Inchcockski – Saturday 18th January 2020: Paramnesia, six hours lost? Hey-ho, off the memory does go!

2020 Jan 18

2020 ttJan 18

Saturday 18th January 2020 

Afrikaans: Saterdag 18 Januarie 2020


WD 80.0.0 23:30hrs: I have never woken-up so non-plussed, discountenanced, and feeling so wish-washy before in my life! (No… I tell a fib, when I came round after the heart operation it was worse!)

J-PetePostI rose from the £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating and rotting-away recliner. The one that xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, while was flat-sitting when I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras and searched for my valuables, which he found and took. Then posted off his pools coupon and won a fortune, that complimented his £2010 grand Lottery win. He retired at 40, the windfall of being left £84,000 by an unknown relative enabled this. He’s a lucky lad.

A few things registered when I was on my way for the first wee-wee. The bloody ‘Hum’ all around the place, was louder than ever! Arthur Itis, Back-Pain-Brenda and Anne Gyna were all in a fantastic mood with me this morning, almost pain-free? But the mind was still a touch out-of-order, refusing to grasp things or allow me to concentrate.

The wee-wee, was, as all that followed were, of the SHLSDTAT (Starting-Hosepipe-Like-Suddenly-Dying-To-A-Trickle) variety. To the kitchen to take the medications. Brewed a mug of tea, Glenghettie, and started to update the Friday blog. Within minutes, summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room. Well, it seemed a good idea, that being where the toilet is, Hehehe!

WD 80.0.0 This session was not one of the better ones for many reasons. I’ll tell you. The blood flowed far too much from Harolds Haemorrhoids and Little Inchies Fungal Lesion, (Which incidentally, was not bleeding during the wee-wee?) The amount of evacuated product was so much, that the system failed to clear it. Admittedly, there was an awful lot of bloodied toilet paper as well. I ended up after a bit of failed prodding with the brush, having to refill the tank, twice, to clear things. Even now, I’m not sure it has all gone. The cleaning up, disinfecting, tidying things and refreshing the air, took ages. Still, it had to be done!

Back to the computerisationing. I had to make two templates from scratch, this took me well over an hour. Then there were the photographs to prepare to go in the blog. Add these to my lack of concentration, and it was gone 07:00hrs by the time I’d got it finished and posted off! Two good things, though; The peripheral neuropathy and autonomic nerves were not too much bother at all! Amazing!

I felt as if it was time to get my head down. Partly because of the confused state of mind, and the fact that I did actually feel drained. Why? I decided to give myself a break. Made a mug of tea, got some bikkies and drank and nibbled while doing nowt at all.

Well, that was a brilliant idea, Dizzy Dennis came onto me witin seconds. Thought I was going to tip out of the chair.

Back on the computer and things steadied? I went on the WordPress Reader.

WD 80.0.0 And in the middle of enjoying the TFZer Facebooking, I took a turn for the worse. Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald, and Saccades Sandra join in together to give me a scare. 

That’s it for me, medications and a sit down see how I go.

WD 80.0.0 I soon nodded-off, and woke up about five hours later, around midnight. An empty dinner plate at my side, the camera between my legs, and bits of quavers on my ample stomach? Amazingly I still felt tired, but so much better than earlier, Dennis lingered a smidge, but all the other attackers had fled my body. I felt so good physically!

WD 80.0.0 I went for a wee-wee, and I needed the Throne when I got there. I think I might have visited the porcelain earlier, judging by the things, sprays, Germolene etc. scattered on the floor. The session was okay; if a little painful.

6Sat28WD 80.0.0 There were no recollections of anything really, between sitting myself down and waking up. Very unsettling. But entertaining in a way, for after taking the medications and making a brew, I got the computer going, and found the camera card in the reader? I investigated the SD card; and found a picture of a meal that I had no idea I’d planned, made or eaten? No dirty saucepans, plates anywhere. Even the tray was clean? The evening medications were on the tray in the photo, but it’s all a mystery to me. Hehehe!

