Inchcock Today: Belated Photographicalisations – Diary

Belated Photographicalisations INCHCOCKs DIARY

I’m afraid with the mess I made of the files when trying to master the card-reader problem, and then the CorelDraw graphics disaster… that’s a mild word for it! It was no less than a miracle how I managed to get the photos uploaded. Then the reader kept conking out midway through – and the unloaded SD pictures had to be searched for again… Then the card-reader conked out again all together! It’s taken me a lifetime to get them sorted… well, there are more unsorted now! Glagnangles!

Well, he’s been tap-tapping and knocking to keep me company once again, on and off all day! But he can’t help being well-off and all the management loving him so. In fact, as ignorant, unneighbourly, superior-natured, snotty, unresponsive, unfriendly, standoffish, snot-bags go, he’s one of the bestest.

I did have the pleasure of Carer Cheeky Charley calling this morning. So good to have a little natter and laugh. Her having to leave put me back in the dumps, but thankful for her cheeriness! ♥

I’ve not much idea which of the two days I’d no working SD reader photos were taken, but I’ve hazarded my best guess. Tried to get them in the order they were taken… I hope. Here we go…

A morning shot here, Mayhaps Wednesday. (Or, Thursday, or else Friday?) Or not. Got the splinter out! I seem to recollect my knocking over the towel holder and breaking it when I took this shot.

I took the Boot’s BP sphygmomanometerisationing, in the kitchenette, near the microwave machine. Why? Tsk! I haven’t got the foggiest; I can’t even remember taking it.

Still, the 149 Sys reading came out okayish. DIA 70, Pulse at 91. The body temperature was not such a good result, though! Even lower this time, the minimum being 35°c, it was a little low at 33.7°c.

I’m assuming the picture of the Dettol disinfectant would have had something to do with Little Inchies Fungal Lesion bleeding and my need to wash the trews using it?

Aha! I can remember taking this one! I used Carer Richard’s so kindly donated camera. The batteries ran out, but I had some in stock and changed them, got a decent shot? Something bugs me that I may have already put this on a blog? Ah, Thursday this one, when I got the Ocado order delivered, by a helpful bloke who took the bags through to the kitchen, bless his cotton socks. Some great nosh arrived! Marmite cobs, fresh pod peas, potato cheese and leek pies. (Had an Accifauxpa with them, I’ll try to remember to tell you of the farce later). 

A tasty treat of the day, Polish sourdough bread, cheese twists, as well. Oh, and the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m gerrin’ on a bit now yer know, Hehehe! Four cream and strawberry jam tartlets… Eat them all? Me? Ahem! Erm… Yes! Got some strawberries as well; going out for treats, they will be. Got the stuff stored away.

I opened a Chukka cheese, leek and onion pie… no, that’s not right, erm… I was close. It was a potato, cheese and leek pie, and as I was putting it back in the fridge having removed the cardboard… Ailment number eight; Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, ensured that I dropped the pie on the floor. Swiftly followed up by Peripheral Neuropathy Pete giving me one of his rare, but troubling, drop-something and flail-about, involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler Dances  (As cyber-mate Tim, in New Mexico has Christened them, Hahaha  To round off the farce, I trod on the Chukka pie!

Hence, I had to clean and mop the kitchenette floor yet again. For the third time this week. Each time it was caused primarily by one or more of the ailments. With all the things going wrong lately, I surprised myself with how I got on with the job; I even found myself singing out loud?

Erm,  Thurs… no, Fridays Health Checks  I think  Either one, the SYS and DIA were back up high again; However, the Pulse was down a bit. You can’t win ’em all.

Whoops The body temperature was about the same, too low  I’d try the in-the-ear one, but I can’t work out how to get the actual temperature up on display. Fair enough, there are buttons on it to confuse me… Haha!

I think I’ve made a cock-up on this one; I can’t remember eating this at all. So, possibly, Dementia Doreen is having fun with me, or I saved an old photo, not a new one… that is, of course, unless the computer card reader ate the new one?

Ah, this was Thursdays anyway, I reckon, Cause there is sourdough bread in the picture. See that, I worked that out despite Dementia Doreen. Har-har  Yes, I had two Heinz veggie burgers  Texan style. They were delicious  Yellow tomatoes, podded peas and BBQ sauce on the burger sandwiches.

Then… I demolished all four of Marks & Spencer cream and strawberry jam tarts!! Next time, I’ll be hard pushed not to order any more from Ocado – they were out of this world!

Fridays morning  It took me hours to get the blog done with the graphic of Lisa and Bill in their laboratory.

Getting photos onto the system was still a no-no, no-go!

Oh, bloody woe is me! That damned Shuddering Shoulder Shirley is having a ball with me this week. Her timing is just immaculate. I was just stirring the freshly made mug of Glengettie when she gave just one almighty jerk that resulted in tea and broken pottery on the kitchen floor once more that needed to be cleared, cleaned and mopped again!

I can’t take much hassle  Hehehe. There was no singing to myself this time around!

I decided to make a can of ready-made chilli, a hot one it says on the label. Do a few chips in the oven and dunk the Sourdough bread. I wonder if I can get the photograph of the meal onto the computer. What are the odds, Humph!

