Inchies diabolical diary for Tuesday 29th December 2020

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The Bowel & Bladder are not gerrin’ any betterer… Tsk! Haha!

Tuesday 29th December 2020

Hawaiian: Pōʻalua 29th Kekemapa 2020

23:50hrs: I woke, wanting a wee-wee, that felt rather urgent. No time for a preamble, I manipulated my colossal-wobbly stomached torso from the £300 second-hand, c1968 recliner. I hobbled over to the with the greatest of speed available to me, to take a wee-wee.

This evacuation was of the WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible-Trickling) style, and painful with it! It took ages to free, and maybe it added up to enough to fill a couple of egg cups. Not only that, but I felt drained of energy afterwards? Something amiss here? The thought of the treatment and put-downs I had suffered on my last visit to the Oncologist, was enough, to encourage me not to call them, but to wait to see how things develop, first. (How dare she tell me to stop drinking Glengettie tea and go onto the crap-tasting decaffeinated type!) Hehehe!

I washed the dandies and got the kettle on. Made up some waste bags and got them in the box on the three-wheeler-walking guide. The box seems to have got filled-up a lot quicker than it normally does? I may have made the bags up a little too large to fit in the chute? Humph!

Another wee-wee needed, I’ll try not to waste time mentioning this again, they lasted all day on and off, every one of them in the same WUNT (Weak-Unwilling-Negligible-Trickling) mode.

I tended to the Health Checks next. Starting with the Boot’s made in China Sphygmomanometer. At least the SYS was a tad lower than yesterday, the pulse was up a fair bit, mind at 91, compared to yesterdays 87 reading.

The Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer was down a smidge, but within range, I think, at 36.5°c, it was in the green anyway. I like this machine, it is quick and easy to use. Of course, now I’ve said that; somethings bound to go wrong!

I used up the last of the Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops. The reason being that the Doctor didn’t show me how to put them in at the hospital. Thus, most of the liquid ended up running down my cheeks, through the moustache and into my mouth! The Carmellose drops had some left in it to use, I still got the biggest part of it down the cheeks. Tsk!

The foul-tasting Docusate was not taken this morning, as the problem with Constipation Konrad had now been replaced with Trotsky Terence. However, I thought I’d still take a Dioctyl® 100mg Poo-Softener capsule, just the one.

I got the medications sorted and taken. Then onto the computer to update the Monday blog to get sent off. First, the photographs from last night needed uploading, but the damned Microsoft Pictures Ap was not having it again! I wrangled a way of getting them in from the plug-in in the end. Heck of a mess about!

Then, the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. No messing about, I stopped everything and made my way to the wet-room. By Jiminy Cricket! This visit was as near to perfect as one has been for months (Note I only said ‘near’ to perfect!) No pain at all! And a quick evacuation to boot! Sadly, it was messier than ever, the Docusate had worked! I regret taking the Dioctyl® now. Still, yer can’t win ’em all! Cleaned up, washed and back to the computer.

I concentrated fairly well this time, and Nicodemus and SSS were both in a good mood for me. So it didn’t take too long before the blog was finished. I got it sent off to WordPress and Pinterested some snaps. Emailed the link. Then went on Facebooking catch-up. This took over two hours, but it was interesting and a few comments to peruse. (Several WUNT’s taken doing the Facebooking)

I went to make a mug of Glengettie, and I took these photographs through the light & view-blocking kitchen window. The first a wide shot that didn’t come out as it showed in the Nikon viewer’s window. However, I thought I saw a fire on the horizon!

I zoomed in to get a clearer picture (Okay, I failed). But it did look like a fire was burning, and a decent-sized one too!

I had a look on the web for any news of any fires but didn’t find anything.

As I was closing the light & view-blocking kitchen window, the moon came through the clouds. So I popped out again and got this photograph taken. I tried to get a closer one, but the Nikon wasn’t having that, and the close-ups came out terrible! Humph!

I opened the YourNottingham news magazine and had a look to see if any news of a fire was on it. I found this disappointing Covid figures for Nottingham.

I also spotted this photo above and recognised the street straight away, Sherbrooke Road, where I lived before coming to these flats. I’m even gladder I moved now!

