Inchcock Today – Friday 2nd February 2018

Friday 2nd February 2018

Swedish: Fredag 2 Februari 2018

2355hrs: Woke with a terrible start and jump, eyes wide-open and wide-awake, physically and mentally. None of the usual yonderly feelings this morning, I can tell you. I appeared to have omniregency over thoughts and body immediately.  This fritted me a bit. Hehe!

Appreciating the lack of any damp warm wet sensations from the lower regions was another strange feeling, one that was welcome and cheered me up. I checked to see if I was still asleep and dreaming or dead… nope, I was conscious and alive. And, desirous of a good tasty mug of tea.

I extracted the short, plump blubbery body from the £300 second-hand recliner and got in an upright position without much hassle. Another unusual thing to confuse me. What’s going on here? Made my way into the kitchen and realised how cold it was this morning in the flat. I even worked out that this was due to my having left the kitchen door wedged open from yesterdays radiator moving work. This current keenness and semi-clarity of mind I found obfuscating?

While making the tea, I spotted this screw-li container in with the sauces and kinds of vinegar. But what is it, I thought? I’d apparently took the effort to save it for some reason. Bit of blocked-nose this morning and could not gain any information through having a smell at the contents? I could stick my finger in and taste some of whatever it is, I suppose. But resisted doing this; things seem to be going so well at the moment, and I do not want to poison myself just as things were seemingly improving.

This perplexing situation, of things failing to go wrong, is so unnatural to me. But things going right is really fretfull.  My EQ tells me things will soon change back to my regular Whoopsiedangleplop and Accifauxpa ridden, depressing condition

I risked life and limb to hang out of the kitchen window and take this not a very good photo of the early hour’s moon, catching the bare, waiting to be updated balconies of the flats above to the left.

It looked to me that the top three floors have had theirs prepped, so I assume they will be working downwards in fitting the new ones.

Made a brew and took it with me the computer and got on with starting to finish off the yesterday diary.

How that naughty bar of chocolate with chopped hazelnuts got there as well, is a mystery. Do things like this happen to you as well? Hehe!

Minutes into doing the updating, I needed to get to the Porcelain Throne in a hurry. Another oddity, no rumbling grumbling warning signs this time. I got there in time alright, though. A messy evacuation, that bit hadn’t changed, but not much bleeding at all.

Noticing the ginormous gap at the bottom of the wet room door, reminded me that the Nottingham City Homes chap told me last August, that this will need sorting out, and would arrange things for me.

I wonder if he forgot about it, perhaps?

Or am I still on a list somewhere within the mysterious workings of my flat provider.

Back to the computer, reached for a bit of the chocolate – there was none left. Did I really eat all of that bar?

Eventually, I got the post finished and went off to make another mug of tea.

I took this photo from the kitchen window. I seem to be having a few hand wobbles now, via Shaking Shaun.

This is making all my photography efforts come out below standard! (That’s my feeble excuse anyway! Haha!)

I decided while in there, I’d better do the Health Checks and take the medications. All appeared fine again. I know I’ve said this several times already, but this continuing ‘Things are going Rightness’ is nonplussing!

Before making the large mug of tea to take back to the computer, I took another photographicalisation.

This time through the glass, to get the lights outside and reflection of yours-truly with his thumb up and show the new camera.

I didn’t come out well, but for a bit of fun, it will have to do.

Then tried to take one of my pouring the milk into the big mug.

Again, not a good result. Taking a picture with one hand while using the other, is it seems beyond my capabilities. Then still, a lot of things are beyond my abilities… tons of things are, countless things… Sorry about that, I got carried away there.

Back to work on the computer and started this diary off. It took me about three hours to get this far. The hands and fingers are no better. They seem to be doing their own thing when I request them to do something else. Typing is getting frustrating, with all the corrections needed. Tsk! Ah… the ‘Things going Rightness’ mode is losing its grip on me perhaps?

The large mug of tea went cold.

0500hrs: The ‘Things going Rightness Mode’ has definitely finished its worrying visitation! While getting up from the chair to go and make another mug of brew, the fingers stiffened, and I knocked the cup of cold tea over, spilling it onto my lap, dressing gown, the chair, jammie-bottoms, slippers, carpet and the Ottoman! Back to my regular fiasco and farcical modus operandi, at last! Oddly, I feel more at ease now.

0525hrs by the time I’d got it all sorted and semi-cleaned up.

Can you believe it? I made a small mug of tea after clearing up, and dropped the blooming thing bringing it back to the computer! Thankfully, this was in the kitchen so cleaning up was much less painful. Grumph! Yet I still feel more at ease than when things were unnaturally Whoopsiedangleplop-Free. But I still hate it when the cramps affect the digits and hands.

Went on the WordPress Reader for a while and caught up. Then read and replied to the comments.

Moved onto Facebooking. It would not let me use this after a minute or two, kept freezing, so I gave up.

The ablutions were done; and with no bleeding from the teggies, nose or Little Inchy, just an iota from Harold’s Haemorrhoid.

Sorted and took black bags to the refuse chute.

Another leaflet through the door. Offering an Arts & Crafts session weekly on a Wednesday for us old gentlefolk… Hehehe! Old Gentlefolk! Mike Tyson would lose an argument with some of them, and Al Capone probably committed fewer offences! Haha!

