Inchcockski – Tues 27 Aug 19: Mind omnishambles & disorderliness!

2019 Aug 27

2019 Aug 27

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Croatian: Utorak, 27 Kolovoza 2019 Godine

WD 0.0.150 01:40hrs. I woke up with a deep-nagging feeling, that I had forgotten something that needed doing, or remembering this morning! A few moments were spent, as I applied the Propain Gel on the Arthur Itis ridden legs, doing my best to recall what the piquing and vexing in the brain could have meant, but I had no success. (No success, there’s something which, I am familiar with nowadays, Huh!) I languorously laboured to extract my fat, wobbly, blobby, blood-papsule and scar-ridden body from the rickety, not-working again recliner, and off the few paces from the chair, and to the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket). It was not very full this morning, hardly owt in it, but the ELPSOA (Extra-Long-Powerful-Spraying-Out-Allover) wee-wee, put that right. Haha!

I made my way to the kitchen, and took the morning medications, then made a brew of Yorkshire tea.

WD 0.0.150 As I was refilling the kettle, a truly agonising pain shot from the back of my left thigh, bum, down to knee-cap. I was stood still at the time and had not the foggiest idea of what had caused it to hurt so in the first place. I was genuinely worried, as it kept coming. I was considering pressing the ‘Wrist-Alarm’, such a sharp pain. But, after a couple of minutes or so, it died down altogether? A puzzling and most Delphian like experience! Then Arthur Itis returned in both knees.  The thigh bother hasn’t returned again up to now anyway, I say (07:45hrs), obligatedly! ‘Bonkersness – an everyday pleasure for old folk!’ There’s a poem in there somewhere? I can feel it formulating now! Hehehe!

WD 0.0.150 Another wee-wee of the RWPS (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying) mode, and onto the computer. But… yet again!

Virg 255

Thank you, Mr Fries. May your testicles wither, and guilt attack and punish you. Git!

WD 0.0.150 I tried the reset button to no avail. Rebooted the computer, nut no luck. So, I turned everything off for ten minutes and started afresh. Nope! I decided to take it all down again and leave it longer this time before I try to reload the pathetic, crap, useless, unreliable Liberty-Global (so he can muck up millions of customers then?) Virgin Media.

2Tue04I went for a refresher wash in the wet room. Had a wee-wee, of the RWPS (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying) variety.

I have to say, I was somewhat taken aback by the colouration, or rather, lack of colouration in the feet and legs this morning.

But, the papsules and blotches had reduced a lot.

Meantime I composed an ode. Calling it “‘Bonkersness’ An everyday pleasure for old folk!” as planned earlier. I got carried away with it, so it took a while to get finished.

WD 0.0.150 Then I tried the internet again, and things came back to normal. Still slow, but that as I say, is typical for Mr Fries, pitiful, feeble, despicable, saddening and anger-making, wretched, Godforsaken, contemptible, cockamamie, shameful, inadequate, cruelly-inapt and inept, abominable, damnable, fiendish, and embarrassing, outrageous, waste of time, cruel, and laughingly inferior, unfit-for-the-job, sub-standard service! There, I feel a bit better now!

I went to have yet another wee-wee, this time an LWDS (Long-Weak-Dribbling-Sprinkling) wee-wee. Then into the kitchen to make a brew, and took some photos through the thick-framed, light & view-blocking, with glass that cannot be reached for cleaning, new windows.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made the cuppa, and got on with updating the Sunday post at last! (Thank you, Mr ‘Con-man’ Fries!)

I had to stop and go to the wet room, to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Recent evacuations seem to be settling into a familiar routine lately; ‘Sit, splash-splush, all over!’ To be followed by a lengthy cleaning up of the room and me!

I got the blog finished after much Mr Fries, Global Virgin Internet and finger-jumping affected delays.

Then got on the WordPress Reader page.

I made a start on this blog. (Three hours) Went onto TFZer Facebooking.

3Wed01cFodder prepared, a chilli-con-carne, with mushrooms, garden peas, onions, tomatoes and chips added. Popping crisps as a side nibble. Milk Roll bread to soak up the gravy with its added BBQ sauce.

A good one, 9.25/10 flavour rating.

I tried again to get some cleaning done. Not that Sister Jane scares me, with her one-look and one-word disheartening, rebarbative, mind-shattering, confidence-destroying, stares; as she runs her fingers along some dust, she had found. Or makes me feel as big as a microbe! Hehehe! 

