusely. Still, it’s the first time she’s done that. (I’m talking to an ailment again here, is there no chance for me?

I tried to examine things, but could not get into a position to use the mirror to see to check things out. (Too fat!) As it turns out, the cut was on the outside of the bum, so I dabbed some Brut after-shave on it… Yes, it did hurt, a lot, Haha! (Why am I laughing?) But the bleeding stopped quickly for me. If it starts again later, I will put on a pair of the old PP’s, that will cope easily with it. It’s a life innit! 

I got dressed and sorted out and the waste bins. Put them in the box and a carrier on the three-wheeled walker-guide. Took then and deposited them down the rubbish chute in the lift lobby, no signs of life anywhere.

Went for a wee-wee, the yare few and far between today?

Got on the computer to send off the blog to WordPress. Did that, and I put some snaps on Pinterest. Then as I went on to Facebook, the landline flashed. It was Brother-in-Law Pete, asking about the blog link he’s not received yet. I explained about the long day yesterday and told him I was about to send it. We had a little natter, I enjoy them, you know.

Got the job done and emailed the link. Then got a little brekkers to nibble. 

Nothing much, just a mini-cake (I know, I shouldn’t!), and a bag of Frazzles with a mug of Glengettie tea.

Then realised I’d not done the BP and temperature. (Twit!) So I did them. The temperature was spot-on again. Things are going so well this morning, compared to how they usually go, I was considering upgrading mt Smug-Mode to Grade-B. Hahaha!

But when it came to doing the Blood Pressure… Oh Lordy Lord, just look at that SYS, 178 reading!

I cancelled the Smug-Mode upgrading!

Got on the computer and began to do this blog. After a few hours, during which I up[dated the Personal word Dictionary on Excel, the pile pains were joined by Anne Gyna’a stinking right across the chest.

Things might be going pear-shaped here. Haha!

A quick search for the latest Covid-19 figures, locally.

Turned the computer of, and I decided to get the meal ready, in case eating becomes a problem.

Tired again, I opted for a simple all in the oven frozen ready-made fish dinner for the nosh. I added some garden peas, the last of the little tomatoes and a Jenny-supplied pickled egg.

Not one of the best I’ve ever done, but I ate most of it. Despite the disturbing rumblings and grumblings from the innards. Flavour-Rating: 6.5/10.

After cleaning up and settling down in search of Sweet Morpheous, anticipating a swift descent into the land of Nod, it did not come!

However, while waiting for it, I turned on the TV and found a football match was showing, it was Aston Villa v Crystal Palace. I actually got into the match straight away, one of the most entertaining ones I’ve seen. Fouls and frustrations, Var upsets, a sending off just before half-time for a Villa player with the score 1-0 to Villa, refused penalty claims. The second half, with Villa with a ten-men team, they played even better, and ended up winning 3-0!

My interest in football was rekindled. (It was fading when Brian Clough retired, then dissipated altogether) I borrowed this photo from the BBC, I hope they don’t mind. Villa’s second goal.

When the match was over, I turned off the telly and restarted my search for sleep.

It took several more hours, as the Thought-Storming started, on and on they rambled. Topic and subject jumping, self-guilt, fears, worries… Humph!

Inchy – Friday 25th December. A Solitary Day – In Brief

♥ Gerry enjoying the Aussie connection with Marie! ♥


Friday 25th December 2020

2020 יום שישי 25 בדצמבר (Hebrew)

23:40hrs: Up, felt the rumbling, thanked heavens for the PPs (Protection Pants) I’d got on, fumbled up on my feet, fell back down again, kicking off poor Harold’s Haemorrhoids stinging and bleeding.

It is a good life that I lead! A second attempt, a more hurried one, with the threat of an involuntary evacuation occurring, and off to the wet-room.

Goodness Gracious Me! I sat, the evacuation shot out, and almost painlessly again. But oh, dearie me, it was a messy imitation of door-stop, and so mess-making and gooey! A long cleaning up, and new pants installed on by abdominous, blubbery-stomached body. I few squirts of Brut and citrus air spray was called for, and I sprayed them unsparingly.

My intentions today were to get all of the Templates done up in advance. Nothing else seemed to matter? And I did so, but it meant a long, long day, in fact, I was up for 23-hours computing before I got them finished! So, I had no time to get this blog done, and started it the following Saturday morning. The photographs on the right, are obviously of the sky as it changed throughout the day. More below.

I kept taking breaks throughout the day and evening to record the wonderful views.

I got the medicationalisationing done, starting with the two eye drops, (I got some drops into the eye itself, but just the same quantity ran down my cheeks into my mouth). The sticky ease-eye one got the eyelid sticking, but that is nothing unusual at all. I rubbed some Phorpain gel well into and on Arthur Itis’s knees and Cartilage Cathy. Arthur  Itis is a bit more bothersome today, stiffer and painful, I expect it’s the lack of physical activity with not getting out and about? Grumblemoanski! Knackwrangles! Schluberdubersnarl

I selected and got the medications taken. No washing, shave or anything active either – the B.O. stinking Inchcock could only concentrate on getting the graphics and templates made up at long last. First I had to get the photographs uploaded into CorelDraw, page headers, Thoughts and Day-of ones created, after doing the Health Checks, of course.

The temperature was just dandy, the highest it’s been for a while.