I was well pleased when I came across the Crime Figures for my new postcode. Down 19%, they say.

Ah, well, better get the ablutions done. I don’t want to miss the travelling shop when it comes. Now then, erm… bread, err… oh, I’ll sort it out later.

What an Awesomesauce Ablution Session!

Please Note: The above statement does not include the medicalisationing!

  • Teeth-cleaning: Not such good a start, the cracked tooth has lost another bit, and is beginning to hurt a little.
  • Shaving: Smug-Mode-Adopted! Not a single cut! A few dropsies, but only three!
  • Showering: Dropsies just two! No dizzies! No hitting the grab bars! Great!
  • Drying off: Nothing knocked over or off of the floor cabinet! No toe-stubbing! Just the one dropsy. Smug-Mode-upgraded to Class C!
  • Medicationalisationing: Ah, the real black spot I’m afraid, didn’t go well at all! I dropped the Haemorrhoid cream tube, bent down to retrieve it, and SSS kicked off. Dropped the furuncle ointment, picked it up and dropped the cap from it. I’ve not seen it since! On the brighter, silver-lining search side, at least the tube was nearly empty anyway! Bending and lifting the leg up simultaneously, to put some Germolene on the stubbed toe from yesterday, I slipped getting myself back up. I scraped my chin against the sharp corner of the cabinet, and I ended up on my bum, via the floor cabinet, of which I knocked several deodorants off of. This started Harold’s haemorrhoids bleeding, and it took me a while to stop them. (At least I hadn’t already medicated them! Hehehe!) Which started of Cartilage Cathy as well! I utilised the WS bowl to get back upright again, this was not easy.
  • Getting dressed: No loss of balance getting the PPs on. No walking into anything on exiting!

I’m sure of the order that things occurred, but they shook me up a bit!

So there it is, had it not been for the medicating, I reckon this would have been my best, least painful, and fewest dropsies ablutioning session for years! A shame that!

I got dressed and off into the kitchen to sort out the last waste bag.

Well, the snow had been falling a bit while I busy in the wet room! I got the Nokia, took its photo, put the camera in the three-wheeler-guide bag, and later took a photo in the chute room.

Did you note my deliberate mistake there? Putting Nokia instead of Nikon? Ahem!

I got the waste bag on the box, set out of the door to go to the chute room.

I somehow managed to knock the box off the trolley, as I bent down to get the bags back into the box, I felt the warm, wet sensation in the front of the PPs! I knew straight away what had happened, mind. The medium size substituted for large-sized PPs from Sainsbury’s had squashed Little Inchie and started the lesion to bleed. Swine!

  I came back inside the flat to check things in the nether regions. Dang-It! Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding a bit. I went to the wet room and cleaned things up and applied some Clobetasone Butyrate cream. Off out again, and took this photograph through the lobby window before entering the chute room.

I took this shot om me putting the last little bag down the rubbish chute. Not a lot of room, is there?

But, fair does, if they had left the big opening on, some folks tend to put loose large waste into the funnel, and so many blockages last year, proved very costly to unblock.

Back to the apartment and got the kettle on, taking two more photos of the snow falling, but was turning to train as I snapped the pictures.

The snow was almost in the rain after a minute or so, but anything can change. I think I heard of a yellow warning for snow, I’ll look at Mr Google. Aha, they, well, the BBC, gave out Sleet Showers and a gentle breeze. Spot on for now!

I’m feeling a bit odd at the moment. Likely the bum-meeting-the-floor incident. Hahaha! Back to the food van’s shopping requirements, that should be arriving in about an hour, if the snow hasn’t blocked him in somewhere.

I got carried away with the CorelDrawing and missed him, well and truly. It was hours after his call time hen I realised, and beginning to get dark. Hahaha!

I went to the Iceland Foods site, and found that they could deliver in the morning! So I made an order up and posted it. I ordered some milk loaf bread, several packs of part-baked rolls and baguettes,  more wine for Jane & Pete, etc. Being delivery twixt 06:00 > 08:00hrs.

