Political Musings in Rhyme over Breakfast

Rare Unprompted Thoughts from Inchcock


This morning, after he’d filed away the just delivered overdue Gas Bill red letter, took his medications and applied his antiseptic creams, he had another attack of bemusing mental meanderings, which came to him while he was picking his nose, having his breakfast, short dated B&M porridge, eight cups of strong tea. This is the outcome; I hope you can understand where the nitwit intended it to come from, and what he intended to imply and indicate, what his mental musings might have meant. 

If so please us know. Please post your comments to Sheridan Chygrynsky SRN, C/O Nottingham’s Ex-Gaslamplighters Asylum Shed, Oil Leak Lane, Nottingham.

His breakfast musings… 

Musings 01I sat in my decaying hovel, tea and porridge for breakfast,

I thought of Politicians, and I felt so aghast,

They seem to have had their compassion genes bypassed,

They avoid punishment for fiddling like mental gymnasts,

They’ve become a superior, pampered, political caste,

Their pay, compared to my £120 weekly pension, what a contrast,

No wonder I sometimes get feeling somewhat downcast,

Their ability to lie and cheat continues to flabbergast,

So many pulling nepotistic strings, and not being unmasked,

They’ll continue to look after themselves first, I forecast,

Even new ones learn how to fiddle very fast,

How long can their cheating and lying last?,

Their greed, and ego, cannot be surpassed!

For the extraordinary phenomenal situation of one finding a Politician who does not have any of the following traits: Nepotism, Greed, Aloofness, Indifference, Covetousness, Insensitivity, or being Self-centred – Please offer him or her, your sympathy, for they must feel so very isolated and lonely in Parliament.

2 thoughts on “Political Musings in Rhyme over Breakfast

  1. Somewhere, a street corner most likely the career of a new cult idol in the form of a ‘rapper’ from Nottingham will this very pm be carved from the metaphorical granite of the frozen north and life will never be quite the same again. It would make a good rap would this!

    • I can maybe, perhaps think about considering the possibility of deliberating finding a socialist rapper who might like to use it… or not.
      I’d better take me medications now…

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