I’m doing this blog, so the photo’s in it might not be in the right places, sorry.

The SYS was high again. Otherwise, all was fine enough on the readings. A rumbling from the innards kicked of while I doing the BP check, so much so, I considered whether or not to hobble back to the Throne. Got the updating of the Thursday post done and posted.

Then got some brekkers sported out, not a lot, but the traditional, to me, Christmas Morning Pork Pie had to be observed.

I checked on Excel how the Templates were looking, a lot to get done yet.

03:30hrs: I started the marathon job on the templating. However, I enjoyed it and doing a reasonably productive job of it, considering.

05:00hrs: I stopped for a rare this morning, wee-wee, made a brew, and noticed that the car headlights were there again? This mystery was pondered over. After some thought and my investigative Sherlock Holmesian brain pondered further, I decided it wasn’t car headlights at all. I reckon now that it is either some timed street or factory lights. I forget why I thought this, though, but there you go!

Progress was being made with the graphic-making. A Smug-Mode Adopted!

I got the minced beef, seasoned and in the crock-pot with plans to serve it up around 15:00hrs. (It was done at 21:00hrs. Tsk!) Must remember to check it regularly. (He says!)

So, back to the CorelDarwing, as Herbert started to bang about a bit.

The Peripheral Neuropathy right side suddenly started to get the shakes. From SSS in the right shoulder, elbow, but mostly the leg and knee. With Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters failing as well. Usually, these ailments only last for a few minutes or so, they may come back on repeatedly, but only for short periods. So, my spirits sank when I was doing right-side St Vitus dancing, even as I was sat down, and for at least half an hour or more!

Things calmed down, and I worked on the templating, but far less productively now, it was hard to control the hand and fingers for CorelDrawing manipulation and typing.

I checked on the chilli.

Just as the shuddering and shaking started to get serious again, the door chimes rang out. I knocked the contents of the seasoning pot all over me as I went to the door. It was Jenny, bless her. As I stood there, I was embarrassed, still in my jammies, and doing an involuntary right leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance, covered in pepper and chilli powder, and Stuttering Stephanie playing me up!

Jen had brought me a glass of Champagne & orange, and a tin of shortcake biscuits. Bess her. ♥ My concentration was not good, I assume that all the shaking had rattled my brain-box, Haha! What we spoke about is unclear now, but I thin I rang her back later to apologise; or did I? I meant to. Very embarrassing!

The shaking calmed down eventually, thankfully. 14:10hrs: I put the eye drops in again, well, most of it. And back on the grindstone doing the templates, to the accompaniment of Herbert’s restarted clunking about.

Brother-in-law, Pete rang, and we had a natter, during which the damned leg-dancing started again. Colin Cramps kicked of because I holding the phone for so long with the arm bent! But sod-it, I enjoyed the chinwag, even if I cannot recall any of it now, I just know I liked it.

Back to the template making.

Took the evening medications, checked the minced beef, and got the dirty filthy zip-up jacket washed, well in the bowl soaking anyway. I found this photo on the SDH card, but I’ll be blown if I can remember taking it in the first place?

I took these photos of the red sky, and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were kind to me while it took them, this time.

The sky kept changing quickly, so I took more shots than usual to catch it while it partly glowed, and had darkness all around the red bits. Bootiful!

17:00hrs: I don’t know how I managed it, but I got back on Computer Katie, and I then pressed on with doing the templates. It was getting a hard job as Nicodemus was playing up again.

I did the last of the (missing the eye) getting in the eye drops, took the evening medications, and had a last desperate go at finishing the templates. The final burst of CorelDrawing achieved my aim of the day, to get the templates all done! But, it’s drained me, mentally!

At least the shaking has eased of now.

Hurrah! At long last. I’ve been up since 23:40hrs, last night, and just got the templates finished! I’ll note later when I get to sleep and try to work out the time I’ve been up and about.

Having contracted arithmophobia and dyscalculia, in my old age, is just more of the ‘I-could-do-without’ problems.

Still, I have my magnificent body, good health, vast wealth, and good looks. Ahem!

I stirred the chilli beef, added the veg, and got the hand-washing done, rung, and hung on a coathanger to dry above the sink.

Made right mess of things then. After wiping the sink area, I got a sudden visit from SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) and knocked some things off the draining tray. I bent to retrieve them and tipped a bottle of washing up liquid over, that burst open as it hit the floor! Now, I have a skating rink to walk over. Twittleworthy-Idiot!

I got it cleaned up in a jiffy… well, about half-an-hour. Humph! I was rather annoyed with myself.

Finally, I got the fodder served up. It was so tasty. It should be after nine-hours in the slow cooker, and another one in the saucepan, Tsk!

A Flavour-Rating of 8.8/10, so it went down nicely!

I got myself down in the grotty, £300, second-hand, c1968, unsteady, not-working, sickenly beige-coloured, haemorrhoid-testing recliner. I worked it out, probably wrongly) that I’d been up for 22 or so hours, but it took me so long to get to sleep, two more hours watching TV without a single nod-ff! Unbelievable innit? I blame the BBC, fancy putting Victoria Wood on the telly when I’ve been up for a whole 24 hours! Humph!

Inchcock – Thur 24th Dec 2020: Nottingham’s Answer to endogenousness!

