I’m Determined to destroy Depression!

I’m Determined to destroy Depression!


I decided, in a dream, I had yesternight,
Depression, I’ll resist, beat and outfight,
I must be strong, determined, not contrite,
I’ll be honest with myself, not like a Blairite,
My approach, will-power, must be definite!
I’ll have courage, like a brave medieval Knight,
And continue to show my vigour and fight,
Although my confidence may be finite,
This misery, I will surely try to expedite,
I must give this depression, no respite,
Ridding myself of this soul-destroying plight,
Who knows if I can, I just possibly might?
Then hopefully, I’ll get some sleep tonight,
And for supper, I can have some toasted Marmite!

Created during an aberrant spell of semi-confidence.

No Brexiteers were harmed during the production of this waffle!

5 thoughts on “I’m Determined to destroy Depression!

      • Odd how “Vegemite” is the preferred word in Australia and that Marmite is famous in New Zealand. I have seen it stocked locally but have yet to try it.
        A grocery chain near us features an “old folks only” time between the hours of 7 and 8 Monday through Thursday, so I’m going tomorrow to check on toilet roll availability.
        And, hey, before it becomes April 2, happy April fools day to you, kind Sir! My favorite stunt remains the Spaghetti Harvest presented by the BBC in the 1950s. πŸ™‚

      • Vegemite (AustraIia) and (UK) Marmite taste a little different, but I have both in stock, though not a lot left, Bill. I love both equally as much. The Marmite crisps (Chips to you I think. mate) are my favourite, although only a memory now.
        The spag joke, I missed it at the time, we didn’t have a TV in our poverty stricken hovel. (Hehe!) But I was in the nexct door neighbours house, and it came on ;ater, telling about the con, well it had me fooled. Which may go to show just how gullible I am! Haahaa!

      • Everything was flawlessly seamed together, carrying the audience into every step in the production process and the science behind it. The narrator delivered the jape with the proper Beeb intonation. 63 years on, it still brings me a hearty laugh. Hahaha πŸ™‚

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