Monday 29th August 2022: Dairy, Cartoon & Ode

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So, this will be a condensed version instead of my usual waffling on. However, you can rest assured there will be the normal errors, grammatical, factual & miss-seen or typed selection of Whoopsiedangleplopping and assorted other cock-ups committed. Likely more of them than average. Thank you.

04:00hrs: I woke, legs looking so foreign to me. what happened? It might have been the fact that I got a decent sleep-in for once, so had the legs up longer?
Got the BP and Blood Pressure taken. Had to take two wee-wees while doing this task? No sooner finished, and it was back to the WC again; the bucket was so full! Cleaned it and put the figures on the NHS site.
Ah, look at that, down in the amber again!
Then back to the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Trotsky Terence is still in charge. Phoo!
I’m having trouble here reading my own notes, so a guesstimate might have to do. It’s 25 hours after this event that I finally got down to doing this blog. As I said, it’s been a messy day.
Not much went right.
Made an order for Iceland for tomorrow, with J Sainsbury having so many items unavailable… or was it Morrisons? A full paragraph is unreadable here, but something happened; I can tell by my harried handwriting. Ah, well! Next readable bit:
Arrived, Gawd, was he yawning or what? He was doing it while he was talking, and by the time he’d had a few great long ones, I forgot what it was he had started saying to me. Hehehe! He was not in a talkative mood, really, compared to usual. He’d got another extra call to make. Took his bag of treats and the waste to the chute on the way out. Hope he’s in a better state tomorrow. Oh, he did say he’d made a report of the health conditions he’s encountered to the office. Other stuff as well, but I forget now, notes of no use. My fear is being moved into a care home – like the one they sent me to for a month after the stroke. It was hell!

I tried ringing Deana to tell her of the strawberries and plonk having arrived and the new changes to the Diabetes course days. No reply.

The Morrison order arrived.

There was a farce again in the man getting in through the door, he phoned me on the mobile, I don’t think we could hear each other… too long a story for now. It’s getting so late as I write this… I’m tired out and confused again. Nothing new.
I think I made a mistake in ordering from Iceland. Yes?
Put the goods away.
Five minutes into this task, and it was back to the toilet for a wee-wee yet again! Trotsky firmly ruled. Messy!
Plenty of fodder today. They had substituted a veg pie for a beef one; I can give that out later.

The bananas were well over-ripe. And were put in the bottom of a bag to get squashed further.
Inside, the fridge was looking well full. Good job I’ve not ordered much to go in it from Iceland – more luck than judgement.
I took the waste made to the waste chute room. Aware of yesterday’s near suicidal use of the chute, I took my time and received no injuries whatsoever.

I got on the computer and must have spent four hours doing up the old word list for the odes and making more labels to use in this colour. I just couldn’t stop myself! I knew it would mean another late night and loss of sleep, but just carried on!
The Amazon, belated by several days, dried mushrooms arrived. Another cock-up getting the deliveryman into the flats. Too long-winded, I’m trying to save time here and get some sleep.
I opened the large bag of mushrooms and was going to put them in storage containers… I tried one when opening them – they were disgusting! Semi-hard on the outside and wood grain dry on the inside. They really did taste like newspapers! 
I let Amazon know and did a review to let other customers know just what they were like. No bad language, just plain facts. Humph!

I went back to CorelDrawing and was forcing myself to stop the label making – and get some photos on… Huh! The jerking hands came on as I was moving a photo on the screen, a bigger jerk and the screen froze, just the same as yesterday. But this time, after waiting and hoping for far too long that things might right themselves, nothing happened. I could not close anything down other than the internet, which I did. Then had to turn off the computer with the message “CorelDraw is stopping us from closing this computer”

There was an option that said ‘Close Anyway’, which I chose.
I’ve idea if would help, but I closed it down and gave it a rest, and I went to make a brew of Glengettie.
I took this photo. The sky looked as depressing as I felt! My mind was confused, and I felt harassed.
I forgot about making a brew and returned to the computer, almost scared to try it, for fear of CorelDraw of the computer being damaged when I hit whatever I did earlier. I did a little hoovering, checked the letterbox, anything other than start the computer.
The dark clouds had seemingly cleared (but not for long), and I took this snap of the front car parking. A little sparse today?

I tried ringing Deana to tell her of the strawberries and plonk having arrived and the new changes to the Diabetes course days. No reply. Is she busy, ill, or on holiday? Hope she’s alright.

Carer Sam arrived. I was much more responsive tonight. We had a chinwag, and she chose a Gin & Hit for her treat. Taking the bag of waste to the chute for me on her way out.
The night was falling. I did manage to make a brew this time. Haha!
This photo looks like there is a tear in the fabric of the sky.


