6 thoughts on “Deep Emphatic Coronavirus Thoughts

    • This morning, Tim. Oh, no, sorry thinking of another photo, last month I think, Sir.
      I’ve just come back in from the Picnic-in-your-pod, hour, where we can wave to other tenants, were given a food bag, and listen to the music. I couldn’t hear the music, now one gave me a wave back, but I appreciated the Melton Pork pies with a cuppa while I hung out of the balcony windows to take photos. People dancing, of course it didn’t bother me that I couldn’t dance or go out, and thefeet were killing me.
      It took me ages top work out how to close the balcony windows, to be honest I can’t remember how I did it now. The front door handle fell off as I took a bag of rubbish to the chute. handle fell off, toook me hours to find the screwdrivers…
      Normal day over here then, Sir!

  1. It’s all confusing innit, Doug, mate.
    They tell me, not going out will protect others, from my passing on the virus to others.
    Yesterday, I met more people than I have done in months.
    Luckily, from 12-floors up, through the camera. Hahaha!
    Take care, be aware. Home? Stay-there!
    Sounds easy dunnit?

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