♥ A TFZer Dream Come True ♥


Thursday 24th December 2020

Romanian: Joi, 24 Decembrie 2020

01:45hrs: I woke up, feeling more than a little lonely, isolated, apart and somewhat sad? I thought I must have been dreaming of something that pleased me, but the memories were not there, so I don’t know if the dream ending had caused my low mood or not. Weirdly odd?

But things soon got me back to reality, starting with the loud hum droning on, pissing me off, then the innards started to rumble. More than onomatopoeia, the burbling, churning stomach and bowels perhaps, was preparing things for an evacuation, with zest and fearfully-threatening. Terrible agitated inner-digestive upheavings. I put it this way, to impress how bad it really was!

On reflection, it could have been the Dioctyl® and Ducosate medicines doing their job, and softening the poo, ready for evacuation? If so, I reckon they are winning the battle this morning. Hehehe! 

The post-prandial battle to remove my grotesquely over-stomached wobbly-bellied body from the recliner, and get up on my feet to gain failing to catch my balance, went amazingly well – apart from Arthur Itis’s knee pain and the water-retaining feet causing me difficulty in walking to the wet room for the customary wee-wee.

I took my time, though. On arrival, I found that Little Inchy has suffered some PMD (Pre-Micturitional Dribbling) Embarrassment-Mode-Adopted. After cleaning up, I had no choice other than to change into some new PP’s. (It can get costly, these pants are not cheap to buy!) Still, better safe than sorry.

Feeling a little perkier now, I set about the challenge of actually getting some of the Chloramphenicol and Carmellose eye drops into the eye; as opposed to down my cheeks, on the moustache and into my mouth. An arduous task, I know! I got the things needed out, and commenced battle!

I actually managed to get the thicker Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops in, with minimal spillage. No bother from Nicodemus, Shaking Shaun or Shuddering Sheila!

So I hastened to get Carmellose eye drops in before the ailments kicked off! I wasn’t so lucky with this one. At least I did get some to go in the eye. Humph! Mustn’t complain, though, the burst blood vesselled eye is still getting easier each day. A temporary slight Smug-Mode was adopted!

On to the Health Checks next.  Boot’s Sphygmomanometer SYS reading of 161 was down a smidge, on yesterdays reading. The pulse up from 73 to 87, but still within range methinks? I nearly dropped the machine when I took this photo, but I managed to catch it in time. Smug-Mode upgrading to class 3. Hahaha!

The Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer gave an in-the-green reading of 36.7°c. A most satisfactory result!

I got the kettle on the boil and took this photograph of the moon partially showing through the clouds.

Then made a brew of Glengettie tea, and got on the computer to update the Wednesday blog – but no!

The rhadamanthine call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, at last! Again, just when I’d made a cuppa, Tsk!

I got in, and as I sat down, I picked up the crossword book. But as my bottom touched the loo’s-lid, instant activity began. I stole myself in readiness for the pain – that didn’t come! No question, the winner of the DESB (Daily-Evacuation-Stakes-Battle) between Trotsky Terence and Constipation Konrad, was a Trotsky victory by a 5-0 margin!

Spllllursh, (a long one, mind you) and done! Possible one of the quickest, and pain-free ones for years! Unfortunately, definitely one of the messiest evacuations, ever! The cleaning up, myself first, took me yonks, half a toilet roll, Dettol, Germoloiding, and a lot of effort! Then I noticed that the flush had not cleared all of the evacuated product. Two more flushes and hand-filling of the tank finally cleared things. Then, of course, I discovered I need yet another change of PPs! It’s hard work growing old, getting senile, and losing control of certain organs! Hahaha!

I made another mug of tea, Glengettie Gold this time. (I’ll get to drink one eventually!) While waiting, I noticed that the moon had peeped through the clouds again, so I got the Nikon and did my best to get a decent shot of it. I failed, of course! Unless the two white spots to the left are Venus and Neptune… no, they’ll be a house or street lights.

I made sure I sent off the link for the Tuesday blog again. I’ll have to remember to ring Jenny to make sure she’s got it later. I pressed on with the updating, of yesterdays blog. Another long slog, between wee-wees, making and not drinking mugs of tea, and intermittent interruptions, from BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda) and NN (Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters).  Sent the Email links, Pinterested a few snaps, and went on Facebooking. After which, I perused the WordPress reader.

A final burst on commenting, and it was time to get the ablutions done. I took the mug in the kitchen, talking to it en route; “I’ll get a mug of tea drunk out of you yet!” It didn’t answer. Hahahahaha! 

Then noticed that the regular parker close by the Sherwood Health Centre, who always leaves his or her headlights on, had returned again, at their usual time of 05:00hrs. Come think of it, looking at this photo, he/she might be parked on Mansfield Road. It could be a  delivery driver? Not that it matters, I don’t know why it bothers me so, not knowing. Hehe!

The ablutions were a tad more eventful today. Took me an hour-and-a-half or more!

But I’ve had a lot worse.

  • Applied the nasal cleaner. Dropsies 2 (Okay)
  • Cut the fingernails. Dropsies 4 (One cut)
  • Teeth cleaning. Dropsies 1 (Perfect!)
  • Shaving: Cuts 2 Dropsies 7 (Not so Good!)
  • Showering: Dropsies 11, Dizzies 2, knocks 1, Toe-Stub 1, Elbow-bashing 1, Slips 1, Hits against the power box 0, Clouts on grab rails 1. (Fair!)
  • Towelling: Cleared the floor cabinet of several items. (Fair!)
  • Medicationlisationing: Poor old piles! (Been worse)
  • PP dressing: Sainsbury’s blue: Too small, uncomfortable, not thick enough, too weak for the job. Grumph!

