Inchcock Today – Sunday 4th February 2018

Sunday 4th February 2018

Spanish: Domingo 4 de Febrero de 2018

2335hrs: Woke, and mentally pandiculated; the body and ailments would not permit me to stretch and yawn. Felt yonderly and awaited the brain to join my blubbery bleeding and wobbly body in achieving some sort of semi-activity.

The first thing noticed was the warm wet sensation from the Little inchies area, then once again, two mornings on the trot now; the signs of nocturnal-nibbling.

I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner (With relative ease, as well) and off to the wet room. A wee-wee and the bloodied lesion tended to and medicated. Hell of a job to stop the haemoglobin leaking. A proper clean-up and back to investigate and sort out the mess I’d left from the night time feasting.

Broken-off blocks of chocolate with hazelnuts scattered on the Ottoman. Crumbs and an empty Cheese Curl nibble bag, and a pot of chocolate covered nuts with the lid off. I cleared them away, and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. All results looked copacetic.

During which, I made a rather temerarious decision to cut the gauze this morning, with a knife, instead of the usual scissors. This, being prompted by my not being able to find the scissors.

Medicated plaster applied. Tsk!

Bits of a memory of the dream I’d had earlier suddenly came into my mind: I was solivagant strolling along on a canal pathway, the herbage and foliage around me so beautiful. A fish with an unrecognised human type head popped up from under the water and spoke to me… “Bring back Hanging!” I think I had a conversation with a sparrow later as well, but no details recalled. I’m sure I felt very comfortable in this ignis fatuus phantasm.

Got the computer on and started this post off up to here.

Got the washing sorted and down to the laundry room.

I got an odd feeling when I got out of the lift on the ground floor. I sensed that someone was close to me and smiling?

I must have looked a right twit when I kept turning around and nobody there of course?

I am still confident that some entity was there.

To the laundry room. Got the washer going and back up to the apartment.

0135hrs: Updated this post and then started on finishing off yesterdays diary.

0200hrs: Down again to move the gear into the dryer and wash the machine.

No signs were seen of anything of the spirit world down there this time. Perhaps it was one of the recently passed away tenants? They might be taking a look at their old apartment… or maybe not.

I noticed on the end notice board, and offer of Relaxation Sessions – To help us cope with the hustle and bustle of all the upgrading work going on. It says for anyone interested to “Pop their name and contact number on the attached sheet” But someone had nicked the sheet, or it was not put up? Haha! Unfortunately, this got the grey-cells musing, and I got myself feeling a little low about it. We (Tenants) have had the hassle of the radiators being fitted and refitted, soon we will have more significant fuss with the balconies being installed, then we have to cope with the windows being done… and then we will have to get on with the Fire Alarm Sprinklers being put in after all this! The very thought of this upset and bother I find intimidating, daunting, unnerving, apprehensive and discouragingly nervous-making. As for any interest in trying to keep the flat clean, well, interest in doing any housework is at a premium! The one radiator in the kitchen had been fitted blocking access to the drawer and cupboard, had to be moved and the result as you can see means I now have to sort and pay for a new floor and wall repairs and painting. The Fire Alarm Strobe took four visits to get right.

And, what’s been done would not have without the help of Jenny, bless her. The windows can’t be cleaned, not that I have any heart nor interest in doing so anyway. The hoists on the outside of the building are up and down regularly with the nice worker people doing the new external cladding. Oh, dear, I am sorry, I got into a bit of self-pity come waffling mode there. Sorry.

Jenny had been arranging more of her meals for us.

I wish I could go to more of them myself. But, with the medical appointments changing so often and the ‘Blank Spells’, I cannot risk going out with others and causing bother if I did sign it, you know, bleeding or dizzies and the like. The embarrassment would be too much for me to risk.

Back to the flat. Made a brew and visited the Porcelain Throne. Bleeding from the front and rear a little. Another messy session that needed cleaning up after. Health Checks and medications were done.

Updated this post and sorted photographs to use later on.

Down the last time to the laundry room, to collect the wear and titivate up the place.

