Incockski Today – Friday 30th August 2019: The days are getting shorter like my sanity is! Haha!

2019 Aug 30

2019 Aug 30

Friday 30th August 2019

Mongolian: 2019 оны 8-р сарын 30-ны Баасан гараг


00:35hrs: I seemed to wake up, and dexterously, suantly almost effortlessly, seamlessly, edged my way out of the Brother-in-Law damaged, while he was flat-sitting and installing clandestine CCTC cameras, as he searched around for my valuables, while I was in hospital, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, rickety, gungy-beige-coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating, rotting-away recliner, to have a wee-wee.  

WD 0.0.30B The moment my legs bared the mass of weight of me, Arthur Itis was there again, giving me painful grief! Dizzy Dennis paid a short visit. Then Anne Gyna threw in her penneth of throbbing and stinging, to the melee of discomfort! The innards were hardened, very-slowly rumbling and aching.  It told me the constipation was likely getting worse. Ah, well, no use complaining. (Although I was tempted, haha!)

The wee-wee was a bit of a hindrance too. In the ELDWWIEE (Extra-Long-Dribbling-When-Will-It-Ever-End) style.

WD 0.0.30B As I made my way to empty and clean the grey-bucket, I had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. Gotten Himmel! A marathon session timewise. Although I did manage to free things in the end, it was harsh and painful, almost pernicious, going! Still, on the bright-side, there was little cleaning up needed afterwards, amazingly no bleeding, either. And at least I have passed something, at last, two giant torpedoes! I needed to rest a moment or two before standing up again. I don’t know how there was room for them, even with my generously proportioned stomach! Hehehe!

4Thu22The legs were looking a bit betterer. The odd mark on the right leg above the Arthur Itis-ridden right knee was fading like I predicted it would. At least I know know what is causing them to appear (I think). According to the results, from Stroke Doctor Senthil K Ragunathan, it is Clopidogrel, whatever that is. I’ll look it up. Here is what Google tell us: USES: Clopidogrel is used to prevent heart attacks and strokes in persons with heart disease (recent heart attack), recent stroke, or blood circulation disease (peripheral vascular disease). It is also used with aspirin to treat new/worsening chest pain (new heart attack, unstable angina) and to keep blood vessels open. So, that must have been the medicine allergy I got in the hospital. When the blotches first started on the body? The pins were a different colour to each other again, as well!

I cleaned and sanitised the bucket, washed again, and got to the kitchen. Where I moved the hanging handwashing to the airer. Took the medications, and an extra Senna. (Must get some more in stock)

It took me until 0435ish, to get the updating done for the Thursday blog. I sent an Email to Jane & Pet. Hope they are alright, Pete has trouble with the car, so not too worried. But my EQ told me Jane was het-up or had problems. So I asked her to email me back. Then I got the post sent off to WordPress. Then went on their Reader Section.

5Fri02I made a start on this posting.

Time to get the ablutions done, so I can get the first bus in time, and get the spuds, peas and eye spray.

WD 0.0.30B The session was full of Dropsiegangleplops, far too many to remember, soap, toothpaste, shaving gel can, the razors several times, paper towels, toothbrush, etc., and more.

5Fri007Cressed and took the black bags to the waste chute, then down and along the passageway through Winwood Court and to their lobby.

WD 0.0.30B The door to the benches outside was still not working. Some cleaning stuff had been left out in the alleyway. The artwork on the walls, avant-garde, present-day, advanced, and modernistic, not my style at all, it breaks up the monotony as you walk along.

Got to the Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens new holding cells, Malcolm was in there with all three NHS staff. Deana was busy on the phone, we others had a chinwag, and I offered out the nibble-bag.

As I left to go to the bus stop, two ladies were sat there. I had a natter and laugh with Mary. Then went to the bus stop, for a more significant bit of verbalisationing, moaning, complaining and laughter, flowed! I caught the L9, the others all got off in Sherwood apart from Margaret (who helped with the crsswords for me again!) and hubby, Caroline from the top home and me, who went to Arnold. Where I got off and made my way to the Market Place.

5Fri007cThe fresh pod peas had now finished, and the season ended! Sob! I got some potatoes for Joycie’s and my nosh on Sunday. Then I went to Asda (Walmart).

On my way in, people from the Arnold Food Bank gave me a list of foods they were in need off. I hobbled around and got a few bits to donate on the way. I got to the self-serve tills and put everything through, but the card would not be accepted. After several tries, the staff moved me to another counter, and I had to pay with cash. A bit worrying, that.

5Fri019aI came out with mushrooms, tomatoes, crisps and canned meat and fish extra, and handed them to the Food Bank people. The trolley bag was overfull and the carrier ladened with fodder for myself.

I made my way to the bus stop on High Street, and within 10 seconds of my arrival, the bus came! Phew! In Sherwood on the way home, we picked up Margaret and Hubby, with a few other Winwood Heights tenants.

I got off the bus last, as is usual, to avoid getting in the way of other more nimble residents. All the others had long gone, back into their Winchester Flats. I walked to the Winwood Courts door, and Doris joined me, we chatted and had a laugh en route.

5Fri11The door out to the benches in the new passageway to Woodthorpe Court was still not working.

Doris and I were like a couple of schoolchildren in the lift, laughing and joking. Hehehe! I alighted the elevator, and farewells were wished!

All I was good for was sleeping! The regular drained and weary feeling came over me even earlier than normal today.

5Fri10I did spot a Birthday card in the hallway that came on Wednesday, shoved through the door, that I had put on the radiator on my way out, and had forgotten all about, as I entered. It was from Part-time Cat-Walk fashion Model, and Obergruppenführeress, Warden Deana. I must remember to thank her. That’s two cards this year, same as last year. Not everyone can claim that at my age! Jane and Deana, just a part of my many female fan club. Hehehe!

5Fri20WD 0.0.30B I got the chips in the oven, and cleaned the wheels of the three-wheeler trolley, now hoodless, and with lousy breaks! I’ll have to go take a look at what they have on offer at the Scootermania shop in the morning. If I remember, that is! Phwert!

WD 0.0.30Bacci As I was cleaning the kitchen floor with the long brush and dustpan, my foot caught the corner of the cabinet stack. This loosened the things on top, and some of the items came tumbling down, on my head! Thank heavens I don’t keep anything heavy up there. Phew! Medication pods and some olive oil bottles (plastic) were all that fell, and they just bounced off of my head without any injury and hid cunningly under the other cabinets.  Although it made me jump a bit! Hahaha!

5Fri08I rang Sister Jane and Pete, as I had not had a reply to my email asking if they were alright. But they were fine, I’ glad to say, the EQ was wrong!

I got the nosh served up. And a feast of flavour it was too! Well worth the Flavour Rating I gave it of 8.8/10! Got the pots washed.

I put on a Rumpole of the Bailey DVD to watch and settled. Much to my pleasure and delight, after a couple of episodes, I drifted off into slumberland! Great!

When I woke, convinced it was morning or thereabouts, I rose, freeing my over-abundant body from the Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, rickety, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, recliner, and took a wee-wee, of the LRWS (Long-Reluctant-Weak-Sprinkly) mode in the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket).

5Fri11Got the handwashing done, and took a photo of what at the time I believed was the morning sky! This was when it dawned on me, and I checked the second-hand bargain £2 charity shop bought wristwatch, (With the £10 replacement strap, and £10.95 battery) for the time. 07:30hrs. I put on the computer to find out it was 19:30 hours!

So, the day had started far too early! Humph!

Inchcockski – Thurs 29 Aug 19: Nottingham City Centre – photographs

2019 Aug 29

2019 Aug 29

Thursday 29th August 2019

Latin: August 29th Iovis MMXIX

On this day in the year 29, John the Baptist was beheaded
Lee Marvin, too departed, in 1987. Similar chaps, in outlook?

03:30hrs: I woke, and almost immediately freed my horrendously sort-flabby body from the Brother-in-Law damaged, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, rickety, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, grottily beige-coloured recliner. To the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket), for an unusual and an extremely inconceivable rare type of wee-wee. It was of the CMOUSTSTBO (catching-me-out-unwilling-slow-to-start-then-blasting-out) mode. It caused a bit of unexpected splashing-back, that need cleaning up!

WD 0.40.0. And by-gum, it was cold this morning! I got the slippers on and the dressing gown, and took myself off to the wet room to clean the bucket and myself and wash the areas of my body affected by the slash-back! Did the handwashing, took the medications, and back to the Porcelain Throne. Things are getting ‘Solid’ again!

Back again to the kitchen, to take some photographs, both from the same place. I must check what the ‘P’ mode is for.

4Thu03WD 0.50.0 Took a shot of the pins, to show the new, papsules, bruise or whatever it is, above the right knee. It looks almost bespeckled to me. Hehe!

In fact, I tried to wipe it off at first, when I saw it. Another one-day unexplained, mystery wonder, I suppose, but I’ll find out later. When I do the ablutions.

Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were playing me up a tad. Not had any bother from Hilda for such a long time, as well.