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Well, it’s so late; better get some food cooking. I lost the photo of the meal and a few more today. Into the ether. This happens a lot with the Lumix… Why?

Yet the next photo, of the ice cream for afters, was on the card?

Dropped of to sleep and got four hours in the land of nod!

Cheers, each!

52 thoughts on “Monday 29th August 2022: Dairy, Cartoon & Ode

  1. Amazing ode. Wow! Your left foot looks normal. I asked the question of “Where did all the water go?” in a song about the drought. Maybe you are going into a drought. Vitals looked decent, also. If the mushroom are not moldy, you should be able to rehydrate them. I’ve stopped using Amazon. Too many screwed up, lost and mishandled orders. Amazon has a huge distribution center west of town, so they started hiring drivers off the street to deliver packages. Those drivers were a real problem, after three complaints to Amazon’s customer care about the drivers, with promises the drivers would straightened up, the drivers screwed up really bad, and that was it. I cancelled all my subscriptions and pending orders and then I told Amazon to take a hike.

    • I’ve got some Amazon five-years-life AA batteries coming from Amazon… I may have made a mistake. Hehe! Can’t blame you.
      Not been good today, so I had my veet up for hours, the legs seem even thinner tonight, the carer mentioned them.
      Still no rain here, reservouirs never been lower since records began.
      Britain (Nottingham anyway) with no rain for over two months – who’d have believed it possible? Hahaha!

      • That’s amazing. Shifting weather patterns might dry you up. The Carny Islands have deserts on one side and wet on the other.

      • I looked up Carny Islands weather Tim. Could only get the Canary Islands. Tried Carney Islands, Baltimore. Wow! ” Average Temperature in Carney

        The hot season lasts for 3.5 months, from 30 May to 16 September, with an average daily high temperature above 25°C. The hottest month of the year in Carney is July, with an average high of 30°C and low of 21°C.

        The cold season lasts for 3.2 months, from 1 December to 8 March, with an average daily high temperature below 10°C. The coldest month of the year in Carney is January, with an average low of -2°C and high of 5°C.
        That’s realy amazing, mate.

  2. A full cast of characters showed up at Flat 72, everyone but Deana it doth appear. I also hope that she is OK and is resting well. Our favorite troubadour is much beset with too many cases of dour trouble, to rearrange the letters into anagramable wordlets.
    Richard is taking up something unique, a new way of speaking, a language that brings speech and yawns to a form of communication. Too many hours packed into a day for that lad.
    Your deliverers come up with disastrous ways to pack a bag in novel ways. Smashed bananas already arriving in pudding form, yet still contained in their peels.
    A parking lot with many extra spaces all of a sudden. Where have they gone? What are they doing? A red car in the middle…the makings of a conundrum?
    An ice cream dish but not a meal. What’s the deal?
    Welcome to Wednesday, kind Sir!

    • I must think up a word for you comments. I was truggling to get to sleep again, and came up (I think) with a grand word to use, but did not write it down. Now off into the ether… Grrr! Now I can’t rest until I rediscover it.
      Anyroad, this comment is worthy of the title now forgotten.
      So much needs doing, your right there Sire. But always something to stop you getting them done. Absence of help on weekends and Bank holidays, the need for someone to so the telephing and reading of mail… but I must not moaneth, plenty of folk worse off.
      Richard makes me feel guilty at using him. Hahaha! A yawner of great quality, almost musical at times.
      The camera with its inbuilt ability to remove photographs of its choice… Tardis-like?
      Last night I took two shots of the meal, and checked they had both gone n the SD card… but there was only one??? I’ve not checked yet, but hope it will still be there… All part of the mysteries of 72, Woodthorpe Court.
      Insanity I have always feared… but now it must be revered – for it’s creeping in… and the feeling is weird!

      • I looketh forward to hearing of that grand word, Sirski, but do not lose any sleep — SM is already stingy enough with his handfuls of sand. Lisa has just enjoyed some hours of good sleep — the middle of the afternoon is the time SM shows up with a kip or two.
        Richard might just become famous enough to appear on Britain Has Talent with that “almost musical at times” Yawn Song. Hahahe!!!
        That camera removes photos with astonishing ease. Fits in well with those mysteries of 72, it do.
        Perhaps you are suffering from that “fragment of an underdone potato” made famous by that Dickensian author of the words “more gravy than grave.” Could Ebenezer have been a stand-up comedian in a rewritten Carol?

      • He’s been very naughty of late, SM.
        Good advice for Richard, Billum.
        Haha, fave me idea for a nickname for Richard there, Sir “EbenYawner” – that’s not the word, I lost that typing Richard – strewth!

      • SM is an elusive godster and trickster. Naughty to the core.
        We will find a way to understand Richard’s Yawn-Talking and to make it translatable…or words to that effect.
        EbenYawner Syndrome?

