INCHIE: Saturday 29th July 2023 – Sleep Deprivation

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The eyes are worse than ever today! Photographicalising brought about many being too bad to use. Yet they looked alright to me on the Kodak screen when I checked them?
The first effort after waking proves the point.
No idea what it was of, or even if I meant to take it?
I took it whilst forcing myself awake in the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner.
Not a good colour this morning.

Again, I’m not sure of the reason for taking this one.

Ah, I remember this one. Yesterday Carer Chris brought the laundry back up for me, but it was almost wet still. He kindly took it down again and brought it back today – all good! I arranged it over the falling-to-pieces computer chair, and this helped to ease the sitting pains donated by poor old . Getting low on the Germoloid cream now. It was earlier in the year selling for £5.99, yesterday it was on sale at £6.99… and at a Special price!

The newly rebatteried wristwatch was still going strong.

Afternoon clouds…
A Pareidolia’s Delight. Ghost creatures, animals’ claws and heads, a flying bat?
Not sure if the one above is, with the eyes being so bad, but it looked to me like a creature being born?
A ghost attack?
So many things in this one!

At long last, I got a nosh made.
A giant potato cooked in the oven. sliced open, and
A dollop of the non-butter butter melted into the flesh.
With some liquid sea salt.
Flavour Rating: 9/10!

Evening Sunset
A close-up.

Here are the used before old Odes, which I thought you might like to see again. Of course, some will not fall into that category. Hehe!


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  1. That was a real ode fest. I love the first abstract photo. Belongs in the Tate. That was one big tater. Excellent cloud photos and sunset.

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