Got the nosh made earlier than usual, as the fatigue had come on so early today. While the nosh cooked, I rang dear Jenny, just to see how she was going, not heard from her for a while. I can report that Jen, Nora and Frank are all coping well, which cheered me up… I needed a little lift.

I Got the meal served up, got down in the recliner, put the TV on, and tucked into the chilli with a relish despite feeling so tired.

Boy, did I polish off that meal! Slurp!

I got the TV on and found that some old ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ were just starting that I wanted to view. Good old memory prompting the first one was too! I stayed awake for the entire fist half-hour one, but sadly, missed the rest of them. Waking up two hours later, just as the last episode was finishing. Makes yer sick, dunnit, when that happens!

I expected, my feeling so weary, that I’d nod back off to kip with no problem… But No! I lay there with rubbish spouting from the TV. I’d have turned it off if I could have found the remote control, I hope to find wherever it’s fallen, or I’ve dropped it, in the morning.

Anne Gyna kicked-off and kept me company, until I gave up trying to sleep, and rose up, defeated, for a wee-wee.

14 thoughts on “Inchies diabolical diary for Tuesday 29th December 2020

  1. Great graphicalization. The no fishing in the toilet is hilarious. You are getting good at photos from the windows. Another excellent set of photos. You made short work of that meal.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Thanks, Nicodemus neurotransmitters were behaving when I took most of the shots, I like it when tis happpens. Hehehe!
      T’were a different sort of chilli, I liked it!
      Going (I plan to anyway) to do some meatballs in CCC today, fingers crossed. mate.

  2. The great Nokia-Nikon corporate merger is on target — they are now becoming indistinguishable from one another.
    Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops are now entering the mouth-drop market. If you miss the eye the drop follows Newton’s thoughts on gravity, down the cheek, along the moustache, and into the mouth — no drop wasted. Chloramphenicol might join the talks with Nokia and Nikon. Stay tuned, this is a developing story. !!!
    And Tales of the Unexpected is fun viewing unless you miss the plotline.
    Glanced at the clock just now to discover that it is already tomorrow in Nottingham — Happy Penultimate Day of 2020, kind Sir! 🙂

    • My recently aquired skill in getting them mixed-up was annoying. So I thought if I son’t just correct it, but admit opt me cock-ups, I should be able to nto make the original cock-ups so often? I think. Haha!
      You could become famous with this merging ideas, and make a bit too? No?
      These old ones are from the 70’s I think, judging be the vehicles used. Do they still make Tales of the Unexpected?
      I must relate the story of my penultimate fishing match I went on, Sir!
      Arrivua, arrifv… arriveu… Cheers! (Damned spellchecker packed up!

      • I trundled on back to the 31 December 2019 issue of this esteemed electronic publication of record, subtitled “A better year, I hope! Tsk!” Somehow, a pandemic slipped in under the radar.
        Tales of the Unexpected episodes were from 1979 to 1984, I always like the sudden surprise endings. Unfortunately, there is a Covid story in the beginning and new surprises at the end of this bit of the “unexpected.” Tsk! says Billum.
        I also like the old-time radio shows from the 30s and 40s. “The Unexpected” was a fifteen-minute program that had some snappy twists.
        🙂 🙂

      • Yes, I see, well my hopes for a better year, kept up their failed, disastrous, futile, unsuccessful, ineffective, thwarted, foiled, doomed, and inexpedient trends, then! Shame!

        The ‘Unexpecteds’ (that could be phrase for both of us, Hehe!) shown at Christlas wot I fell asleep watching, apart from the first one, were 30-minutes, Billum? Perhaps the uk and USA ones were different? Although, in the one I stayed awake for, htere were five American actors in it, based in London? Just thought I’d mention it. T’was on SkyArts on Freeview, channel 11, Sir. CAn yo get the Freeview thingies? All repeats, that are repeated again and again throughout the day. Not that it matters much, usually watch the box in the late afternoon, whle eating my nosh.
        Hancock’s Half-Hour (One day a week, but other old comredies) )comes on Radio 4 Extra sometimes, and its lovely to listen to it at 08:00hrs, while I’m shaving. Hahaha! I’m waiting for hte Marx brothers coming back on. what was name of the programme? Erm… … Marx Brother Shyster… (Mr G was consulted here) Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel! I can’t catch all the words, but still like it. A bit like life really. Har-har!