Made a brew, and got on with updating the Wednesday blog. After an hour or so, back to the Throne. Now, things are getting even harderer and more painful to pass, again. Tsk!

4Thu04To the kettle, and made another brew.

The sky looked very picturesque, with the mist cleared and the clouds on the horizon, looking grey and two-toned.

As I got back to finishing the post, the fingertips were not too bad at all, electric-shock and jumping wise. I might be sorry I said this! Cause things can change in the blink of an eye! I might be sorry I said this!

I got the thing done and posted off, in a decent time today. Checking on the blog, and somehow, I lost tons of paragraphs? I had to try and remember what I’d written, and got in a right mix-up over it. Made worse when Dizzy Dennis visited me. I just hope it comes out alright. With no chunks missing and still makes sense. Got it redone, but I’m wasn’t too confident I’d got it right. Posted it off.

Ablutions sorted out next. All went well, apart from the usual sock-glide contest come battle; Glide 2 – Inchy 0. Haha! Took the bags to the waste chute.

Dressed and out to catch the bus to town. Walked through the passageway to the Winwood Court foyer. The door out to the benches are not working yet. The weather will be too bad to sit-out in soon.

A big gang of Winwoodonians at the bus stop. I enjoyed listening to the carping, laughing and comments. Caught the L9 to the City, and had a natter with Mary en route.

4Thu05WD 0.50.0 The street sleeper, outside the Poundland Shop, had some new trainers and pushchair. His life with him, in the new bags surrounding him?

I went in the shop with Mary and had a podder around and natter on the way. Mary caught the Arnold bus, and I wandered to the Poundstretcher shop on a hunt for bargains. I came out with a bag of marshmallows at 79p and a  packet of five Twisters for 95p. But an unfortunate selection of foods on sale.

4Thu08FWD 0.50.0 Then made my way up through Trinity Square. Where, sadly, there were many newly abandoned retail shops scattered about. The row of cafes, restaurants, chip shops, Indian, Jamaican and so many more eat-ins and outs, had only three people that I could see, in the hundreds of al fresco 4Thu06chairs. A sign of the times. There was something on the TV about this failing, last night.

I hobbled to the Slab Square, to cut over to the Wheeler Gate Poundland shop, in search of Pork Farm pork pie and other bargains.

4Thu07The Slab Square, and a right-tatty, unkempt mess it looked. But it had a good few Nottinghamian’s lounging about, was passed by, and I had a walk down to St Peter’s Gate Church. There were few people about this morning. Even Exchange Walk was sparsely being used, a low footfall, I think they now call it!

On my little hobble, there were so many closed shops, The lost dreams, of people! It depressed me a little, seeing so many of them. The closed Fat Cat: Prime Bar/Restaurant To Let Fully fitted bar/restaurant Currently trading – licensed until 3 am Total Accommodation 7,368 sq ft External seating area. New 15 year lease Rent £137,500 per annum! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu08Back up Wheeler Gate and into the Poundland store. I had a long hobble about inside, and came out with; Twiglets, drain unblocker x2, biscuits for the nibble bag, can of stag chilli and chips, BLT sandwich, a Pork Farms pork pie, honey roast almonds, birdseed, and chocolate pretzels (for Jane). 

4Thu07aI Paid the bill at the self-serve checkouts, and went to the Slab Square. The overfull trolley-basket guide, with the full carrier bag hanging on the handle, was a little hard to control.

A few more Nottinghamian’s were out and about now. Not that they appeared to be enjoying themselves, in the depressing mishmash of the temporary restaurant, rides, stalls, beggars and pickpockets. Haha!

4Thu06It was rather sad in a way, the last City Centre photograph was taken, on Long Row as I made my way to the bus stop to go home, and rest my Arthur Itis ridden knees. But having a little walk does them good, really.

There was just the one little girl on this ride. I thought I’d caught her tonic-providing smiling face in the snap, but no, I missed her. Tsk!

I was the sole person to get on the L9 bus at this terminus. But it soon filled up, and a few of the Winwoodonians got on en route. I was trying to do the crossword book. Margaret helped me out with her internet gadget, and got me going on the puzzle again! Thank’s Margie!

Back at the flats, I got off the bus last, so as not to get in the way of the others, with the filled-up three-wheeler walker, and bag.

I walked to the Winwood Court entrance and walked through into the Woodthorpe Court lift lobby. I tried the door out to the seating area, in the passage, but it was not mended yet.

Mary caught me up, and we had a natter to the lift and up to the first floor, where we tended out farewells and parted.

I got in the flat, weary again, but earlier than usual today.

4Thu13My first need, though, was food, I was hungry. I felt I needed to degust the meal today, really enjoy it. Not precisely an allotriophagy or cittosis craving, but I felt a desire for tomatoes with balsamic vinegar! So, I had an unexpected CMOUSTSTBO (catching-me-out-unwilling-slow-to-start-then-blasting-out) wee-wee, washed and got the nosh sorted.

The Poundland BLT ready mad sarnie, with some home-made roast turkey sandwiches made with Milk Roll bread. Extra salted tomatoes, cooked beetroot slices and mini cheese flavoured rice cakes. I ate it all up. This might help free-up the current, reluctant Porcelain Throne evacuations? I hope!

WD 0.50.0 Took the evening medications, with a sachet of Macrogol. Within ten minutes, I was limping off to the Throne. But there was no movement at all. I could sense things hardening up inside. Oh, heck! I got the handwashing done.

A UWT (Unwilling-Weak-Trickling) wee-wee variety was taken. Then I got settled in the Brother-in-Law Pete damaged while flat-sitting, searching for valuables, and fitting the clandestine CCTV cameras, £300, second-hand, c1968, recliner. Sleep was not being allowed, yet again! I watched a film on DVD, ‘Fracture’.

WD 0.50.0 I got a call to the Porcelain Throne again. I really thought it would be a goer this time… But no! Solid as a rock, reluctant to move, and frustrating me, well, weeing me off! Haha! Ten-minutes more on the crossword puzzle book… and I gave-up again. Humph! Back to the Brother-in-Law damaged, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating, rotting-away, unkempt, sickly-beige-coloured recliner.

I had to arise again for another wee-wee, of the LWDS (Long-Weak-Dribbling-Sprinkling) variety. At least the different releases are keeping me interested and nervous. Hehehe!

4Thu14Rewashed the hands, and went to take another sachet of the osmotic laxative. Made a brew at the same time.

The view from the unwanted new, dirty because one cannot get to clean them, thick-framed, light and view-blocking, windows, was so amazing tonight. All blues of different shades, with lighter bits where the cloud breaks.

Back to the £300, Brother-in-Law damaged,  gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, recliner.

It was a long-time coming again, but eventually, I nodded off. Humph!

Inchie Today: Wednesday 28th August 2019

2019 Aug 28

2019 Aug 28

Wednesday 28th August 2019

Hindi: 2019 יום רביעי 28 באוגוסט


WD 150.0.0 01:45hrs: Oy-yoy-yoy! I woke with the mind in the middle of a storm of a flood of mayhem-like worries, fears, and confusion! The predominant thought, was, Jane and Pete are coming today, and I have to sort out the mess I made last night in the kitchen, get two cheesy-potato meals prepared. (Should I do jacket or mash then baked ones? [Boiled and baked me thinks, cause I burn myself less often when cooking these, and it gives versatility for added flavourings]) I must get the Tuesday blog done as early as possible, to grant me more time to get things done. I think I was panicking a bit?

As I stirred physically, I noticed that I had left the balcony doors open, had been committing nocturnal-nibbling crimes, and the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket) was going to need emptying before I can use it again!

I escaped the clutched of the uncomfortable, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating, rotting-away, rickety, recliner. I was going to empty the grey bucket, but the sudden need to use it arrived, and luckily for me, it was only an SGSS (Short-Gently-Sprinkling-Spraying) wee-wee type, so got I it in, Hehe! 

I took the grey bucket with me to the wet room for cleaning, and to use the Porcelain Throne. The usual ‘Sit-S-all-done’ routine, but more painful this time. Cleaned and sanitised the bucket, washed the hands and off to the kitchen.

3Wed01eThe pins looked far less lumpy and warped in Arthur Itis’s knees area especially.

The pins were still a touch on the pale side. The bad bit was the fingers and their tips. They were going numb, then back to okay, and numb again repeatedly, all the time this morning. The typing is going to be awkward and challenging to do when I get on the computer! Huh!

3Wed01gaWD 150.0.0 As I got to the kitchen and put the light on, things looked very depressing! It looked far messier than when I started to clean it yesterday and had to give up when the Dizzy Dennis wobble had me over.

The thought of Sister Jane seeing it in this state would do, was nerve-racking! Not her fault, she doesn’t know the problems I’m having.

I find the best thing I can do is to lower my standards of expectancy. With everything taking so much longer to get done, the ailments; one of them is always ready to strike and handicapping things. I have not been out of the flat, for four-days now. However, I’ll do what I can to ease Jane’s ‘Stares and quips’ and clean what I can before she arrives. 

