Inchcockski – Thursday 14th May 2020: A befuddlingly, convoluted day. All normal, then! Tsk!


2020 ttttMay14

Thursday 14th May 2020

יום חמישי ה- 14 במאי 2020 Hebrew

00 May 14

GM L 0.0.130br204:40hrs: I stirred into mock-life, spent a few seconds thinking about the balcony door lock that is not working, passed wind, and needed a wee-wee. I was in a seemingly calm state of mind – why? I don’t know. I’d not had much in the way of rest and recuperation after last nights ludicrously painful ending farces.

But I had the nous to take great care as I dismounted the £300, c1968, not-working, rickety recliner. The rising onto my feet, and the short, ultra-painful hobble to the wet room, was done with great prepensely; Yesterday’s tumble and toe-stubbing, being fresh in my mind.

WDP Dec 26a (1)The wee-wee, (I had none at all during the night’s miserable pathetically short, three-hours kip! – Humph!, I’m moaning again, Sorry!), was back to the HPSAUOC (High-Pressure-Spraying-Unexpectedly-Orange-Colour) style again. But there was some discomfort in this one. No bleeding from the fungal lesion, though. A decent start to the day. (Then again, yesterday started decent enough, and look how that ended up for me! Oh, dearie me, a state of NCS (No confidence Scenario), emerging?

Got updating the Wednesday blog. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were extremely kind to me, but Shuddering Shoulder Shirley was annoying. Got it finished in between wee-wees (No Throne use yet? Mmm!). Went on the WordPress Reader. Then attended to the ablutionalisational duties.

WD 70.40.0 01a 4Thu02The usual few dropsies were suffered, and the only bad things really of any note, were the stubbing the toes against the shower seat, as I was bending down to use the mould spray before starting the shower. And belting the elbow as I got the camera in place to take the shot of the pins (legs). Oh, and not a single cut shaving!

A little bruising on the left knee, but not painful. I assume that came during the struggle to get back up last night, after getting down on the floor to retrieve the TV remote control.

And folk tell me how boring it is getting old. Codswallop! Hahaha!

As I came out after the medicationalisationing session of certain areas in need, I heard a noise that I could not identify. So I had a sniff around looking for anything that might have fallen over, but I found nothing suspicious.

4Thu03aAs I was putting on the kettle, it dawned on me that something might have been put through or posted, so went to check-out the door. Aha! The mailman had been. I put the four bits of mail on the counter and had to nip back to the wet room sharpish, for yet another wee-wee.

WD 70.40.0 01 It was like an HPSAUOC (High-Pressure-Spraying-Unexpectedly-Orange-Colour), as all the earlier ones had been, but this time, it had turned a sort of brown? This puzzled me a tad.

Back to the kitchen to check the letters. There was an advertising leaflet for Checkatrade. The Blood Test results from the Anticoagulation, Haemostasis Deep Vein Arterial Thrombosis Clinic. All good at 2.4, a mite low but not too much, as to cause any perturbation. A letter from Nottingham City Homes, explaining their changes in response top the lightening of the lock-down. Nicely written, clear and to the point, bless ’em. And one from the bank, with four pages of ‘Do not Loose – Keep Safe’ figures, about my phenomenal amount of interest received for last year. This £1.02 will come in handy. Oy, oy, oy!

I made up two more waste bags and took them to the chute. They were only tiny ones, no need for the trolley guide, I just took the wooden walking stick with me. No Accifauxpas either. But Gawd, the feet are getting ever more hurtful!

4Thu03bBack to the kitchen, got the kettle on, and took the belated medications. The view from the thick-framed, light & view-blocking, unliked, unwanted new kitchen windows, was amazingly crystal clear. So, I took this using the old Panasonic camera.

I was making a start on this post, and the mobile phone rang and flashed. It was a lady from the Diabetic Education Course on the web. My chance to tell her what I thought of it, and why I’m not doing it! I’ve no idea if she heard what I was ranting on about, the line was crackly, and her voice kept disappearing, fading away and returning, with her still nattering about whatever it was she was reading from. But it was moliminous moment for me to get it off of my chest! Oh, boy, I was not rude or shouty, but I launched into my determined efforts to let her know my views and problems. (Not that it made any difference, of course)

She learnt of my deafness, Saccades Sandra, Mental-Micky-Ticker, Duodenal Donald, Peripheral Neuropathy, Isolation Issues, Colin Cramps, Rheumatoid Arthur Itis, I even mentioned my toes-nails not being cut for months! Then about Zoom online Conferencing thing not accepting the code number I’d been given. She kept all calm and unflustered, bless her. (She was probably doing her nails and having a G&T while waiting for me to stop rabbiting, Hahaha!) 

In the end, after patiently ignoring what I was saying, she summed up that; “I’ll tell your Doctor, that you don’t want to do the online course then, and will wait until a face to face training can be arranged? ‘Yes, thank you’, I replied. I think she wished me luck as she rang off, that was nice of her. ♥

I could have. Indeed I wanted to add some more info for her to take no notice of, but I’d been on the line for that long the mobile phone battery was getting very hot, and Shuddering Shoulder Shirley was kicking of. Likely due to me holding the phone in a bent arm for so long! Ah, well, you can’t win them all – I can’t even win any! I’d shoot myself, but I’d only miss! I actually felt better after my mini-mild-mannered, meandering rant.

WD 70.40.0 01 I’d forgotten about the Iceland Priority booking and only had a few minutes before the time ran out. So I fumbled onto the website and got one made up. I can almost guarantee that I’ve got or done something wrong with the order. Such was my haste to get it in. Humph! 