Saturday morning: Well, Gotten Himmel  The SD card worked first time this morning. This has not been the case for over fifteen days!

The can of strong Chilli-con-carne and garden peas was slowly warmed through. Then I added some grated leeks and some more red beans, Liquid smoke, then the BBQ sauce, all the time stirring it, on a low light, turning up the heat for the last few minutes. The BBQ chips done in the oven were added when I served it up. Some Polish sourdough bread and a Lemon & Lime yoghourt pot rounded off the meal.

Hehe! Delicious! Flavour rating 8.8/10… nothing like being precise.

The evening carer arrived when I was eating it; she was a front door non-chime ringer – didn’t half make me jump when she got in the room  (Haha!)

Sleep was resistant tonight. I tried putting on the TV, but even that didn’t help me nod off. Then the dreaded Thought-Storms arrived… and stayed toying in my brain for hours on end!

I did manage to nod off eventually and stayed that way for four hours, before the traditional springing awake with a jump… needing a wee-wee  So, up I got.

Ode To These Two Days

Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas & affrays!
Bleeding, fears, worries, errors, mistakes always!
Thought Storms, more so than for days…
The mind was unable to sort out or appraise…

The odd bit of good fortune… that did amaze…
Dropsies, I could have had the kitchen ablaze,
Memory blanks, medications and delays…
Forgetting what I’m typing; off the thought strays!

Started recalling the past, all my yesterdays,
Leaving my emotions depressed, in a haze!
But, at least no walking into doorways!
Mind you, on a superb tasting meal, I did graze!

Morning all!

29 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Belated Photographicalisations – Diary

  1. A short cheer from Charley is better than no cheer at all. I don’t know if a would Dettol little inchie that stuff looks lethal. Rather decent vitals and cool temp readings. The meals look appetizing.

    • Too true, Tim! She’s a live wire, thats for sure! ♥
      Ah, the dettol is for soaking the affected clothing in after a bleed or leak, before laundering.
      The doctor said something like (I can’t rememebr cause it was over two years ago, I’ve not seen her since: You may have Hypothyroidism. I’m still waiting for the appointment to look into it. Danged covid! Hehe!
      Cheers cocker.

  2. A fair amount of stuff going on there for a Saturday. Charley’s visit was particularly timely given the paucity of appearance of many visitors, other than the deliverer who also helped yer with the bag logistics. Ailments kicking in with a regularity of their own choosing. That red lorry does enjoy the experience of being superior, do he not? As I have mentioned, methinks he is an accomplice of the vaunted Herbert who can do no wrong in the eyes of his many admirers, makes his noises all the louder somehow. Aaaaaaaargh!
    The noshes were well assembled and fairly scored. No peas rolling on the floor, I hope.
    And Richard’s camera works, SD chips are always to be questioned.

    • Ah, that darned red van… I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a ‘fancied’ tenant as well, who can do no wrong… Grrr!
      I’m going to do that Bill, whenever I get around to trying to load the piccies again… I’ll have a word with the SD card before putting him in the reader… not sure what to say to him, don’t want to upset him… or her, whichever. Haha!

      • The cretin or cretiness always parks illegally with a bit on an angle to the chevron. Enough to make you mad all over again. Probably the joy of his misbegotten friends who enjoy his rebel spirit and ghastliness.

      • It was quite a revelation for me to arrive at self-involved maggots. A good title for an unwritten book that might find its way onto the New York Times list of bestsellers. Feel free to use it — or any of the other phrases I concoct — at any time. Attribution not even required.

      • Quite true. I once received a tear to my cornea caused by a piece of paper that flew up and hit the eye. It was at a chalkboard, my attempts to wipe my eye brought some nice abrasive chalk dust to it. Smart? No, made me feel dumb.

      • Red van man, may be a nastyman, as is Herbert. Can’t see them socialising, Herbert is a snot-bag, who doesn’t answer when you greet him good morning. I did get a grunt back though once.

      • Herbert is too good for the likes of us plebes, vans and herberts dwell in more sanctimonial places than the abodes and vehicles that we use. An ethereal plane removed, or was that Dante’s rings around the nether regions. They aspire to serve the king of Russia: Phukin’ Hell!
        Lord Grunt, noisemaker extraordinaire!

      • I seem to know just know just when the iron is ready for the hammer strike. A sort of Thor’s hammer, strong enough to smash a medium-sized anvil into tiny fragments. Don’t forget the eye protection when dispatching medium-sized anvils, a good preventative measure. In other words, smile-raising. !

      • As someone who was about Julie’s age during the years between 1971 and 1973, having visited the UK, it humbles me to know of fellow expats who spend time on the other side of the Atlantic. The small world around that small ocean makes us all kin.

      • Too true, Bill, I am lucky here, I’m surrrounded by immigrants of all nations, and sometimes have a natter with them when I can get out to the ‘Continental shop’. Gorgeous food in there. I thin Julia should be coming on Friday again, fingers crossed.

      • It is downright stimulating to live in a place that welcomes the stranger who has much to share and to contribute to a world class city such as Nottingham or little old Fort Thomas. Good nattering opportunities.

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