3Wed01fI took the medications, made a brew, and got on with podding enough peas for Jane and Pete’s cheesy-potato meals. Got them in the saucepan to marinate with a little demerara sugar and Balsamic vinegar. Then I checked on the tomato supplies, and I tried to open a pack of sweet ones. But the strength in the fingers was not sufficient, so, I got the sharp boning knife, and cut the packet open…

3Wed01gWD 150.0.0a Oh, dearie me! Pointed-end down the nail! Soon stopped the bleeding.

I noticed later, the packet of Assam tea in the background, had a suitable graphic on it. Haha!

I got the computer going. With Mr Fries Liberty-Global Virgin Internet Media, working alright! Honestly! 

I pressed on and got the Tuesday blog updated. It took a few hours, but there you are. The numb finger ends being the worst delaying problem.

3Wed01hMade another brew of Glengettie tea.

I took a photo from the kitchens new, unwanted, light & view-blocking windows. I used the ‘P’ setting. The Auto mode does not catch the lights from the motorway, or the clouds shades, like this one, does.

Then I sent off the post to WordPress. Then I  went on the WordPress Reader section.

WD 150.0.0 Dizzy Dennis gave me a visit or two, bless him.

3Wed01iWD 150.0.0 As I was getting the stuff into the wet room for, the door chime rang out with Dusty Springfield’s tune, “I only want to be with you!”

I wrapped a coat around me and looked through the spy-hole, it was the Morrison delivery, that I had forgotten all about! Oy Yey! Ah, well, the chap was very patient with me, as I went to got a coat on, and fetched the return carrier bags.

I got the nosh put away. I’d found a letter when I was at the door, and opened it up, full of trepidation, curiousness and inquisitiveness!

I tended to the ablutions. No dropsies, not a single one! No toe-stubbing either! Even the sock-glide battle was a draw! I mopped the floor afterwards. Got dresses, and then checked the potatoes on the boil.

I took the black bags to the waste chute. I got back and bashed up the tatties with some cheese, took me nearly an hour. But I wanted to make them a little lumpy to give texture, added some vinegar, butter and salt, and was arranging the dollop in the oven pan.

WD 150.0.0 Then the phone rang-out. But, I got to it too late. I rang Jane, I assumed it was her or Pete who rang. She rang back on the landline. Their car would not start! So, Pete’s had to walk to the doctors, the AA was called, and if things get sorted, they will come afterwards. Made a mess of the fodder plans that did! So, I got back to the spuds cooking after the call and had a deep think on what could be done to salvage the meals.

3Wed01pI decided on a cunning plan! While doing this, I noticed a ‘Meals at Home’ van having made a delivery to Woodthorpe Court.

A shame that Warden and sexy-Cat-Walk Model,  Unterscharfhreress Deana told me that I do not qualify for this service, as I was not on the dole, or claiming any benefit. Then again, food is of growing importance to me, or rather, the preparation and consuming fodder is. Despite all the handicaps that prevent me from getting things done, and all the time it takes nowadays, I love trying out new, meals and nibbles. Come think of it, there would not be room in the freezer to store any ready-made meals. Gawd, I do waffle on at times. Sorry!

The phone rang while I was doing my contemplating. Jane said a neighbour had given the car a battery boost, and they would be on their way soon.

I went on the balcony as I waited for Jane and Pete, and took some shots of the tenant’s terraces, as I looked out for Jane’s arrival. The last photo, I got the shakes while taking it, but, am amazed at how well it came out?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed01NI decided to put the cheesy potatoes, when cooked, into some tin dishes with lids I have and keep them in the oven to keep them warm.

I put the tomatoes and Marmite cheese mini-discs in a separate one and put it in the fridge. (I remembered to take them out later – Smug – Mode adopted!).

3Wed01mThen, I got the red Leicester cheesies, with butter, salt and balsamic vinegar in the oven. Checking them regularly, just in case.

I thought I heard a noise from the hallway and went to check things out. I found a letter from the Stroke Team, with the results of last weeks assessment meeting. Well, it seems I have a new list of up to date ailments, listed in the letter, which is a copy of the one sent to my GP.

I had to look up some of the ailments on Google to see what they meant and added it.


  • Right superior cerebellar infarct with CT confirming the infarct and also showing distal SCA thrombus (Thrombosis).
  • Mechanical Aortic Valve replacement.
  • Previous schaemic heart disease.
  • Hypertension.
  • Ca prostate: Cancer Prostate: Currently in remission (Lazs 01 1989).
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux disease. Reflux Valve blockage-enduring. Causing GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease).
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Dysarthic: Dysarthria: (Often characterised by slurred or slow speech that can be difficult to understand. Common causes of dysarthria include nervous system [neurological] disorders such as stroke, brain injury, brain tumours
  • Burping and Clopidogrel, causing rashes all over.
  • Intolerant to Aspirin.
  • Ischemic stroke.
  • CIDP Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating.
  • Unstable Angina.
  • Hernia (third-not-op’ble).
  • Duodenal (cb-Red) Ulcer.

Well, that was an exciting read. Humph! It beats the bus timetable. Hahaha!

The reprobates Jane and Pete arrived. Much laughter, reminiscing and enjoyment were shared. During a chinwag, Pete revealed that he had the recliner stop working on him, (when he was nosing around, taking a break from removing my valuables and fitting the CCTC cameras?) while I was in the hospital for the Stroke. So, it was Pete, who broke the poor old recliner! You just can’t stop his interest in anything mechanical, electrical or financial (he can get for free)! Hehe!

3Wed11aI was given a card and pressie.

The chamomile tea bag, was proof of their humour, especially as they know I don’t like chamomile. Haha!

The present was the most original one! Further proof of Jane’s hinting knowledgeability! I think it was a hint that I buy too much food, perhaps? 3Wed012aHahaha! 

But seriously, I loved it to bits!

I got the cheesy potatoes and fresh garden peas put in the tin trays and lidded. Remembered the salad one in the fridge, and handed them the treats bag. With plenty of different foods for them to try, I hope they like them.

After much more gossiping and reminiscing, I think they saw I was getting a little drained, and they decided to leave. I took a series of photos of them, as they went to the car.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s hard to realise that they are 73 and 72 years of age. They both amaze me so! It just goes to show how an easy-life, winning the lottery twice, being left a fortune by a relative, and being intelligent can help in old age. Harf, Harf! Sorry, Jane & Pete, couldn’t resist it! Hehe!

Anyway, back to reality. Obviously, the car was not going to start. So, I went down to see if they wanted to come back up. But realised waiting for the AA, Pete has to stay with the vehicle. Jane decided (always the logical one, is our Jane), they would eat the tray of food while waiting. She returned with me to the flat to get some cutlery to use. Which was highly fortuitous. For, I had forgot to put some nibbles in the bag of gifts. I walked back down with her. She was very calm about things, bless her. A little natter at the car, farewells and back to the flat I went.

Via the Winwood Court entrance. Sat there in the foyer, were Angela and Roy. We had a chinwagging session and laugh, and I handed out the nibbles. Oberstgruppenfhreress Warden and Pole Dancer Deana passed, had a bite and woke-up poor old Roy, who had nodded off! Hehe! I walked back through the tunnel with Angie and Roy, parted as I got off of the lift, and bade my farewells with a smile each way.

3Wed10As I got into the flat, the rain had started to fall.

Not that I was bothered, for plans to get out for a hobble tomorrow were already forming in my brain! No matter what the weather! I’ve been imprisoned in this flat since last Friday, unable for one reason and another to get out.

I had a look outside again, and the car was gone. You see, what happens is that my brand of good-luck rubs off on visitors. Regrettably, a proven fact. Hahaha!

I opened the card (Shown earlier, above) and had a chuckle at it, the Chamomile tea bag, and the pressie, the trolley with its imitation food, and the innuendo. Hehehe! Brilliant!

WD 150.0.0 I got my nosh made, just the burnt cheesy potato (I’d left the oven on!) and some peas. I did have a bag of cheese flavoured mini-rice cakes with it. No dessert, no photograph (although I still think I took a picture of it, but, nothing was found on the SD card?) and it was still enjoyed! Flavour rating; 8/10.

3Wed10aThe rain had stopped, but the sky still looked threatening. I was really feeling shattered now, so early as well. I stripped and got down in the Brother-in-law Pete damaged, £300, second-hand, c1968, rusty, recliner. I put the TV on, to catch a reality police programme, feeling sure I would soon nod-off into the land-of-nod! But it was not meant to be!

3Wed11WD 150.0.0 I found it hard, to understand that feeling so tired and weary as I did, sleep would not come to me!

On second thoughts, it is apparent to me now, why no head-down comes; The excitement of Jane and Pete visiting me! Of course, I noticed how I kept looking up at the shopping trolley on the cabinet shelf, and card on the Ottoman, and smiling rather smugly!

I didn’t even have any two-minute nod-offs. And the mind was racing, and what I glanced at occasionally on the TV, was of no interest to me.

I think this might be what is known as contentment?

TTFN, each, have a great day! I’ve just had one, rare, but they are so good!