I utilised the Brut deodorant and came out to get dressed, which I did. Then into the kitchen. Applied the Chloramphenicol eye drops. Some actually getting into the eye.

Oh, Yes! Got the Carmellose drops in.

I took the poo-softeners next, followed by the regulation two-gallons of liquids. Hehe!

I took a shot with a difference. Showing the camera and my mush, taken in the shaving mirror. Which I thought was clever, until I saw the resulting photo, which was pretty bad!

BPB is getting no easier, and I risked taking an extra Codeine 60g. Somethings got to be tried, cause she’s getting worse I think. Another thing, I’m getting drained again, weary, fed-up with this every day.

Got the minced beef, chilli-con-carne, potatoes and peas sorted out, with an oven-baked baguette, mini apple pie and a dessert…

Oh, as you can see, that’s a porky-pie! I left the potatoes and peas in the saucepan to go rancid overnight… not on purpose! In the weary, tired daze I was in, somehow I just forgot all about them?

A meaty-treat it was then. Flavour rating: 9/10!

Put the pots to soak on the bowl, late medications taken, and down into the chair, to seek Sweet Morpheus. After a couple of frustrating hours of thought Storms, going over past regrets, mistakes, wrong choices taken and made, and a growing self-dislike developing, I drifted off to sleep – when I woke a few hours later, the Thought Storms were still active!

This was not good!

Instability Inchcock Diary, Wed 23 Dec 20: Incapable as well!

TFZers Out Visiting – Yee-Haa!

An old comic gag… Coming back?


Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 23ain Rhagfyr 2020

01:00hrs: I stirred and waited for the brain to catch me up. I soon realised that I had had five hours or so sleep, which was nice.

What wasn’t so nice, was the almost constant passing of wind from the anus! Followed by much longer than yesterdays, uncomfortable rumblings, grumbling and sharp but short pains? I’m sensing that I’m going to get a surprise or shock when the Porcelain Throne visit arrives. Gruffungrobblings!

As I climbed precariously out of the c1969 recliner, I became aware of the blasted ‘Hum’, combined with the droning noise from above, were both, or it seemed like it, louder than yesterday morning. Caught my balance, and needed a wee-wee – instantly and urgently!

I got to the ONWWB (Overnight-Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), and the wee-weeing was such a change to them of late. Of a BOVS (Blasting-Out-Vicious-Splashback) variety. (As I type this, several hours later, the stomach pains have still not stopped!) The wee colour was that of level-6 on the wee-wee chart! Which means I have to drink more. I’m not doing very well these last few days, am I? Fungleboggles!

No wonder the feet are filling up with fluid again!

With Docusate medicine needing me to drink at least a litre of water or fruit juice after each of the Two x 5ml spoonfuls, five times a day, already, it’s no wonder that I found later, that the fluid retention was returning to the feet already! As I mentioned, I’m not the luckiest of people!

I got the bucket and myself washed, put the kettle on, and got the Docusate poison guzzled down. Had a massive swig of spring water, to clear the taste and move the medicine around the body.

I’m praying that all this foul-tasting medication is eventually going to make things easier in the evacuation area. Says him full of confidence, Tsk!

Then I tackled the worrying and delicate job, of making a right mess of putting in the eye drops. Starting with the Chloramphenicol. Next, the eye-stinging Resolve ‘Soothing’ eye drops.

Some of the antibiotics did actually get into the eye, As well as down my cheek, discolouring the moustache on its way into my mouth. With a few spots finding their way up onto my bald dome, and down on my feet?

It’s great gerrin’ old, and you can’t control yer fingers, hands, arms… but I don’t want to scare the whippersnappers!

I took the medications next, starting with the Dioctyl poo-softener capsules. Then made a brew of Glengettie tea.

I must say, the eye is much better now, though. So, the stuff is working alright for me. It’s just that I can’t rely on myself doing the drops. The Doctor at the hospital didn’t tell me how to put them in. I hope I’m trying to do them right. But the dangers of SSS, NN and SS (Shaking Shaun) making me spill the stuff and miss the eye are an application worry. I fact, I’ve only done one dosage of the twelve done up to now, without losing liquid, dropping the bottle or over-squirting it, and using up too many drops. And that was at the ninth attempt. Humph!

I cracked on with the updating of yesterday’s blog. A slow job again, the concentration was fine (to start with), but Nocodemus’s neurotransmitters were the worst bother, and so much correcting had to be done all the time. Still, a mug or two of spring water, a few wee-wees, eye dropping session and taking another Dioctyl® in between, and I got it finished. No doubt missing many corrections that needed doing. (Lack of confidence? Me?… Yes!)

I went to make a mug of Thompsons Punjana tea and took this bad photo of the morning view from the kitchenette window. See the headlights there again, near the Health Centre? Every weekday, whoever parks up around 05:00hrs, leaving the headlights on for around two hours. I’d love to know who and why? But I’m just nosey. Haha!

I kept doing a few lines on this blog, then going on CorelDraw and either doctoring or making up a graphic to use, and got carried away with it. Realising the time was now gone 08:30hrs, I stopped, turned of Computer Katie to cool down, and tended to my ablutionary needs.

