Inchcock: Friday 2nd December 2022

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06:30hrs: The eyes popped open. The brain refused to engage a gear, I think. Because I found myself wee-weeing, then sorting the bins out, making up waste bags… then sitting on the Porcelain Throne. All within 30 minutes!
Washed and refreshed, I got the computer going and got the worked out.
Adding up to the NHSS analyser placing me in the Hypertension-1 Red area.

Which was not bad, looking at the previous week’s returns.

I see there is a good mix in levels recently: I make it 3x High Norms, 1x Hyper Three The highest),  1x Hyper Two, and 2x Hyper Ones.
The Normal one on Thursday stands out like a sore thumb.
Today’s Hyper-One was very close to being a High-Norm,
So no complaints there!
Well, it had to happen again. Virgin Media went Down! Didn’t it, Mr $26 million a year salaried boss of Global-Liberty Fries, who bought Virgin Media and told the customer call centre staff in England,  never to mention Liberty Global to customers!

There has to be something dodgy about this, surely? Financial wizardry? Money-Laundering? (The act of engaging in transactions designed to obscure the origin of money that has been obtained dodgily). Figure manipulating? The ulterior motive that will lead to bigger profits? Deceitfulness? Deception? Dishonesty?, Dissimulation?  Double-dealing? Hocuspocus?, maybe Jiggery-pokery?
Why pay $24b to buy a company just to run it into the ground? I wonder if Liberty-Global’s lesser financiers in the insurance business are involved somewhere along the line?
No, I’m not jealous of the man just because he gets a ridiculous amount in salary and guaranteed bonuses, even an unmonitored expense account. Nor that he is totally incapable of running an internet service that may manage a day without going offline. Or that he keeps putting up the prices to customers. then advertises his business as ‘Super-Fast’, ‘Most Reliable’ etc.

Arrived without pressing the door chime. I asked her to do so in future, please, nicely like, and explained why. She said she would when the reasons were given to her; bless her. We had a mini-natter and laugh, and off she trotted.

Ah, Liberty-Global Virgin Media came back online. Don’t anyone tell Fries, though; someone at Virgin may get into trouble for doing something right! We can’t have competent people working at Liberty-Global; it’s not natural.

I made an Asda order for Sunday delivery. This should give me time to sort out Richards in thanks treats, so he can have them on Monday morning.
I even managed to find the ‘No Substitutes’ page and used it for most of the items.
As I was closing the site, I espied a link to Georges Clothing, so went on to investigate if they had any dressing gowns in stock. I feel awful about wearing the one warm one I have left on for so long.
Of course, if the ones I ordered from Amazon had arrived, there would have been no need to get any others, but they haven’t. Before having a look, I checked on Amazon to see if there was any chance of them arriving.
Nope, but they did say it was the Post Office worker’s actions that were delaying the gowns from arriving.
Also, I couldn’t cancel the order until I had contacted the seller? Swine!
So I contacted them via the link on the page. Explaining that I’d had to buy some elsewhere, so wish to cancel the order.
So having contacted the seller, I went to cancel the order on Amazon.
I got the above answer; If the seller does not resolve the issue within 48 hours of your first message, you can revisit this page to ‘Check’ if you are eligible to ‘Request’ an A-Z Guarantee refund.
This stinks! Note the ‘to see if you are eligible… I’m not going to get a refund or the bloody dressing gowns at this rate – and still, I can’t cancel the order! Which Amazon has taken the money for!

Arrived. She was busy on the mobile, trying to get help for a previous client from Nottingham City Homes. No problem with that. She got the medications sorted and gave me help with the Amazon issue; bless her ♥. Got the refund from the supplier!  We had a little natter and laugh, and I insisted on her treat in thanks for being chosen.

I updated the Google Calendar with the two deliveries coming, the dressing gowns and the Asda food order.

Got an imitation beef pie in the oven cooking.
Chips in curry in the microwave.
Made a meal of sorts, and with the two last slices of wholemeal bread and a pot of soya lemon mousse, I tucked into it.
I enjoyed it, too, for once.
Flavour rating: 7/10.


Four years? Bearing in mind his history of armed robbery, is this a deterrent or Present for him? And what a mitigating statement from Raglan Ashton to read to the court, and still he gets only four years. Look at him! Unquestionably the pathetic overpaid Parole Board parasites will free him on licence within months! But it will be kept quiet!

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Got down in the recliner and awaited the last Carer Call of the day. I really wanted to just sleep. Ah, Sweet Morpheus
Came in and gave me the last dose of Peptac, and checked the taps (faucets) were not running. Took the waste bag with her on departing; bless her.

ZZZz... But too many springing awakes.