Inchie: Saturday 10th December 2022

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05:30hrs: I stirred, and as I began to move, I could have sworn that the room was full of people who stood around drinking, like at a party around me! Oower!.
The images faded. Mayhap they were part of a dream I’d been having? Or not.

I found the readings from last night’s Health Checks; they were stuck in my protection Pants when I took a wee-wee. (Don’t ask, please!) I put them in the NHS Analyser and got these figures. Same for 3 days now.
Off to the wet room again to utilise the . All went well. A painless, bloodless and mess-less evacuation!
Emptied, cleaned and sanitised the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket).

acci-whoop I got some spuds sorted for the crock-pot. Rubbed in some Ben’s smoke flavouring, let it soak in, and placed the dish on top of the microwave for later use.
But forgot all about these until I spotted them several hours later.

I went all industrial and work-ethically minded; when I remembered Sister Janet and Brother-in-Law Pete were coming later.
I got the wines I’d been getting for over the last year and got them in the box.
The top one was all wines. Well, they do love them!
The bottom box had some spirit mixers, Glengettie tea bags and some other stuff; the Dementia Doreen had already made me forget the contents within. Da Bitch!
Next, I tackled a bit of cleaning up on the mini-hallway.
Not a hard job. And it took me only half an hour or so.
But Anne Gyna was not pleased with me in the slightest… in fact, she got rather nasty with me. Even gave me a few stabs of pain in the outer ribs, which meant she was really angry with me for doing all the bending down.
The short-lived domesticalisationing period was abandoned after this.

I went back onto the computer and replied to the mass of comments that had come in for me on WordPress. I answered them both. I got a text message as I was doing the comment replying; it was from Iceland. They had some products unavailable and three substituted. Took a look at the email link, and no problem with them this time. Returned to the comments and got them finished.

I had an instant, no-warning arrack from Dizzy Dennis. I’ve been free of these for months now, so it came as a bit of a shock. Short and sharp, but during those few minutes, it was impossible to stand up safely. Mmm?

Once able to, I rose and went in to make a few of Thompson’s Punjana tea.
I took the first photo through the kitchen window.

Then noticed the snow on the roofs of the nearer houses.

It was not thick, more like a dusting that was in the process of defrosting as the day moved on.

I took a few more shots of the streets, ways and avenues housing.

The next to the last, the penultimate picture going downwards… I’m waffling again, am I not? Sorry.

Anyway, Devonshire looked like it had plenty of Saturday workers living there.
The drive lines in the road showed signs of tyre tracks.

Some coming home, and others leaving for work.

The final shot was a great disappointment to me. I noticed the moon had come through the moving clouds, and I retrieved the put-away Lumix camera to take a shot of the moon. But it didn’t get through the clouds again. Grumph!
Later on, when putting the photographs onto CorelDraw, the 4th down shot appealed to me as a possible competition for this blog. It doesn’t seem a good idea now, but it did then.

It was the Iceland delivery arriving. The driver kindly dumped the carrier bags in the doorway for me and shot. But he did first, move the heavier ones, containing the last of the collection for a year’s wines for Sister Jane and Brother-in-Law Pete for Christmas.

The size of the slotted cream shortcake biscuits I bought was amazing! See the comparison of the size against the stove and hob.

I also bought a tub of nibbles for the Carer’s party at Christmas. That was bigger than I thought it would be, too… but not as colossal as the Shortbreads were. Hehe!

Next photo, the vegan stuff is for me, the others as treats and thank yous.
I used to love those chicken frankfurters, but I had no temptations to have any. Well, I did, but I resisted them!

I’d got some Spring Water, 4×2 litres, as last year in December, they became hard to get. So this year might be worse? Sliced Wholemeal cobs, or bread rolls, and some self-treats. Jacob’s Leicester cheese crackers! Yee-Haa!

I got the Friday blog finished and posted. To the accompaniment of Herbert’s clang, tap tapping.

Things suddenly became hectic!
Jane & Pete arrived. They didn’t have a lot of time, and I wanted to take a photo of them to put on this blog. Once we started talking I forgot all about the picture taking (Afterwards, this made my blood boil with self-hatred for forgetting to!)
arrived. Now I had three voices to confuse me…
Then or turned up. I was in a mental pickle. Unsure of what happened then, but I recall going to the elevator to speak to Jane & Pete and thinking I’d forgotten why… no, I’m sure I forgot. I was well-confused by then.

Ah, yes, I recall it now; we (Jan, Pete and me) went on the balcony; Pete said they had to park at the end of the buildings. I suggested we take a photo of it. I did it on the Lumix, and Pete used his Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, £2005 mobile

Well, well, well, the internet is down, I’m all confused about everything, Ann Gyna is giving me some… and now Herberts started off again! Never a dull moment at number 72! Hehehe!

Arrived while I was watching the England v France match. We both agreed that it was a fix. The ref had definitely been bribed to ensure the French animals got away with foul and foul, and he booked the English players as well.
Our missed penalty, by, of all people, Harry Kane, was a heart-breaker.
The poor chap must be devastated.
Losing to the French is never easy.
This time, it could have a crippling effect on the player’s morale.
Not that France needed to play so dirty, they could have won without the help of the obviously back-handed bent referee. They are a good enough team.