Inchcock Today – Friday 6th November 2020: A Disquieting, Distracting, Disturbing Day. Still, it ended well!

Gorgeous TFZeress, watching over the children – Dancing lessons? ♥

Friday 6th November 2020

Swedish: Fredag 6 November 2020

01:05hrs: I stirred back into imitation life, coughed a bit, and the rumblings from within the depths of the stomach’s innards started to churn, and rumble, I’m not even sure, but I think I heard the activity as well!

I was not too keen on the idea of coping with the first Porcelain Throne, but there were no signs of any activity rectum-wise yet.

A need for a wee-wee, yes! Like yesterday, the wee-wees flowed frequently, and often, always of a minimalistic nature, and not too powerful. However, the colour chart I checked after this first visit, shown it was in the ‘Group 3 – Fair’ category. Washed and antisepticated, and off to the kitchenette and filled the kettle. Took the temperature, which was low, but not surprising.

Then used the Boot’s sphygmomanometer, the SYS 158 was lower than yesterday, DIA the same, and the Pulse was a smidge higher at 90.

I swallowed the medications and made a brew of the tasty Gengettie tea, and while it was mashed, I took shots of the view from the unwanted, disliked, impossible to get at for cleaning, thick-framed, light & view-blocking windows. The fog was thick, no stars or moon to be seen, and only the nearest street lights had filtered through.

I got the step-ladder (Very nervously) and leant out of the window to take a shot of Chestnut Walk and car parking below. The fog even obscured the view from the 12th-floor flat, so thick it was. I made a very cautious stepping down from the steps. I put them away, almost feeling a modicum of pride in my getting the photographing done without any injuries or Accifauxps… Taking the ladder back in the front room, I misjudged the distance again and banged into the stack plastic drawers.

The gear I had on top, tumbled down on top me on its way to the floor! (Apart from the shock, I was fortunate [Yes, me!] in as much as everything that fell off was light, and didn’t make too much noise [I hope]). Also, this meant that I could retrieve everything with the long picker-upperer, and not need to get down on all-fours, so it wasn’t that bad. I got the unused dirty-needle box, the fungal-growth inhibitor (sound posh dunnit?), Phorpain gels and last medication pod retrieved without any hassle.

Being on the last weekly pod-pack, with only one evening dose of tablets in it, meant a lot of noise was saved. A shame I couldn’t get through to Deana yesterday afternoon, it would have been nice to know if the Chemist was going to deliver the monthly medications or not. If they don’t come today, I’ll be in a pickle.

I’ll try to catch her later today to find out. Poor gal must have been busy with the big meeting and forgot to call on me, afterwards, or didn’t have the time. Hey-ho! Every month I have to go through this Pallava! I pray I do not have to go without the Bisoprolol beta-blockers again. A month before last, they left me without any medications for four days, and I was in a right state.

I really must find out about another supplier who can deliver them to me on time. But, it may be out of the frying pan into the fire, if I do. Tenants have told me of problems they have, with Boots and Lloyds chemists, both famous for running out of medications.

The one thing I can rely on with Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, is that they will let me down, and I’ll have to end up hobbling into Carrington to fetch them, after being without every month since the new year, apart from last month. And Matron Julie had to sort that out for me. Pharmacist and owner Deepak told the Matron I should email them each month when I was down to the last three days medications, this I did. No reply, though. I can’t win! 

I got the ablutions sorted out.

No signs of Porcelain Throne duties being needed, I was getting ready to clean the teeth, and I spotted a decent bruise or bleeding under the wrinkled skin from where I hit the drawers earlier. It’s not going to be a good day. Depression was building.

  • The tooth that the dentist told me not to worry about gave me some pain as I touched it with the brush, Huh
  • The bruise or whatever it is on the back of the left hand is tender to the touch.
  • The shaving produced five minor cuts.
  • The showering was better, only one harmless Dizzy Dennis attack!
  • The towelling caused a few items to be knocked off of the cabinet, a stubbed toe, and three dropsies.
  • The medicating was horrendous, if anything could be knocked, caught, banged or made more painful, it was!
  • The putting on of the PPs produce a balance wobble that in turn gave me yet another toe-stubbing!
  • Getting dressed was fine, Yee-Haa!
  • Leaving the wet room, I nearly dropped the camera and banged my already poorly left hand on the upright clothes airer.

Not one of my betterer Ablutionalisationing Session!

I called Deana, who apologised for not calling yesterday, the events took her over. As I thought might happen, bless her. I explained about not having any medications for tomorrow, and not getting any answer to my emails from Carrington Pharmacy, and only having one dose left of evening medications. She said she’ll ring the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store. Called me back to inform me that the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, said they could not deliver until tomorrow night, (which will leave me with no beta-blockers once again! Ba@#%rds!), but I can collect them myself. That was so kind of the uncaring devil-animals!

Deana said she would ring the volunteers to see if anyone is available. Rang back a few minutes later, no reply to her call.

