Inchcock Today Mon 25 Jan 16: Monday Mayhem Anticipated

“I would be loath to speak ill of any person who I do not know deserves it, but I am afraid he is an attorney”! 

Samuel Johnson (1709-84), English author, lexicographer.

Monday 16th January 2016

Been up since before midnight – something amiss? I had a dream last night early on, and it seems to have affected me somehow or other?

Which is bad timing, as today I have to go to the GP for my Warfarin blood level tests, then go to Nottingham City Homes offices again. I have to try to sort out the arrears I’m still in with them. Last month when I visited them, they told me all would be okay and not to worry, they’ll sort it. Now I’m deeper in arrears than then? Very worried now. I’ll nip in hte Community Shed first to see if anyone is in to assist and guide me.

Andy02fishI spent a good few hours doing graphics.

I daren’t stop in case I fall asleep and don’t get up in time for me trek to the GP surgery.

I added some of my stuff to start a Pinterest site going. Two pages started, one being Inchcock’s Funnies and the other shots of Nottingham 2016. I’ll see how it all works.

Marissa New BandI’ll just titivate this old one I did some time ago, entitled Marissa’s New Band.

Had a cuppa and took my medications.

Then I got a lovely soak in the bath and readied my things on the chair ready to take with me.

I took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way down to go to the Community Hut to discuss the rent arrears before going off to the GP surgery for the Warfarin level tests.

Well, did I feel a complete and utter, over the hill senile old fool or did I not?

I did! (Oh the embarrassment!)

I got the Nottingham City Homes rent statistics letter out to show them. (Yes, the one I had been looking at over the weekend, and least twenty times).

As I was showing them the problem I noticed the ‘C’ at the side of the balance. Coy-Mode entered, and the red-faced sudden realisation I’d got it wrong again. I was actually in credit, not arrears. letter

I had it explained to me how some of the extras added to the actual rent figure were charged on different days to the rent, some in advance some not. As she pointed out why the Caretaking costs, Lift maintenance, CCTV costs, Rubbish collection costs etc were charged on different days to the main rent. letter

I was confused with it all, but so pleased that I was no longer in arrears.

I set off on the walk to the GP surgery – as I got into Sherwood I espied several Nottingham Pavement Cyclists and reached for my camera to photograph the damned dangerous varmints!  Of course, the camera was not there. I’d left it ready to pick up when I left the flat on the chair along with my mobile phone and bus pass.

Not a good start to the day, and I as already feeling tired with having gotten no sleep overnight. As I wanted to get some nature photographs in the Arboretum decided to walk back to the flats and pick up the things after the surgery visit.

The nurse soon had my blood tests done. Gave her some nibbles, ogled and thanked her. Then the trek back to the flat. Just had time to get the mobile and bus pass, and back out in time for me to catch the bus into town.

01WOnce I dropped off the bus in the City Centre, I realised I was too tired to even think about walking to the Arboretum today.So I had a wander around the streets hoping to get a ‘Moody’ photo taken while the sun was out.

So I had a wander around the streets hoping to get a ‘Moody’ photo or two 01W01taken while the sun was out.

Clinton Street first, not many folk about today.

Then at the M&S store, Wheeler Gate I got a decent photograph of the pedestrian area. Again rather sparse of people.

01W01aNo shortage of pigeons though.letter

The Ice-cream van man didn’t have any customers at all while I was in the area.letter

Mind you, with the wind being a bit cold and the prices he was charging it amazed me if he’d get any customers today.

I popped into the Foodhall there but didn’t get anything. Nice to get out of the wind mind.

Fatigue and tiredness forced me to cancel all plans and I caught the bus back to the flats.

I spent more time asleep than awake on the bus and was fortunate enough to wake up just before the stop for the flats.

I nearly nodded off on me feet in the lift going up to the twelfth floor!

01W02The need for sleep was getting demanding now. I got the meal on, curried beans, bacon, frankfurters, potato farls and bread thins, followed by a mini-pot of ice-cream. letter

I was so weary, but I still enjoyed it. Rated this one at 9.5/10.letter

Took my medications with it, and then put on ‘The Good Guys’ DVD. letter

I fell asleep.

It was well dark when I was woken by the landline light and ringing tone.

Struggled to the phone, it was the nurse from the surgery with the results of the INR blood test. She was very concerned because the level was the highest I’d ever had. 5.8? She told me not to take any tonight (Too late I had) or tomorrow night, and only one and a half tablets on Thursday night. I should take extreme care not to cut myself over the next week, and not use a razor blade to shave but use my electric razor. (I don’t have one anymore, since the one I did have burst into flames)

I have to book another test for Thursday at the surgery.

So I sent off a request by email.

Got the laptop on and updated this tosh.

Getting drowsy again…

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