Inchy – Friday 25th December. A Solitary Day – In Brief

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Friday 25th December 2020

2020 יום שישי 25 בדצמבר (Hebrew)

23:40hrs: Up, felt the rumbling, thanked heavens for the PPs (Protection Pants) I’d got on, fumbled up on my feet, fell back down again, kicking off poor Harold’s Haemorrhoids stinging and bleeding.

It is a good life that I lead! A second attempt, a more hurried one, with the threat of an involuntary evacuation occurring, and off to the wet-room.

Goodness Gracious Me! I sat, the evacuation shot out, and almost painlessly again. But oh, dearie me, it was a messy imitation of door-stop, and so mess-making and gooey! A long cleaning up, and new pants installed on by abdominous, blubbery-stomached body. I few squirts of Brut and citrus air spray was called for, and I sprayed them unsparingly.

My intentions today were to get all of the Templates done up in advance. Nothing else seemed to matter? And I did so, but it meant a long, long day, in fact, I was up for 23-hours computing before I got them finished! So, I had no time to get this blog done, and started it the following Saturday morning. The photographs on the right, are obviously of the sky as it changed throughout the day. More below.

I kept taking breaks throughout the day and evening to record the wonderful views.

I got the medicationalisationing done, starting with the two eye drops, (I got some drops into the eye itself, but just the same quantity ran down my cheeks into my mouth). The sticky ease-eye one got the eyelid sticking, but that is nothing unusual at all. I rubbed some Phorpain gel well into and on Arthur Itis’s knees and Cartilage Cathy. Arthur  Itis is a bit more bothersome today, stiffer and painful, I expect it’s the lack of physical activity with not getting out and about? Grumblemoanski! Knackwrangles! Schluberdubersnarl

I selected and got the medications taken. No washing, shave or anything active either – the B.O. stinking Inchcock could only concentrate on getting the graphics and templates made up at long last. First I had to get the photographs uploaded into CorelDraw, page headers, Thoughts and Day-of ones created, after doing the Health Checks, of course.

The temperature was just dandy, the highest it’s been for a while.

I’m doing this blog, so the photo’s in it might not be in the right places, sorry.

The SYS was high again. Otherwise, all was fine enough on the readings. A rumbling from the innards kicked of while I doing the BP check, so much so, I considered whether or not to hobble back to the Throne. Got the updating of the Thursday post done and posted.

Then got some brekkers sported out, not a lot, but the traditional, to me, Christmas Morning Pork Pie had to be observed.

I checked on Excel how the Templates were looking, a lot to get done yet.

03:30hrs: I started the marathon job on the templating. However, I enjoyed it and doing a reasonably productive job of it, considering.

05:00hrs: I stopped for a rare this morning, wee-wee, made a brew, and noticed that the car headlights were there again? This mystery was pondered over. After some thought and my investigative Sherlock Holmesian brain pondered further, I decided it wasn’t car headlights at all. I reckon now that it is either some timed street or factory lights. I forget why I thought this, though, but there you go!

Progress was being made with the graphic-making. A Smug-Mode Adopted!

I got the minced beef, seasoned and in the crock-pot with plans to serve it up around 15:00hrs. (It was done at 21:00hrs. Tsk!) Must remember to check it regularly. (He says!)

So, back to the CorelDarwing, as Herbert started to bang about a bit.

The Peripheral Neuropathy right side suddenly started to get the shakes. From SSS in the right shoulder, elbow, but mostly the leg and knee. With Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters failing as well. Usually, these ailments only last for a few minutes or so, they may come back on repeatedly, but only for short periods. So, my spirits sank when I was doing right-side St Vitus dancing, even as I was sat down, and for at least half an hour or more!

Things calmed down, and I worked on the templating, but far less productively now, it was hard to control the hand and fingers for CorelDrawing manipulation and typing.

I checked on the chilli.

Just as the shuddering and shaking started to get serious again, the door chimes rang out. I knocked the contents of the seasoning pot all over me as I went to the door. It was Jenny, bless her. As I stood there, I was embarrassed, still in my jammies, and doing an involuntary right leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance, covered in pepper and chilli powder, and Stuttering Stephanie playing me up!

Jen had brought me a glass of Champagne & orange, and a tin of shortcake biscuits. Bess her. ♥ My concentration was not good, I assume that all the shaking had rattled my brain-box, Haha! What we spoke about is unclear now, but I thin I rang her back later to apologise; or did I? I meant to. Very embarrassing!

The shaking calmed down eventually, thankfully. 14:10hrs: I put the eye drops in again, well, most of it. And back on the grindstone doing the templates, to the accompaniment of Herbert’s restarted clunking about.

Brother-in-law, Pete rang, and we had a natter, during which the damned leg-dancing started again. Colin Cramps kicked of because I holding the phone for so long with the arm bent! But sod-it, I enjoyed the chinwag, even if I cannot recall any of it now, I just know I liked it.

Back to the template making.

Took the evening medications, checked the minced beef, and got the dirty filthy zip-up jacket washed, well in the bowl soaking anyway. I found this photo on the SDH card, but I’ll be blown if I can remember taking it in the first place?

I took these photos of the red sky, and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were kind to me while it took them, this time.

The sky kept changing quickly, so I took more shots than usual to catch it while it partly glowed, and had darkness all around the red bits. Bootiful!

17:00hrs: I don’t know how I managed it, but I got back on Computer Katie, and I then pressed on with doing the templates. It was getting a hard job as Nicodemus was playing up again.

