Inchie: Sunday 4th December

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05:00hrs: I sprang almost energetically awake for the umpteenth time. Grasping what brain cells were active, I pondered over getting up or nodding off again.
The decision was made the moment I sensed movement from the rear end building up, followed by a wet emission of air! A sort of long silent phlutt!
The stomach ache had all but gone while I was motionless trying to kip, but the very second I moved to hasten to the Porcelain Throne, the agony returned. Off to the .
: ❶ Fumbling, I tried to get into the wet room ASAP, for the action was starting on its own accord.

❷ I hit my shoulder on the door frame, that set of .
❸ The tie on the trousers got stuck, and I could not get the pants down in time!
❹ Before I’d serried on the Throne, the action started. And it was in full control of . Semi-liquid. You can imagine the mess I had to clean up!
Just to add to the confusion, when I was mopping and disinfecting, I knocked over the glass bottle of olive oil. Yes, it broke this time!
Trying to clean up an olive-oiled wet room floor is not easy, I can tell you. Thank heavens for loads of kitchen towels I had in and the super picker-upperer to use.
Then, Oh, the joy of joy…
❻ I needed to use the again! But being where I was at the time, about 6 inches away from the Throne, I got things down in plenty of time.
I think the Urine Infection has moved to the bladder?

I took a couple of morning photographs from the kitchenette window.

The top one is a little blurry, but the sky looks just as it does in the photograph.

O hung out of the window smidge to take this shot of the car park on Chestnut Way.

I went back to the wet room with as much haste as I could muster. Far better this time. I got all settled well before the Trotsky Terence controlled semi-liquid flowed from the innards!
Being in the wet room again, I decided to do the ablutions.
No doer, it was a little early for using the noisy shower yet.
Do, I had a strip wash, teggies and shave.
I’m not sure for certain, I couldn’t see the nape of the neck, but I reckon I got away with just two nick shaving! .
I think the legs and ankles looked a lot better.

Pale yet blotchy skin, yes, and the toes peripherals were still a different colour to the rest of the foot.

I then tackled, mayhap one of the riskiest of  dressing jobs!  Sock Glide Glenda! And came out of it… ready for this? UNINJURED! And that was after putting on a pair of long Diabetic bamboo socks, as well. DOUBLE No Triple!

Arrived, not seen him for a while. We had a natter after he did the medicationing. He checked the taps were not left running, and took the waste bags with him for me.

Got a message from George-Asda, telling me that the dressing gowns will be coming today between 12:00@14:00hrs. It’s now 13:35hrs; we’ll see.
I went through this yesterday, and it is telling me it’s on its way. Oh, of course, it never came. I have little confidence in them.

Eventually, I got the Saturday blog sent off to WordPress. My friend Bill had done a blog. I had a look at it, liked it, and commented. Civil rights; Gone wrong in the USA.

Came for the short check visit. Gave me the Peptac and a Paracetamol. Checks the taps, and he departed. Nice lad.

I’d finished the blackcurrant spring water and delved into the c1962 Hopewells sideboard, with the hanging-off door and unclosable drawers, and started on the Tonic Water with added orange juice.
I saw the Haribo marshmallows and was sorely tempted.
But resisted!
Got the done.

Return figures I put them in the NHS analyser and was pleased to see that they were still in Hypertension – 1 Red.

I sense that the figures will improve.
Not the foggiest idea of how or why, but it seems that my EQ s confident that things will improve? We shall see tomorrow!

Hello, back to the , better this time.

Arrived. Did the checks.

Then I got settled to watch the England v Senegal match.
Not a great match. Senegal was, at times, the superior side, I thought. It was hard work, but the lads got through it.
My worry now is if they play the same against France, it’s not going to be a pretty thing.

Arrived after the match had finished. Nice to see him again.

Tried to get to sleep, but it wasn’t good. Kept constantly waking up with a jump.

Evening all!

8 thoughts on “Inchie: Sunday 4th December

      • You need one of those faucets that you push down on and it runs for 30 seconds and the shuts off. If you need it to run longer you have to stand there and hold it down.

      • I was thinking along similar lines myself, Tim.
        But the council already conduse me, in the wet room its hot faucet left – cold right.
        In the kitchen the other way around.
        Imagine asking them to change both sets of taps. Hehehe!
        Cheers, mate.