Inchcockski – Tues 27 Aug 19: Mind omnishambles & disorderliness!

2019 Aug 27

2019 Aug 27

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Croatian: Utorak, 27 Kolovoza 2019 Godine

WD 0.0.150 01:40hrs. I woke up with a deep-nagging feeling, that I had forgotten something that needed doing, or remembering this morning! A few moments were spent, as I applied the Propain Gel on the Arthur Itis ridden legs, doing my best to recall what the piquing and vexing in the brain could have meant, but I had no success. (No success, there’s something which, I am familiar with nowadays, Huh!) I languorously laboured to extract my fat, wobbly, blobby, blood-papsule and scar-ridden body from the rickety, not-working again recliner, and off the few paces from the chair, and to the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket). It was not very full this morning, hardly owt in it, but the ELPSOA (Extra-Long-Powerful-Spraying-Out-Allover) wee-wee, put that right. Haha!

I made my way to the kitchen, and took the morning medications, then made a brew of Yorkshire tea.

WD 0.0.150 As I was refilling the kettle, a truly agonising pain shot from the back of my left thigh, bum, down to knee-cap. I was stood still at the time and had not the foggiest idea of what had caused it to hurt so in the first place. I was genuinely worried, as it kept coming. I was considering pressing the ‘Wrist-Alarm’, such a sharp pain. But, after a couple of minutes or so, it died down altogether? A puzzling and most Delphian like experience! Then Arthur Itis returned in both knees.  The thigh bother hasn’t returned again up to now anyway, I say (07:45hrs), obligatedly! ‘Bonkersness – an everyday pleasure for old folk!’ There’s a poem in there somewhere? I can feel it formulating now! Hehehe!

WD 0.0.150 Another wee-wee of the RWPS (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying) mode, and onto the computer. But… yet again!

Virg 255

Thank you, Mr Fries. May your testicles wither, and guilt attack and punish you. Git!

WD 0.0.150 I tried the reset button to no avail. Rebooted the computer, nut no luck. So, I turned everything off for ten minutes and started afresh. Nope! I decided to take it all down again and leave it longer this time before I try to reload the pathetic, crap, useless, unreliable Liberty-Global (so he can muck up millions of customers then?) Virgin Media.

2Tue04I went for a refresher wash in the wet room. Had a wee-wee, of the RWPS (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying) variety.

I have to say, I was somewhat taken aback by the colouration, or rather, lack of colouration in the feet and legs this morning.

But, the papsules and blotches had reduced a lot.

Meantime I composed an ode. Calling it “‘Bonkersness’ An everyday pleasure for old folk!” as planned earlier. I got carried away with it, so it took a while to get finished.

WD 0.0.150 Then I tried the internet again, and things came back to normal. Still slow, but that as I say, is typical for Mr Fries, pitiful, feeble, despicable, saddening and anger-making, wretched, Godforsaken, contemptible, cockamamie, shameful, inadequate, cruelly-inapt and inept, abominable, damnable, fiendish, and embarrassing, outrageous, waste of time, cruel, and laughingly inferior, unfit-for-the-job, sub-standard service! There, I feel a bit better now!

I went to have yet another wee-wee, this time an LWDS (Long-Weak-Dribbling-Sprinkling) wee-wee. Then into the kitchen to make a brew, and took some photos through the thick-framed, light & view-blocking, with glass that cannot be reached for cleaning, new windows.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made the cuppa, and got on with updating the Sunday post at last! (Thank you, Mr ‘Con-man’ Fries!)

I had to stop and go to the wet room, to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Recent evacuations seem to be settling into a familiar routine lately; ‘Sit, splash-splush, all over!’ To be followed by a lengthy cleaning up of the room and me!

I got the blog finished after much Mr Fries, Global Virgin Internet and finger-jumping affected delays.

Then got on the WordPress Reader page.

I made a start on this blog. (Three hours) Went onto TFZer Facebooking.

3Wed01cFodder prepared, a chilli-con-carne, with mushrooms, garden peas, onions, tomatoes and chips added. Popping crisps as a side nibble. Milk Roll bread to soak up the gravy with its added BBQ sauce.

A good one, 9.25/10 flavour rating.

I tried again to get some cleaning done. Not that Sister Jane scares me, with her one-look and one-word disheartening, rebarbative, mind-shattering, confidence-destroying, stares; as she runs her fingers along some dust, she had found. Or makes me feel as big as a microbe! Hehehe! 

Got the pots washed and tried to clean between the cooker and cupboard.

WDPleftWD 0.0.150 A I got the dizzies while working in the kitchen, and the damned leg went off uncontrollably on one its, thankfully infrequent, Neuropathic Schuhplattler stomps. And over I went, to greet the hard floor, denting one of the tiles as I did so with my knee!

That was it! I stopped everything. Left stuff half-sorted, rubbed pain-gel on the knee, felt somewhat sorry for myself, and got down in the £300 second-hand, recliner in search easing the Dizzy Dennis bout, searching and hoping for some sort of peace of mind and sleep! And felt a little ‘I can’t win, I’ve had enough-like’.

I kept nodding and waking, a few wee-wees, and got myself feeling low again. Especially when proper sleep was denied me!

Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit! Particularly this bloke! Tsk!

TTFNski, things will get betterer.

Won’t they?


‘Bonkersness’ An everyday pleasure for old folk!’

2019 April 17

It’s a shock, when you wake up, not feeling unwell,
Take your medications, and rub in the Pain-Gel,
The heart monitor might well need a new Duracell,
You wonder around without clothes on, au naturel,
But you don’t realise, till someone does tell.

You and youngsters are on a different parallel,
You worry about your leaks, do they really smell?
Will someone be waiting for you, down in hell?
Sticks to your dentures do marzipan and caramel!

You’ve a shoebox flat to live in now and dwell.
But you call it an apartment, so your pride can swell!
Retentativeness goes away, you’ll forget how to spell,
Your short term memory will never again excel!
Steps, climbing, will make you fear any stairwell.

Doctors, dentist, you’ll be part of their clientele,
Podiatrists, Opticians, analyst, maybe the as well?
Audiologist too, you’ll not hear your phone or doorbell,
Psychoanalyst, avoid talking about your death-knell,
Well, they have a profit to protect, and service to sell.

We’ll lose our logicality, patience and sense of smell,
And when the time comes for to heaven to travel,
Here’s the really-surprising bombshell,
We can’t take clothes with us, even if they’re brocatelle,
No knick-knacks of gold, silver or tortoiseshell,
But I ain’t got none, anyway – so farewell!
I wonder if I’ll see Dad, Mam, or maybe a pterodactyl?


2019 Aug 01

Inchcock Today – Monday 26th August 2019: Frustrations, ailments & Whoopsiedangleplops. Humph!

2019 Aug 26

2019 Aug 26

Monday 26th August 2019

Afrikaans: Maandag 26 Augustus 2019

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 03:15hrs: I woke in a bit of a state, I think I might have been trying to escape a nightmare scenario. Well, I know I was! It was a horrible dream I’d been having! I can only remember the end of it accurately. It felt like it had lasted a long time. People from my past working life were in it, yet strangely, I couldn’t recognise or name many of them. It involved them each having a traffic accident of some sort. In the one, I woke up from, as I can recall; I was working in a warehouse and couldn’t find what I was searching for on the high shelves… then I and the shelving was outside and me still on the top shelf… I watched as a van with an old colleague driving, and it went underneath a pantechnicon lorry, which drove on for a mile, not knowing he was taking the van with him (how I knew this, I don’t understand), I climbed down and got on the milk float and drove to the scene of the accident. I got under the lorry and pulled out a piece of the man’s mangled body. Blank. Arrived back at the warehouse and I got the sack for leaving without permission. Then I was suddenly wearing a uniform and knocking on a door to tell a lady about her husband’s death… That I think, is when I sprang awake!

I made some memory notes on the notepad, to refer too when doing the above description of the dreaming.

Removed my grossly overweight bloated body from the £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, rickety, gungy-beige-coloured, c1968, unkempt, rusty-recliner, and hobbled to the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket). Which was almost full as I started to use it! The wee-wee was of the USBUWSS (Ultra-Slow-But-Uncontrollable-Weak-Sprinkly) variation.

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 Arthur Itis was still having fun with my knees and legs. Tsk! Off to the kitchen to cleaned and sanitised the bucket. The and washing was moved to the stand-up airer. The toe was stubbed en route to the hallway.

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 As I was putting the kettle on, Dizzy Dennis attacked! It was not a long one, but, by Gawd, it was vicious with it! Perhaps one of the worst ever, it took me a while to regain my equilibrium and equipoise. During which I eventually was able to take two photographs of outside, through the thick-framed, light & view-blocking new windows. I used the Nikon camera this time. I noticed that this one too has an option to shoot in ‘P’ mode. So I tried to take both of the shots from the same place and zoom level. The first one on the ‘P’ setting, the other in Auto.


