Instability Inchcock Diary, Wed 23 Dec 20: Incapable as well!

TFZers Out Visiting – Yee-Haa!

An old comic gag… Coming back?


Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 23ain Rhagfyr 2020

01:00hrs: I stirred and waited for the brain to catch me up. I soon realised that I had had five hours or so sleep, which was nice.

What wasn’t so nice, was the almost constant passing of wind from the anus! Followed by much longer than yesterdays, uncomfortable rumblings, grumbling and sharp but short pains? I’m sensing that I’m going to get a surprise or shock when the Porcelain Throne visit arrives. Gruffungrobblings!

As I climbed precariously out of the c1969 recliner, I became aware of the blasted ‘Hum’, combined with the droning noise from above, were both, or it seemed like it, louder than yesterday morning. Caught my balance, and needed a wee-wee – instantly and urgently!

I got to the ONWWB (Overnight-Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), and the wee-weeing was such a change to them of late. Of a BOVS (Blasting-Out-Vicious-Splashback) variety. (As I type this, several hours later, the stomach pains have still not stopped!) The wee colour was that of level-6 on the wee-wee chart! Which means I have to drink more. I’m not doing very well these last few days, am I? Fungleboggles!

No wonder the feet are filling up with fluid again!

With Docusate medicine needing me to drink at least a litre of water or fruit juice after each of the Two x 5ml spoonfuls, five times a day, already, it’s no wonder that I found later, that the fluid retention was returning to the feet already! As I mentioned, I’m not the luckiest of people!

I got the bucket and myself washed, put the kettle on, and got the Docusate poison guzzled down. Had a massive swig of spring water, to clear the taste and move the medicine around the body.

I’m praying that all this foul-tasting medication is eventually going to make things easier in the evacuation area. Says him full of confidence, Tsk!

Then I tackled the worrying and delicate job, of making a right mess of putting in the eye drops. Starting with the Chloramphenicol. Next, the eye-stinging Resolve ‘Soothing’ eye drops.

Some of the antibiotics did actually get into the eye, As well as down my cheek, discolouring the moustache on its way into my mouth. With a few spots finding their way up onto my bald dome, and down on my feet?

It’s great gerrin’ old, and you can’t control yer fingers, hands, arms… but I don’t want to scare the whippersnappers!

I took the medications next, starting with the Dioctyl poo-softener capsules. Then made a brew of Glengettie tea.

I must say, the eye is much better now, though. So, the stuff is working alright for me. It’s just that I can’t rely on myself doing the drops. The Doctor at the hospital didn’t tell me how to put them in. I hope I’m trying to do them right. But the dangers of SSS, NN and SS (Shaking Shaun) making me spill the stuff and miss the eye are an application worry. I fact, I’ve only done one dosage of the twelve done up to now, without losing liquid, dropping the bottle or over-squirting it, and using up too many drops. And that was at the ninth attempt. Humph!

I cracked on with the updating of yesterday’s blog. A slow job again, the concentration was fine (to start with), but Nocodemus’s neurotransmitters were the worst bother, and so much correcting had to be done all the time. Still, a mug or two of spring water, a few wee-wees, eye dropping session and taking another Dioctyl® in between, and I got it finished. No doubt missing many corrections that needed doing. (Lack of confidence? Me?… Yes!)

I went to make a mug of Thompsons Punjana tea and took this bad photo of the morning view from the kitchenette window. See the headlights there again, near the Health Centre? Every weekday, whoever parks up around 05:00hrs, leaving the headlights on for around two hours. I’d love to know who and why? But I’m just nosey. Haha!

I kept doing a few lines on this blog, then going on CorelDraw and either doctoring or making up a graphic to use, and got carried away with it. Realising the time was now gone 08:30hrs, I stopped, turned of Computer Katie to cool down, and tended to my ablutionary needs.

I kid you not, the time spent in and out of that wet room (Nearly two hours!) was crazier, more frustrating and dispiriting than yesterday. And thought that was bad enough!


As I entered the room, the marks on the floor really got to me. I decided to get the new bottle of Cif mould spray and let it soak while I got the teeth and shaving done, thinking it would soak in and be easier to clean. So I squirted some on the black spots, went to get the teeth done, but could not find the toothpaste? (This has happened in the past, I’ve been known to use it all up and forget I did so the next day – I know!) I exited to get the new tube and camera to take these shots.

As I was getting back in the room, I slipped on some of the gunk on the floor, stopped myself going over, but have twisted the back, so now, BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda) is now giving me what for! Oh, dear!

Did the teeth, and had a look at the floor. And realised for the second time! I’d bought the wrong cleaner, the Oven one! Feeling a fool comes naturally to me! I persisted scrubbing away with the wrong stuff, of course, it was a waste of time, then I thought it would be an idea to open the bottle and put some bleach it to use… The cap and spout broke off of the main body of the bottle!  Croggnangles!

The shaving went remarkably well, only two dropsies and the same for the cuts! I rinsed away the gunk.

I got under the shower and proceeded to drop the lemon gel. The lid shot off, so I lost nearly half of the contents, bent down, holding onto the grab rail, and clouted my shoulder on the power box! I had an effective self-harming session here! I was not keen on it, but have to accept that I’m pretty efficient at it today!

I’m overjoyed to tell you that the towelling, medicating, and perfumery actions, were all done without any further knocks of injuries. Many dropsies, but out of the shower, I could use the picker-upperer.

