Inchcock Today – Friday 9th June 2017


Friday 9th June 2017

Khmer (Cambodian): កាលពីថ្ងៃសុក្រទី 9 ខែមិថុនាឆ្នាំ 2017

0220hrs: Stopped looking at the Election Results, with blurry eyes. Hehe!
To the Porcelain Throne with good results, I am now confident that Constipation Konrad is evacuating my innards.

Dropped off to sleep and dreamt about a cyber-friend from Texas. I’d met up with her in a large shoe shop, and we could not decide which pair of footwear she should purchase? We ended up with her buying a pair of pink goloshes she wanted to wear on top of her slippers? There was more to this dream, a vague recollection of us in a boat… but not certain. Hey-Ho! The second dream I’ve recalled recently, that one.

0330hrs: Got the washing bag and accoutrements down to the laundry room and into the washer, back up to the dwelling, had a wee-wee and carried out the Health Checks for this morning:

Sys 137, Dia 74, Pulse 77, Temp 36 and weight 14.78; Nowt to fret over methinks.

5Fri03Made me a brew.

Down to move the laundry from the washer to dryer. Returned to the flat and had another wee-wee. up

Got the computer on and started to work on the diaries.up

Had a wee-wee, and down again to collect the 2tue03washing.

Cleaned the filters, counters and machines.

While all this going up and down on the lifts, every time I left the elevator and returned, it was on a different floor? I worked out that with it being so early, the security man must be doing his rounds.

5Fri02aUp in the lift and got the clothing put away in the airing cupboard and on the clothes racks.

I must get this closet sorted out and rearranged a bit soon. Ahem!

Had a wee-wee, and back onto the computer doing the diaries again.

Made a fresh brew in the new smaller mug, come cup.

Had a look at the current state of the election results:


Going to be a hung Parliament for sure. Only four seat results to come in so the Tories cannot get the 326 seats they need for overall control, even if they win all of the four. It’ll be interesting, to see who they partner or form an alliance with.

Did some WordPress Reading. Duodenal Donald started hassling me. Huh!

Went on Facebooking for a while.

ThomasG04Did a graphic of Thomas Greene, a TFZer of distinction… so the TFZ gals tell me? Haha, jealousy raises its head?

Posted it off to the site.

Ablutions were done next. The water didn’t seem as hot as usual?

Medicated and creamed the areas in need of medicating and creaming, took the bin bags out and to the rubbish chute, got all dressed and polished shoes and had a wee-wee!

Out and off on a hobble into Sherwood, down Winchester Street onto Mansfield Road. On the way limping down the road, new growths were coming through the railings and wooden fences; All so beautiful and fresh!


5Fri12aAt the bottom of the hill, I spied a squirrel just stood on the pavement. I decided to get the camera out and take a photographicalisation of it.

It nipped speedily into a house driveway, and I missed him/her!

Tsk! Still, it came out alright as photographs go. Hehehe!

The change in the weather was surprising. Very pleasant now.

Right up Mansfield Road and called into the fruit & veg shop and bought some pod peas. Then up a few stores and called into the Co-op shop. Where, hard to believe I know, but I bought some more pod peas from them, along with some 99-Tea-bags and next week’s TV Magazine.

Further up the road and called into the Wilko Store. Got Flyspray, Dettol Lavender antiseptic disinfectant and some Exotic Ylang & Freesia scented softener for the laundry. Love the smell of this one.

Nosied in the charity shops but didn’t get anything, then up to the bus stop where there were two lady and two gentlemen fellow tenants awaiting the arrival of the L9 bus. Had a jolly good chinwag, and it was here that I realised I’d purchased tow load of the pod peas. So I gave one bag to a lady. No point in keeping on to them, they would be rotting by the time I got to eat them, and if I did eat the lot, the innards would not be happy. Haha!

Back in the rooms and a wee-wee was tended to.

Put the fodder away, all apart from that which I was going to use for today’s dinner. Cod in batter, potato croquettes, beetroot, tomatoes, Surimi sticks, an apple and some fresh pod peas.

Set about doing another TFZer graphic, of Thomas Schuppert: CorelDraw froze, and I lost it all! Depressed I gave up and closed down the computer accompanied with a few well-chosen expletives being uttered!

5Fri12pThe nosh came out alright.

Unfortunately,  I did drop the oven glove in the oven tray while taking out the potatoes and fish. So I put in it soak in the bowl. A right gooey mess to sort out. Tsk!

The tomatoes were not very nice, but all else was grand and tasty enough for me to give the feast a 9/10, despite to horrid foul, bitter vegetables!

Took the medications.Checked on the viewing on the TV magazines, lots of interest tonight. Got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner with some nibbles for later and a bottle of lemon and lime spring water. Turned on the gogglebox.

Checked on the viewing options in the TV magazine, lots of interest took my fancy tonight. Got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner with some nibbles for later and a bottle of lemon and lime spring water. Turned on the gogglebox.

Fell asleep before the first programme came on.

Woke, got up for a wee-wee, and on the way to the wetroom, Dizzy Dennis attacked with a right nasty effort. Blooming good job it is such a minuscule apartment I live in; within three limped paces I was near enough to support myself on the door handle. Although the Dennis Dizzy was short lived, the strength of it fritted me a bit for a second. Thought I as going over for sure this time, but no, all came back to normal quickly.