      • Fank you much for the helpful program suggestions. Lisa views a lot of British content on something called Acorn. Speaking of acorn, we had an acorn in the backyard that turned into a giant oak, I remember seeing a one-inch tiny shoot peering out of the acorn (it dropped from our neighbors’ oak). I must take a photo of those trees next year— about 2 1/2 hours, we’re still in 2020 in these parts 🙂
        I miss *all* of the words on TV. 90% gibberish without closed captions, and the captions are amusingly incorrect, providing need laughter. 🙂

      • Ah, that brought to mind a comedy programme called Acorn Antiques, twas a gem!

        I use the headphones when listening to the radio or TV, Billum. Mind you, if anyone comes to the door, the fite alarm goes of, or the phone goes, or intercom goes off, I can’t hear them at all, then. And beng as I have a habit of dosing off, and waking-up every few minutes, I now question if I should be usingn the radio or TV at all… I’m confusing missen here!

        Did you recieve a message through the ether at 01:00rs this morning? I sent it ti wish you both a betterer new year – through mental telepathy. I thought I’d try it, like.


      • I found Acorn Antiques at Mr G’s Miscellany. From 1985 to 1987 it appears. Available on YouTube. 🙂
        Perhaps you could leave a note outside:
        “Listening to stuff with headphones. Go away.” Might need a bit of tweaking on the wordage there.
        We were very likely talking about you at 20:00 hours and also at 01:00 hours. One on a theme of “thought storms” and the second time regarding your mother’s ability to raise funds from one place or another from “generous” people, including yourself. 🙂
        My father would have been 100 today, had his death not intervened. Easy to calculate age when your birthday is 1 January, innit?
        We were still up at 1:00 in the morning watching The Great British Baking Show. Hahaha!

      • A note sounds a good idea, but when the paramedics arrive, it may be difficult. Hehehe!
        Stort Thorms, ah, they never relent nowadays. Relent? Is that the right word – WordHippo says it is.
        Yes, you are are lucky datewise, if not healthwise.
        I’ve not seen the Baking Show, Billum. I stpped watching all the cooking shows nowadays, they always have something on my banned list when I used to watch em. The last one I watched was showing a superb rasty way to do your sprouts in a slow cooker and then the oven, if I recall correctly. In those days before the ticker valve replacement, I as allowed to eat them, and boy, did I! Sadly brassica is on the top of me Warfarin menu of wot-not-to-eat! Swine!
        I’ve got the shivers this morning, and can’t see why? The temperature shows as 22°c, I thing the heating has packed up.

      • Stort Thorms — a keen rendition that reads well, Google knew nowt about storts and thorms. “Never Relent” — a motto for the Stort Thormers.
        I had quite a bout of folliculitis going at it on my upper back, and the doctor prescribed sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (known more popularly as Bactrim. It’s supposed to be follicle related, perhaps they are thinking “back trim”?.
        Lord Google, I have a request: “Bactrim, what gives?” found this gem:

        There is really no more “classic” drug-drug interaction than Bactrim and Warfarin. It just hits on so many levels. They go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. Like skateboarding and freeway ramps.

        Worra nowt (if those are the proper words).

      • Hahaha! You little word-toyer you!

        I wondered good Sir, if you could come up with a quote on the mix of Warfarin – Furesomide – Morphine and Beta-blockers for me to use laterer on? It’s for agraphic I’m planning, Billum. Sorry to bother you, fret no – if not.

  3. Images found in the filing cabinets bearing the search terms for beta-blockers, warfarin, furosemide,

    — Source: The Compleat Googler. 🙂

    Warfarin and Furosemide and Morphine:

    Warfarin and Furosemide and Morphine:

    Beta-Blockers and Warfarin:

    Beta-Blockers and Furesomide:

    Beta-Blockers and Morphine:

    Worra worra! Hahaha

    Owt for yer graphicals, I hope they are fecund finds, summat betterer than nowt, mon ami.


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