I kid you not, the time spent in and out of that wet room (Nearly two hours!) was crazier, more frustrating and dispiriting than yesterday. And thought that was bad enough!


As I entered the room, the marks on the floor really got to me. I decided to get the new bottle of Cif mould spray and let it soak while I got the teeth and shaving done, thinking it would soak in and be easier to clean. So I squirted some on the black spots, went to get the teeth done, but could not find the toothpaste? (This has happened in the past, I’ve been known to use it all up and forget I did so the next day – I know!) I exited to get the new tube and camera to take these shots.

As I was getting back in the room, I slipped on some of the gunk on the floor, stopped myself going over, but have twisted the back, so now, BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda) is now giving me what for! Oh, dear!

Did the teeth, and had a look at the floor. And realised for the second time! I’d bought the wrong cleaner, the Oven one! Feeling a fool comes naturally to me! I persisted scrubbing away with the wrong stuff, of course, it was a waste of time, then I thought it would be an idea to open the bottle and put some bleach it to use… The cap and spout broke off of the main body of the bottle!  Croggnangles!

The shaving went remarkably well, only two dropsies and the same for the cuts! I rinsed away the gunk.

I got under the shower and proceeded to drop the lemon gel. The lid shot off, so I lost nearly half of the contents, bent down, holding onto the grab rail, and clouted my shoulder on the power box! I had an effective self-harming session here! I was not keen on it, but have to accept that I’m pretty efficient at it today!

I’m overjoyed to tell you that the towelling, medicating, and perfumery actions, were all done without any further knocks of injuries. Many dropsies, but out of the shower, I could use the picker-upperer.

On the way out, and I stopped and returned, thinking that at last, an evacuation was imminent, I st on the throne. I did some crosswording. I whistling a bit. Sang a few songs… Nope! Rock-solid and refusing to move! I departed again, and as it was time for the eye drops, I did them. (The few that I actually got into the eye)

Took another gulp of the foul-tasting, and needing a minimum of a litre of water to be taken with it, Docusate. Also another Dioctyl® capsule, something must work to free the solid torpedo in my innards? For despite the wind and churning in the stomach, nothing moves?

I took a photo through the balcony windows. It was indeed a cloudy, misty, rainy and demoralising bit of weather we were having this unfine Wednesday. Hello, I think Herberts on his model train making again. One day he’ll talk to me without a sneer on his face, maybe, perhaps, or mayhaps not.

Ah, a knock on the door! I investigated. Two letters had been posted, that might have been the noise and not anyone knocking. Two Christmas cards had been posted. That’ll be three now, to open on Christmas morning. I don’t rate them, but one is from the USA, a TFZer methinks. ♥

My jentacular desires came to mind. And I got a quick breakfast sorted out for myself.

Tomatoes, Frazzles, mini pork and pickle pies, and some red grapes. A pot of honey flavoured yoghourts as well. As brekkers go, this one was a 7/10 rated job.

I made up a few waste bags and got them in the box on the three-wheeler guide.

The sudden fatigue and weariness came over me, earlier than ever today!

I got the meal cooking. Then onto CorelDraw to make up some graphics before I faded too much, even if I only manage a couple, that’ll do me for now. I got one done!

I served up the nosh on a tray, back to some Chilli-Con-Carne today, at last. Some chips with it, and grapes and a pot of dessert to follow. Oh, and a baguette to soak up the extra chilli-gravy I’d added, and purposely overcooked a little. Taste? 8/10!

Did the pot washing, and crawled into the recliner, so drained. Got the TV on, and drifted off watching some rubbish or other.

An incoming landline call flashed and rang. Somehow I got free of the recliner and to the phone in time. It was Jenny, she was worried about my not seeing the email link for the blog, the lady apologised for waking me, bless her. It’s nice to know someone cares enough to do this. Sister Jane does similar, but I have not had a call from her, and at the time thought I had sent the link. I muttered my apologies for missing it off, and am not sure if anything else was said… oh, yes, Jenny told me to get back to sleep, bless her. I must check it in the morning and do it if I hadn’t, early before sending today’s… int life confusing? Tsk!

I got down again, and the Thought-Storms started. But not for long, I found Sweet Morpheousbefore long.


Inchcocks Integrable Dairy, Tue 22 Dec 20:

♥ TFZers Cafe? ♥


Tuesday 22nd December 2020

French: Mardi 22 Décembre 2020

02:35hrs: Jumped awake – At last, I’ve had a dream I can remember something about. But first, the need of a wee-wee must be tended to.

Then things went (temporarily, I’m sure, Ahem!), a little out of shape. A nasty toe-stubbing as I moved to the wet room, the wee-wee produced about 2-fluid ounces in a slow, painful trickle. I washed and returned to the front room, intent on writing down the memories of the dream to record here later… But No! The flaming nocturnal memories had dissipated completely, into the ether! Grumph!

I mused over the airing rack at the medications and pondered over the best way to arrange things, so I do not forget to put the five, and four a day eye drops in. Then thought about a way – or tried to think about a way I can assure I’ll stop missing the evening medications. The thinking and planning lasted about 30 seconds.

Then I fetched the Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops from the fridge, and set about spraying the head, then the floor, next I squirted some in the actual eye. Hurrah! This bottle is not going to last the full two weeks!

