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Created in the furtherance of Inchcock’s desire to entertain and amuse others, with his rather ultracrepidarian style of reportage. Nottingham Local News Snippets gleaned from his ‘YourArea’ Emagazine. He couldn’t resist adding a few comments himself… in his desire to test out his non-existent newslettering, editing skills.

Why do they use this photo? Defeats me?


Well, they seem happy enough here?

So sad that this is happening!

Oh, dearie me!

Ex-Street-sleeper chap. Now a disc jockey. His ideas are reasonable, it seems to me… but not in the middle of the road on a traffic island, not safe that. Still, if it gets him some publicity, it won’t do any harm to him. No fine ensued.

It read that he was also done for Blackmailing.

Poor old chap. I’m so glad they have found him and sorted him out. But why was he allowed to get this bad? Cheery news that he’s getting assistance.

Not too good!

The Nottingham Lads Local News Snippet Series

8 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Local Pictorial News Report

    • Cheers, Sir.
      By gum, Tim, I liked that, Egad! Not used that word for years, mate. Now its back in the memory, it’ll find its was into an Ode soon, I think.

  1. Quite the local crime scene, Sir. I’m wondering how much you have seen the scene go downhill during yer life and times. The neighborhood where I grew up has changed from an idyllic little town to a victim of urban blight (it is only 6.5 miles from downtown Cincinnati.
    I have some close friends at a local mosque, very decent and charming people who are treated viciously by some who look much like the characters you’ve noted: those two twins for example.
    Funny thing about that brand new parking lot: looks like the only parkers are official-looking vans. Needs some looking into. Real soon now.
    HRH Lisa and myself are newly returned from dental work at that university 75 miles away. My dental student, Kate, identified 31 mostly minor spots that need attention. By my count, that would amount to more than the number of teggies that somehow do the chomping. Three of them are gold crowns that have not given me any trouble in the last four decades, at that time the gold crowns cost the same as the porcelain crowns. The students’ work is carefully followed by a professor, so they can’t get away with shoddy work. And all that work costs a mere $436, worth driving 150 miles by any measure. Lisa also received very close attention for the major work that she is undergoing, Lisa’s teeth should all be completed within three months. We had the dental work done over two days, so it turned out to be a mini-vacation. While there, we visited our favorite Mediterranean groceries and sundries shop, the prices there are more than reasonable and the quality/quantity are astonishing.

    • Hi, Bill.
      There used to be much verbal abuse about for anyone not white & English born. Now thousands who were born in this country are getting the same, even some of the carers are talked about in disparaging terms, I’ve heard tenants in the past! So, I keep away from those now, and feel ashamed of them at times. So much unreasoned hatred.
      Great that HRH and your worthy-self have been dentally inspected at a fair price, Yee-Ha! Can I come over and get mine checked out? Haha!
      Ah, groceries, we are in a pickle with those ver here, Billum. Desperate shortage of drivers, so many empty, bare shelves. Threats of potato shortages, bread, fruit and veg for Christmas and New Year here… Oh, dear!
      Vacation? Holiday? What’s that Billum? Oh, yes, I remember now. Har-har!
      Still no Carer new costs come through. Humph!

      • A well-stated and thoroughly argued statement with history reportage. I started early with the smokes but gave them up in 76, the glee of alcohol did I continue until about 5 years ago, I do believe. Another 5 years of dropping toxicals into my liver would have caught up with no a doubt. Fortunatelee, I met some fellow travelers who mirrored me. A couple weeks of therapee brought to what I today be. Now be it known that gathering with my fellow drunkardees brought me back to a smoke or three, but with another bout of therapee I snapped *that* habit into smithereens.
        We hopes do we, that the carer fee disappear and that yer can fare well enough without two very very short visits per day. Not even to take out the rubbish, a task that hardly adds to their routines, is too much to bear for the lazee, thinketh mee. Those shortages of products on the UK market worry me more than any other single thing in the economy. Is there any talk of returning to the European Union with a tail behind the legs, or is that too much to hope for?

      • Yet more similarities twixt us, Sir! Well doneth!
        Got another letter yesterday, from the DWP (Department of Works & Pensions).
        A: Contact my Doctor to someone else to see how your disability affects you
        B: Srrsnge for a Doctor to examine you
        C: Write to you asking for more information
        D: Arrange Socia; Security to visit you???

        Not much chance of a return to Europe with Italy, France, Brussels and Germany all having empty supermarket shelves themselves. They do not look any better that we are, or aren’t. Talk of limiting Turkeys to one per family?
        Someone can have mine, Hehehe!
        TTFNski, Love to all! ♥

      • I find it helpful snd somehow cheering to discover commonalities among us Sir. They provide a general sense of sharing that strengthens each when discovering that we are both suffering a metaphorical case of scurvy on a mad ship that stores no vitamin C for the hapless who don’t understand why they should both be struck by the same ailments while also discovering that advanced life brings with it a decline in the presumption of health taken for granted. While on our dental “vacation” I discovered that a familiar excoriated intestinal wall threatened to call a strike and block waste products from exiting. I nearly ended up in a foreign hospital in the middle of yhe night. By my great fortune, HRH Lisa had brought along exactly the correct medications to address the fell gremlins in my intestines, she foiled those gremlins in their path within hours. Worra splendid job of superpowers does that gal possess.
        We do not yet experience the large-scale shortages you describe, but a hit to California or a shortage of immigrant help would change that quickly.
        Glad that Jill is back even if she does not plan on adopting yer, kind cocker!

      • Wow, what a marvellous opening sentence, Billum! Encapsulating perfectly omes thoughts!
        Oh, boy, HRH to the rescue – Perfick Superwomanisationing! Thanketh her for me, please. ♥
        It was so good of Jill to spare the time to help me out, she’s so busy to! ♥

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