I went on the Nottingham site to get updated figures on the virus.


Not looking too good. Fingers crossed.

4Thu05Then, my phagomaniac urge arose. So I investigated what was to be had for fodder.

Fish Friday methinks. Battered whiting fish fillets, with a few Basa fish in batter balls. I’ll make so fishburgers using the out of date Pannini rolls.

I came to the computer to update things up to here, and turned off, and got the meal prepared. I hope the rolls will be alright to eat. Worra, life!

4Thu19kWDP10L03RGot the Friday-Fish nosh served up and was indulged with great satisfaction and eaten with a certain relish that’s been absent for a few meals. This plat du jour piqued and tickled my taste-buds greatly. Savoured and digested, and tasted marvellous! A deserved Flavour-Appreciation-Rating of 8.8/10!

The battered fish tasted grand, with the seaweed crunchies and Marmite cheese disc, a Croatian Granny Smith, and Marmite rice cake, all seemed to go so well together, Gorgeous! Regretfully, the Pannini Roll was another disaster, I threw it away, Blech!

The last of the decent Netherlands tomatoes are now all gone, that’s a shame. I haven’t ordered any tomatoes on my Iceland order, all they have been sending have been are Moroccan ones, that really are so bitter, sour, uneatable, with pot-marked skins. Shame! Still, I hope that Morrison’s Piccolo type arrive next week, and are not Moroccan. Not that I have anything bad to say about Morocco, this is just a comment on the taste.

I got the pots washed, and took these shots of the evening view.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Got the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket) (Used it as well), in its usual position close by the £300, second-hand, c1968, broken-down, not working, rickety recliner.

The nodding-offs were plentiful, each for just a few minutes at a time. Yet (according to the notes I found in the morning), I had a dream or nightmare each time I drifted off. This nod,dream-wake-up routine went on for hours.

The bucket as well used in many frequent visits. Bungle-Grumplewuncks!

13 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Thursday 14th May 2020: A befuddlingly, convoluted day. All normal, then! Tsk!

  1. Oh the vicissitudes of aging! I needed to move (safely!) a 40 pound/ 18,14 kilograms box of kitty litter since the litter box was pretty much depleted of useful litter. I decided to put it on the seat of a walker instead of trying to carry if from the storage spot to the litter box. When I got to the litter box, I consciously made a note not to drop if a yard/ ,91 meter onto my foot, seeing that it surely would result in a broken foot, most likely the little toe if nothing else. You know how those little toes are, I know! Well, it slipped while I was easing it down, and glanced on the leg above my ankle. Since I’m an old guy with thin old guy skin, it scraped a long spot on my leg and tore the skin in two spots. Hurt like heck, I tell you! Oh well, two bandages on the broken skin did the trick and I thanks Ye Gods it didn’t land on my foot.

    • By gosh, Doug, you had bad and good Karma at the same time there, mate.
      Thank heavens the shin bone copped for it. I know its not going to help you, but it was far less agonistic than if the plates & joes (Feet and Toes) had been hit.
      I winced reading about it!
      Now sya after me… “No more injuries for a month, No more injuries for a month… No more injuries for a month” And repeat every four weeks, Sir!

  2. Only two whoopsies, one accifaupas, and no cuts while shaving. ¡Milagro! That’s a pretty good bruise on the knee. Legs are looking pretty sexy otherwise. Nice Friday fish with a very good flavor rating.

    • Had to look up Milagro, Tim. Now on my list of to-use words, I thank you.
      Not sure about the whatever it is on the knee, Tim, but it fast disappearing, leaving some teeny-blur/brown, and ever changing streaks? Some people just don’t get the diversity wot I do. Hahaha!
      I must order some more of the fish balls. Not cheap, but so bootiful!
      TTFNski, Sir, ta!

      • Milagro is a good word. I’ll be happy to see you use it. Poor fish who lose their balls.

      • Hahaha! In 1963, when Birds Eye produced their first attampt, they called them Cod Balls. The customers in the Tesco I was working at, had many a comment to make when they saw them in the freezer. I can’t remember the weight, but there was 10 balls in pack, but I can remember the price. 2/3d! That in new money was about 11p, today they are £3 a pack, and not made of cod, basa fish. I got carried away there, sorry.

  3. I like the corona-virus countdown clock quite a bit, which interests me enough to go online and see if they have any available that do not display the days of the week. Hehe 🙂
    Speaking of seven (7), I love the seven (7) word office shingle:
    Anticoagulation, Haemostasis Deep Vein Arterial Thrombosis Clinic
    Known familiarly as the AHDVATC of course. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Getting to you eh, Bill? Haha! Tick-tok!

      Disaster, Bill! They have now changed there title on the Warfarin result reports! They are now only known as; The Anticoagulation Thrombosis Therapy Service! TATTS? I’ll continue to use the original name, methinks?
      Coronavirus contracting and deaths still up again here. Oh, dear!

      Taketh care, your Ladies and yourself. Cheers.

      • This afternoon, I looked at our refrigerator calendar and decided that something was amiss. “Amiss,” I asked myself, “but *what* exactly?” Looked the same to me. Turned out that I hadn’t flipped the month to May. In other words, I was still living in April: the cruelest month. 🙂 I may as well have that Corona Clock!
        Coumadin Clinic is the most familiar name we use in these parts.
        Taketh care, kind Sir!

      • Glad to hear that, Bill, always happy to learn of other sufferers. Hahaha!
        I read, or heard that Coumadin is the American name for Warfarin – C19H15NaO4
        Keep alert, the cat off of the keyboard, and your better-half safe.

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