So much for the lockdown rules! Now I’ve got to go out again to collect the prescriptions!  (The Ba@#%rds!) This Coronvirus will get me yet! I might ring the Nottingham City Homes Generalfeldmarschalless Housing Patch Manager/ Catwalk Model, Angela Gould. Maybe the Doctor. Or Matron Jackie, to see if they know of any other supplier who might be reliable and less life-threatening to use than Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, are? I need help, no doubt.

I took this snap through the filthy balcony windows, of foggy morning dew. Cursed silently for a few moments about my treatment from Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, and wobbled off to get the ablutions done.

The darkness was coming on, and my spirits at a low ebb, with my EQ telling me I’d have to fetch the prescriptions myself if I don’t want to miss any doses of the Beta-Blockers again. My EQ sounded positive today, and no help would be available, sadly.

I got on with updating this IT, and with it being nearly midday now, I tried calling Matron Jackie for help with getting the prescriptions. I got through to Nottingham City Care, quickly enough, they said they would contact Jackie for me, and ask her to ring me back. Which they said last month, but I didn’t get a call-back then. But I did get a visit two weeks later.

Jackie rang back ♥. I explained things, and she said she’d get on to the chemist and try to sort something out. She also asked if she sent a fire check crew from the brigade, they may be able to get me some help with the decluttering of the spare room, would I be interested. I said, yes, please, thank you very much. Well, I can’t do it!

I decided to get some late breakfast. A brown baguette, well-buttered, the last pickled eggs, the last of the honeyed shallots, and some tomatoes, maybe even a bag of frazzles and some meat sticks?

I got the bread in the oven and was getting the tomatoes out, and the box slipped out of the bag, and I had a job of retrieving them, checking and cleaning them, and slicing and salting them. Half-way through picking them up, I got the camera to take this photo, knelt again and clunk mt knee on the server wheel.

Not that it bothered me at all. After ten minutes, I was buttering the baguette and serving up what turned out to be a reet-treat of a brekkers—much savoured.

Then, I did the washing up, such as it was, and made up some waste bags. I dare not take them to the chute, in case the Nurse, Matron, Dean or Phlebotomy Vampire, Hristina rings. Maybe even the Chemist… no don’t be silly Inchy!

I took a photo of the now brightening sky, was still appearing in layered form.

Next, I started to do some updating of this blog and then attempted to make up some graphics for later use on CorelDraw.

After an hour or so, I went to make a brew of Glengettie tea. And the sunshine seemed to be trying to get through the clouds, so I got the Canon camera and snapped this photo from the thick-framed, impossible to get at for cleaning, unwanted, letting rain in, light and view-blocking kitchen window.

Throughout the rest of the day and evening, in my attempt to stay awake, I took several sky photographs, some of which were passable efforts.

Back to CorelDrawing, hello, I just heard a clunk? Mail perhaps? I’ll investigate…

Ah, this looks official, better take a look now.

It was from the Nottingham City Police Pegasus Team. Four pages of confirmation of details held, new ailment since last year, (well that’ll take forever, Hehehe!) And Personal Detail Declaration of Permission given?

Ah, well, onto CorelDraw at last, I can upload the mail photos first.

I packed up computerisationing, to weary and mentally worn out over the prescription problem again. No desire for any meal, I got down to watch some TV with subtitles so I could hear the intercom, mobile or door chimes. As I got settled and opened a packet of Frazzles, the door chime burst forth. I struggled out of the recliner and onto my feet, knocking some things over as I did so (Fancy that!) In walked warden Deana. As we were talking, she heard the Alarm Alert thingy talking. I couldn’t hear it.

It seems in my panic to get out of the chair I must have caught the Alarm Wristlet and set it off. Deana sorted it out with the controller for me. I think that Deana will be glad to get home this weekend, she’s had a lot of hassle, bless her ♥. I wished her a good weekend as she left.

I made a brew, had the 120th wee-wee of the day (well, it felt like it, hehehe!). Now the battle not to fall asleep before the medications arrive, it was not easy, and I failed miserably, but then, a miracle occurred!

My legs fell off of the chair they were resting on to keep the blood flow going, I clouted the right ankle against the swivel chair leg, and jumped a bit, knocking the bottle of spring water off of the Ottoman as I flailed about.

As recovered my weak composure, I heard what I thought was the mobile phone ringing. But realised it was indeed the intercom ringing! More panic as I rushed to get there in time.

Giving myself a toe-stubbing en route (Argh!) It was the lovely, pretty young lady from the Carrington Chemist with the prescriptions. Bless her cotton socks! I thanked her. I’m afraid my first thought as she departed, was that I’m going to have to go all through this shemozzle again next month with the medications!

I got the bag onto the server trolley and decided to have a check through the contents.

