A volgivagant life brings on mental strife!

A volgivagant life brings on mental strife!


Formulated by Inchcock, while he was medicationalising Little Inchies Fungal Lesion


Thought of the Day

2020 ttJan 11


No animal life was harmed in the production of these odes.

Allergies: They do contain a nut, & can cause laughter (Maybe)

These thoughts have been veganistically prepared.

The contents of this blog discourage suicidal tendencies.

Remainers & Leavers are encouraged to enjoy.


14 thoughts on “A volgivagant life brings on mental strife!

  1. Using some pretty big words for the uneducated masses to deal with. It’s a wonderful ode of malcontent and strife. Well done preparing it with no harm to wildlife, and only one nut for the allergic types to deal with. Vegan? Not sure vegans deal well with zombification, but I believe zombies eat vegans.

    • As a convicted vegan I must always listen and smell for the presence of the uninvited zombie: a weary business that comes with the conviction, it would seem. A warning on my peanut paste jar alerts me to the presence of nuts in the midst of the mix:-)

    • Big words, never thought of that. Hehe!
      The nut was me, Tim. Haha!
      I couldn’t spell vegitarians. Not sure what the difference is, I’ll have to look it up.
      By the by, Gaynor has arranged for taxis, to take some of us to Mo’s funeral on Monday, and invited me to put my name down, its now on the list. Her family asked for no bl;ack tpo be worn, Mo loved bright. Fopr Mo, I don’t mind struggling, such a treasure to me.
      She’d have laughed at some of your quips, senxe of humour and a sod-em-all attitude, Loved her, as so many did.
      Taketh care, Sir.
      Oh, I’m thinking of doing an Inchcock Today in Brief – using photos and only cpommenting on them. What do you think? It should save me alot of time.

      • An “Inchcock in brief” will be perfect way to post while you are recovering. I knew the nut was you, the only one you would refernce. Vegan’s don’t eat any animal products, whereas vegitarians may include dairy products and eggs in their diets.

      • Thanks, Tim, I’ll remember that about ‘Tarians and vegans. (He says with a nervous tick!) Hehe!
        Feeling a bit better this morning, although Porcelain Throne activities and Arthur Itis are doing their best to get at me.
        TTFNski, Sir.

      • I’ve been doing a lot of manual labor the past couple of days. It’s really getting to my joints.

  2. Man”kind” is a rare species, please know that your skewering of the idiots in charge bring comfort to my soul and spirit. My political beliefs remain as they were in the 60s, despite all the full assault by the ultra privileged to abscond every farthing in and out of sight. Please know also that I cheer your memes and mimes. 🙂

    • The Bing-desiring top-dogs, have not changed much. Apart from (over here anyay) getting away with it more easily, Bill.
      I think it’s got worserer, since Tony Blair showed us how easy it was.

  3. Hopes beyond amelioration, definitely.
    Dreams beyond amelioration, never.
    When you rest and perhaps dream, the entire world is your oyster.
    Dream well.
    Life holds no candle to your imagination.
    Sleep well, and if not, dream better.

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