Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd February 2018: Somnambulism Suspected

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Somali: Sabti 3 February 2018

1Mon02 0025hrs: Oh dearie me! I stirred into a sort of semi-life, to find signs of nocturnal nibbling all around me! Why can’t I remember eating this rubbish? How did it get to the recliner Ottoman? Had I been in a noctambulation mode? Help!

A pot of mixed chocolate nuts, three, yes, three empty cheesy curl packets, an empty 1lt bottle of lemon and lime spring water, the wrapper from a bar of chocolate and the accompanying crumbs that needed cleaning up! But, a visit to the Porcelain Throne was more urgency at this stage of my expergefaction. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and limped to the wet room. Hippy Hilda showing signs of displeasure in her joint.

A Throne session of messiness. Cleaned things up and back to clean up the overnight nibbling debris.

Attended to the Health Checks.


6Sat03Made a brew and took the medications.

I thought the readings were excellent this morning, looking good.

Got the computer started and updated the Friday post. With all the photographs and notes to refer to, this took me over two hours.

The tea went cold, and I went to make another replacement one.

1Mon02 Of course, this involved the now regular and expected stubbing of my toe against the Ottoman.

6Sat04I used the new camera while in the kitchen, to try and take a panorama shot of the morning skyline.

But the hands and fingers would not let me. I tried several times but just could not hold the camera steady enough. I even tried using the tripod to try and control things better; without any luck at all.

So I settled for a standard picture. Sad innit! Tsk!

0330hrs: By then, the second mug of tea had gone cold. Made a third and returned to the computer and started this post off.

Then went on WordPress Reader.

Checked Emails, then Comments. Lots of advice and help was on there today.

0450hrs: Made yet another mug of tea, then onto Facebooking. I’ve got well behind on it lately.

On to CorelDraw and made a graphic for the TFZers site. This one took ages to do, I’m going to use asking for a suitable title to type in the centre of it. For a bit of fun.

I got it finished at 0730hrs. Phew! Posted it off.

Went to make another mug of tea.

Worked on a new ode for a few hours, but concentration was minimal, and I gave up on it.

Unexpected blank period, no Dizzy Dennis though, just tired, unaware of surroundings and drained.

Got the nosh sorted early while I could.

I gobble-up all of it, a big plateful too!

All I was capable of doing after washing the pots was to sit down and try to reclaim some sort of balance of the mind. The most disturbing ‘Blank’ period for a long time.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd February 2018: Somnambulism Suspected

  1. Excellent graphic and Ode to the dimwitted git Trump!👍👍
    I think if you put a mouse trap in your nibbles and snack cabinet you will then remember when you ate them. For some reason I don’t graze or drink during the night… but I’ve heard of people who get up and cook during the night and don’t even know it! I’m not a very good cook when I’m awake so I can only imagine what kind of cooking I would do when asleep…😝

    • Thanks, Sir.
      No nibbling last night, hurrah! Hehe!
      It is a good thing you don’t do the same at night mate, thankfully.
      As for the trap in the cupboard… Hehehe… perhaps not eh? Haha!
      I reckon you do a good job cooking at all Sir.
      Taketh care.

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