Politicians Ode

They just tell untruths, for they cannot legally lie,

To keep or get into power, with anyone they’ll ally,

They shop at Harrods, not at the local ‘Bring & Buy’,

They seem to set the rules, that they themselves do not apply,

Their expense claims are fiddled, and go high and awry,

The laws of ethics and morality they always manage to defy,

They’ve the compassion of the sleeping sickness biting TseTse fly,

Being fair, honest and trustworthy, these also passed them by,

Their own salaries, they set so very overly high,

Nepotists they are, to last gal, gay and guy,

Surely their expenses fiddling they cannot deny?

To cover their shady dealings, they will surely try,

Only at elections, do they consider the electorate small fry,

Shame on the idiots who vote them in – like you and I,

Their Party Political broadcasts, are weirder than any Sci-Fi,

But more unbelievable, ambiguous, fallacious and wry,

Philargyrists (Lovers of money) with a very ample supply,

Their greedy uncaring attitude makes one want to wail and cry,

Where do the worst ones come from, Eton is the reply,

Rich mummies & daddies, taught them to be superior, not shy,

You can’t get into Government without the old school tie,

Their perfidiousness and double-dealing I cannot justify,

I’ve said my bit now, so have a good day, good-bye!


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