Inchcock Today – Friday 3rd November 2017

Friday 3rd November 2017

Shona: Chishanu 3 November 2017

0100hrs: Woke with a few vague memories of a dream. In a vast room, everything seemed azuline… desks, exams, test papers and angels floating about?

Nocturnal nibbling suspected, judging by the empty cheese nibble packets, lid off of the sweet jar and suspicious crumbs on my overweight wobbly belly. Cleaned things up and struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner to the porcelain throne. I was sure that the rumbling innards indicated a massive and urgent need for an evacuation – but no. Much wind and effort did not produce any movement.

Put the kettle on and did the Health Checks.

Medications were taken, a mug of tea poured and back to the computer to finish yesterday’s Inchcock Today and posted it off.

WordPress Reading and commenting next.

Then Email checks.

Then onto Facebooking.

Worked on CorelDraw and CorelPaint Graphicationalisastioning.

This is TFZer, Nancy, from America.

The innards called me off to utilise the Porcelain Throne.

Not good.

Back on the CorelDraw and created this TFZer graphic. Took me a few hours to get it anything as I wanted.

I got it posted and just hope it gets a few comments like and cheers folks up a bit.

Then I made one of myself in the flat as a zombie, vision, phantom, spectre, ghost or whatever you like to call it.

Just for the fun of it, I added text about my losing weight.

Which, is a little bit of a fib come naughty thing to claim when I posted it to Facebook.


Got on with the ablutionalisationing session.

Rubbish to the chute and then off to the bus stop along Chestnut Walk.

The builders looked busy today.

Up to the request stop and met three or four other tenants awaiting the arrival of the buses.

Mary, Welsh William, Irene and Doreen were there on the seating. Many others joined us, making around fifteen or so of us. When the buses arrived together, only Mary and I  got onto the City Bound one. We sat next to each other and Mary was in excellent communicative form.

Dropped off in town and visited the Wilko Store. I got bleach, cleaners and batteries. Paid and off to the Poundworld Shop. They didn’t have any screw-lid containers. Got some nibbles and raffle prizes though.

Oh, and some single-serving packs of Crunchy-Nut Cornflakes.

As I came out of Poundworld, I thought I was being attacked by pigeons for a moment… Hehe!

I think someone had dropped some food or crumbs?

They had a right fight with other to get at whatever it was.

I crossed over the road to go see if the Poundland Shop had any of the containers I wanted, in stock.

They didn’t either, so I got some cheapo ones to manage with. I hope they keep the biscuits fresh for me. I got some chocolate nut nibbles as well.

I came out and took this picture along Milton Street facing out of town.

There was a street performer, playing a squeezebox, poorly.

I thought about taking his photograph but decided this might be the situation: as he eyed me with a Godfather-like threatening glare. Better safe than sorry I thought!

Passing Clinton Street again, and I noticed the roadworks fencing had blocked easy access to many of the stores there.

I felt a little sad for the owners of these stores. They had antisocial behaviour, competition and shoplifters to cope with, without further hassle. Tsk!

Hobbled along Upper Parliament Street towards the L9 bus stop, and spotted and photographed the rear-end of one of the new buses on King Street. This is one of the £17m fleets of Scania double-deckers powered by a biogas produced from sewage and waste, via anaerobic digestion. But you probably already knew that; I had to look it up. Hehe!

This group of Nottinghamians with the terribly dirty-looking dog, passed by as I crossed over the road. Seconds later as the disappeared down King Street, I heard the dog barking and growling?

I spent a few minutes just stood on that corner looking around and growing more depressed as I did so. The many shops closed, the aggressiveness of pedal cyclists, motorists, no sign of any policemen, the generally sad expressions on the peoples’ faces. The looks from the younger folk, all angst, sneering and contempt ridden. Few smiles or laughter around.

I soon came out of my depressing reverie, as I turned to walk down to the bus stop, Hilda Hip gave me a jolt and brought me out of it alright! Hehe! So painful, I got the collapsible walking stick out. I hate it when I have to use this!