I assembled the needs for the trip into Arnold to try again to get myself a good warm coat at a reasonable price. Remembering to put the SD card in the camera. As so correctly explained by my Cyber friend in New Mexico, Tim Price: “Discovering you have no SD card is like those bad dreams when you found yourself in a crowd and realised you forgot to put on clothes.” Well said, Sir!

Set off out. The place had workmen busy all over.

Took this shot of the flats as I left the foyer. Then I got a call on the mobile. It was my Brother-in-law Pete. Lovely natter, but traffic coming up the road forced me to cut it short, Sorry Pete, those big lorries delivering building materials looked a little dangerous to me. I took these shots of the works to send to Pete, who is an ex-brickie who retired at 45 when he was left £2.8m in the will of a distant relative, then won £1m on the lottery. But I’m not jealous! Only joking, he was 46 when he retired.

Well-pleased with how they came out.

To the Temporary Winwood Social Shed and Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Hut. Had an enjoyable laugh with some other residents while waiting for the bus. Welsh Bill was on form with his insults, put-downs and witty cutting humour. He told me where to find the shop, and reminded me of the name of it, cause I had forgotten it, where I might find suitable coats to buy.

Out of the shed and onto the bus off into Arnold centre. I went straight to the Greenwoods shop, and, as Welsh Bill said, there was a sale on.

Bargain prices, and some of them at half-price. I spent a good while nosing around the wide selection of jackets on offer.

I ended up buying two of them. Both reduced from £70 to £35! One was super heavy with a lining, tweedish in appearance, and ideal for the cold weather. The other one a little lighter, with plenty of pockets for me to lose stuff in. Haha!

I departed and called in another shop, Boyes, to see what they had on offer in the line of trousers. Very little as it turned out.

Left there and went up the road and called in the Fulton Foods Store. Nothing of interest apart from getting a pint of sterilised milk.

Then over the road and into the Asda (Walmart) store. Came out with cheesy curls, vine tomatoes, beef flavour potato chips, one onion and sugar snap peas.

To the bus stop and tried to take a ‘Moody’ photographicalisation.

Chatted with some fellow tenants waiting at the shelter, until the bus arrived a little late and we were getting concerned it might not appear at all. Temporary traffic lights had delayed the lady driver she told us as we got on. Gave her a nibble bar.

The crossword book utilised en route. Not that I got very far with it.

Back at the flats and hobbling along Chestnut Walk to my block, a pretty lady asked me if I was the one who did the blog. I said yes, guilty! She liked it, Yeehaa!

First thing when I got in the apartment was to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Then got the fodder sorted.

Bit of a feast enjoyed tonight. Sliced pork shoulder, crispy sliced potatoes, potato chips, sliced apple, sliced onion, tomatoes, sugar-snap peas, chestnuts and two sliced of the tasty Scottish Plain bread. Followed by a lemon mousse and lemon yoghourt, extra creamy one it said on the pot, and it was too. Very enjoyable. I couldn’t eat all of it, but managed most of it.

No calls to the Porcelain Throne at all tonight?

The usual fatigue kicked in early again, and after washing the pots, I settled into the £300 second-hand recliner. And then remembered I had foolishly left the two new jackets in the bag. Fought my way out of the chair and hung them both up. The thick tweedy looking one is a bit drab to look at colourwise, but I think it will come in handy when the temperature plummets, as forecast on the radio.

Back into the recliner and I put on a Dr Who DVD. But kept falling asleep, so I gave up and was soon in the land of Nod.

Not for long, though. Another landline call came in. A lady with a strong Asian accent who I could not understand at all. Although, her English was a lot better than my Pakistani or Indian. I had to ring off because she’d not listen to me or respond to my telling her I could not understand. Presumably, she was speaking via some sort of prompt.

I think that since I moved (What-a-mistaka-to-maker!) to Virgin, these unsolicited calls have significantly increased. I think Branson is selling the number details to other companies?

Once again I tried to get my head down, but the annoyance of the call had stirred the grey-cells and nodding off did not come. So, I put the TV on. Fell asleep during the first set of commercials.

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 2nd February 2018

  1. Wow! You have some really great photos today. Both the moonshot and the light under the door are exceptional. You ended well dressed with your SD card. You need to get a non-spill travel mug for your tea. It might reduce the “whoopsie” and little in those dangleplops. Great looking meal.

    • Thanks Tim, coming from you that means a lot to me.
      Good idea about the mug.
      When the buses run again, I’ll have a search for one in the shops.

  2. Hi, Gerry!
    A word about forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s and Dementia:
    Not long ago I was researching, what I thought was a great idea, using Alzheimer’s and Dementia as a sort of defense mechanism when encountering people I didn’t want to talk to… so I consulted my physician friend about printing up some cards that I could hand two people, that I didn’t want to talk to, that read; “Please excuse me as I am blind and suffering from Alzheimer’s. I have no recollection of you but I’m pretty sure you owe me $20. Pay your debt now and we can both forget this ever happened..” My physician friend said, “Buffalo Tom, Alzheimers and dementia are not a defense nor an excuse for illegal activity but may reduce the severity of the judge’s sentence at your trial.” I think being forgetful is normal but when you start forgetting things like your name and where you live are serious… I’m still trying to remember where I put those cards…

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