The bottom field could do with a little precipitation, methinks. I was amazed that I could take them without much shaking at all, the camera is too large for me to use the right hand only. It seems that moments from recovering from Dizzy Dennis’s bother, things had calmed down so well? Things soon got back to normal, though, Humph! 

I made the brew, and took the medications, as the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room. Another flash-bang-done, evacuation. A bit more painful, though?

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 In the brightly lit wet room, I noticed that the tummy looked like I might have been scratching away at it? The leg-ulcer spot was going wrinkly. And Arthur Itis’s visit to the knees did not look like it was about to give me break, any time soon.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I imagine it’s all a part of ageing, decrepitation, disintegration, decay, decline, deterioration, debilitation, degeneration and natural enfeeblement of one’s body as age catches us up?  It’s not too bad getting it earlier in life via ailments than others do, cause when the so-called lucky ones get it later in life, it’ll be more of a shock for them. Egregious for them to withstand? There’s a warped, twisted sense of logicalness in there somewhere. (I think!) Hehe!

I needed another wee-wee, but was surprised, to say the least, to find it was an ELPSOA (Extra-Long-Powerful-Spraying-Out-Allover) type! No wonder the bucket was so full this morning!

The EQ told me to take the bucket with me to the computer, and keep it handy! So, I did!

I’d just made a start on updating the Sunday blog, and another call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, so, off to the wet room. Exactly the same mode of evacuation as earlier. But this time I got the crossword book out afterwards because the following wee-wee was again of the ELPSOA mode! Tsk!

1Mon07I got the blog completed and sent off. Went on the WordPress Reader. Then got some peas shelled and in the saucepan with soy sauce added. I reckon approx 12 peas were lost when they shot off of their own accord. Up to now, four have been retrieved! Haha!

Then got the mushrooms sliced, a drop of soy light sauce, and in the slow cooker, on a low setting!

I made a beginning to this post, in between several ELPSOA mode wee-wees. Consistent today!

I took a break, made a brew, and returned to the computer to check the tracking of the things coming.


Up to 21:00hrs, eh? It’s gonna be a big problem for me, staying up and awake that long, if they do arrive that late! Oh, Globbalturds!

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 I was doing so well with the typing and Dizzy Dennis kicked-off again, joined by the stomach ache? I felt suddenly drained. Please, that I can stay awake long enough to catch the delivery… and that the intercom works and I can hear it! Please! Mind you, when I first moved in the flat, they delivered a computer chair to 72 Winchester Court on a Bank Holiday, and not Woodthorpe Court! Oh, dear, I’d forgotten all about that! ‘Treble Gobbalturds!’

I decided the only way I could hope to stay awake was to be doing something active that I might enjoy. So I got the ablutions sorted out.

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 The circadian scrub-up session’s dropsies were rife. Toothbrush and paste, razors, flannel, ear-oil pot, deodorant can… well, most things really! Humph! I suppose, because I was trying to rush, just in case the ankle-support arrived early. Deciding what needed cleaning first, was a decision-making nightmare, for someone like me, who is a devoted aboulomania sufferer. There was that much needed doing! Tsk! 

I opted to do the inside of the fridge first. I should have known better really, with the hand and arm being so shaky, and feeling so tired. The concentration levels being so low, as well!

WDPright021Mon11WD 0.50.0 Taking stuff out to clean in the sink, I broke one of the shelves in the door.

So, spent the next hour or so, cleaning up the mess I had made, and somehow didn’t get around to doing any actual cleaning of the fridge as I had intended! I blamed the shakes that had started-off. Oy Vey!

Frequent visits from Dizzy Dennis were not helping my concentration, either.

1Mon12I gave up the idea of doing any more refrigerator cleaning, and I took an RWPS (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying) wee-wee. Then I had a rethink.

If I sit down at the computer again, there would be a real chance of my nodding-off and falling out of the chair, and missing the delivery man. So I abandoned the computerisationing, and decided to get the kitchen floor, (the one with the holes left in it, along with gaps in the wall, by the fitters of the needing a hyperintelligent brain like Einstein’s to understand and set up, heater), and decided I’d get the mottled-tiled uneven floor mopped. Which went rather well, actually. No real Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas at all.

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 However, when it came to cleaning out them up and bucket afterwards… Things went Whoopsiedangleploply ape-shit! Emptying the bucket of dirty water down the WC, and the damned polyneuropathy affected right arm had a shaking moment, at the same time as the leg did one of its Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances. The resulting chaotic mess, dirty water over the bowl, floor and me, meant another hour spent cleaning up. So far, I had made more mess than any I had cleaned-up!  No wonder I felt a right meshugener! Still, these things were stopping me falling asleep, at least. Not that they were doing much good, healthwise, or mentally! Humph!

1Mon13I got myself sorted out again, and had a look down from the balcony to see if any signs of a delivery van were there. Nope! Not a sign of life, other than the person who had parked their red car in the ‘Emergency Vehicles Only’ hatched area on Chestnut Way, and was on her or his mobile phone. It’s possible that the driver had to call a flat. One of the many, where the Intercom has failed, or the resident like me, is hard of hearing and cannot hear the weak, feeble tone it gives out when someone calls you on it from the lobby? But, nobody takes any notice of the road signage, and haven’t for over two years now, since the upgrading had started when the parking spaces were reduced.

So many new rules have been made and ignored. Like the removal of all the doormats in the corridors, they have made a come-back. I’d like to put mine back again, so I can help keep my prison cell cleaner, but do not know if the commandments are currently still in use, or not, and don’t want to get in trouble? Some are reappearing outside the flat doors, it is confusing. But, with so much mayhem and workings going on, it must be difficult, nae, impossible to keep tenants informed of everything. Not that the majority of us can remember anyway. Hehehe!

The body and mind were shattered now. But I had to keep up and about, to ensure I heard the delivery person when they call. So, I got the vacuum out and did a bit of Hoovering in the front room and hallway. There were marks on the floor edge panelling, but I was not up to bending down to clean them.

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 As I was doing this bit of cleaning, the Intercom panel, which I was stood right next to at the time, chimed and lit up. Had I been in the other room, I would never have heard it! I admitted the young man, and he confirmed the floor he needed, and was soon up at the front door, with the ankle-supports and the Lemon wafers.

1Mon14I thanked him, and off he shot.

The supports looked and felt awfully thin. But I now had them to try out at my leisure and pleasure. (Rare words for me! Haha!) The hard to find in the shops Manner Lemon Wafers, are so tasty and would serve as a meal for me tonight. I was just too tired-out and weary of doing any food preparation.


WDPright02WD 0.50.0 The place (apart from the kitchen floor) looked dirtier and messier than when I started out to clean things up!

I felt burnt-out, bushed, and beaten. With a brabble-filled brain, that needed nothing more than sleep and rest!

I took the evening medications, had a BOBSL (Blasting-Out-But-Short-Lived) wee-wee, and settled on the £300, second-hand, rickety, recliner, in search of sleep. Which I was confident would come quickly.

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 But, oh, no! The brain was soon filled with every type of fears, worries, anxieties, and an unasked for deep-depression. I felt lonely, pathetic, apprehensive, and cynically suspicious of everything without warning. A horrible feeling that determined that sleep, despite my overtiredness, took hours to come! During which time, TV was ignored, doing the crossword puzzle was just too much effort, and I sank lower in spirits. But why? When Arthur Itis, then the cramps arrived, I declined further.

This was not good.

WDPright02WD 0.50.0 Eventually, I did manage to drop-off, waking half-an-hour later, thinking it was time to rise and shine! Extracted my lumberingly rotund body from the £300, second-hand, not working, rickety recliner, and took an LRWS (Long-Reluctant-Weak-Sprinkly) wee-wee. Then realised it was only 22:00hrs! Got back down on the ancient. c1968, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating, rotting-away recliner. But, I still found trouble nodding-off!

Methinks perhaps, the grey-cells were overactive and befuddled. Mind you, that’s normal for me, innit?

Inchcockski – Sunday 25th August 2019: A confusing, action-limited Sunday

2019 Aug 25

2019 Aug 25

Sunday 25th August 2019

Welsh: Dydd Sul 25ain Awst 2019

Born this day: Thomas Shaun Connery – The Best James Bond

03:20hrs: I woke up, with only the need for a wee-wee on my mind! I hastily (well in about five-minutes), got myself free of the £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, rickety, gungy-beige coloured,  c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, ramshackle, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating, rotting-away, recliner. To the salvationalistical GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket), and had a much needed USBUWSS (Ultra-Slow-But-Uncontrollable-Weak-Sprinkly) wee-wee. I was amazed at how full the bucket was. Considering I can only recall getting up to use it the once, and regretted that Arthur Itis was playing-up again!

WD 250.0.250 The brain was soon filled with a stampede of unwanted thoughts. Full of worries, fears, forebodings, misgivings, doubts, uncertainties and a mangled-confusion of plans that I knew would never work, and should never even have been considered! My EQ was in there somewhere, advising me that I was about to do something stupid, and needed to control my thoughts and actions! The message from was unambivalent, univocal, incontestable and unmistakable this time. A genuine warning, an alarum that ensured I would do my best, to be aware and apperceptive from here on. I’ve never had a more explicit EQ message before! I began to feel a tad uncomfortable, and thought I was squirming, wriggling and writhing inside? This was not good.

