Inchie Today: Wednesday 14th December 2022

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I woke up, for about the 20th time, around 03:40hrs, in need of another wee-wee. Having to cope, as with all the other nocturnal visits to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket); with loads of PMD Pre-Mictirional & AMD After Micturition Dribbling) to cope with.
How people cope with pain-free, passable wee-weeing, I don’t know. The hourly changing PMD and AMD leakages made a bit of interest, not knowing which or of any will present themselves. It’s much more interesting than plain-jane weeing. Hehehe!

Made up some waste bags, and I got the kettle on.
I could not resist trying to take a decent photograph of the morning view on offer from the kitchen window.
I was pretty pleased with how it came out. There was no or!
I made a brew of Glengettie.
Then got the done.

I was also well-pleased with the results from the NHS analyser programme.
Put me in the High Norm section.
And that was with two in the red as well!
Then I had a problem with the computer, or maybe Windows. An update came in, and I downloaded it. After that, things kept freezing on my in CorelDraw and when I started the Ode for the day in MS Word, too. Darned hard work it was.

Updating the Tuesday blog, took me over 4½hrs! Got it posted it off and did some Pinteresting of photos.

I suddenly realised as started to get going at me, that the morning carer had not been yet. I half expected this, with being off poorly. I rang Meridian Care, but could not hear a word on the line, so just mentioned who I was and that I’m in need of the six to seven o’clock medications as the pain from was starting to kick in. Not sure what was said, but heard the voice say something or other.
Half an hour or so later, came and got the medications sorted for me. I can understand why things were late or missed. Losing Richard and having no cover is mission impossible for them. That’s why the Health & Safety check and Peptac call went missing as well, I assume.
I mentioned Richard’s illness in hope of getting some information on how he was. But it’s too early for the lad to call in with any update; I bet he hasn’t even got to see his doctor yet. Getting an appointment can take up to three weeks with my doctor; then, it can only be a telephone call. The NHS is crumbling since Covid.
Well, everything is. Postal, train drivers, shortage of drivers all over the country, buses and trains not running to some places now. NHS staff on strike, postal workers, and cheating France and their paid back-handed referee have knocked England out of the world cup. It’s not good!

Well, that’s just what I needed. The noisy git in the flat above is giving me the tap-tapping, bang-banging treatment again!
Bless him. I’d sooner… Never mind!
It’s going dark now. 15:45hrs. The cars in the end car park at the far end of Chestnut Walk have got their lights on.
I realised that I had given Carer Kara her choice of Christmas bottle yet. Humph! I rang to let Julie & Deana that the bottles had arrived. They can collect them anytime. Couldn’t hear properly.

Hello, having another go at me. Please, not another week of her performances… Pleeease!

Incapable… well, unwilling to get up, only just made it for the wee-wees! So tired.

A bit sparse from her on, sorry.

Deans & Julie called and gave them their treats.

Made a meal.

Made an Iceland order for next Tuesday… No, Monday.

Called and woke me up. Half-in and out of awareness. Reckon we had a laugh.

Forever nodding off and waking up with a violent shuddering?

Not sure what else happened; if anything did.

12 thoughts on “Inchie Today: Wednesday 14th December 2022

  1. Petal and I have been taking turns on the health scene lately, joining our collective mishaps of all kinds here and there. But that is exactly why the goings on in Flat 72 and Crowell Manor 37 keep us hopping and flopping about as the exigencies of life kick us, and as we kick back. So it remains a gentle privilege to join company at this hearth, wishing each other Merry Christmases and Happy, hoppy witnessing to a calendar flip-over from 2022 to 2023. I’m calling this epistle Greetes o’ the Seasonings, kind friend and fellow traveler.
    We’re all in this together, Gerr: Chair of the Chamber(s). A tip of our hats to all and each among us and to every one we have ever known since the august August that names you the first of our jolly trio at Flat 72 and Manor 37 to appear among fellow Tellurians from billions of years ago to right here and now.
    Synchronicity finds us in every present moment.
    Much love for all seasons and for the privilege of raising clinking electronic glasses, one electron at a time.
    Cheers, mate!!

    • Thanks Billum, Professor of the Pun,
      All itnended in just good fun,
      Duties retaining to medicals, not humdrum…
      All of we, in our own medical scrum…
      Making life at times, not worth a crumb…
      We all need a bit of good luck to come…
      Thanks fro being yousl all, by gum,
      Our unhappy times, of parents and nun…
      I wish you all love, and thanks, and some…
      Good luck, peace and lemon curd bun! ♥

      • Testie is still a bit tender, Billum, but going down well. Thanks.
        Richard is (I hope) coming back on Monday… Hurrah!
        Hope all are as well can be at the Manor Laboratories; all the medicationalisational demands shared, must be holding up the experiments in Lab 28? Tsk!
        Santar Ha! Santar Ha! Santar Ha! Santar Ha! snd Santar Ha!

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