The Dioctyl® stool softener capsules and Macrogol were not there, the Matron said they would add them to the monthly prescriptions, but no such luck. I began to get down again, knowing that mission impossible will start all over again, and I’ll end up having to fetch them from Carrington. Flobbergaulingness!

When I asked six weeks ago, via Matron Jackie, if they could send the Furesomide separately;  the chemist said no, they must go into the pill-pods, were now separated, in their original box? Conrad Confusion reigns! 

Well, at least I have the medications for the morning now. It took a lot of hassle, explaining, calling for help, and Duodenal Donald pain, but we got there! At long last, the fretting and pressure eased off, and the Sweet Morpheus-seeking began.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 6th November 2020: A Disquieting, Distracting, Disturbing Day. Still, it ended well!

  1. Quite a photo to accompany your ladder mishap — tempered by the good fortune of light-weight-box fallages — a foreboding countenance indeed, a well-composed photograph of discomposure in my humble opine. Rolling vegetables has become a theme in the kitchenette. I am now wondering if an errant tomato might have found a hiding place — a science project in progress perhaps?!?

    Bloody Ba@#%rds of Carrington. Do they care? Wer weiss?

    I am thinking of counting wee-wees to see if they exceed 120 per diem. Shan’t be surprised if they do. Hahaha.

    • Ah, understood Billum. (Well, nearly anyway)

      I gotted a little weed-off with them I’m afraid Willum. all this hassle every month to get my prescription, IT’s TOO MUCH!
      Still, I did get to see his beautiful daughter. Hehe!

      Ah. passing-wise, I’m afraid that Copnstipation Konrad is winning the battle again, and the chemist did not send any poo-softeners as he said he would to the nurse.
      And the wee-weeing is hardlt worth the effort. far tp frewuent, and far to little evacuating, bnot to mention pain is returning now when I go. A comparisoin cata base on Excel perhaps? No, you’re right, best not. Hahaha!

      Still, you don’t like to complain does yer.


      • Reminds me to pick up a bunch of laxatives and gas pills for Lisa in the morning (Sunday, as I will probably discover tomorrow).
        I should get one of those clicking devices that I could press upon each wee-wee. Could put it in my pocket I could. Lisa and I often vie for the one bathroom available, fortunately I keep a couple Gatorade bottle around for just such emergencies. Keep one in the car as well 🙂
        Actually, standing up from a seated position is enough to trigger a porcelain throne visit. 🙂


      • A certain Could-have-been me-talking, I hear? Haha!
        I was given a similar devise at the hospital once, but somehow forgot to take it home with me, Billum. So had to get a prescription, and catch two buses to the chemist, two buses back, got in and the connector wire was snapped off!
        Next day, two buses to the chemist, returning the implement – told I needed another prescription to get a replacement
        I painful hobble to the Doctors, an hours wait, and got the paperwprk sent electronically to the chemist.
        I limp back to the chemist, and ogt thereplacement.
        Two buses back to the flat, and the mechanism did’t record anything at all! Changed the batteries, tried again, no luck.
        Next day, two buses to the chemist, a different person that day – asked me how I usually set it up. “I don’t, this is the first time I’ve used it?” – “You shold have been shown what to do!” – “I wasn’t!” He showed me the proceedure, adding “You can only use them for 14 days, then a new one will be required!”
        I thanked him.
        Two buses back ot the flat. Rang the Doctor, told her, “Yes I know, it’ll go on your monthly prescription list” (No one had told me this before).
        The next week, I get a letter telling me the NHS are taking them off of their listings! So they are to give me a Colposuspension…
        I’m still waiting five years later…
        I waffled a bit there again, didn’t I? Sorry!

      • I like waffles.
        A well-worded flat to chemist, to bus combo there. Seems like a lot of trouble to keep that device fed with batteries and understood. Methinks a pad of paper and a byro would be easier to follow — just a wondering.
        Very fine waffles, kind Sir!

      • Thank you my friend.
        Did you see the notepad wot I use every day, its a fine notepad… which is more than I can say for my writting, now its had to go cack-handed. Hehehe!

      • Fine notepads are good to find, mind you. 🙂 I like steno pads, don’t like to rest me hand on ringed binders. Here’s an interesting word site’s (World Wide Words) mention on cack-handed — wot I be too, of course.

  2. I think the dentist gave you a tooth job without fixing your tooth. You might need a root canal and she’s not going to mess with rooting you a new canal in the midst of Covid cooties. I think you should donate step ladders and razors and other dangerous things to a charity. They are all a bit dangerous for you. Setting off the alarm? You had a right mess of things. Excellent sunset photos. Really good looking breakfast.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      You could be right about el dentistess, mate. There must be money or profit in the reason somewhere.
      Not one of my luckier day, I must admit.
      I just tried a new different noodle pot for brekkers this morning. I’ve written about the results in the blog. Eurgh!!!
      Cheers, Sir, hoping for the best with Spunk, having had it with Cyril, my heart goes out for you all.

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