Then, I did a lot better with the Carmellose eye drops, aim-wise… until I dropped the bottle. This bottle is not going to last the full two weeks either!

The temperature came out good!

The Boot’s Chinese made in Hong Kong Sphygmomanometer, gave another high reading of 160 for the SYS. I still can’t believe that three medical professionals told me on Sunday that the BP was just fine, one of them actually, said it was perfect?

Next, I had a guzzle of the Docusate, with a lot of water to follow. Took the medications from the pill-pots, this needed a bit of care, as the Carmellose drops were, as they always do, making my vision a bit blurry, it’ll pass though. Then gave Arthur Itis’s knees and Cartilage Cathy a good rubbing in of Phorpain Gel. Took  Dioctyl® capsule, and an extra Furosemide. When one gets on a bit, life gets more and more complicated! A bit of advice for the whippersnappers, if any are reading this, of course. Hehe!

A long job updating yesterdays blog, a very long one. My concentration had gone on strike! Finished it hours later and sent it off to WordPress. Pinterested some snaps. Then did some Facebook catching up. Replied to the torrent of messages and comments (both of them!)

Then I thought about the fodder situation. No doubt, I have lots of frozen stuff in, cleaners and tinned goods, apart from garden peas. Sainsbury’s have no slots until the new year, fair enough. Out of desperation, I went on the Morrison site, and they had a slot on Tuesday 5th January. I reluctantly made an order with them. I’m dreading the substitutions that might, well, are almost guaranteed with them, that they may plant on me, and short dates as well. I’ve ordered Chilli Beans, I may get spaghetti bolognese. Oxo cubes, likely to get Strawberry jam? Rankin Soda bread, what chances of these being subbed with Soda Water? Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Spray… the mind boggles at the thought of what they might substitute for that… A face-mask maybe? I talked myself into getting worried now! Hahaha!

Blimey, look at the time! I’d better get the ablutions done. Closed the computer to give it time to cool down, and off to the wet room – it turned out a long, harrowing visit:

Ablutionalisational & Ablutioning Report

  • As I got in the door, all stripped ready for action, (Terrible picture in ones mind prompting thing to say, sorry about that!) I needed to use the Porcelain Throne, got down and as nothing was moving evacuation-wise, (the innards were active though, suddenly it felt like a stew, or witches cauldron bubbling away?)
  • The crossword book was tackled, and I got a few answers before any activity began. (Well, apart from some lively escapages of wind, with the associated pongs)
  • It was like early last week, the torpedo (which I thought it was at the time, but it wasn’t) peeped out and stopped. Requiring my painful exertions to encourage things to get a trot on. (Hehe! – don’t know why I’m laughing!)
  • I slow, long evacuation. Hoo-Haa! Argh! Blobblecraps! Yikes! Gawd, that hurt! Of course, it didn’t bother me!
  • Upon rising, I discovered I was back to the solid little meatballs evacuation mode.
  • More blood than for several weeks. Shame that, cause I was doing well lately with this. Humph!
  •  The nasal-cleaning and clearing: Went well, no bleeding!
  • Teeth Cleaning: Nae bothers, whatsoever!
  • Shaving: Worra farce! I had SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) shaking the __it out of me, and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failing, at the same time! The razors spent as much time on the floor, or the sink than in my hand! Schpugglebogs!
  • Shaving: Five little nicks that I know of.
  • Stubbed toe number two of the day, as I moved the chair and sock-glide to make room in the shower. It made me jump, but to a hero and Clint Eastwood lookalike as me, t’was nothing! (Sob!)
  • The Showering: It went as well as it has for months! Just the four dropsies. Great! 
  • I thought the marks left on the chest arms and legs from the hospital’s electrode stickers were bits of glue. But the nailbrush, loofah, soap, shower gel and elbow grease all failed to remove them? I later tried bleach, without any luck?
  • Doing the medicalisationing had its moments. The first cock-up was the worst (pain-wise). The Germoloid tube shot out of my hand, (SSS to blame!) and as so often, it hit the wall and fell behind water-closet. I got the picker upperer, put the specs on, leant down to reach the escaped tube, and hit my chin on the raised seat arm when my hand lost its grip on the metal bar! Nicodemus and his neurotransmitters were to blame for this one! I think I’ve knocked another lump of enamel off of the broken tooth now. Cragnaggles!
  • Harold’s Haemorrhoids were going through the grind with these hard evacuations, gave them some extra ointment this morning.
  • At least the blood vessel burst eye was looking a lot better now. Got the bob-cap on, then the PP’s, and into the main room to get dressed.

As I was putting the slipper on, I noticed how calm the ankle was looking again. I wonder if the usual ailments have noticed the new intruders, the eye and diabetes, and are taking it easy with me?

I’m known a soliloquist and believer in resistentialism, but now I’m talking to my ailments as it we’re friends? Well, I’m a right little anthropomorphizer!

Jentacular thoughts came to mind. I went to the kitchen to look in the overflowing fridge to see if I fancied anything in p[articular. Not-half! I made up a plate of mini-pork and pickle pies. A disc of Marmite cheese, black grapes, tomatoes, a pickled egg, and strawberry yoghourt. Took it with me to the computer, and had half-an-hour watching YouTube.