I might as well laugh. Tsk!

6 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Saturday 18th January 2020: Paramnesia, six hours lost? Hey-ho, off the memory does go!

  1. When I wake up almost pain-free, I have to wonder if I’m still alive. I guess your bloody messes made it obvious you were still among the living. Five hours of sleep all at once is pretty good, isn’t it? At least you didn’t have too much of a mess from nodding off other than what you discovered in the wet room. That’s an excellent looking mystery meal. Could be the aliens, ghosts, goblins, and pixies are playing tricks on you again.

    • Five hours, oh yes, Tim, that was nice!

      I am seriously concerned over the blanks, they seem to be getting oftener. Trying to get to see the Doctor (and Bank Manager) is harder than climbing Mount Everest in just long Johns, no glasses and with your legs tied together! I shall try again next week. But, Monday: the tap repair plumber bloke should be arriving between 07:00>14:00hrs, and the Snap, Crackle, Pop (Arthritis) bloke ‘Might be calling!’ sometime after 15:00hrs. Tues: Thank heavens, the Blood Nurse, Christina I hope, is due in the AM, as is Leoni, from the Medicine Management team, sometime after 11:00hrs… the Doctor is not on duty on Wednesday… sometimes, life can be so annoying. Hehehe!

      I can’t believe I cleaned and put away the plate, etc. let alone ate the meal? Buit I did find some dished fodder in hte bin this morning, new potatoes, beetroot and garden peas! Mmm?

      Well, Tim, if the ghosts, aliens or goblins are messing me about, all I can say, is I have superior-quality of haunters, here with the mysteries of my beloved Woodthorpe Court. That lies somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of space & the universal continuum, illusion, delusion, & hallucination! (Thanks for the term above. Tim. Haha!)

      Should I contact senile dementia, Alzheimer’s, or senile psychosis in my senectitude, I wonder if I can sue the Chemist first, to get the financial benefit now? (Har-har!)

      Taketh care, thanks, Sir.

      • It would be nice to get to the doctor and the bank. But you always have a busy schedule. At least your lovely Vampire, Christina, is part of the busy schedule.

      • Oh,. I do hope so, Tim. The Council plumbers coming gives the heebie-jeebies! Three times I had to ask them for help. The first time they cancelled the appointment, Twice! Then when they arrived, whatever they did, left me woth a leak I didn’t have before in the hot warter tank! Next, they arrived, worked and went without a ord being spoken, apart from gruints, Ohh’s and curse words, and had to return again to put right what they ahd done wrong. Last time if you recall, they mended the hot water tank in three session, and it flooded again the next day, all my clothes were ruined. Then it took if a remember right, about anpohter three weeks for them to get back during which I had no hot water! A bloke arrived and mended in in ten-seconds, a loose washer, or something he said.

        The worst bit now, is I have to empty out the shelves and cupboard under the sink for tomorrow. How Anne Gyna, Back- Pain Brenda and Arthur Itis are going to react I don’t know. I keep putting it off, but iot’;s got tp be done they said. They do not have time top empty oujt cupboards. That was seven weeks ago, they arrive tomorrow… maybe?

        I’ve waffled on again, sorry, Sir,

      • They should have a person that goes in an hour before the blokes arrive to help people like you clean out the area for the plumbers to work, and then put it all back for you after they plumber are done. It’s silly for your to have to put yourself at risk when there are plenty of able-bodied people who need a job that you save you a lot of pain and suffering.

      • The maintenance team are a detached lot. Uninterested in assisitng in any way. Look how long I went to get the boiler done, I think it was nine days, with a promise every day that they’d be coming the next day. Then the patch manager read my blog, spoke with them, and next day they came. Mind you, they left me with a tank leaking. I’ve no confidence.

        It’s discouraging to say the least, Tim. Fingers crossed, Sir.


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