      • Now you’ve done it again Billum! Spurt the Thought-box into acvtion and created a smile – What about Richard to sing; ♫ Yawning has broken…♫ with music by recordngs of his yawnings? Hahaha!

      • I like it, I like it, Bill! Did you know I yodel? In my youngerer days, went in a competition singing Frank Ifields ♫ She taught me to yodel…♫. I thought I stood a chance, but the organsers son who yogelled Del Shammoms ♫ Swiss Maid ♫ won it. Fixed! It was Fixed! Well, that’s what Suzie my partner at the time said. Hahaha!
        I still sing it in the shower sometimes, no ones complained yet. Har-har!
        I sall hint at your idea wuth Richard un the morning… if he comes of course.
        I Fanketh you!

      • Good on you for yodeling, and for receiving no complaints from the neighbors. I think they fixed the competition too, even though I don’t have a dog in that hunt.
        A small hint with Richard should suffice. He might even be a fellow yodeler. Yawning yodelers are a rare breed methinks!
        Fanks for yodeling!

      • ☺ ♫ Yodelayeeee… Yodelowoooo! ♫ I do hope that Herbert heard that! Hehehe!
        I forgot all about mention it to Richard, Humph! He was making alist of ailments he’s noticed to mention to the Doctor tomorrow – why the heck I am so nervous about this visit? Never been bothered before… well, if Nurse Ann was to see me, fear is a natural reaction for any patient in that scenrio.
        J Sainsbury order arrived this morning. Crushed vegan cakes, six items missing, squashy tomatoes, and a beef Cumberland pie substituted for a vegetable one. That went back!
        Also, this was oart of the letter that I had no idea why they (EENT-Ears Eyes Nose & Throat) sent to me: You might have astigmatism in one or both eyes. It’s often accompanied by other refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness). Myopia is caused by an eye shape that’s too long, as yours is — if the eye is misshapen, chances are good the cornea is too. This may cause a delay in the procedure.
        Don’t sound good does it? Or, does it?
        HRH got a message through the ether to me last night, about 23:00hrs here I got it. Tell her thank you Lisa-Petal ♥ for me. ♥

      • I hope that the visit to the surgery goes well and dandy, particularly since it is vexing so darned much.
        Somehow, I’ve just concocted a scene where I’m waiting for a doctor to enter the room. He finally arrives, saying “What are you doing here?” Haha!!
        J Sainsbury performed quite a bait and switch operation there. Far too many problems for a single delivery, innit or innit ain’t?
        EEN’T that a riddle of a letter? Almost a form letter. Includes the kitchen sink?
        I have delivered your acknowledgement to Lisa-Petal. L-P fanks you, kind Sir.
        Wir sehen uns!

      • “What are you doing here?” Haha!
        Trying to focus on the surgery visit, as yoy knaw the slightest break in concentration, or forced move onto another subject – is hastily avenged by Doreen – wiht confusion, even bewilderment, Tsk!
        Managed to get the Parmentia pots eaten… 02:30hrs this morning.

      • Doreen is of a sort that commands your attention, most particularly when you are trying to focus on *anything* else. A master of distraction.
        02:30 hrs would be breakfast time at the Manor cafeteria, where all the meals are free. An easy task because they are all apocryphal diners. Haha!!

      • Doreen, nothing like Maureen,
        Who, I fancied when a teen…
        Dark hair, bonny, a beauty seen…
        She left me for taller, younger richer Gene,
        Another joy lost, I feel a has-been!

        Yee-Gads, spurious meals? I’ve never tried spurious Billum, is it oat or bean flavour? Sorry I meant apocraphal, ruined that didn’t I?
        Tsk! Hahaha!

      • Me thinketh that Maureen might have morphed into a Doreen since those days of yore.
        The Cafeteria offers Labsters their choice of Spurious *or* Apocryphal menus — one for oat lovers (blue plate) and the other for bean aficionados (red plate). We’ve received no tsks, but also no customers. Haha!!

      • Haha! Love the different coloured plates!
        The tumble and changed dates confusion with the Link transport and changed appointment dates, con men calling to sell things door to door in the flats, I’m struggling mate.

      • Coloured plates to the rescue!
        The Link transport requires many days and many steps along the way. Already frustrating to distraction…then arrive the con men. AAARRRGGGGHHHH!