But, I got a wobbly carrying it, and dropped and broke the pot of strawberry blancmange or whatever it was. I can inform you though, that when thrown on the floor and trodden on, these desserts make a hell of a mess to clean-up! Humph! Mind you, it also cleans the faux-leather slippers, they came up an absolute treat!  I wonder what it would have snow to my stomach if I’d eaten it? Hahaha!

I got both of the drops put in the eye again. Well, when I say in the eye, that’s not exactly right… In the case of the keep-in-the-fridge Chloramphenicol one, most of it ran down my cheek, leaving a brown-yellow trail, and into my mouth, discolouring the moustache en route. This time the gooey Carmellose drops, virtually all of the first couple of squeezes ended up on my clothes or the floor. I said earlier; I don’t think these eye drops will last long!

However, despite these altercations. SSS, and N’s Neurotransmitters, the eye is looking much better now.

I did some more updating on the blog, and the GW (Great Weariness) arrived.

I couldn’t manage to get anything further to eat, Shaking Shaun visiting me now. Not that it mattered much, cause I wasn’t hungry anyway. The stomach started churning, and the passing of wind was getting regular. Oh, dearie me!

I managed to put some of  Chloramphenicol, and Carmellose eye drops in. Well, most of it ended up on the face, floor and in my mouth, after discolouring the moustache on its way down the face, to the mouth!

Took the medications. Then I got a bag of Frazzles and a pot of yoghourt, which I got down the gullet alright, but the Docusate medicine flavouring was not nice.

I had a wee-wee, a worryingly long and getting darker orange shade wee-wee. I settled in the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, sickeningly-beige-coloured, not-working, uncomfortable, rusty, rickety recliner, in search of sleep.

The wind escaping from the rear end continued in short bursts, and each time there was a mini-gurgle and or pain from the innards?

Summat else developing? Humph!

Inchcocks Interminable Diary, Mon 21 Dec 20: Mega-long day!

TFZers in Nottingham


Monday 21st December 2020

Swahili: Jumatatu Tarehe 21 Desemba 2020

00:50hrs: I stirred, having enjoyed an unbroken four hours wrapped in the arms of Sweet Morpheus. But felt like I’d not had any kip, so tired still?

But, Bladder-Blair was badgering me, demanding an emptying, decanting, a wee-wee. No option other than to appease him, so, weary as I felt, I had to force my overly-sufficiently grown gross-bellied body from the semi-comfort of the c1968, pukingly beige-coloured recliner. Caught my balance, grabbed metal Mickey, and meandered wobbly off to the wet room.

I bit of a marathon first release, just like yesterday, and taken sitting down. As I perused the mess and rubbish on the room, I realised that the blood vessel broken eye was a little clearer than it was last night. Just as itchy, mind. I resisted and rubbing or scratching at it. (Swank-Mode-Engaged!) I had the left on sticker thingies from the hospital to play with, Hehe! I whipped them off, then washed my hands.

Well, sod-it, I’m up now. I’ll have a look at the medications next. I’ll get into my Sherlockian Mode an see if I can work out some system of making sure I do not get into a mess with the new medication requirements, create a system perhaps? But it was not to be! My efforts came to nothing. Sad, I know! But I was so tired out for some reason and felt more like getting my head-down again than doing anything trying, like thinking, breathing or being creative.

I got the Health Checks done. The Blood-Pressure SYS had tumbled down to 154, I wonder if that is because of one of the things in the Eye Drops they put in, and I did when I got home? I must stop this thinking, it’s very trying today. Hahaha!

The new-to-me Chinese-made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer reading was fine again. At 36.5ºc.

I heard a different noise in between the dreaded, annoying ‘Hum’ and went to have a look and listen around. A low droning noise, that seemed to be coming from above?

I got the Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops from the fridge and put them in quickly, so as not let the medication get too warm. They didn’t sting much! Got the bottle back in the fridge, sharpishly.

Then got the Carmellose Evolve® eye drops applied. No stinging with this either, but they do bugger up the vision for a few minutes, and the itching started, and stickiness/stiffness of the eyelid, as well. I think it mentions something about this on the paper in the box.

I took the morning medications from the pill-box. Added a Furosemide. No need to take any extra Codeine or Paracetamol, as the ailments were mostly being kind to me, I wish I could say the same about the feet, I can’t understand why they are aching so?

The intercom flashed, it was the Iceland delivery arriving. The gentleman dropped the bags inside the door, Clunk, rattle, bang! That’ll please my neighbours!

Oh, dearie me, yes, indeed!

I put the tins and paper towels in the junk room and placed the other carriers into the kitchen.

I got the bags unpacked and made a check of the products. Some of the use-by dates I was not happy with, but there you go. The pork pies will last until Christmas morning, then I can have my regular, every 25th December breakfast of toast and pickle flavoured mini pork pies to feast one. Yee-Haa!

The fridge and freezer have never been fuller! There’ll be no starvingisationing going on here… yet, anyway.

I got with updating the Sunday blog, I realised that with spending six-hours at the hospital yesterday (It could have been worse), a lot of work is needed on it. Gawd Blimey! That took hours to get done!

Just as I was finishing it, the highly-desirous, wonderful, sweet, kind, Vampire Nurse Hristina arrived. She entered, busy as usual, but kindly always finds time for a natter while she takes my blood. I gave her a Christmas pressie in thanks for her help over the year, and off she trotted to her next patient we are so lucky to have her!

