Inchcock Today: Diary Friday 1st April 2022

Friday 1st April 2022

Morning Ode

Mankind, indeed all tellurians are in a schemozzle…
Humans can kill if they’re overcharged for Chipotle,
Fish stocks are dwindling, mot in good fettle…
Putin attacks Ukraine… not very subtle…
Who can stop him? No one’s got the bottle,
Nor the capability, no military muscle…
This is not just an unneighbourly tussle!
On the brink of the final world war… hopes frizzle…
The outcome will have no one to dazzle…
Hell, for Putin, would be no one left to go shooting!

Except for his own countrymen, that was tried by Stalin!
It made the world scared of Russia, of even talking…
As Putin eyes up the world with its Nations tottering…
From Putin, there’s no schnorring or flimflamming…
Civilians in the Ukraine, Russia, Putin is killing…
For Europe he’ll is surely intent… he’s coming!
The West isn’t thinking, it’s farting about tinkering…
What Vodka should our politicians be drinking?
As our economies dwindle, rapidly shrinking…
When will it come? That’s what I’m thinking…
Can no one else see it? That’s staggering!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

04:30hrs: Up for a wee-wee, a nasty sprinkling all over one. I had to get the jammies in soak afterwards, with liquid Dettol disinfectant. Got a wah and made a brew of Glengettie.

Onto the computer to finalise yesterday’s blog. It took me six hours to get it done! A hard mental slog, hindered, mainly by Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and Shaking Shaun. All in force with Dementia Doreen, the brain was a little lackadaisical, to say the least. I was getting angrier with myself every time a cock-up was made or missed.

Carer Richard arrived and sorted the medications and he took the washing and waste bags with him as he departed.

Mr Kind upstairs kicked of, but thankfully, not all day. After finishing the Wed-Thur blog, I did the ablutions and Porcelain Throne Rock hard again!, and made a brew of Glengettie…

Crap! The card reader had let me get the last posts’ pictures on. But now, it was now refusing to recognise the same car reader it had earlier in the morning! So, no point in me taking any more photos until I can use them! Gragnangles! I lost even more hours in failed attempts to get the bloody thing to work.

As of 16;20hrs, I’d had no luck at all.

Started again.

I gave up and started to make a meal. Boy was I pissed off! I turned everything off, to try again to get photos on later. Harrumph!

Carer Cheeky Charley arrived and got the medications sorted out.

Sweet Morpheus was very reluctant!

28 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Diary Friday 1st April 2022

  1. The geopolitical struggle to resist hegemony and not to become a hegemon has been going on forever, but the availability of nuclear weapons changed the game completely. We are still merely hoping that a Dr. Strangelove scenario, the *normal* state of world peace, does not become our new world. It has been threatening to become the bland and banal horror of the everyday every day since 1945, when the likes of Robert Oppenheimer brought us a new reality to chew upon.

    • If, I say IF, the world and humankind (What a misleading word that is!), is still here a hundred hence… What will their history reveal to the masses? And what more efficient WMD will prevail?

      • IF is the word. JIF is a peanut butter. The pursuit of the worst in everyone moves on apace. Making good choices: the last thing to expect from anyone in any position of influence.
        WMD: War Makes Dividends.

      • I believe that choices made by those in power, have drsignated guidlines, Billum.
        Options must contain a guarantee of personal profit. Failing this; The decision must assure a strengthening of decision makers power within Mafia-trained Government.
        And Jif over here, is natural lemon juice?
        Hahaha! Cheers Mon Ami!

      • You should be an MP, kind Sir. Personal profit is a handy thing to have around when you are ordering peas and potatoes from Sainsbury or equivalent.
        Jif is HRH’s favorite peanut butter, a squirt of lemon juice gives one assurances regarding keeping Rickets at bay.
        According to the advert, “Choosy mothers choose Jif.” Goes well on a graham cracker as well.
        Phutin mafia!