WD 250.0.250 I grabbed the stick, and somewhat painfully (the knees of Arthur) walked to the kitchen. I got the kettle on, and had to return to the bucket again! This time it was a wee-wee of the WYSAO (Weak-Yet-Spraying-All-Over) variety, I had to be patient waiting for it to end, but at least I knew when this one had done. Haha!

Back t the kitchen, made a brew and had to divert to the wet room to use the Porcelain Throne. Another ‘flash-bang-all-over’ evacuation. Not so much cleaning up to do after this one. Washed the dandies and back to the kitchen. I took the medications with tea today.

I got the computer going to update yesterday’s post. I checked the emails first, and one from Jenny had come in. Bless her, she’d bought a Continental loaf on Saturday from the Oran shop, and Frank didn’t like it. She knows I do, and had left it on the door handle in a bag for me. How kind was that!  I must have been sleeping when she came, cause I didn’t hear the ‘I only want to be with you’ door chime. I replied to the email thanking her kindly.

I’ll just have sarnies tonight then, with that bread. Buttered, sliced tomatoes and some cooked meat, and the peas and mushrooms as a side! Getting hungry at the thought of it.


Virg 255.0.255

Makes you sick! Weekend again! Fries garbage-service, again! Utter crap! And the bullying pathetically-incompetent multi-millionaire is advertising how excellent the service is on TV this week! The Scoundrel!

I made another mug of tea, had yet another trying WYSAO (Weak-Yet-Spraying-All-Over) wee-wee, moved the clothes on the air dryer, adding the still wet oven-mitt to them, then returned to the computer. Hello, it’s working again!

I got straight on with updating the post. It took a while, because…

Virg 255.0.255S

7Sun02I finally got the blog finished! Hurrah! I made a brew and took a photograph of below the light and view-blocking new kitchen window. Blind, because of the ridiculously wide ledge, prevent one from seeing anything. Tsk!

I decided to make an order on Amazon, for the Mannen Lemon Wafers, and short Bamboo socks. The reasoning for doing this:

  • The Mannen Lemon Wafers just cannot be found on sale anywhere in Nottingham that I’ve tried. (I might do an internet search later).
  • I lost some pairs of bamboo socks when the plumber caused a leak all over the clothes in the airing cupboard. I tried washing them, but the ripe and stale pong was still on them. Like other clothing, I had to dish them. Thank you, most kind of you, Nottingham City Homes.

7Sun21I came across a cheaper and smaller Ankle Support on Amazon. I added it to the order. I just hope it works something like as well as the larger one I’m using now.

I went on the WordPress reader, some great stuff on it today.

Made a beginning to this blog, can’t take too long, with Josie’s Sunday nosh to prepare. Brother-in-Law Pete rang, and we had a chinwag. He and Jane will be calling next Wednesday to see me. I don’t expect to get my valuables back, they are worth too much for them to risk me losing them. Hahaha!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After a few more hours, I stopped working on the blog.

I received an email, and this of news from the Nottingham Courts was an eye-opener.

Mr Teer, 45, actually stole £255-worth of Smoked Salmon.

I’m glad to see he was punished. Ha!

Punished? Conditional discharge? There must be more to this than is printed here!

Back to check on Josie’s nosh. I went to get the potatoes mixed with chives, onion and Leicester cheese. While in there I took some photos of the most amazing clouds, as the day burst into lightness.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got the nosh for Josie delivered to her door. I hope she enjoys it. She gave me some potatoes and tomatoes in return, bless her cotton socks.

I went on to Facebooking. I want to find out how the TFZ founder Sandie, is getting on. She’s had terribly tricky and painful operations. Fingers crossed. ♥

Sketchy news, but the gal is not in good shape.

GuardsI put some stuff on the Facebook photo galleries. Including this picture, I found on the web, of four of the old favourites from long ago. I suppose many years ago I tried them all, when I was addicted to nicotine, I recall the Guards brand, and tried them often. A little dry tasting, but made a change.

It’s strange how addictions come back to mind. I really do miss the pipe and the gorgeous Erinmore Mixture. As for the plonk and ale, I am only tempted when depressed, and in summer, when I see folks sat out in the sunshine, enjoying a pint!

Nearly three hours, Josie has not returned the plate etc. yet. I shall be wanting to get my head down soon. The usual weariness and wandering mind are coming over me already today. Poor old sausage. Hehehe! I called at Josie’s to give her the last lemon wafer, I know she loves them as I do. I collected the washed plate, tray and cutlery, and had a minute or so chin-wagging. Josie said she enjoyed the meal, which cheered me up!

7Sun20I got back in the apartment and got my nosh served up. A cold nosh tonight. Tomato and turkey sarnies, on the Continental sourdough bread that Jenny had donated to me. Thanks again, Jenny! ♥ Garden peas and mushrooms, the last of the spring onion, BBQ turkey thingamabobs on sticks, sliced beetroot, crispt cheese sticks, and an orange drink from the fridge to follow. Tired as I was feeling, I ate it all up, and thought it was worth a taste-rating of 8.2/10!

The noises from above were pestering me a little, so I put the headphones (that desperately need replacing) and watched some TV. Which to me disappointment and chagrin, did not sent me to sleep as it usually would do. In fact, no nod-off until well gone 23:00hrs!

I did get off eventually, and a nightmare (literally) kip of about four hours was enjoyed. Well, not appreciated, but suffered. Poor old thing! Haha!

Inchcockski. Saturday 24th August 2019: Exasperated!

2019 Aug 24

2019 May 27

Saturday 24th August 2019

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 24ain Awst 2019

On this day the entertainment world lost Richard Attenborough and Julie Harris

23:10hrs: I woke up, to face another uphill-struggle with Arthur Itis, to free myself from the clutches of the £300, second-hand, grotty-beige coloured, near-dilapidated, dusty, rusty, rickety, rotting, recidivating recliner. Once I had got myself semi-perpendicular, on my legs, the pain eased considerably. And, welcomingly so!

A few paces to the famously salvational GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket), for an RWPS (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying) wee-wee.

5Sat01I hobbled to the kitchen and checked out the hand-washed clothes that were hanging to dry. But the thermal long-sleeved shirt, bamboo socks and the oven-mitt were all still so wet!

I did my best to thread the shirt and socks on the bendy upright airer. The oven-mitts will have to wait to be done later. About October, I reckon. Hehe!

I took the medications and made a brew of tea. I had a little self-kvell about how I was managing this morning. Arthur Itis was getting worse again, walking was getting more complicated, and the innards had started rumbling and grumbling! But, I was coping with what was almost contempt with the hassles! I sort of emitted, a ‘Sod you!” to them! Puzzling myself here!

It took me an awfully long time, but I got the Saturday blog finished and posted off. Smugness creeping in here! Haha!

WD 0.0.255 2 A visit to the Porcelain Throne soon put an end to my smugness! Cor, Lord love a duck! I doubt if any more time than three-seconds had gone before the evacuation was started of its own accord, and it being over and done with! Talk about fluidification! Another lengthy cleaning up session was needed.

I had a look at the legs to assess how things were going with that supplier of pain Arthur Itis, and the possible new leg-ulcer was progressing.


Arthur’s knees were a tad swollen and of course still painful. He’s enjoying himself today, making up for the days of inactivity? The ulcer seems to have changed its mind again about returning?

I went on the WordPress Reader section. Not so much on there today, but it is a Saturday.

6Sat02aI made another mug of tea and got some fresh garden peas podded, and into the saucepan to marinate with a spoonful of demerara sugar for cooking later. Then got one of the baking spuds in the slow-cooker.

Drank the brew, and made a Morrison order for next week. Crickey that took some time as well. The brain seems a little on the slow side, and the fingers-ends are losing contact senses again. This made me take over two-hours to get done?

06:40hrs: How the heck I’m going to get on doing the CorelDraw graphic, well, I can only hope for the best! I made another brew, had another GPWWB wee-wee, and started on the drawing.

10:00hrs. Still slogging away at the CorelDrawing! Remembered the window cleaner chappie is calling this morning to see about doing them for me. So I got a wash and some clothes on! Then back to the computerisationalistical graphic-making grind!

WD 0.0.255 2 13:15hrs: The window cleaner who said he would call to see me this morning, has not matured.

I took a Limoncello for Josie and pressed on with the graphicalisationing. Gerrin’ reet tired now!

13:35hrs: Started to make up a few days templates. 16:30hrs, got them all finished. The old man is now shattered mentally and in pain physically as Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald, join in with Anne Gyna, and amalgamated, joined forces with the peripheral neuralgia inspired leg, arm, hands and fingers in a Neuropathic Schuhplattler. (The neuropathic medicine drop kettle, Pot noodles, soap, razors, mugs, shower head etc. dance), in giving me some hassle, that I don’t think I deserved! But still, no point in moaning. (Humph, Hehe!)

