Inchcock – Thur 24th Dec 2020: Nottingham’s Answer to endogenousness!

♥ A TFZer Dream Come True ♥


Thursday 24th December 2020

Romanian: Joi, 24 Decembrie 2020

01:45hrs: I woke up, feeling more than a little lonely, isolated, apart and somewhat sad? I thought I must have been dreaming of something that pleased me, but the memories were not there, so I don’t know if the dream ending had caused my low mood or not. Weirdly odd?

But things soon got me back to reality, starting with the loud hum droning on, pissing me off, then the innards started to rumble. More than onomatopoeia, the burbling, churning stomach and bowels perhaps, was preparing things for an evacuation, with zest and fearfully-threatening. Terrible agitated inner-digestive upheavings. I put it this way, to impress how bad it really was!

On reflection, it could have been the Dioctyl® and Ducosate medicines doing their job, and softening the poo, ready for evacuation? If so, I reckon they are winning the battle this morning. Hehehe! 

The post-prandial battle to remove my grotesquely over-stomached wobbly-bellied body from the recliner, and get up on my feet to gain failing to catch my balance, went amazingly well – apart from Arthur Itis’s knee pain and the water-retaining feet causing me difficulty in walking to the wet room for the customary wee-wee.

I took my time, though. On arrival, I found that Little Inchy has suffered some PMD (Pre-Micturitional Dribbling) Embarrassment-Mode-Adopted. After cleaning up, I had no choice other than to change into some new PP’s. (It can get costly, these pants are not cheap to buy!) Still, better safe than sorry.

Feeling a little perkier now, I set about the challenge of actually getting some of the Chloramphenicol and Carmellose eye drops into the eye; as opposed to down my cheeks, on the moustache and into my mouth. An arduous task, I know! I got the things needed out, and commenced battle!

I actually managed to get the thicker Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops in, with minimal spillage. No bother from Nicodemus, Shaking Shaun or Shuddering Sheila!

So I hastened to get Carmellose eye drops in before the ailments kicked off! I wasn’t so lucky with this one. At least I did get some to go in the eye. Humph! Mustn’t complain, though, the burst blood vesselled eye is still getting easier each day. A temporary slight Smug-Mode was adopted!

On to the Health Checks next.  Boot’s Sphygmomanometer SYS reading of 161 was down a smidge, on yesterdays reading. The pulse up from 73 to 87, but still within range methinks? I nearly dropped the machine when I took this photo, but I managed to catch it in time. Smug-Mode upgrading to class 3. Hahaha!

The Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer gave an in-the-green reading of 36.7°c. A most satisfactory result!

I got the kettle on the boil and took this photograph of the moon partially showing through the clouds.

Then made a brew of Glengettie tea, and got on the computer to update the Wednesday blog – but no!

The rhadamanthine call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, at last! Again, just when I’d made a cuppa, Tsk!

I got in, and as I sat down, I picked up the crossword book. But as my bottom touched the loo’s-lid, instant activity began. I stole myself in readiness for the pain – that didn’t come! No question, the winner of the DESB (Daily-Evacuation-Stakes-Battle) between Trotsky Terence and Constipation Konrad, was a Trotsky victory by a 5-0 margin!

Spllllursh, (a long one, mind you) and done! Possible one of the quickest, and pain-free ones for years! Unfortunately, definitely one of the messiest evacuations, ever! The cleaning up, myself first, took me yonks, half a toilet roll, Dettol, Germoloiding, and a lot of effort! Then I noticed that the flush had not cleared all of the evacuated product. Two more flushes and hand-filling of the tank finally cleared things. Then, of course, I discovered I need yet another change of PPs! It’s hard work growing old, getting senile, and losing control of certain organs! Hahaha!

I made another mug of tea, Glengettie Gold this time. (I’ll get to drink one eventually!) While waiting, I noticed that the moon had peeped through the clouds again, so I got the Nikon and did my best to get a decent shot of it. I failed, of course! Unless the two white spots to the left are Venus and Neptune… no, they’ll be a house or street lights.

I made sure I sent off the link for the Tuesday blog again. I’ll have to remember to ring Jenny to make sure she’s got it later. I pressed on with the updating, of yesterdays blog. Another long slog, between wee-wees, making and not drinking mugs of tea, and intermittent interruptions, from BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda) and NN (Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters).  Sent the Email links, Pinterested a few snaps, and went on Facebooking. After which, I perused the WordPress reader.