I put some more drops in the affected eye. After putting the Carmellose Evolve® in, the eye fogged-over, and the lids were sticking a little.

Time to get the Ablutioning done.

Well, well, well… well! As I stripped off (An horrendous thought for anyone, sorry), could I get the, marks off from the electrode discs? No, I couldn’t! They came off of the chest with no bother, but not the arms and legs? They’ll be a reason for that, you know. But I’m not holding my breath about getting an answer. Hehehe!

The bruise on the leg I got at the hospital yesterday, is now turning from brown to a blue. Pretty really! It’ll soon be gone, they always do.

The usual dropsies, but nowt worth mentioning.

Brother in law Pete rang, cause he’s not received the blog link and was checking. I bored him to death with the tale of yesterday’s hospital visit. Sorry, Pete! All a one-sided nattering session, I felt guilty afterwards.

I got the link and blog posted, Pinterested some piccies. Went on the WordPress reader, then replied to some comments.

Got some waste bags made up and took them to the waste chute. When I got back to the flat, the rain was easing off somewhat, but not enough to tempt me to take photos from the open balcony window, I took these moody shots from the kitchen window.

Then I saw red cars that were parked returned for a perusal from the balcony of the closed windows. It’s a bit of a joke twixt a cyber buddy and me, about red cars that we nurtured for some reason. So Billumski, Ohio’s Head Honcho of the RCMS Red Car Monitoring Services, here’s today’s on show. Hahaha!

I rang Jane and Pete back. We had a natter, and I found out that Pete has to go back to the City Hospital back on 6th January for another Bone Marrow test. I pray things to go right, especially as he’s coped so well up to now with the dreaded, Big-C.

I did some work on this blog, and then I went to the WC for a Porcelain Throne session. It was another victory for Constipation Konrad over Trotsky Terence in the DESB (Daily-Evacuation-Stakes-Battle). Talk about struggle and suffer! Argh! A bit more bleeding today as well.

I decided to get a quick wash, as for some unknown reason, although it is not hot in the flat, according to the temperature gauge it’s 22°c, I was feeling oddly warm.

The door chimes rang out, and it was Jenny’s, Frank, bless him. Jenny has sent the fresh minced beef and jar of pickled eggs that must have been delivered today for me. I remembered to give him a bag of some pressies, he couldn’t stay talking (well, listening) to me, he was out on the distribution run with things bought by Jenny, for peoples in the flats. Despite Stuttering Stephanie’s attention’s, I was in a talkative mood today, it might be with the eye seeming to be improving so well. Oh, that reminds me, time for the drops again and Poo-Softening Sucolsate, no that’s wrong, I’ll check the bottle… Docusate medicine.

There is nothing I can find on the bottle about whether or not to shake it before taking any? So I shook it. It still tasted horrible, Haha! I had the litre bottle of tap water with a splash of orange cordial in it, that is to be drunk immediately after taking medicine, and I drank half of it – just to try and clear the taste.

I called Jenny, bet she was surprised to get a call so late in the day, from me. She was not accepting payment for the minced beef or pickled eggs.

Next, mission impossible: I had to put two lots of ear drops in. Most difficult for me to do. I dare not use the dodgy right hand to hold the eyelash away from the eye to put the drops in. If I do that and Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters kick-off, I could blind myself. So, I have to use the right hand to squirt the dropper, and the aim is not good. I got the Chloramphenicol antibiotic from the fridge and gave it my best shot. But, just like when the Doctor put the first lot in, and every time I have tried, the yellow-brown liquid runs down through the moustache and into the mouth. I took this photo of my mush afterwards, so you can see my problem.

But the bleeding has stopped in the eye, so the effort is worth it. Mind you, I’ll end up with a multi-coloured moustache. Har-Har!

Next, I got the Carmellose eye drops and tried again. Blimey, that one blurs the vision, it is a lot thicker, this one is.

Hours beyond my usual head-down time already. I’ll get the nosh, an easy meal again methinks.

Had a quick look for the latest Covid-19 virus figures for Nottingham.

Turned off the computer, and sorted the meal—one of my worst efforts ever tastewise. But the new medications might be affecting the taste-buds? Plus it was so late, and I was so weary.

The cooked ham was as near to eating newspaper as it could be. The chips (delivered today by Iceland) that are usually one of my favourites were so tasteless! The Morrocan tomatoes, the blandest and wearish I’ve tasted. The Jenny♥ supplied Pickled Eggs were fine, though!

There’s a chance it could be perhaps ageustia? But my money is on it being the side-effects of the new medications causing my loss of taste.

I had a last pathetic attempt at doing the eye drops again. I expect to wake up with the moustache and my chubby cheeks tinted with yellow-brown from the flowing down Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops, once more. (I did!)

Sleep was even more resistant to come tonight. I watched more television than I have done for years – not taking much in, I sort of laid the midst the thought storms, in an ‘I’ve had enough’ mode. But not depressed at all, just in an accepting mood.

I remember getting up to take a Dioctyl capsule I’d forgotten to take earlier (I was reminded in one of the Thought Storms), and the shock of seeing the clock, it was gone midnight!

I took the tablet with a good drink of tap water, got back in the £300. second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety recliner, I think I nodded off soon afterwards. But woke at 02:35hrs, for a wee-wee, stubbed my toe and this woke me up alright! Hahaha!