Got the pots washed and tried to clean between the cooker and cupboard.

WDPleftWD 0.0.150 A I got the dizzies while working in the kitchen, and the damned leg went off uncontrollably on one its, thankfully infrequent, Neuropathic Schuhplattler stomps. And over I went, to greet the hard floor, denting one of the tiles as I did so with my knee!

That was it! I stopped everything. Left stuff half-sorted, rubbed pain-gel on the knee, felt somewhat sorry for myself, and got down in the £300 second-hand, recliner in search easing the Dizzy Dennis bout, searching and hoping for some sort of peace of mind and sleep! And felt a little ‘I can’t win, I’ve had enough-like’.

I kept nodding and waking, a few wee-wees, and got myself feeling low again. Especially when proper sleep was denied me!

Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit! Particularly this bloke! Tsk!

TTFNski, things will get betterer.

Won’t they?


12 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Tues 27 Aug 19: Mind omnishambles & disorderliness!

  1. Your sister would not put up with our place. Our dust bunnies get so big that I name them. Between us and the cats dragging the outside in and taking the insides out, it gets very difficult to distinguish which is which. I get out the shop vac now and then and vacuum around until I can see wood floor, carpet and there’s some difference between one side of a threshold and the other. Then I deem it clean, and put the shop vac away for a few more weeks.

    The Neuropathic Schuhplattler stomps bringing you to your knees is not good at all. Completely understandable feelings like you can’t win and that you’ve had enough. At least you got a good meal before the forced genuflection to the neurotic Schuhplattler deities screwed up your evening.

    • Thank you, Sir.
      Good plan with the hoover, Haha!
      ‘Genuflection to the neurotic Schuhplattler deities screwed up your evening’, I like it! A Wordsmith sentence that one!
      I’ve taken to these cans of chilli-con-carne, Tim. I add a splash of BBQ or Black Bean sauce to them sometimes, if I think they might be a little too hot for me. I must get out, to buy some more. I like the Walmart brand, it is milder than the others I’ve tried.
      Cheers, mate, haveth a great day!

      • Can you get Frito brand corn chips in Nottingham? Put down a layer of Frito corn chips on a plate, cover the chips with your heated chili con carne, and then cover the chili con carne with grated cheese and you have a Frito pie. Quite tasty they are. I use Wolf Brand Hot Chili, but it’s mild by my standards. I often add extra chiles to spice it up more.

      • Not heard of Fritos, Tim.
        But I’ll investigate when I go out shopping if I ever get the time. Hehe!
        It sounds good, but. Of course, no need for any extra spicing for me.

  2. I just got the alarm button set up myself. The one you put in the bath or shower gave me an experience when I pushed to button to test if it worked.

    The call made by pushing the button, it rang and rang till the 911 (emergency service number) dispatcher answered. That wasn’t who i expected to get on a test run, and I was not happy! She took down my name, address, why I called, etc. etc. and assured me a police officer would arrive at my home shortly!

    Here in the middle of the USA, there is a convention of serving chile con carne with a cinnamon roll. Let me guess: No cinnamon roills in UK!

    Yeah, the police officer asked me my name, address, datae of birth, etc. etc. I was not amused! The emergency button service indicated I should test the three alarms once a month. If that means I will get a visit once a month from the local police, I think not!

    Yeah, Tim if right about that Frito pie business! Now I feel like that for brerakfast, it’s that tasty!

    They are available there on line. A 262.2 gram package costs from £3.45 plus £3.99 shipping from Amazon UK. Whew! Ask a favotrite friend or relative to get you a package for the next birthday or Christmas. That’s the cheapest price I’ve seen.

    • That’s good getting it set up and workin, Sir. I rest easier knwoin g this now.
      Cinnamon Rolls are sold, but not in a lot of palces, Doug.
      How many meals does it make, Doug? Just the one?

      • One cinnamon roll would make a meal with the chili con carne, unless you wanted two! The rest could be used for snacking, breakfast with coffee (American-style – an overload of sugar plus a strong, black coffee!), a sweet treat with tea if the ladies stop by, or be frozen for nuking in the microwave later.

  3. Somehow the sentence about cinnamon rolls scrambled with the police officer showing up after I tested the bath emergerncy button. I meant it to be at the end. Another computer mystery! (Printers connected to the network by WiFi are another mystery. Mine didn’t work for several months because of some setting issue, then I had the epiphany: “Unplug the &$^*(# thing! That might just fix it.” I replugged it, and it worked again. ???)

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