I did the last of the (missing the eye) getting in the eye drops, took the evening medications, and had a last desperate go at finishing the templates. The final burst of CorelDrawing achieved my aim of the day, to get the templates all done! But, it’s drained me, mentally!

At least the shaking has eased of now.

Hurrah! At long last. I’ve been up since 23:40hrs, last night, and just got the templates finished! I’ll note later when I get to sleep and try to work out the time I’ve been up and about.

Having contracted arithmophobia and dyscalculia, in my old age, is just more of the ‘I-could-do-without’ problems.

Still, I have my magnificent body, good health, vast wealth, and good looks. Ahem!

I stirred the chilli beef, added the veg, and got the hand-washing done, rung, and hung on a coathanger to dry above the sink.

Made right mess of things then. After wiping the sink area, I got a sudden visit from SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) and knocked some things off the draining tray. I bent to retrieve them and tipped a bottle of washing up liquid over, that burst open as it hit the floor! Now, I have a skating rink to walk over. Twittleworthy-Idiot!

I got it cleaned up in a jiffy… well, about half-an-hour. Humph! I was rather annoyed with myself.

Finally, I got the fodder served up. It was so tasty. It should be after nine-hours in the slow cooker, and another one in the saucepan, Tsk!

A Flavour-Rating of 8.8/10, so it went down nicely!

I got myself down in the grotty, £300, second-hand, c1968, unsteady, not-working, sickenly beige-coloured, haemorrhoid-testing recliner. I worked it out, probably wrongly) that I’d been up for 22 or so hours, but it took me so long to get to sleep, two more hours watching TV without a single nod-ff! Unbelievable innit? I blame the BBC, fancy putting Victoria Wood on the telly when I’ve been up for a whole 24 hours! Humph!

18 thoughts on “Inchy – Friday 25th December. A Solitary Day – In Brief

  1. Those are beautiful sunset photos. Nothing there to be ashamed of. Sounds like you might need a seat belt on your throne to prevent lift off and crashing into the ceiling. That wouldn’t be much fun. You got some Christmas natters and you made a fine looking Christmas Chili-con-carne.

    • Thanks, Tim. The picture in my mind of the ‘Lifting-Off’ the Throne, gave me a much needed laugh! Hehe!
      Sherwod is 320 feet (120 metres) above sea level, is this why I can’t get panorama shots of the clouds? I think I’m getting confused again. Humph!

      • Altitude probably has a lot to do with it. We have big skies at 5,000 feet above sea level, plus I have a super-wide angle lens. A lot of advantages on my side.

      • It’s not fair! Hahaha!
        The rain is still falling here, mate, I opened the window witout sticking the camera out and getting it, or me wet – wait till you see the artwork it produced. Hehe!

      • Ah, we’re a bit luckier, wet, but not cold. It’s currently… hsang on I’ve fropped the thermometer… gor it, and I’ve set the knees off with bending, Tsk! 21°c, what’s that erm? (Google to the rescue) 69.8°F, and the flaming ‘Hum’ is so loud again!

  2. Splendid photos of striating clouds in heavenly hues, Sir! B.O. notwithstanding (actually, only the slightest whiff was wafted this far away from the realms of Robin Hood — hold the presses, that was my *own* B.O. wafted into that whiff. Sorry for the misconfusionating. Misconfusionations happen, do they not?
    An 8.8 is a high nosh-rating, 8.8 is also high on the Richter Scale if I am not entirely and totally misinformed.

    • Hee-hee, a laugh to start the dayski, I Fank You!

      The B.O. Boys?

      Confusionalisationing, comes easy to me, at least I think it does?

      I hope you are not indicating the forthcoming of earth quakes, mate? (On the Porcelain Throne, okay and expected, Hahaha!) Corona new strains to boot. Floods, storms, tier-4 Lockdown, and now Earthquakes!

      All the best, and I’m off, cause I think I might have left the tap running…
      Nope, I didn’t, Billumski.

      • The BO Boys, a fine name for a merry band of cockers methinks.
        Possibly a mash-up of:
        porcelain throne trumps (lowercase ‘t’),
        Plopsies and Dropsies — a great title for a hit tune,
        Plasters and bandages everywhere,
        taps arunning…
        On the 12th month of lockdown, Lisa gave to me…
        … a parsonage under a pair of trees…
        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Merci mon ami, I thought you ere going to put ♫ On the 12th month of lockdown, Lisa gave to me, a parsnip under the Christmas tree ♫. I don’t know why but my brain told me to expect it. Bonkers? Me? Your probably right, Sir! Har-har!

      • I believe we have a parsnip in the icebox, but we did not bring a tree to the manor this year — 2020 would probably have turned it into gley (the Robert Burns variety) had we tried. Now I am wondering if the parsnip has turned to gley.
        The Bonkered BO Boys, that’s wot we be. 🙂

      • There’s not a lot of people who can ‘We have a parsnip in the ice-box’, but we can, oh yes. Hehehe!Oh, if your produce has gorn-orf, and the Queen would put it, mayhaps an email to the Tate, offering them the afresaid mouldy vegetable to buy and display, would be an idea? Or not.
        May the hopes that were dimmed in later years,
        Rekindle, and free out fears,
        And we don’t lose out aids for our ears,
        I’ll wite again soon, my dears!

      • The moldier and more gorn-off the produce gorier, the much ,ptr likely are we to garner the eye of Eyelizabeth. A few gorn-orf bollocks would raise the nose enough to funnel the whiffs nosewardly wafting garrulous at each Tate-testing team. Methinks the BO Boys may find an invite from the Ta Ta Taters o’ the Arts.

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