      • I shouldn’t say this, but; Although more date confusion over the diabetes course had me going to a none-existant meeting and spending more on transport… I’m not sure I dare say this, I may regret it late… But Tuesday turned out a decent day for me (Yes!) No lessons, so I hobbled into Bulwell, bought some treat from the B&M store, walked around the market stalls, got some seeds and fed the biurds on the river, and back to the Riverside Complex car park for a lift home. Where the tap was no long leaking, omly one more Con Man telephone call, Carer Jodie woke me up after falling asleep, took my pen with her, and a can of Strawberry Daiquiro (A mix of rum & Strawberry juice) as her treat, things were for once feeling right.
        It was when I got up this moring that I realised I’m forgotten to see Deana, call on Jenny, and the wooden waking stick had hidden itself somewhere in the flat. Hahaha!
        Msy I wish; Petal-Lisa, Billum, Alan, the furries and all laboratory staff, the bestest of days! ♥

      • Well, it is too late now to regret or rue the Tuesday, as they never say. Bulwell was a good choice, faffing about market stalls with bird sustenance is a worthy pastime, and pigeons were rock doves once. The Con Man will call later, Jodie there to wake you up in time to relieve you of a pen. Strawberry Daiquiris are a bird’s best friend — next to pigeon chow. Wait…hold that metaphor, crossed languages there.
        Three forgotten persons and objects are better than four, as they also do not say.
        All manor dwellers wisheth IT’s top editor the most bestest! ♥

      • Rue? It’s true.
        So I’m not blue.
        Love to hear doves coo…
        No, I really do!
        You’d think I forget I’d forgot, that’s Doreen too,
        The Bestest? Well I thank you…
        I’m making Josies chilli stew,
        May HRH & Billum have a pas-de-deux,
        And get some sleep, that’s overdue! ♥

      • Truesday, the day between Mournday and Wednessieday (When Nessie married Thor and vowed to be true). The doves did coo, then feasted on JosieStew, it made all the papers too. Scooby Dooby Doo. Haha!!!

      • Hahaha! Thanks to you, Sir. Outright larfter inspired there Billum, with a smile or two mingled in, of course.
        No fog this morning (Montag), and the moon was out, caught it on the Lumix. They can’t touch me for it. Hehehe!
        Thanks & love to HRH and your good self.

      • THe cold hot-water tap has had attention from a plumber… It; still cold. Tsk! But I must be patient. All three of us are good patients
        Arrevoir, as the Italians say.
        No, hang on…

      • WP not letting me get to comments on the usual route again, Billum. Do, no like button, I feel so ignorant without one.
        Richard arrived while had you comment on screen. A good job too! He told me what the ohvwa meant… and yawned while telling me! I did larf, and he asked me why. I told him of our fun with yawning comments, and he had a look at some. Brought a smile to his face… for a moment, then the yawning took back control of his features… Hello… Grammarly just started working?
        We are great French lovers. Mine comes from De Gaul refusing to let Britain get into the common market. Eventually we did, and now look what happened! Which proves he was right in the first place!

      • Very glad that Richard arrived just as the “ohvwa” appeared, good synchronicity there, mate. The yawn is nearly autonomic. Smile bringing brought to your kind self and to Richard as well. 🙂
        May Grammarly continue working, Fingers be crossed.
        Petal and I enjoy watching French films with English subtitles. Methinks the French doth still regard their language as being *the* international standard.
        Does Liz still wonder if Macron is friend or foe? News coverage of all things Queen Liz 2 eclipsed reports on Liz the New over here as well.

      • I suppose you thought I’d have to look up ‘autotonomic’ didn’t you. Billum? Well I did have to. Hehehe!
        Lix worries me.
        I wonder if she knows?

      • Good to know that you didn’t know, but that you now *do*. So autonomic is the Official Word of The Day for 15 September. 🙂
        Liz very likely knows you through IT. She might appoint you Sheriff of Nottingham. Haha!!

      • Good morningski!
        I’m struggling here being Mayor of 72,
        So no matter what Liz may do…
        I couldn’t cope with a Mayoral crew…
        The job could should be done etherly, by you!

      • Good afternoonski!
        Yes. You are Mayor of all the diverse creatures that dwell in the nooks, crannies, and slippers of 72. Haha!!
        Perhaps we need a lab for finding solutions for all the potential mishaps of the Truss appointees. Our trio could work as a team! …or not. Being Non-Fitter-Innerers. 🙂

      • A form letter is one that already provides most of the information, the recipient’s name is often the only data (not to be confused with Star Trek’s Data) that is specific. This reminds me of a letter we once received from some place called “The Doctor Seuss Book Club.” The form letter began:
        “Dear Mrs. Family”.
        Har har!!

      • I think I’ve got that, mate, thanks.
        So, like a circular, Billum?
        Data would have told me if he was real. I’d have thought Doctor Who might have helped me, but no. Humph!
        Goodeth Billum to the rescue again! I fank you.

      • ’tis fascinating how our languages provide different meanings for the same word. The phrase “two nations divided by a common language” has been attributed to George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, and Winston Churchill (according to George Bernard Google). I wonder if there is such a thing as an English/American American/English dictionary.
        Why is The Doctor not around when you need him?
        And the rescue squad is available 24/7!

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