A final burst on commenting, and it was time to get the ablutions done. I took the mug in the kitchen, talking to it en route; “I’ll get a mug of tea drunk out of you yet!” It didn’t answer. Hahahahaha! 

Then noticed that the regular parker close by the Sherwood Health Centre, who always leaves his or her headlights on, had returned again, at their usual time of 05:00hrs. Come think of it, looking at this photo, he/she might be parked on Mansfield Road. It could be a  delivery driver? Not that it matters, I don’t know why it bothers me so, not knowing. Hehe!

The ablutions were a tad more eventful today. Took me an hour-and-a-half or more!

But I’ve had a lot worse.

  • Applied the nasal cleaner. Dropsies 2 (Okay)
  • Cut the fingernails. Dropsies 4 (One cut)
  • Teeth cleaning. Dropsies 1 (Perfect!)
  • Shaving: Cuts 2 Dropsies 7 (Not so Good!)
  • Showering: Dropsies 11, Dizzies 2, knocks 1, Toe-Stub 1, Elbow-bashing 1, Slips 1, Hits against the power box 0, Clouts on grab rails 1. (Fair!)
  • Towelling: Cleared the floor cabinet of several items. (Fair!)
  • Medicationlisationing: Poor old piles! (Been worse)
  • PP dressing: Sainsbury’s blue: Too small, uncomfortable, not thick enough, too weak for the job. Grumph!

I utilised the Brut deodorant and came out to get dressed, which I did. Then into the kitchen. Applied the Chloramphenicol eye drops. Some actually getting into the eye.

Oh, Yes! Got the Carmellose drops in.

I took the poo-softeners next, followed by the regulation two-gallons of liquids. Hehe!

I took a shot with a difference. Showing the camera and my mush, taken in the shaving mirror. Which I thought was clever, until I saw the resulting photo, which was pretty bad!

BPB is getting no easier, and I risked taking an extra Codeine 60g. Somethings got to be tried, cause she’s getting worse I think. Another thing, I’m getting drained again, weary, fed-up with this every day.

Got the minced beef, chilli-con-carne, potatoes and peas sorted out, with an oven-baked baguette, mini apple pie and a dessert…

Oh, as you can see, that’s a porky-pie! I left the potatoes and peas in the saucepan to go rancid overnight… not on purpose! In the weary, tired daze I was in, somehow I just forgot all about them?

A meaty-treat it was then. Flavour rating: 9/10!

Put the pots to soak on the bowl, late medications taken, and down into the chair, to seek Sweet Morpheus. After a couple of frustrating hours of thought Storms, going over past regrets, mistakes, wrong choices taken and made, and a growing self-dislike developing, I drifted off to sleep – when I woke a few hours later, the Thought Storms were still active!

This was not good!

15 thoughts on “Inchcock – Thur 24th Dec 2020: Nottingham’s Answer to endogenousness!

  1. I was reading about a serial killer here in the US who murdered at least 90 people, mostly women who were down and out. He had served time for other crimes, but being a black man, he didn’t fit the profile of a serial killer. He recounted all the murders in great detail. Merry Christmas. You had some “astoundamigating” moments, which is good. The CCC looked right decent sin rancid potatoes and peas.

    • Sorry late, Sir. Done myself in yesterday, up at 23:00hrs, head down 22:00hrs, so 23 hours computing! I’m such a Clot!

      90 people killer! Madame Tussauds should make a model of him, with all the details on show with it. They did the Russian who ate his victims, I think.
      Hope all went well pver there, mate. Bet the furries (rightly) had their pressies. The two M’s must have enjoyed it

      • Kitties are all well and had a great kitty Christmas. Jeffery Dahmer is one of our most famous cannibals. His mother was having dinner at his house and told him “I don’t like your friends!” He told her “Just eat the vegetables, then!”

  2. 11 Dropsies. Gad. All one can say: better than 12 Dropsies. Speaking of Dropsies, hitting the eyeball is a welcome relief.
    Evacuation sans pain is a happy “ending”. Unfortunate that the day did not end with an extended sleep gifted by the Spirit of Sweet Morpheous — not waking up at all hours by a ghost or three with some thought storms to relate 🙂

    • Chronicalisticalisation of situations comes easy to me, Billum. I’ve no idea why I typed that?
      Ultra tired now, tt may or might possibly, perhaps have some bearing on the fact? 23-hours of compputerisationing Christmas Day… but the Liberty-Global Virgin Internet, fro the first timme since being inprisoned here in the flats, DID NOT Go Down! Hurray! Slowed down threateningly a few times!
      Hope Lisa and Billumski were pleased with the holiday?