WD 0.0.255 2A As I got up to do the cleaning, I kicked the walking stick that was left balancing against the sink, it fell, and in my rush to prevent it going on the floor and needing my bending down.  I grabbed at it with my left hand and whacked my knuckles against the metal bars of the Sock-Glide, and the stick still fell flat on the floor!

WD 0.0.255 2A Bending, supporting myself foolishy, with the right hand on the sink with the clothes soaking in it. And, a little jiggling and jerking, and the hand slipped into the hand-basin, and the arm up to the elbow, banging against a tap (faucet), slipped into the soapy water and bleach, and the fluid spilt out onto me, and the floor, and the mat, and the testicles, and then… well, all over! Grumph and Goblastications! I set about cleaning things up, with under-breath curses and a frustrated whining emanating from the vocal-chords occasionally! The job was a long time to get it done, but I sorted the place and myself out.

WD 0.0.255 2 Checking things looked okay, I opened the door, and the smell of the burning potatoes in the oven drifted my way! Double Grumph and Goblastications! I hastened to the kitchen…

6Sat05aThere was not a lot of cheesy potatoes, but what I salvaged, actually tasty spot-on! I added the garden peas, and mushrooms from the saucepan added that to the things soaking in the sink and settled in the £300, second-hand, rickety, still-not-working, c1968 recliner. It tasted so lip-smackingly good! A flavour rating of 8/10 given. It went down quicker than I planned. But I could not stop worrying in case the mess in the wet room or kitchen had not been safely sorted.

A call to the Porcelain Throne produced the same evacuation as the last three have been; Rush, pants-down, sit, splosh and all done bar the cleaning up! Haha!

I returned to get the washing up done. Which took me an inordinately long time. During which the sunshine came bursting through the unwanted, uncleanable, light & view-blocking kitchen windows. Despite all my woes at that time, the beauty of the view caught my attention, and I had to take a picture of it.


I did it in ‘P’ mode on the camera dial. I must find the time and or stay awake long enough to check what this setting option means, my guess is ‘Panorama’, but I may well be wrong.

6Sat07I checked around again, and then got down in the rickety recliner, out the TV on, and noticed the legs were getting blotches still. But the leg ulcer had almost disappeared.

The toe-nails needed cutting. But the best the Health Centre could do is 11th September, eighteen days away, yet! I suppose it is a ploy, to get us to use a private nail-cutting service and save them bother. But surely they have seen my record, and know that because if my ‘Many issues’, they all refuse to treat to me?

I watched some Gordon Ramsay Kitchens on the box. But, as tired as I was, I just could not get to sleep. So perturbing!

I suppose I did fall asleep, cause I woke up around 03:20hrs. Still feeling so tired, weary and drained!

I’m not really in high-spirits, but things could be much worse… Hehehe!

Inchcockski. Fri 23 Aug 19: Arthur Itis hassle, lost my new Andy-Cap! But still a most pleasurable, social of days!

2019 Aug 23

2019 May 07

Friday 23rd August 2019

Croatian: Petak, 23. Kolovoza 2019. Godine


WD 0.0.0. 02:15hrs. I stirred, with a copious amount of excruciation emanating from the right knee and thigh, curtesy of Arthur Itis (I think!) Getting myself free of the £300, second-hand, c1968, currently-not-working, shockingly tatty, beige-coloured, near-dilapidated, rickety, rinky-dinked, rusty, recliner without causing too much bother from the leg, was not easy, nor without discomfort and pain. Back to how it used to before? Oh, heck!

I hobbled, literally, to the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket), which was as full as it has ever been, and topped it-up with an LWDS (Long-Weak-Dribbling-Sprinkling) wee-wee. I took the bucket with me for emptying, cleaning and sanitising to the wet room.

WD 0.0.0. I noticed than the right leg was filling up with water retention a bit. Also, the centre of returning leg-ulcer had some black growth coming through in its centre. I went to the kitchen and took these pictures of the pins.


WD 0.0.0. Within a couple of minutes, I was back having a wee-wee in the cleaned bucket! I got the kettle on, and blow-me-down-with-a-feather-duster, I needed another wee-wee! This one was more of an ELDOP (Extra-Long-Drawn-Out-Persistent), variety.

This was a sort of, reversion to how things were three months ago? All the hassles and botherations seemed to be returning again. Not the best of starts. Arthur Itis rampant, the wee-weeing getting out of hand still, the leg-ulcer reappearing and my spirits sinking. Hehe!

5Fri01I got the oven-mitt washed in the bowl, and left it to hang to dry. It’ll probably be ready to use in a week or two. Haha!

With the wee-wee situation as it is, I decided against making a drink after all.

Yet another ELDOP wee-wee was taken. Blimey, this bucket is filling up fast again!

5Fri02I took a photo out of the unwanted, thick-framed, light & view-blocking kitchen windows; with a ledge that sticks out so far, one cannot see anything down below. A terrible result this time.

WD 0.0.0. I took the morning medications with some spring water, taking an extra pain-killer, to counter not only the Arthur Itis but the freshly started stomach pains. No rumblings with it though.

WD 0.0.0. The call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, so I responded. The first evacuation in weeks that was not painful, Hurrah! But it was so messy, and over in seconds again. The cleaning up afterwards, took far longer than the evacuation did. Tsk!

I got on with updating the Thursday blog. I seemed to get it done a lot quicker today? Then I went on the WordPress reader section. A lot to get caught up on and some great stuff had been posted!

5Fri03As I was getting ready to start this post going, the stomach started itching. I took a look and found sone blood papsules coming up, near the bottom scars from the heart op. What’s going on? I thought. A day of blood papsules on the right hand, then they disappeared. Then they came up, on the right knee, for a day. Now the stomach? Mind-boggling, incogitable!

And, you’d have thought the scars would have been cleared up by now, after all these years? Hello, another ELDOP (Extra-Long-Drawn-Out-Persistent) wee-wee needed! Blimey!

5Fri10 My allotriophagy showed itself suddenly. I just fancied a pot noodle!

So off into the kitchen. Got the picker-upperer, and maneuvred it up to grab a BBQ flavoured pot of the stuff.

WD 0.0.0. I held on to it for about three seconds or so, and the CIDP affected right arm saluted, and the leg did a mini-Neuropathic Schuhplattler. (The neuropathic medicine drop kettle dance), but in this case, it was Pot Noodle! It came down I think, via the air vent on the wall, the counter-top, my stomach, the radiator, to the floor! Hehe!

 WD 0.0.0. This made me more determined to eat the damned thing! Oh, dear, it was so tasteless. Ah, well!

I got the ablutions sorted. There was only one dropsy this morning! (Smug-Mode-Adopted!) The toothpaste. Only one little nick when shaving.

WD 0.0.0.A2 Things went well… until I tackled the Sock-Glide! The result, a 3-0 win for the evil, finger-trapping, bruise giving, toe-stubbing Sock-Glide. Hahaha!

5Fri11I got everything needed for the trip to get the garden peas and potatoes, and meandered down the elevator, meeting Mary as she got on at the first floor. We had a natter and laugh on the way through the passageway into Winwood Court. I stopped to see if the door opening to the little sitting garden had been mended, but it wasn’t done yet.

Note here: proof that I had got my new light blue cap with me. It hangs on the three-wheeler at this stage.

5Fri019I then went out the front lobby doors, and Cyndy came out behind me. I asked if it would be alright for me to take her photograph with the new passage in the background, and she kindly obliged me.

I won’t take long for the glass in the background to get dirty, I fear. And the lawn to be decimated and get tatty. Shame, but it looks so incredible at the moment. As, indeed, so did Cyndy.

We had a chinwag as we hobbled to the bus stop, where quite a gang of Windwood Heightonians had gathered.

5Fri019aI took a snap of site of the old temporary the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress sexpot Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from. Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin, had been located for two years. It’s still odd, not see it!

I enjoyed having a listen for a while, then got out the crossword book, as Caroline from the top home arrived and told me of her recent medical investigations. She seemed to be alright and not over-anxious today, which pleased me.

The bus arrived, and I settled in the usual side-saddle seat and had a natter with Mary en route to Arnold. Where I joined her in a walkabout and shopping session. This had made a jolly-nice change for me. The Arthur Itis played up a few times as we went around. I followed her into the Wilko Store, where she was fortunate in getting the last three packs of the coffee she loves so, along with some other bits. I bought a bag of yoghourt covered peanuts.

5Fri20We paid (well we thought we would this time. Hehe!) and left, taking a stroll to the Arnold flea market, where I found the fruit and Veg stall had some potatoes and garden peas that I craved. I got two 1lb bags of peas, and five large baking potatoes, because they were five for £2, a fiver spent, with the £3 for peas and £1 for the peanuts at Wilkos, that was only £6 I’d spent. Self-control, you see! Hahaha!

Mary took a potato from me, that I offered her, so as not to let it go to waste. They were the same variety of potato as last week, Wiljas, I think. They were brilliant quick cookers and were perfect with the Leicester cheese for boiling then baking last Sunday. I reckon that Josie really enjoyed them, last week, too.