      • Thought provoking that was, Billum.
        Well, as a Vasular Dementia, Peripheral Neuropathy, uneducated, senile, deaf, nearly blind, mechanical-tickered, unconfident, namby-pamby natured, bladder and bowel cancer sufferer (I haven’t the time to list everything, Hahaha!), and a none-money-mad-profit seeker… Would I survive long amongst the shadowy bunch of moral-vagrants in the Houses of Parliament, Sir?
        Nice idea though…

      • On the other hand, yer could interview yer fellow MPs and publish their crime confessions on this blog of record, one that chronicles the criminals right there in the House of Parliament.

      • The very thing that distinguishes you from the cads, scoundrels, and shape-shifters that deal dirty, dastardly, devilish deeds (to aliterate that letter). No one with great depth in their soul can ever fashion an ode that is worth reading.

      • I see. Right on all points methinks, Sir. Dementia Doreen is limiting my concentration this morning. Computer problems, and Thought-Storms of great put-ones-del-down ability rage. Still, I’ll make a mug of Glengettie.

      • Yes, I am the anti Dominic Cummings, not a shade of Rasputin as well. Doreen likes to put the kibosh on your active brain cells and to keep you otherwise disordered. Computer problemos and thought storms work together to produce stress on your system. Fortunately, Glengettie is there to bring your game to the fore.

      • Whatever gets you through a day is fair play, as they say. Every time. Glengettie is as much a solver as a temporary masker. The most important thing then: make certain that you are well stocked because it is the very nectar of the gods.

      • Poetical launch there, I like it, Sir!
        Just checked, three boxes (x80) in stock, one more arriving on Monday.
        Hope the HRH is winning the battle against SM, Sir? TTFNski, thanks.

      • You never know when a team of new word searchers at the OED are on a deadline to discover new words or not get paid. I am just wondering if they would pay me a kings ransom for my word introduction.
        HRH just finished watching a couple episodes of series from a dozen years ago called Grimm. Lots of German referring to Maerchen. A fun show that had us up until 3 AM. Let’s hope that SM shows up soon. 🙂

      • I cannot see why they (OED) should not appreciate such WordSmithing at its finestest, Sir! You can ask for payment in kind? Some laboratory utensils? A lifetimes supply of chalk and Humira, mayhaps? Or even a new Aneroid Barometer? A set of Vernier Calipers?
        A coincidence again, Sir, I felleth asleep last night to be woken up by the carer calling – whatever was on the box (I fell asleep eatching Heartbeat again – damned advertisements!), and she said… “Oh, that’s mu favourite programme. After she had gone, I looked up what was on, ‘Grimm! An American fantasy Police Drama’ – would that be the programme HRH was viewing – was it any good, worth me falling asleep to? Hahaha!
        SM has not attened to HRH? SWINE!

      • The OED folk remain oddly silent. I shall jj\ust wait patently patient until they call. We can always use beakers and chalk and barometers, and vernier calipers have we none. We might have to build our own from old yardsticks.
        The more popular the show, the longer and more frequent the advertisements. Lisa has been watching many programs on building houses from scratch, particularly the ones that feature the builder’s dog who runs around all the time.
        We quite enjoy watching the Grimm episodes, they use a lot of concocted German word that I translate for HRH.
        SM is presently right here at the manor and has been for at least several hours.
        TTFNski, Billum and HRH

      • Hahaha!
        I must find the time to have a look at a Grimm, Billum. Well, it’s something else to fall asleep watching as well as Heartbeat. (Named after the Buddy Holly song, which is its theme tune on starting and finishing, and links to the date of the programme, they use a lot of old cars, [American too] some of which I have driven or even owned)
        SM got my message then, that’s marvellous. Please express my pleasure to HRH Lisa ♥ (A gentle hug as well please)

      • Grimm is a very well-written series that combines characters and plots from the Middle Ages, but set in modern-day Portland Oregon. Much recommended. It is at least ten years since it was produced, so perhaps it is available in some form in the Realm of Nottingham.
        What a loss was that plane crash, Holly was just getting started too. As was Richie Valens.
        Those old cars were the best, I learned how to repair them and now watch a mechanic who produces YouTube videos from a garage in Florida.
        I shall bring your words to HRH Lisa, as well as that gentle hug, of course.

      • Grimm, if it be the same one, is available on Freeview on some channels, Billum. I decided to stay up to watch an episode last night – but SM decided to arrive unexpectedly… Zzz!
        Thanks my old China, ♥

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