Inchcock Today – Sunday 3rd June 2018


Sunday 3rd June 2018

Luxembourgish: Sonndeg, 3 Juni 2018


0405hrs: After a night of nod-offs and waking-ups, with so many unrecallable dreams in between, I decided to give-up and prised my blotchy itching body mass from the comfortable grip of the £300 second-hand recliner. With Shaking Shaun and Itching Ian, both being in their attack-mode. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry and Hippy Hilda giving me much welcomed break. I’ll reserve any judgement of Little Inchies Fungal lesion and Haemorrhoid Harold until I’ve checked things over later.

Off for a wee-wee. Tended to the Health Checks.


7Sun02Sys, pulse, and Temp down, Dia shot up. I’ll have to find time to check what this indicates.

Shaking Shaun is making photographing, typing, creating a brew and even taking a wee-wee, a bit dodgy. Hehe!

At least the headache from yesterday has eased off.

7Sun03I got the computer on and made a start on this post, up to here.

The brew went cold, so I went to make another one.

I had to have another wee-wee (Short & Sharp!)

Took this picture showing the gravel path up the hill near the tree copse, and the condition of my balcony base. All that noise yesterday was alright, cause it is obvious they have done some patching up of cracks and holes in the 7Sun06cstructure.

WDPBL I went back into the other room and took a close-up photo of the base. Through the bird-pooed unopenable windows.

Plainly, they had not done any work on it. Yet it looked like it had been patched on the first shot of the balcony?

I had to have another (Short & Sharp!) wee-wee. Oh, dear!

0610hrs: Made the tea and started to finalise yesterdays post and sent it off.

0710hrs: I got the order for the groceries for next Thursday from Morrisons made-up.

I had to have another (Short & Sharp!) wee-wee. Oh, dear!

All done. I went on the commenting section. Then to the WordPress reader. Spent an hour on there, catching up.

I had to have another (Short & Sharp!) wee-wee. Oh, dear!.

0855hrs: On CorelDraw creating some page graphic funnies for the upcoming issues of Inchcock Today. Cause I have now run out of them. Long job methinks, but it has to be done.

What a plonka I am. I spent until 1050hrs just doing the one for this post!

Sister Jane called me, and we had a nattering session of worth. We shared our worries that helps a little you know.

7Sun07Dried off the medication pots ready for next week. I’ll get them done in the morning, too busy trying to get caught up with the Header-Graphics yet.

Put the kettle on.

And then a sort of… hoe should I describe it? Er, erm… well as a, or rather an… erm…

7Sun07aA sort of Anti-Whoopsiedangelplop, I suppose.

I reached up to get the big plastic jug to use in rinsing the pots. It slipped out of my shaking hand. Hit the edge of the sink and bounced off onto the floor, rebounded up and hit the cookers oven-door handle and bounded up straight into my hand!

I was thrilled to pieces and jubilated at this piece of exceptionally rare good luck. I was puffed-up with gratefulness and pride!

WDPA02 I went to replace the jug on the bar and knocked the flipping grabber off. It also cascaded onto the sink edge (More scratches to try and get rid of or mask now – Dunderhead!), and bounced off catching me a decent wallop, under the chin!

That soon brought down the temporary few second-long upbeat ambiences that I was in! Haha!

7Sun08I had to have another (Short & Sharp!) wee-wee

I eventually got the tasty brew of Extra Strong English Breakfast made.

I spotted that the Nottinghamian, or to be more precise; the Sherwoodite Health Fanatics were out and about this lunchtime.

Took the tea to the computer desk and continued with the graphics creating.

7Sun091300hrs: Tired out with concentrating. Took a break, and got the oven on ready for the potatoes later.

Did the Health Checks and medication taking, and back to doing more graphic creating.

I had to have another (Short & Sharp!) wee-wee.

1630hrs: Gave up computerisationing.

Got the pots in the oven, turned off the computer and prepared the meal.

7Sun34bMost appetising indeed.

Washed the pots and off for a wee-wee.

The sun came out, brightly.

I got a Rumple DVD on to watch, knowing that I would soon fall asleep due to to the lack of the same recently.

Wrong again, sleep continued to resist me for hours. Tsk!