Parliament: Where will we find…

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Parliament: Where You Will find…

This Ode was created by Inchcock as he was making a cup of tea to take his multiple medications, apply his Permethrin cream and change his bandages.

Where will we find people so very temperamental?

Those who consider fiddling as fundamental?

Nasty self bias people: cruel, vile and a little mental?

Scheming people being unscrupulous and instrumental?

Slippery, deceitful, cheating, and lying elemental?

Folk who seem inhuman, arrogant and ornamental?

Where will we find them, along with nothing sentimental?

Members who find lying, and criminality just incidental?

Where will we find dangerous people, who to us are detrimental?

Those who cheat and get off scot-free, being so inscrutable,

Scum who find self interest and nepotism so ingestible,

The cream of the vain, narcissistic and pure egotistical

We’ll find them all in anything that’s Governmental!

2 thoughts on “Parliament: Where will we find…

  1. Henry can vouch for the sentiment behind this post. Having spent over the best part of the 20th century on the ‘back benches’, honesty and decisions made for the greater good have become increasingly distant, almost reaching the realms of complete mythology. Henry wouldn’t like to think how things are these days! The iron mask is unyielding and merciless. Oil has become more valuable to the vampires of establishment than the blood of the working class.
    Fuck ’em! Let them destroy each other…

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