  1. The impersonation scam is also part of something called social engineering over here — the deliberate scheming by con artists to gain the trust of genuinely good people, to use that technique to destroy lives with impunity and with complete ruthlessness. Makes you shudder to think of just how low some people will go. Reminds me of Trump somehow. Haha!!
    Petal often advises me to just let ideas flow more often when I write. It’s exactly what I did when writing notes while listening to that interview with Clarence Moses; it was an absolutely intense interview. Thanks for your kind words, Gerry. Also found six articles on Mercator. Hope you enjoy reading about the importance of map projection and how they are used by people like Goebbels to use them for propaganda.
    During one of my lengthier hospital visits a friend brought in a steel beer can that he then hung next to the IV bags. I walked the halls with that can suspended along with the others. Got quite a few good larfs, it did. But the memory gets even better.  By sheer coincidence a famous baseball radio broadcaster from 700 on the AM dial was in hospital with a urinary infection. The sponsor for his radio show was Burger Beer, a very popular local beer brewery. While hospitalized he was signing cards to send to fans; the cards were featured with art. We had great chats. As famous as he was, he was also very generous with his time. He was a former ball player and was an enormous celebrity. I still have the beer can, the tubing, and the electrical tape that held the tubing in place. Not only that. Over all these years I have kept those two items with memorabilia that somehow survived from 1975 to 2022 now. That cartoon brought all those memories to the fore in a single instant. Humbling stuff. So amazing that it has been sitting in a closet box, waiting patiently for a time capsule opening ceremony.  Awe inspiring. This memory will make a great blog entry. Thank you so much for the kind words regarding my blog post on SiriusXM, mon ami. Lisa reminds me often that needs to be addressed not as a blog but as a book, a tome, an autobiography as well as a self-standing work. It’s how I have always framed Inchcock Today in my mind. An authentic life well told. Everyone who has ever lived contains totally unique experiences. Billions of stories contained in a sack of skin. Each of us exists on the same rotating orb circling the same fusion factory that itself is a tiny bit of an iota with infinity existing to each side of a center point and an infinite expanse within many dimensions of time and space — awful and full of awe at the same time. All of that in a single cartoon. Now that is some great economy of thought, innit? Nottingham to Cincinnati and back. That’s wot. Hey, I think this reply could turn into six posts. Easily.
    Just saying.
    Much love from the mammals of the Manor.

    • Bless you Billum.
      Brilliant idea from your mate. Love it!
      Economy of thought… thanks mate.
      You thought through this one, Sir.
      Poor Richards diabetes reading way wayu too high, the kad was yawning throughout, and at the same time helping me. What a lad! I was on this comment when he arrived, he thought the ale gag brilliant too!

      • Lisa is one of those rare individuals who can write extemporaneously and coherently at the same time, whereas I tend to overthink words to the point of locking up when misplacing a comma — hence taking a month to write a single post on my own blog. So *both* Gerry C. and Lisa C. are my mentors.
        “Recalling Waite Hoyt” is now the tentative title for a future post on BillZiegler1947.
        Here is a link to a piece on the Baseball Hall of Fame that will give you an idea of just how famous Waite was to millions of people:
        Now *you* have let me know that I can indeed follow Lisa’s lesson on writing — writing about Waite.
        And the tale of the Burger Beer Can is known by Richard as well.

      • I’ll take a look Billum ay the link, thanks. As soon as the DVT nurse has been to drain a vein in the right leg… mine, not hers. With any luck she’ll be a Sontaran gal? Hehehe! I can’t recall seeing any Sontaran lasses? Abouttime they were introduced methinks. I see angelic but tough gals in the role?

        Saviour Richard had not long departed, after a 50 minute visit in which he issued the medications, worked out that the urine infection is back again… He was in the ktichen removing out-of-date medications from the drawer, when I had to go to the WC… The stink from the previous wee-wee ten minutes earlier was horrendous! The one I took, added to the putrid smell.
        Richard was not disturbed by it and casually said; You must ask the next caller (Too early to do it now) to ring the Doctor and ask for more of the wee medication.
        He took it all calmy, (The pong) and said he’s want to hear what the situation is on his evening call. Bless him.
        I must ask him about the Burger-Beer-Can.
        I can’t get out to get any money until the wee-weeing and Throne visits die down, very frustrating.
        Still, yer don’t like to complain does yer.
        Anne Gyna is at this momment kicking off again… Worra life!
        I’m waffling again, sorry mate.
        Love to all at the Manor Laboratories & Data appreciation Society. ♥♥♥

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