  3. Hello Inch, you are absolutely a keen chronicler of many situations, times, and all manner of linkages. So I am glad that you typed that datum.
    Ultra-tiredness is a feature in these parts as well. We have been taking advantage of these holidays to rest up, relax, and ponder imponderables. Just enough snow here to make it a White Christmas.
    Liberty-Global are kind once a year or so. 🙂
    Kind wishes for the calendar-flipping ceremony occurring in 5 days. To 2021, if I am not mistaken. 🙂

    • G’d morning, Billum.
      The shared tiredness thingsmibob did me in last night again.
      Although, I have to tell you, that my beautiful, wise, experienced informer, has contacted me via Mr G, to advise me of the sleeping-in until noon, attained on Christmas Day – this is jealous-making, you know. (Hahaha!) Jesting aside, I was so pleased to hear of it, what was it like? Hehe!

      Merci for the information, cleverly and cunningly conveyed in your notificational comment.

      It’s raining here this morning, has been for about four hours now since I got up, none-stop. I hope we don’t get the floods like Storm Ciara has brought to many places, including South Yorkshire, which is not far away from us here.

      But I is well above sea-level. I may well get stuck here in the flat, but nothing will change, as we is already stuck here by Covid… Hahaha!

      A bit long this one, sorry.

      TTFNski, and bestest wishes to Lisa and yourself! ♥

  4. Lisa and I shared a hearty larf at my spectacular Christmas-morning sleep-in. I hadn’t mentioned it earlier due to the jealous-making risk.
    “What was it like?” Hahaha. What a grand question!
    ’twas an astonishingly long and endless REM sleep encounter, a bizarre endlessly looping labyrinth of a dream — of course, I didn’t write it down because it was so rivetingly vivid. Forgot it all now.
    Speaking of vivid, that was a helluva Bella, were it not?
    We’re about 850 feet above sea level here.
    We wishes you a long kip, kind Sir!

    • Oh, you did get the Jealousy Stakes started mate! But only for a few seconds, I reckon its marvelous that you both got a good rest, in! Well doneski!
      These damned dreams are like that nowadays, sneaky wee devils, abscondicaters!
      A long kip, I’ll look that up on Mr G… oh, no, I remember now! Hahaha! I wetnum to beddum early last night on purpose, but stil woke up befor midnight, wide awake battling the Though-Storms… Still, it bettere than being bored, innit?
      The tale of this morning’s handwashed quilt cover will be published soon, Sir. If I remember.
      Keep safe, and consult with Lisa regularly, just to make sure you haven’t done anything wrong. Hehehe!

      • Abscondicators are the absolutely most abysmal of dream aberrations, they leave you in a lurch and then laugh about it.
        Kips can’t be fooled by any of that *starting early” stuff. But then…”starting late” doesn’t fool the kip-keepers, do it?
        Actually amazing how sleep sequences take us through thought storms that recur. Those REMs (rapid eye movements) include a bevy of BEMs (bug-eyed monsters).
        Doing things wrong is one of my “skills.” Learning the hard way…is there any other way? I used to tell my German students that they learn from their mistakes — so the ones who make the most mistakes receive the highest marks. 🙂
        TTFNski, Sir!

      • ‘ they leave you in a lurch and then laugh about it’, has acertain resononce, nicley put Sir.

        A sound logic lurking in lessons of life given to your students, Billum.

        I am currently struggling with a wee-wee reluctance, rare, spraying and of a volume that might fill an egg cup. Did I miss the Furesomide tablet, I don’t think I did. Always summat going wrong, still, it prevent the time for bordom. Hehehe!

        All my best wishes for Lisa and your worthy self. Hope your ailments will be kinderer to you!

  5. We do enjoy floating aliteral alliterations to invite resonance, dancing with assonance, and absurdational theatrics — ones that inspire witty wintry banter sufficient to well dispel chill, innit worth a go?
    Summat going on, a summat enough for kicking boredom down the strained lane. There be we greeted warmlly by the Willys in the Nillys.
    Lisa wishes yer a paucity of ailments and sufficient Furosemide to fill an Ostrich egg cup, with finesse no less.

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