Back to the recliner and settled again. Law & Order was showing on the box now.

Fell asleep.

Woke in need of another wee-wee. Tsk!

Back in the chair, a documentary was on the box now, about the war.

Fell asleep.

Woke again with a start. Had something happened to wake me? After few seconds I realised the mobile phone that I leave on the arm of the recliner in the hope of hearing ring, was ringing! Hehe! Fumbled to answer it in time, and managed it; It was the DVT Clinic lady with the instructions that the Doctor needs to see me and made an appointment for me for 1300hrs on Monday 12th June. I mentioned the dizzies, and she seemed to expect them, told me if I get any within minutes of the previous one, to dial 999 and get help. Thanked her and made a note on the pad about the appointment.

Some election result analysis programme was showing on the box now. Oh, good, I thought, I’ll watch this…

The phone rang again. The Anticoagulation Monitoring and Therapy people rang, giving me the new Warfarin dosages for this week, telling me it is not concrete, and the next 6Sat12aextra test results will mean possible changes. Made an appointment for me for the very odd sounding time of, 10:07hrs on Monday 12th June, but at the Doctor’s Surgery, not their clinic. Which is a pity, cause I’ve got to visit there to get the new Anticoagulation Alert Card to replace the one getting into a rather tatty state.

Gave up on the telly viewing and got the head down.

Up for a few wee-wees before I nodded off, very late on.

TTFN each.


14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 9th June 2017

  1. I’m in Tennessee, I believe Tim is in Texas 😉 Amazing b/p results today, I believe that is the most excellent reading I’ve seen so far. Dinner looked wonderful, shame that the tomatoes were not up to spec though. Glad they are taking your dizzy spells seriously, I’ve been very worried about those myself <3

      • I’ve been in various parts of Texas on various occasions many times throughout my life. But I have never been to Tennessee. Besides visits to D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Florida, a weekend in Chicago, and stop overs in NY and Atlanta on my way to and from Europe, I have had no adventures in the rest of the states east of Kansas.

      • I have done very little travel really. I was born in Missouri, have lived n Tennessee for almost 30 years. There were many road trips to a midway point in Arkansas in my younger years for family get togethers. Did go visit my grand uncle in California (we made a brief foray into Mexico to bet on the horses, lol) with a layover in Texas. Once did a road trip with a friend from the north western corner of Mississippi to who knows where North Carolina. That’s the grand total extent of my travels 🙂 It’s been at least a decade since I’ve gone further than braving the streets of Memphis (I live in a small town to the north of the city).

      • I’ve been all over the southwestern edge of the midwest and the southwest — Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and southern California. I’ve been to Mexico a few time. The rest of the continental US remains untouched and un-photographed by me.

    • Thanks, gal. Almost the perfect meal. Hehe!
      Got to get out on Monday, the weight is going up steadily again. Tsk!
      Lack of transport gets to me sometimes, but still, not complaining.
      Take care flower. XXX TTFN

      • I know how you feel, my town is small, we have no buses & I own no car, so I depend on my family for transport about

  2. No coagulationalizationing for you! Before I was deported, I had a port warning card I had to carry. I guess I was like a card carrying port authoritarian. But alas I’ve been deported twice now. So you ended up with a not so well hung (depends on your political danglings I suppose) hung parliament? Good set of photographs and a hearty looking meal.

    I commented on your comment on my blog that my new shoes are Clarks made in India. Some thirty-odd years ago when I bought my first pair of Clarks shoes, and they were still made in England. I have worn Clarks shoes ever since, but of late I’ve had Clarks made in China, Spain, Singapore and now India. Laurie wears Hotter shoes, and I believe they are still made in England.

    • Ah, a Deportationalisational expert then, Sir? Hehe!
      Don’t go for a hat-trick, will you?
      A politician’s dream this hung parliament. Pandemonium with everyone blaming everyone else. Farcical!
      A bit worrying mind. Hope nobody declares war on us.
      Hotter Shoes.
      Had a look on their site, they seem to make comfortable looking footwear.
      I looked at the map, it seems that you are 662 miles by road, from Las Vegas? What would that be for you. a nine-hour drive? Not tempting your mind, just curious. Not that I am a gambler at all. Not with my luck… Hehehe!
      Cheers, taketh care.

      • Laurie likes Hotter shoes a lot. I looked at the men’s styles but none tickled my fancy. It’s about 9 hours to Las Vegas, depending on how much you stop on the way and how congested I-40 is. I don’t like Las Vegas, it depresses me. But I like the stark desert landscapes of Nevada. Last time I was in Las Vegas was 10 years ago training government staff how to use a computer program we wrote for the National Park Service. The hotel we stayed in gave us $20 coupons to play the slots. I played for 10 minutes and got so bored that I turned in the coupons for whatever their cash value was and bought a cup of coffee. My ADHD does not give me the patience to gamble.

      • Las Vegas does not appeal to me either Sir.
        I think I’d like the scenery en route too.
        Not up to much this morning, Tim.
        Off to the quacks later.

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