The Nottingham Street Art from yesterday had been cleaned up but replaced with some more today. What was out of the picture on the right, was disgusting! I didn’t mean to miss it off, but I am glad I missed it now.

The bus was late and had nowhere to pull in to pick anyone up and had to stop in the middle of the road. I went down thinking it would pull-up there, and it went to the top and parked. By the time I got strugglingly and limping back up the hill, luckily a chap had seen me and told the driver who waited for to get there, and I made it in time. I thanked the bloke.

Enroute, two tenants got on the bus, but did not see me and settled for a gossip between themselves for a while. Ethel and Mary, it was. (I think that’s their names, I get confused you know, Haha!).

Back at the complex and Mary and I went up in the lift, we cheerio’d each other, and I carried on up the 12th storey and straight into the wet room for a wee-wee. Like Dean Martin’s song, ‘Just in time’!

Took an extra painkiller with the medications. Health Checks were done and got the dinner cooking.

Drained again now, I got the Rumpole of the Baily DVD on, and my pendulous, droopy body into the recliner with a large mug of Clementine juice to sip on.

Fell asleep of course.

When I woke, I went to check on the nosh. Cut the boiled potato in half and topped them with cheese, into the oven to brown off a bit. Stayed awake for nearly a full episode of Rumpole.

Served up the nosh, added some Vegemite and Balsamic Vinegar Sauce to the potatoes and beans. The battered sausages were too much (Hard) for me to eat with the poorly teeth, so left them. The min pork pie I’d warmed a little, and this made it eatable with little pain. Overall, I gave this one a 7.5/10 rating. Shame about the sausage.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner and dined well.

It grew dark quickly tonight, and rain was undoubtedly on the way. The view outside was almost Dickensianesque I thought?

Hippy Hilda had eased of a lot now, and I drifted off watching the DVD and dreamt away to my hearts content. No idea what about.

Woke to go to the Porcelain Throne, much bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, but no soreness much.

I fell asleep on the Throne. Woke up, what I believed was a few seconds later, to find it had been two hours. Tsk!

18 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 3rd November 2017

  1. Yes, blame the victims of inhumane policies! PM May plops right (no pun intended) into that slot where politicians pit the poor or under-paid working poor against those who think they are over-taxed, but don’t acknowledge that someone has to suffer so the billionaire oligarchs can get tax breaks so they can have their gold-plated castles in the sky! No wonder the French decapitated their “superiors” in the 18th Century!

  2. Your blog is positively brilliant! You juxtapose the reality of living up against the Absurd nonsense we’re forced to deal with everyday and you do it with humor and great style! Today I am asking myself this question, are we living in a world of our own making and desires or one that’s being forced upon us by the “benevolent billionaires?”
    Thank you! You make my day and make me think!👍👍

    • Well, thank you kindly Sir.
      The question you’re pondering is answerable perhaps, with:
      Those that have, those without,
      Tis the rich have have the clout,
      The poor who live one nowt,
      Laws the rich make and flout,
      I can’t afford a bottle of Stout!
      Hehehe! Feel free to use it for a laugh anytime.
      Your graphics are superb mate.

  3. What’s a little fib on a pic edit for the net, lol? You mentioning the pigeons made me think of Hitchcock’s The Birds <3 At least you got out for a bit, wonder about the cleaning supplies, I seem to recall a pic of your cleaning cupboard not that very long ago that showed it overloaded 😛 <3

    • The FB lie was my saying I’m losing weight on the graphic, Corin. “Cause I’m not really” Hehe!
      I think that The Birds, will always be remmbered by those who saw it. Frit me a bit when it came to the local cinema.
      Yes, I did overdo the cleaning cupboard before as well gal. I must be addicted? Haha!
      I wish I do the cleaning more, but I make excuses I think, not to. Like the flats are being done-up and it will only get into a mess when they do it? Guilty!
      I’v not been to the cinema for 30 years or more. TTFN XXX