On the way out, and I stopped and returned, thinking that at last, an evacuation was imminent, I st on the throne. I did some crosswording. I whistling a bit. Sang a few songs… Nope! Rock-solid and refusing to move! I departed again, and as it was time for the eye drops, I did them. (The few that I actually got into the eye)

Took another gulp of the foul-tasting, and needing a minimum of a litre of water to be taken with it, Docusate. Also another Dioctyl® capsule, something must work to free the solid torpedo in my innards? For despite the wind and churning in the stomach, nothing moves?

I took a photo through the balcony windows. It was indeed a cloudy, misty, rainy and demoralising bit of weather we were having this unfine Wednesday. Hello, I think Herberts on his model train making again. One day he’ll talk to me without a sneer on his face, maybe, perhaps, or mayhaps not.

Ah, a knock on the door! I investigated. Two letters had been posted, that might have been the noise and not anyone knocking. Two Christmas cards had been posted. That’ll be three now, to open on Christmas morning. I don’t rate them, but one is from the USA, a TFZer methinks. ♥

My jentacular desires came to mind. And I got a quick breakfast sorted out for myself.

Tomatoes, Frazzles, mini pork and pickle pies, and some red grapes. A pot of honey flavoured yoghourts as well. As brekkers go, this one was a 7/10 rated job.

I made up a few waste bags and got them in the box on the three-wheeler guide.

The sudden fatigue and weariness came over me, earlier than ever today!

I got the meal cooking. Then onto CorelDraw to make up some graphics before I faded too much, even if I only manage a couple, that’ll do me for now. I got one done!

I served up the nosh on a tray, back to some Chilli-Con-Carne today, at last. Some chips with it, and grapes and a pot of dessert to follow. Oh, and a baguette to soak up the extra chilli-gravy I’d added, and purposely overcooked a little. Taste? 8/10!

Did the pot washing, and crawled into the recliner, so drained. Got the TV on, and drifted off watching some rubbish or other.

An incoming landline call flashed and rang. Somehow I got free of the recliner and to the phone in time. It was Jenny, she was worried about my not seeing the email link for the blog, the lady apologised for waking me, bless her. It’s nice to know someone cares enough to do this. Sister Jane does similar, but I have not had a call from her, and at the time thought I had sent the link. I muttered my apologies for missing it off, and am not sure if anything else was said… oh, yes, Jenny told me to get back to sleep, bless her. I must check it in the morning and do it if I hadn’t, early before sending today’s… int life confusing? Tsk!

I got down again, and the Thought-Storms started. But not for long, I found Sweet Morpheousbefore long.


12 thoughts on “Instability Inchcock Diary, Wed 23 Dec 20: Incapable as well!

  1. That’s a great photo out the window. The green globs on the floor looks like you’ve be whacking ghosts causing a hemorrhage of ghostly goo-like Ectoplasms to fall on the floor. Both meals look decent.

    • Thanks for the view on the wet-rooom floor, gave me a much-needed smile, Tim.

      The back pain is not easing off yet, I hope it will soon, cause with so many medications going at the moment, I do not want to start taking extra pain-killers. I’ll give it until after the holidays to see how it goes. I’m determined not to end up at the hosptial like the last two Christmas’s. (A silent prayer prayed then, Hahaha!)

      I might add ‘ghostly goo-like Ectoplasms’ to the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts and goblins. What do you think, Tim?

  2. BOVS (Blasting-Out-Vicious-Splashback) — a specialty of mine as well, now I have an acronym for ready reference purposes. BLASTED BOVs !
    Jentacular is now my word o’ the day. I shall see if Lisa knows this word already. Report to follow. 🙂
    My Crohn’s making his presence present. Visited my gastroenterologist yesterday and have submitted about 10 test tubes of blood and about 74 ccs of wee-wee for the good doctor this morning. He is looking at getting me started on injections to reduce the flare-ups and to address persistent anemia. Enough to justify an acronym methinks, Hopalong Cassidy Crohns (HCC) perhaps?
    Short thought storms are the best kind. Long kips crafted by Sweet Morpheous — well deserved, kind Sir!

    • I eat green chiles with almost every meal, so Blasted BOVs are fairly common. Man, you got the work over on the bloodletting. They usually take only three of four vials of blood for my semi-annual bloodletting. Hopalong Cassidy Crohns is hilarious.

    • The BOVS turn to TWADS (Trickling-Weak-After-Dribbling-Spraying) wee-wees, and back again, with any variations. Hehe!
      BOVS should be entered in the Thesaurus and Dictionary!
      No jentaclar tendencies this morning, Billum, the guts, inards and bowels are constantly brewing, gurgling and stinging at the moment. When (if) an evacuation does come, it will be interesting, I’m sure.
      HCC, perfect anacroym, Sir.
      A good examination and tests always gives me hope, but the sensation usally dissipates when I get home. Humph! The testing will take a while will it?
      I hope and pray that the Adalimumab, if you go on it, can ease things for you mate. I was almost put on it for the Rheumatic Arthur Itis, but she changed her mind and prescribed the Etoricoxib.
      We gather more similarities!

      Be careful and taketh care, Lisa will advise you!

    • Chritmas morning all alone,
      I entered the medicalisationing zone,
      Suffered at the WC visit, full blown,
      Computer on, to the WP comments I’ve flown,
      Foumd this comment, now I don’t feel so alone! ♥

      Bless you Cindy.
      Have a good one, please! X

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