Inchcock; a bad day!

Regretfully, today I have got myself in a tangle with the computer, CorelDraw (What a mess I’ve got there!); and the card reader on the computer has still not been mastered to find out a way to get it to recognise the SD cards.

Add these to the ailments Duodenal Donald and Shaking Shoulder Shirley, and they have me beaten. Not to mention Cataract-Kathleen, making things nigh-on impossible for me with the CorelDraw problems. I’m depressed smidge now.

Yesterday I started a graphic for HRH Lisa and Billum. Not as detailed as I wanted it to be, but I hope they get a smile out of it! So I fumbled my way to finishing it, so I had something to blog.

I’ll keep trying to get the photos sorted; a weak effort, sorry.

12 thoughts on “Inchcock; a bad day!

  1. A very fine graphical, Sir. Many thanks for the brilliant and accurately presented list of lab characters and sharp focus on particulars. They look great to me, and get me in the mood to head off to that laboratory right now because the foot is agame, innit?

      • You’ve done it yet again, Billum. Mentioned something just as I was injuring it… Hahaha! In this case foot! Mintues ago I poddled off to make a brew of Glengettie, and as I’d filled the new kettle… Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirely struck! The kettle fell on my foot (decent bruise), and now has a dent in the side of it; oh no, two dents.
        On the bright side, the ambigoids probably helped by making sure Shirley did it when cold water was in the kettle!
        Did you see that? A nearly positive thought that was! Hehe!
        Best wishes for this Samstag to all! 💜

      • Now I suddenly have our newest furry fellow Fozie upon my left arm and digging into the skin with his “am I getting yer attention moves. Ouch.
        Those ambiguoids counter the problems caused by accifauxpas activity.Ouch, another claw. The ambiguoids must have turned off the hot water then.
        Alles Gute zum Samstag!

      • Fozie (0) and Nibbles (1) decent photos are rare indeed for me to use. If at some time you could rectify my problem Sir, I’d appreciate it muchly.
        Fozie may calm down and claw retraction could become the norm? Hahaha!
        Reminds me of Cyril again, but Lady was a lady, and rarely used to dig in deep. ♥
        It was the timing of the ambigoids you see, seconds earlier and the hot water would have gone all over me and the floor… timed it for just when I’d refilled the kettle with cold water. Blimey, another positive thought… Not normal for me over the last few depressing days.

      • Yes, I need to release the first photos of Mr. Fozzie, a big fellow who the world would benefit by seeing. Amazing how different cats are in personality and in everything else of course. A long-furred heavy guy.
        The ambiguoids are a force for good, they tackle all those nasty irascible demons that appear in flat 72 for no good reason. HRH’s creations also ward off Phukinesque darkness.

      • Cyril was like a furry football shape, Billum. When he first started to investigate the house for food. When he was adopted, I took him to the vet for a check up. Said he was in fine form. When one is coming hime in the dark and pushing the motorbike up the alleyway to the back of the house (I kept it in a shed in the garden… the bike, not Cyril. Hehehe! Him being dark black and having a habit of jumping up on ones chest (no don’t in anticipation of being fed), and purring loudly. Gawd, I do miss him still. Your deas right about them having differing personalities too.
        Took a decent tumbel this morning. Messy job, the bottle of water I was opening to take the medications went all over me, in the waste bucket and carpet.
        Luckily the Carer Chaymae was present and retrieved my body back up on its legs. I fell on the right knee, Herberts was clanging and banging, and Cathy Cartilage has been… better not say or I’ll cover the diary. Hehehe!
        Forgot th alter the clocks, late for t e first time with Josies’ meal. Not a good day up to now.
        I can imagine HRH fending of Phutin. ♥
        I’ve found that Lenny the lamb is a defender… I suspect he’s doing it all the time yoyu know… Since he and Roger Rabbit ith the long ears have been moved to the front of the display (I move them around occasionally to be fair you know.) My Accifauxpas have not been as bad as normal!
        Hello, Herberts off again…

      • At first I imagined Cyril as an American football kind of shape. Sounds like quite a character and certainly brings bright memories. Taking a tumble is not so bad when a Carer is present to get yer off the danged floor. Herbert never tires of his noise creations, worra git. Changing the clocks messes with the rhythm of your day as well as a timely delivery of Josie’s meal. Sundays are tough enough without such crapolla.
        Putin had an HRH at one time, probably threatened to pull a Henry VIII on her.
        Good to read that the stuffed members of the household get to move around and limber up. Lenny the Lamb is a class act and worthy companion.
        HERBERT Aaaaargh!!

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