Incandescent Inchies Saturday 26th December 2020 diary

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Saturday 26th December 2020

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 26 Dùbhlachd 2020

Late, for me, at 03:45hrs, I stirred, after managing a good five hours kip! Mind you, I had been up for 24hrs the day before. I was flabbergasted at how well I felt.

I jiggled my bits about and tested the ailments that were testable. RAI Rheumatoid Arthur Itis’ knees, BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda), Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters, and the rumbling, churning, gaseous innards were the only real hassle I could find.

I hauled my cumbersomely flabby-bellied body from the depths of the now looking like collapsing, unsteady, c1968 recliner to get my balance to go for a wee-wee. I soon realised that CCs, (Cartilage Cathy’s) patella needed adding to the list of my being-naughty ailments. Still, it made for a bit of change in my usual limping and hobbling style as I made for the wet room. Where another surprise awaited me, a good one! Well, more, actually.

The wee-wee, an SSAO (Sprinkly-Spraying-All-Over) mode, was effortless and Post & Pre Micturition dribble-less, and pain-free!

And the legs seemed to be losing the water retention, they had actually got a bit of colour to them! And the furuncle at the rear end, had apparently given up trying to grow, and had died off? All the good stuff together there! However, with my record for Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangleplops, I resisted the temptation of engaging any Smug-Modes, yet.

Another mini-miracle when I as washing the hands, I belatedly recalled something of a dream I’d been having, well, I think so anyway. My Cyber-Buddy in New Mexico, was in the cat’s hammocks hanging from the roof, drilling something into the roof, the furries were all sat down looking up at Tim. Sadly I can remember nothing else… yes I can, he had a gun holster on, but it might have been a nail gun… funny the tricks the mind can play on you. I wonder if he’s been doing work again in his outhouse, or patio? I’ll ask him later on if I remember.

I got the medicalisationing tackled, starting with the Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops, the Carmellose eye drops, into the eye, and down my cheeks, over the moustache and into my mouth, as normal. The Docusate Sodium medicine, Dioctyl® 100mg Poo-Softener, and the morning medications were taken.

I got the computer on, and had a long job again, cause I had to load and sort out the evening sky photographs. Although it wasn’t my skills that made these snaps so good, I still got an inkling of pride that they came out alright for once. My particular favourite was this one on the right. a grand mixture of light and dark patches, the grey clouds visible higher up in the sky. The yellow strip… I liked this one.

I got the blog completed, but not sent off, went to get the ablutions done, and turned off the computer, to let it cool down. For some reason, when it gets hot, the Microsoft Pictures thingy, will not recognise the SD card? Fiddlglomptits!

The session went better than any has for months! Honestly! Altogether, no more than a handful of dropsies! No, I say ‘No’ shaving cuts! No Dizzy Dennis visits! Not a single knock against of banging into the grab rails or doorframe! Nothing knocked off of the cabinets either! I couldn’t help but go into a Smug Mode then… but a little prematurely, I fear!

Doing the medicationalising after drying off, (I knew this would happen one day!) applying the Gemoloid ointment, and damned SSS kicked off, at just the most inopportune time! I started Harold’s Haemorrhoids bleeding profusely. Still, it’s the first time she’s done that. (I’m talking to an ailment again here, is there no chance for me?

I tried to examine things, but could not get into a position to use the mirror to see to check things out. (Too fat!) As it turns out, the cut was on the outside of the bum, so I dabbed some Brut after-shave on it… Yes, it did hurt, a lot, Haha! (Why am I laughing?) But the bleeding stopped quickly for me. If it starts again later, I will put on a pair of the old PP’s, that will cope easily with it. It’s a life innit! 

I got dressed and sorted out and the waste bins. Put them in the box and a carrier on the three-wheeled walker-guide. Took then and deposited them down the rubbish chute in the lift lobby, no signs of life anywhere.

Went for a wee-wee, the yare few and far between today?

Got on the computer to send off the blog to WordPress. Did that, and I put some snaps on Pinterest. Then as I went on to Facebook, the landline flashed. It was Brother-in-Law Pete, asking about the blog link he’s not received yet. I explained about the long day yesterday and told him I was about to send it. We had a little natter, I enjoy them, you know.

Got the job done and emailed the link. Then got a little brekkers to nibble. 

Nothing much, just a mini-cake (I know, I shouldn’t!), and a bag of Frazzles with a mug of Glengettie tea.

Then realised I’d not done the BP and temperature. (Twit!) So I did them. The temperature was spot-on again. Things are going so well this morning, compared to how they usually go, I was considering upgrading mt Smug-Mode to Grade-B. Hahaha!

But when it came to doing the Blood Pressure… Oh Lordy Lord, just look at that SYS, 178 reading!

I cancelled the Smug-Mode upgrading!

Got on the computer and began to do this blog. After a few hours, during which I up[dated the Personal word Dictionary on Excel, the pile pains were joined by Anne Gyna’a stinking right across the chest.

Things might be going pear-shaped here. Haha!

A quick search for the latest Covid-19 figures, locally.

Turned the computer of, and I decided to get the meal ready, in case eating becomes a problem.

