Inchcock: Thursday 8th December 2022

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What a lousy, sleepless, frustrating, depressing, morale-shattering, crap, horrible night that was. Apart from getting up for the odd pee, I was in the recliner for what must have been eight hours; seven hours & 50 minutes lost in trying to get some sleep!
And the pee’s were different every visit. The first one, to the  NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket), was a painful trickling that would have only filled an egg cup. But micro-sprayed all over the place. Needing a lot of cleaning up.
After this, on all the other visits, I went to the water closet in the wet room.
The second one, minutes later, was a good flow from was far less painful.
The third was like a jet belting out!
The next, back to the agonising half-hearted spraying job. At least it was less bother to clean things up in the wet room.
And on it went in that pattern basically.
Hateful Sweet Morpheus remained absent throughout the night! (And day, for that matter!) , and anger-making.

I was still there in search of sleep when burst into life. And in came . I was not too responsive at first. The pain from along with the putrid smell that filled the room, put me on a downer. Not that I wasn’t on one already!
I can’t recall all that happened during Richard’s last visit until Monday, but I know I felt sorry to see him go. I just hope I didn’t say anything wrong. I so hate these .

I recall going to the door with him.
Many hours later, when I got around to doing something other than trying to get some sleep, I found these photographs on the SD card.

I can’t recall taking them, but it must have been in the morning.

Anyway, I got back down in the recliner, and add both started to give me pain on and off for the next five hours or so. But when they were off, was not until I had got up and sat on the computer chair.

They’ll be a reason for this, I suppose, but it escapes me.

The moon shots were not bad, considering I cannot recall taking them.

I did start to make some memory notes, but not many. I believe it says 10:00hrs, that arrived. A fair bit of scribble about this visit, but unreadable most of it is.

11:25hrs: I gave up the losing battle to get any sleep, and I took the things needed for dressing and got the started. I can’t understand why I suddenly felt so chirpy, but the teeth and shaving went fine. And I was singing in the shower… it’s true! I’d even put the radio on to listen to it!

11:40hrs: As I exited the shower and went to get the towel off of the heated rack, I espied the door knob moving. Dang, Dang, Dang DANG! It seemed that had arrived.
Lisa handed me the towel, and when I got in the room with some clothes on, Lisa put my socks on… not on herself, on me. Hehehe! I think she took the laundry to be done for me. But it could have someone else. It didn’t come back anyway.

15:15hrs: I got the Wednesday blog finalised and sent off to WordPress. Pinterested in some photos and sent the link off by email.

16:00hrs: Made a start on this template at long last.

18:10hrs: I started to do an Iceland order for next week. I had a series of largish part-way through making this order. I just hope I didn’t make a cock-up like last week and order two deliveries?

19:45: turned up. He seemed to be in a decent mood, considering how late it was. Got the Peptac issued, and we had a laugh and natter. I locked the door as he left, then spent the next five & a half hours doing this blog up to here. And I’m shattered! Surely, I’ll get some sleep now?

Oh, food first. I’ll get some Rostis done.

Cooked a Vegan slice and potato Rostis, had a dipping pot of BBQ sauce, and a pot of vegan lemon yoghourt, and tucked into it.

Flavour Rating: 7.8/10.
Strangely, it took me ages to drop off to sleep. But, once I did, I slept through for about four hours, then had to get up for a wee-wee. Which was a lot less painful than of late, but tickly and needed some cleaning up after the evacuation. I thought the break in the sleep may give me problems getting back to sleep – but no! I was off in the land of Nod again in no time and stayed there without needing a wee-wee for another two hours!
Until I woke around 06:00hrs, in urgent need of a wee-wee.

Morning all!