Inchie: Sunday 4th December

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SCUMBALLS! – – – – – –

05:00hrs: I sprang almost energetically awake for the umpteenth time. Grasping what brain cells were active, I pondered over getting up or nodding off again.
The decision was made the moment I sensed movement from the rear end building up, followed by a wet emission of air! A sort of long silent phlutt!
The stomach ache had all but gone while I was motionless trying to kip, but the very second I moved to hasten to the Porcelain Throne, the agony returned. Off to the .
: ❶ Fumbling, I tried to get into the wet room ASAP, for the action was starting on its own accord.

❷ I hit my shoulder on the door frame, that set of .
❸ The tie on the trousers got stuck, and I could not get the pants down in time!
❹ Before I’d serried on the Throne, the action started. And it was in full control of . Semi-liquid. You can imagine the mess I had to clean up!
Just to add to the confusion, when I was mopping and disinfecting, I knocked over the glass bottle of olive oil. Yes, it broke this time!
Trying to clean up an olive-oiled wet room floor is not easy, I can tell you. Thank heavens for loads of kitchen towels I had in and the super picker-upperer to use.
Then, Oh, the joy of joy…
❻ I needed to use the again! But being where I was at the time, about 6 inches away from the Throne, I got things down in plenty of time.
I think the Urine Infection has moved to the bladder?

I took a couple of morning photographs from the kitchenette window.

The top one is a little blurry, but the sky looks just as it does in the photograph.

O hung out of the window smidge to take this shot of the car park on Chestnut Way.

I went back to the wet room with as much haste as I could muster. Far better this time. I got all settled well before the Trotsky Terence controlled semi-liquid flowed from the innards!
Being in the wet room again, I decided to do the ablutions.
No doer, it was a little early for using the noisy shower yet.
Do, I had a strip wash, teggies and shave.
I’m not sure for certain, I couldn’t see the nape of the neck, but I reckon I got away with just two nick shaving! .
I think the legs and ankles looked a lot better.

Pale yet blotchy skin, yes, and the toes peripherals were still a different colour to the rest of the foot.

I then tackled, mayhap one of the riskiest of  dressing jobs!  Sock Glide Glenda! And came out of it… ready for this? UNINJURED! And that was after putting on a pair of long Diabetic bamboo socks, as well. DOUBLE No Triple!

Arrived, not seen him for a while. We had a natter after he did the medicationing. He checked the taps were not left running, and took the waste bags with him for me.

Got a message from George-Asda, telling me that the dressing gowns will be coming today between 12:00@14:00hrs. It’s now 13:35hrs; we’ll see.
I went through this yesterday, and it is telling me it’s on its way. Oh, of course, it never came. I have little confidence in them.

Eventually, I got the Saturday blog sent off to WordPress. My friend Bill had done a blog. I had a look at it, liked it, and commented. Civil rights; Gone wrong in the USA.

Came for the short check visit. Gave me the Peptac and a Paracetamol. Checks the taps, and he departed. Nice lad.

I’d finished the blackcurrant spring water and delved into the c1962 Hopewells sideboard, with the hanging-off door and unclosable drawers, and started on the Tonic Water with added orange juice.
I saw the Haribo marshmallows and was sorely tempted.
But resisted!
Got the done.

Return figures I put them in the NHS analyser and was pleased to see that they were still in Hypertension – 1 Red.

I sense that the figures will improve.
Not the foggiest idea of how or why, but it seems that my EQ s confident that things will improve? We shall see tomorrow!

Hello, back to the , better this time.

Arrived. Did the checks.

Then I got settled to watch the England v Senegal match.
Not a great match. Senegal was, at times, the superior side, I thought. It was hard work, but the lads got through it.
My worry now is if they play the same against France, it’s not going to be a pretty thing.

Arrived after the match had finished. Nice to see him again.

Tried to get to sleep, but it wasn’t good. Kept constantly waking up with a jump.

Evening all!