Mary and I then went into the Asda store. Where Mary filled up her massive four-wheeler trolley to the top! We paid at the standard check-out for our purchases. I got, only a Milk Roll loaf (90p), a jar of beetroot (£1.04), some mini-sponge rolls (45p), and some spring onions (85p), that were massive! Only three in a bunch, they were that thick and rounded. I tried them, hoping they would be mild with being so large. So, there you have it, Inchcock goes shopping and only spends £9.50, in three shops! By gum, I did well!

We poddled up to the L9 bus stop. Arthur Itis ever-present, and the odd shake from the arm and leg, but only the arthritis was of any concern or real pain.

WD 0.0.0. The bus arrived, and I got settled in the side-saddle seat again, but Dizzy Dennis attacked, and much of memory of the journey back to the flats, is now vague. I remember feeling things were coming back to normal when we arrived in Sherwood though. Five or six Winwood Heightonian’s got on the bus, and laughter flowed. I remember Cyndy, Welsh William, and Pete getting on, but I think there were many others as well. Memory blanks have been so rare this week gone, and I am not happy they have returned. Still, you don’t like to complain does yer!

WD 0.0.0. As we dismounted the bus back at the flats, I looked in the trolley bag for my hat to put on, as it was a bit windy. But it was not there, and I wanted to dry! The photo earlier proves I took it out with me, but where I had lost in I don’t know. Did I drop it in the foyer? On the bus going or returning? The shops? Mary said she could not remember seeing it at all and expected me to find it in the flat. At the time, I had not seen the photo, and thought maybe the same, well, I hoped I’d find it in the apartment. (But no!)

Mary and I went up in the lift, my bidding Mary a good day and thanking her for wandering around with me in toe, as she got off on the first floor.

WD 0.0.0. As I got in the flat, the first thing was to search around for the cap, no luck! Next, it suddenly dawned on me, that the constant wee-weeing of this morning had not bothered me at all when I was out and about? I appreciated this muchly, but was baffled as to why? For within a couple of minutes of getting back in the flat, the flowing, or rather, sprinkling started again?

5Fri20bI got the fodder put away. You can see the size of the Spring Onions!

I got the oven warming to put the chips in later.

Then I stripped off and got the heavy shirt and the bamboo socks hand-washed. The thermal longsleeved shirt will take some drying off. And the oven-mitts washed earlier, should be dried by around 03:30hrs, on December 10th, I reckon. Hehehe!

5Fri20dI spotted an envelope in the door letterbox, well chewed up, but I resurrected it. It was a courtesy notification, about work that will be starting on the lobby area, on the 28th Wednesday 28th August.

WD 0.0.0. My EQ immediately told me to take extra-care on this day! A worrying and unnerving feeling came over me! I can only hope for the best, but I must be sure that I will be on guard on this day! Having a high EQ, and one that is rarely wrong can be such a bind. Mind-befuddling and it gnaws at my confidence and contentment, too!

I got the chips added to the salad meal5Fri20e. The colossal, humongous sliced spring onion, was excellent and mild flavoured! But, I think the severe EQ warning, had put me off enjoying it as much as I might have. That and the guilt of the extra-thick pastry on the Morrison’s mini-pork and pickle pork pies! Guilt and Fear Modes Adopted! Not easy to engage these two. Haha!

A flavour rating of 5/10 was given for this ingurgitated, chugalugged nosh.

I settled to watch a DVD… Zzzz!

Inchcockski Today. Thursday 22nd August 2019: Great start to the day! Shame about the end!

2019 Aug 22

2019 Aug 22


Thursday 22nd August 2019

Scots Gaelic: Diardaoin 22 Lùnastal 2019


03:20hrs: Strangely, I woke with a peace of mind, a serenity that has long been missing in my life. Not empirically, or egotistically, but heuristically, with far fewer worries and concerns belting about in the head! At the same time, the EQ warned me not to get too excited about this. But I could not help but feel a bit of self-satisfaction with this unanticipated phenomenon. Yet, it worried me at the same time!

As this odd new to me transformation, hopefully not a temporary one, sank in, the well-enveloped-in-flesh innards bubbled and rumbled, and I was out of the tatty, not-working £300, second-hand, recliner in seconds, and stumbling my way to the Porcelain Throne!

WD 150.0.0 The evacuation was even faster than yesterday mornings. I swear it was all over within seconds, again! But still found time to be painful and messy! I cleaned up and changed PPs.

4Thu001WD 150.0.0 On the way out of the door, the new Intercom on the opposite wall lit up! There was no tune playing, and as you can see by this photo I took (the camera was in my dressing gown pocket), no one in sight?

And, this was about 0325hrs? When I got around to doing this post, I added a photograph from the intsruction pages given to 7Sun10us.

WD 150.0.0 Baffling really, the different layout between the real thing and the instruction leaflet. Don’t you think? Highly suitable for the elderly to comprehend, fathom, grasp, discern, and work out? As if senility, decrepitude, infirmity, and dementia needed this sort of help! It’s bad enough that I am going to have to spend many hundreds of pounds out, for and thanks to the upgrading already done for us by Nottingham City Homes. New carpeting from the plasterer’s mayhem. The waste chute opening has been reduced in size, so now we all have to buy extra black bags to use. Holes left in the wall and floor to repair after moving the newly installed heater. These are the ones that Einstein would have difficulty in understanding how to set them! The wall and new electricity socket for the foam that was left to run down the wall and cover the electric-socket with rock-hard gel! The soaked-through and gone mouldy clothing that needs replacing, from the two repairs done to a leak! We, well I, do not need my mind attacking as well as my bank-balance!

By gum, I’m glad I got rid of that. Won’t make the slightest, smidgeon, modicum, or molecule of a difference of course. But better out than in! Hehehe!

4Thu04I got the handwashing on the dryer, and some hung up, for drying.

I wondered how long I could manage without burning or breaking the two new saucepans? The expensive, ‘heavy’ one with the drain gaps at the sides, which I thought was pricey at the Special Price of £17.00, let alone the original £21.00, looks like it will be easier to use. The other (left) one with the standard lid has not been used yet.

Then, I got some fresh pod peas podded and into the old pan. Added a bit of demerara sugar and a splash of Balsamic vinegar. I used the last of the peas I got from the Arnold Market, and mostly the Morrison ones delivered yesterday. Oddly after adding the seasoning, some peas absorbed it, and other floated to the top staying the original green colour.

There is an apparent reason for this. But blowed if I know what it is!

I noticed that the blood papsules on the right hand had almost disappeared. Another of the mysteries of my beloved Woodthorpe Court. That lies somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of space & the universal continuum. Illusion, delusion, & hallucination are rampant at Winwood Heights. That only those older residents living here can explain. Well, sort of! Hahaha!

I was a long haul, and I slogged away in getting the Wednesday post finalised. The late start and the slow internet connection was most frustrating. The arm, fingers, hands and shoulder were not too bad, although they had their moments! It was very late by the time it was finished. I got it posted off to WordPress.

I had a local news update email. This item was staggering:

Iraqi asylum seeker Qadir, 30, of Whitemoor Road, Nottingham admitted theft of toiletries and laundry products from Tesco Express on August 7; theft food and alcohol worth £358 from Lidl 13 days later. He also pleaded guilty to stealing shower gel worth £20 on May 30; toiletries valued at £40 on June 25; beauty products worth £60 on July 4; £90 worth of razors and toothbrushes on July 5; protein drinks worth £24 on July 9; Lynx shower gel worth £24 on July 11.

City magistrates ordered him to pay £100 compensation to Poundland and the same amount to supermarket chain Lidl. Well, that’ll scare him into honesty! Huh! He’ll be back, laughing again!

In Your Area Court Report.

I went to make another brew, before starting on this blog. I took a left, ahead and to the right shots of the view.


The sky was not so bright as yesterday. But the forecast for the Bank Holiday, in Nottingham is:

4Thu06I’m hoping that the door mechanism that will let us out to sit in the sunshine on the bench is mended by Saturday. I can take a drink of spring water and orange and the crossword book out with me. Oh, and a cushion. The benches are made of slated wood. (Haemhorroids you know!) Haha!

It was well late in the day now. I’ve been missing doing the Facebooking, time so limited, so I decided to try and catch up – it’ll take me a long time though. Back in a while.

Blimey that took some time!

4Thu25Nosh next job. Potato boiled, drained, Leicester red cheesypotatoes, mashed in the skins and baked, beetroot, tomatoes fresh garden peas, and turkey slice mul loaf sarnies. To follow, cakes, and a limoncello.

To much, too tasty and too guilty afterwards, but a flavour-rating of 9/10!

4Thu26Washed the pots, and got down to watch some TV. Too much really, I just couldn’t nod off for ages.

WD 150.0.0 When I did drop-off, I was awake and in near agony an hour later. The right knee, was being Arthur Itis’d to buggery! A new leg ulce had appeared, close the where the last one was situated. A cracking head-aches rounded off the waking misery! Tsk!

I did get back to kip though, as things settled down.