      • Last time I went to the cinema was because my dad wanted to take me to see episode 8, naturally the Star Wars sequel lol. I usually wait for things to come out on dvd, or netflix, or hulu, I can be such a homebody. I know you often complain of your weight (mine isn’t the best either…..), but still, a little lie to enhance the silliness of a pic isn’t that bad 😉 I totally know where you’re coming from with the procrastinating about cleaning, I can so be the same way, but then I clean all night at work, not something I look forward to coming home 😛

      • There you go gal. We have something else in common with the cleaning. I did nine years industrial cleaning at a Pop Factory. Hard work, but the 15 hours shifts shot by. Makes me amazed looking back at how I managed it. Hehe!
        I too am not a go-outerer. No restaurants, clubs or flics for me. Not that I could stay awake long enough even if I did want to go out.
        I like taking bus rides one way and hobbles back, or the other way around, though.
        Star Wars made 8 films? Shows how I’m out of touch, I thought they only made two? I might find time to watch them on the computer? Or not. Haha!
        I understand how you feel about the cleaning.
        Have a cuddle through the ether please. ♥

      • Well, the originals were 3, the first was just called Star War in my day, but if you read the intro it says Episode 4 A New Hope, I remember asking my mom about that when I was a little girl, just doesn’t make sense for the first to be 4… also I mistyped, it was episode 7, episode 8 is supposed to come out this year. Seriously, you’ve never seen Return of the Jedi? how have you survived all these years 😛 <3

      • I think I get confused with these (Are the Sci-fi?) films. (Apart from Star Trek of course, Hehe!)
        Nope, I have to admit, I haven’t seen them.
        Return of the Jedi; Was that the original first film?
        We had from 1959 to 1992, 31 Carry-on films released. Comedies. Made on the cheap, all inuendo, bad scripts, bad acting… and I loved them. Carry on Cowboy my favourite I think… no, Carry on Cabby, or perhaps Carry on Behind… oh dear, my dubiety is getting worse. Typical English gutter humour. I really can’t see why I liked them so much. Mind you, if any of these three mentioned come on the TV, I’ll try to stay awake to watch them still. Oh, and Carry on Columbus too.
        I’ve waffled on a bit here petal, sorry.
        Have a better day, and may your fible ferment with contentment and joy. ♥

      • Return of the Jedi was the original 3rd film, since you mentioned you were aware of 2 of them I figured it was the third you missed lol. I haven’t caught any of the Carry ons, I will have to search them up, I love gutter humor & I do so enjoy British comedies, though mostly I have watched series, like Blackadder, Keeping Up Appearances & Are You Being Served?, to name a few

      • Ah, some of my favourite British comedies there, Corin.
        So, knowing this now, I think yoou might just like the Carry-Ons, my flower.
        I hope.
        TTFN and taketh care. XXX

  4. Things are looking cold with people dressed in jackets. Lot’s of nice pics of a day in the street life of Nottingham. Maybe what you need to do with the food is after you’ve arranged and photographed it, throw it all in a blender, liquify it into the daily nosh soup and have at it. Should taste fine and would definitely be easy on the teeth.

    • Definitley getting colder here now, Tim. The Forecast yesterday: Mild conditions across much of the UK will soon give way to a shivering plunge in temperature this weekend – along with fog, sleet and snow.
      Indeed, the Met Office has warned that mercury could fall to the low single figures in England and Wales, while rural Scotland could experience such lows as -9C.
      Colder air will sweep across the country, bringing a mixture of sunshine, showers and even snowfall in parts of northern Scotland.
      Families out for bonfire night will want to wrap up warm as the 5th of November is going to gripped by cold weather.
      And the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog across much the south coast until late on Friday – sending visibility below 100 metres.
      Forecaster Mark Wilson said: “There might be thunder, hail, snow and rain over higher ground across the north.
      “The fog is settling in for the morning and that’s the bigger hazard.”
      I’ve not got a blender, mate. But if I can find room for one in the mini-kitchen, thi sounds a good idea. I shall invetigate next time i get out.
      Thanks, and cheers Sir.

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