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Tuesday 11th January 2022

Politics today

Political farces, what a worrying thought,
Criminals abound, but not so many are getting caught!
But always motorists, cannabis users, end up in court?
Easier for the police… whose number is getting short…
Trying to understand why; I get bestaught!

The court’s sentencing seems unfair, unequal…
I thought judges were intellectual, but there’re ineffectual!
One lad had cannabis 2 ounces, got six months jail,
And armed robber, got tagged, no jail, another fail?
A shoplifter… charged 28 times, no jail; makes you wail!

If a citizen is violent, acts antisocially…
Or shoplifts, pickpockets occasionally…
Very few of them are dealt with properly,
But park in the City Centre, illegally…
Judges, magistrates, come over all schoolmasterly,
Massive fines, driving bans, even prison, arbitrarily!

With sentences for criminals, magistrates are miserly,
Youth beats up an 88-year-old, the youth could not get a job,
Magistrate ‘feels for him’ slaps his wrist, supposedly wisely…
Sent him home; on the way, he hit a woman in her gob!
The Magistrate should retire, obviously…

A Judge-parole-boarder, who frees murderers to kill again,
Are guilty of the crime repeated, for certain!
Their career in law should be slain, I wouldn’t complain…
If they were locked up until Jesus returns again!

Prisoners get the same healthcare and treatment as anyone outside of prison. Bollocks! I can’t get to see my Doctor. Would a prisoner have to wait for weeks to get a Dentist appointment? Just asking!

Prisoners can get Specialist support:

If they have drug or alcohol problems, Coronavirus, HIV or Aids. Are disabled or have a learning difficulty.
I get no help with my disabilities; I have to pay for Carers. Where’s my help with hearing, eyesight, Peripheral Neuropathy, Shaking Shaun, Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley, Back-Pain-Brenda, Walking, Vascular Dementia, Haemorrhoid Harold etc.? No!

♫ It was all over my jealousy ♫ Hehehe!

11 thoughts on “Breaking News – Political Odes

  1. Boris knows how to handle Covid in a sporting way. And that’s either a huge virus, the size of a bowling ball, or Mr. Johnson is as diminutive as his good sense. He’s always has the empty words to convey or the words of his Rasputin. Dominic Raab (what is it with those advisors named Dominic?)
    Criminal justice is only an academic concept, something that never happens in real life. Over here both political parties are friends of building more prisons. No country has as many prisoners per capita than this place. Marijuana was put in the same class of drug as heroin. All reason flies out the window.

    • I thought it was one of my betterer graphical humorous efforts of Boris.
      Dominicalisationing is a worrying aspect, undoubtedly, Sir.
      I read somewhere that a bloke had been on death row for forty years. Died of natural causes apparently. In Florida,
      I think. Do they issue Marijuana (Is that Cannabis?) medically in the States, Bill? They do here, and still, it is
      More problems with the eyes were found at the opticians yesterday. I’ll put the details in the blog later.
      The exciting and wonderful aspect of the day, was seeing Jillie again, who bless her, came with me to help ♥.
      At the Opticians, Bank and shopping too. Another Angel in my life along with HRH ♥.
      Waffling again, sorry.
      All the bestest.

      • Hahaha! Another smile produced, thanks Sir Billum. Mayhaps… “A knob of butter, helps the blathering go down?” Struggling to see this morning, hope the operation comes soon.
        Not been with it lately with all the confusion, mate. But seeing, smelling and accidentally several bodily connections with the sweetheart, helped. The hug was fabulous! ♥

      • “A knob of butter” sounds convincing to me. I am tempted to send that slogan to an advertising firm… Might be worth several fake farthings, mighten it?
        Small kindnesses can sometimes overcome dreadful nastiness. Both hugs and punches originate from the same human/humane hands.

  2. The courts are full of cases that won’t be decided right — a travesty indeed. But judges may be overloaded, their case dockets full beyond humanly handling. With their best efforts availing them naught, they may take shortcuts. What kind of shortcuts? Why, looking at cases at a superficial level rather than delving deep into the nitty-gritty. The superficial is still the easy way out.

    — Catxman

    • Someone who has had their daughter killed by a released by the parole board murderer, well, reading her story, broke my heart.
      My being an uneducated vascular dementia sufferer, inspired the blog.

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