Inchcock Today – Saturday 23rd June 2018


Saturday 23rd June 2018

Spanish: Sábado 23 de Junio de 2018

0330hrs: Woke, knowing I had been having dreams, but could not recall anything about them whatsoever. Tsk, Hehe!

Whoosie3W01 Then, as I lay there waiting to get some equanimity flowing, Anne Gyna started giving me some stick. But I can’t complain. She has been so kind to me of late, but that has apparently ended. Humph!

Whoosie3W01 The mind was annoying me. The frustrations of the Doctor and Morrisons letting me down, causing me less time to get things done, and now needing more time for the blood tests and having to fetch food one bag at a time, using buses and getting it home is taking too long and causing such botherations and pain. The noise and changes needed with the updating and building work are getting to me (And others too) as well. Now that Anne Gyna has started again, I’m feeling a little flustered and depressed this morning.

As if a light switch had been turned on, suddenly my outlook changed. I decided I will not let things get to me and worrying so much about them. (Ha, we’ll see about that!)

7Sun03A long drawn out painful wee-wee, the lesion medicated, changed PPs and washed up.

My frame of mind seems to be quickly alternating between a grumpy depression, a semblance of contentment and complacency.

And off to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


7Sun01At least the Sys has gone up.

Made a brew, during which I had to hasten to the Porcelain Throne. It turned out to be a messy session again.

Washed up again and returned to making the mug of tea.

Took the medications with a Dia-Limit capsule added to the dosages.

Whoosie3W01 It dawned on me that no wonder I don’t feel the need to clean the place up. This is how the windows are at this moment.


Started to do the updating of yesterdays diary. Took me a long time. The concentration was terrible for some reason. I had to use the spell-checker more times than I have ever done before. A lot of blanks where I just could not remember how to spell simple much-used words and just had to check.

6Sat11I could not photograph the beautiful morning through the dirty filthy ungetatable to clean windows. Getting the camera out of the four-inch gap allowed, caused a few bruised knuckles again.

But this shot I think is a fair one under the circumstances.

I did some more on the diary (in between short, sharp wee-wees) and then decided to take extra codeine and a swig of the antacid, to hopefully appease Anne Gyna and now Duodenal Donald who was giving me some gip, once again. When I spotted a couple with their three oh so happy looking dogs, just about to enter the bottom opening to the tree copse. I know there are only two dogs in these pictures. But the dark brown one was bit friskier than the other two, and not so keen on being told what to do. Hehehe!


I can watch dogs taking their owners on a walk most days, and enjoy doing so.

I’m genuinely concerned about my alternating moods this morning.

Back to the computer and finished the post and sent it off.

6Sat06Started on creating this page. Then another trip to the Porcelain had to be made. Same results, so a bit of cleaning up had to be done afterwards

Whoosie3W01 Once more back to the computer and this message was on the screen.

The computer started going slower, presumably while the scan was being done.

Made my wordsmithing even harder to get right first time.

An email from the Doctors surgery had come in. They offered me a later appointment for Thursday. After I’d explained to them in my last Email about my not coping with late appointments well, healthwise and told them how it ruins my day completely, cause I can’t get to any other of my appointments, and fall asleep any time after 1400hrs.

 I love it; Ideally, you do need to come to the surgery. Ideally for who, Me? Now they will start doing the blood tests on a Thursday every week, won’t they! Initially, it was each Monday. But because of Bank Holiday’s they moved it to a Tuesday. Then they could not fit me in on one Tuesday, so they moved it to Wednesdays. Now Thursdays. And I thought it was only me that hit the ‘;’ key in mistake for the ‘L’ key. Hahaha!

I sent them this reply.


My temperament that had been swinging twixt frustration and contentment now went to resentment.

I got this post (Spitting blood, Duodenal Donald rampant and feeling so hard done by and in the doldrums) completed it up to here.

Went on the WordPress Reader section. Some brilliantly readable stuff on here today.

I popped up to wish Cyndy a happy borthday and give her the chocolates, but she was not in. Might have gone out for a treat day. I’ll try again later.

Whoosie3W01 I went on Facebooking. Oh Heck! Noise from up above and Virgin Internet went down again! Eventually, it came back on, but Facebook remained so slow. It took me yonks to get thework done.

Whoosie3W01 Then while doing this, an HP update came in. Clicked to dowload, the ninstall as reccommended at it was still downloading two hours later. Grr!

Notifications were no sending me them when I clicked on them. An hour or so of slowlly sadly slogging on. I gave up and went on CorelDraw doing TFZer graphics. Then that started playing up, not allowing to use ketboard shortcuts! Turned it of and started CorelDraw again.

Whoosie3W01 Told me I had 17 notifications. I looked at the first, then it tells me I have 3? Fed-up with this.

Pressed on and managed to get three TFZer Graphicalisations done.

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Back up to see if I can catch Cyndy in. Back in a bit.

I’m back. She will be no doubt visiting her family. Daft of me to expect to find her in really. I am a Schlemiel at times!