Tired again, I opted for a simple all in the oven frozen ready-made fish dinner for the nosh. I added some garden peas, the last of the little tomatoes and a Jenny-supplied pickled egg.

Not one of the best I’ve ever done, but I ate most of it. Despite the disturbing rumblings and grumblings from the innards. Flavour-Rating: 6.5/10.

After cleaning up and settling down in search of Sweet Morpheous, anticipating a swift descent into the land of Nod, it did not come!

However, while waiting for it, I turned on the TV and found a football match was showing, it was Aston Villa v Crystal Palace. I actually got into the match straight away, one of the most entertaining ones I’ve seen. Fouls and frustrations, Var upsets, a sending off just before half-time for a Villa player with the score 1-0 to Villa, refused penalty claims. The second half, with Villa with a ten-men team, they played even better, and ended up winning 3-0!

My interest in football was rekindled. (It was fading when Brian Clough retired, then dissipated altogether) I borrowed this photo from the BBC, I hope they don’t mind. Villa’s second goal.

When the match was over, I turned off the telly and restarted my search for sleep.

It took several more hours, as the Thought-Storming started, on and on they rambled. Topic and subject jumping, self-guilt, fears, worries… Humph!

15 thoughts on “Incandescent Inchies Saturday 26th December 2020 diary

  1. I like the Rocky Horror lips/teeth mascherina. Had a bit of a jump in the SYS I see. Nottingham is the COVID capital at the moment? Decent looking D rated meal. Another excellent sunset photo. fútbol? Gives you some entertainment. Do you yell “GOAL!!!” like the Spaniards? We were attacked by a Spanish fútbol hooligan when we lived in Spain. Those Spaniards are loco when it comes to fútbol. I understand the British have football hooligans as well?

    • Greeting, Sir,
      The Covid situation in Nottingham is not good again, but at least we have not got many on the new strain patients yet, but it gets nearer to us at the moment I type. Tsk!

      The noshing was enjoyment was spoilt by the odd mood I was in, methinks. (And the not so good chips (fries).

      Watching the match without any supporters, they play background noises of missing football crowds (They play background noises of fans) I wonder how long the clubs can last without the revenue?
      Had it been Nottingham Forest, or Burnley playing, I may have let a cheers or outburst out, I do remember saying “YYYesss!” when Villa got their third goal with a man short.

      I fear the return of the hooligan fans, though. They will be more aggressive, having bee deprived of the match-fights with other so-called fans, then!

      Famous our supporters are, but for the wrong reasons.

      By the way, Tim, have you been doing any upgrading on the furries furniture? I ask cause of the dream I had.

      • I’ve been changing out the handmade burlap kitty hammocks for commercial kitty hammocks.

      • Great, I know there was a link of some sort to my dream of you in the kitties hammock and they all sat around watching you, apart from the new girls for some reason, they were both asleep together in a basket seat.
        I get these thoughts and images from my EQ I think. How does this happen?
        The mysteries of Woodthorpe Court?

        Cheers, Tim, let’s hope things will improve

      • The kittens do sleep together a lot. They have hiding spots in the pantry above where the dryer used to be.

      • Aha, ther hidey-hole, and resting place.
        Cyril had one of those the moment I got in bed, on my stomach, Hehehe! At least I only had two of them, bet some of the clan love to snuggle up there, too.

      • Laurie just reminded me that I put up new kitty shelves in the bedroom near the ceiling. The kitties love them.

  2. Five hours kip is better than five minutes of kip, as no wise man has ever said…
    Glad that you enjoyed the match on the telly. I’m thinking that it contributed to those five hours enjoyed under the careful watch of Sweet Morpheous. Lisa is under the spell of Morpheous as I clatter away on this keyboard. Zzzzzz. 🙂

    • By golly, an in depth statement of fact, truth and hope-givingly inspirational, Sir! No complaints from me, it’s better than the average methinks, and stinks (Not had a bath yet).
      Ah, Lisa, the wise-one amongst us, knows best! Please to wisheth her a good day, for me please.
      The path to enlightenment, can be a dark passage! (Or not, like, you know) Haha!.

      • Lisa, ever the wise owl, is in synchrony with Sweet Morpheous and Zzzzing away while I clatter upon the keyboard like those infinite numbers of monkeys tapping away on the infinite number of typewriters. They always seem to be reproducing the complete works of Billum Shakespeare word by word.

      • Ah, it’s in the blood and chromazones (whatever they are), you see, Billum. The brain is that clever, it has taken over the mind.
        I knew what I was going to say when started this comment, but thing degenerated into a vague sort of, erm… well, err,,, I lost the plot. Sorry.

      • The bloody brains are always trying to abscond the mind. Those brains send worker blood cells to floodily bloodily capture the mind cells, mind you, and stage bread, blood, and circuses to muddle the quotients — IQ, EQ, and Q from Star Trek. Me fears some dirty dealing with the borg’s designs being built on futility acceptance. This might even attract a few battalions of Daleks to instil feelings of futility by echoing that EXTERMINATE dictum they seem to like so very much. Have I found the plot wot was lost, kind Sir?!

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