The Basement Laboratory at Crowell Towers

Designed & Created to be funny & get a smile or two!

With this morning’s (Wed) bleeding problems…

and the computer ones, too, by the time I got around to making time to think of what to do with today’s blog; the day had almost gone. However, I was determined to get summat sorted out to publish.

So I got a graphic that I’d started long ago, of HRH Lisa and Lesser Red-Spotted Professor Billum, in their basement laboratory, and titivated it, adding some, that I think amusing bits.

I hope you like it.

The Basement Laboratory at Crowell Towers

I added myself visiting.

Hope it goes down well! πŸ’š

15 thoughts on “The Basement Laboratory at Crowell Towers

  1. Haha! I see you made an appropriately sized HRH body! I don’t know why I am a WESEN!This is a GRIMM reference you will enjoy once you are able to stay awake for the entire episode! I loved it Inchie and I am happy you crossed the Atlantic in your deluxe luxury ocean liner’s life ring! Why not? We are happy letting Billium play with his experiments!
    What on Earth happened to your head dear? You also use Coumadin, am I correct sir? The scalp and the ears. and such bleeders! I hope you are all bandaged and healed. It’s good Richard is making a last call meeting at your place. Maybe it will work into an extra aide package for mutual benefit! Love you Darling!

    • Ah, this style of body is more my cup of tea. So glad I remembered to change it, now, petal! β™₯
      I really would like to watch a Grimm episode, but they are on so late in he evening, for me. I will get around to it… I’ve got to now, to discover what a Wesen is. Hahaha! 😴
      I saw the skateboards grabbing on behind veicles on the TV, and waited for the US bound ship to tie the belt to… Hehe! 🀣
      I fink Billum is happy experimenting away.
      The head wound was a little farcical, Lisa. I was in the wet room doing my ablutions and got an itch on the head, and scratched it. At that inopportune time, the neurotransmitters (peripheral neuropathy) failed. When this happens, and it does a lot, the sense of touch goes, cause the nmessage is not getting through to the brain. Which means whichever part of he body is in action, starts jumping, jerking and stabbing, in this case the fingers. And I (Richards thinks), must have tore off a spot or mole, that’s why it bled so much, gal. Not sure what Coumadin is, but think I’ve heard the word. I’m on amongst other things, Warfarin, that might be a sililar thing, blood thinner?
      A lot better this morning, thank you petal, only leaking a little now.
      Richard was late today, a client had to go to hospital, and Richard would not leave anyone until the ambulance arrives, bless him. So he was really tired when he arrived, but still gave me a couple of minute chinwagging. I make up a bottle of soringwater with a little lime or orange cordial each day for him. He feels the heat in the flat, I am the opposite and don’t realise it is so warm. I put the bottles in the fridge for the nexy time he calls so it’s nice and cold.
      The costs of the Carers has gone up again, 6.8%, what next? Already up if food prices, rent, poll tax, national insurance, and electricity has gone up by 3%, then 3% more, now 10%!
      Thanks for caring, HRH my precious petal. πŸ’œ XXX

  2. Dear Inchie, Coumadin is the brand name for Warfarin! So you and Billium take it and these itches turn crazy fast!! I have to tell him not to scratch anything with his WESEN claws (heehee!) and he tries and then he heals up . When Bill comes in to watch TV in my room at night, he is like a heater and I make him turn on the fan, or the air conditioner! He makes lots of heat!! I know about those shaky things – it happens when you have signal interferences. I have the thing where my toes curl up and I can’t make them get straight again and then it HURTS! It is a nutritional deficiency since I can’t absorb what I need. So, I take shots and try to get what I can from tablets! Cold Pressed juices are good too – where it is just veggies and some small fruit amount to sweeten the experience. I actually enjoy spinach and wheat grass on their own. It tastes like eating grass and I think that must be what is the popular trend of Matcha tea – it looks like moss and Paul Hollywood isn’t a fan – no Hollywood Handshake! Love to you darling! !

  3. What a busy laboratory session you’ve captured, Sir. Tools of the trade, colorful flasks, something odd upon my head. Crowell Tower Labs gets involved in just about any sort of experimentations that lack purpose of all kinds. I even delve into the study of nosh ingredients, a cookbook in progress?
    I fank you and petal for participating in the light-hearted shenanigans that make lab work fun.
    That looks like you’ve suffered another gunshot wound to the pate from a small calibre bullet, hope it does not impede cranial activity too much.
    Heal well, kind Sir!

    • So glad you found the humour in it so well, Billumski. I, well Richard thinks it was the start of a boil that I nipped off. So much betterer this morning thanks, mate.
      Got some potato cakes in the oven heating, garden peas in the pan, and posh potatoe ball, can’t remember what they are called, cause I had to take them out of the box to get the overordered things in the freezer again. Haha! I’m guessing at how long to cook it – I’ll go and have a look at it methinks. Safe keeping, and thanks for being so kindski.

      • There is something quite satisfying about ripping the lid off a wound and letting the blood free to flow. Lisa tells me to stop it, but my fingernails veto those motions. πŸ™‚
        It is not always easy to estimate time, temperature, and quantity of over-ordered commodities. But I think you have a feel for it.
        Stay ye safe, and do not yield to any temptations to go over to Ukraine to check Russian tanks for occupants. That is a good way to stay safe methinks.
        Being a kindski is something of a trait with me. A fellow alumnus of my grammar-school class of 1961 told me that I was “the nicest kid he had ever met.” My bully tormentors called in sick, both of them. A satisfying result for the writer of these words.

      • I’ve only got one photo of nibbles, sir. Nibbles will find her way onto the next graphic. Got to get you on their now.
        Cheers, Mon Ami (Is that the right term?)

      • Lisa is planning to give little grey admission to full citizenship as soon as she can schedule a vet appointment. We watch a veterinarian office in Australia *Sidney* on YouTube that accepts patients with any life-threatening illness, including wombats, koalas, goldfish, dogs, cats, and wild birds with hooks and fishing line that trap them. They have advanced X-ray equipment, cat-scans, MRIs… So maybe HRH is sending me to Australia, mate. A long flight, but perhaps they reimburse me for that. We sure do watch high quality animal programs that seem to have large bank accounts. I wonder if little grey kitten would enjoy the trip

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