I nipped out of the foyer door to take this shot of the mornings wet weather. Fancy that, raining in Nottingham.

Hehehe! I’m not too concerned though. What with it being a Sunday and no buses available, I do not plan on going out anywhere, like going Ice-skating, doing a bungee-jump or going to the theatre.

Got the clothing out of the dryer and folded up. Then into the big blue bag.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis after I’d bent down to put the two towels in the laundry bag. Only lasted a few seconds, first for a while.

Wiped the machine surfaces, sink and drums out. Then utilised the brush and dustpan as best I could manage. Old fashioned they might be, but no need for bending too much with these.

I wonder if they are going to redo this laundry room or move it? Mary said she thought they were building a new one in the new-build block between the currents apartments for all three to use? I’ve not heard of that.

Collected the bag and accoutrements and to the lift. The electronic sign in the lift lobby indicated that today there would be a little rain, thick cloud and 2°c. Oh, and that I’d finished my laundry duties at 0304hrs. Haha!

Got in the flat and stored the clobber away. Refilled the pots and sprays with freshener and detergent capsules ready for the next visit to do the laundry.

Made another mug of tea, and decided while waiting for the kettle to boil, it would be a good idea to do the waste bin bag sorting. Ready to take to and deposit down the rubbish chute after 0800hrs. There is a rule that we do not use the waste-chute between 2000 and 0800hrs, so as not to disturb other tenants on the lower floors with the noise of the descending bags in the metal channel.

As I was spinning the black bag with the general waste in it, the flipping thing split open! Spread all over the kitchen floor was used tea bags, empty yoghourt pots, food containers, apple cores, used tissues and sundries. Tsk! More cleaning up!

Updated this post to here.

0520hrs: Went to WordPress Reading. Then did the comments.

Facebooking next.

Several hours on CorelDraw doing TFZer Transport graphic updates. I got some done, but CorelDraw started playing up. Not sure if its the computer of the programme… or most likely me! Humph! Posted them off, those that I’d done, anyway.

More hours lost, fumbling in the dark through lack of knowledge about computer workings, trying without any success to get things to work correctly again. Tsk!

1515hrs: Started the meal, having failed to improve anything with the computer. Huh!

Checks and med’s sorted.

A large meal tonight, even for me. I got through about 75% of it, slowly.

‘Herbert’ above was in his knocking tapping and banging about mode. Weekend again!

I stayed awake through two episodes of Dr Who on the DVD, ‘Herberts’ clanging about, and two minutes of TV watching.

Woke with a start, and an overpowering feeling of cingulomania. I just needed someone to hold and listen to, to be part of my life, somebody to care for. I assumed this had been brought on by a dream. But was concerned that it came on at all. Off for a wee-wee. Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was achieved so very quickly for some reason?

I wondered afterwards, whether this happened or was it part of a dream?

12 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 4th February 2018

  1. Too bad you can’t have a cat. You have to be carful with bag twirling — it’s not at all like a baton. Great wheeled graphics. I still have my grandma’s 1960 Rambler American which looks like a large version of the pink Nash Metropolitan in the photo that’s in the lower right corner of your graphic. That was a large, well arranged, good looking meal you took care of there.

    • I miss the furry bundke of purring on my chest at night. Hehe!
      I actually liked the design of my Austin version, Tim. I looked up the Rambler, it is amazing similar to the Standard Ensign in the UK at the time. I’ve sent a photo of each through email for your perusal, Sir.
      No rain here for a day and a half now? Haha!

      • Just once Tim, along Derwent Street many years ago. I couldn’t master the driving wheel column gear change, as I remember. I do recall it being a heavy vehicle weightwise and steering. But I thought it looked great.
        Cheers Sir.

      • The Rambler has a horrible mush box automatic transmission and so much free play in the steering you have to make 3 revolutions with the steering wheel before it starts to turn. I almost drove it into the ditch more than once because of that sloppy steering.

  2. I’m guessing that animals are not allowed in your building which is a great shame.
    Bertie has arthritis in his front right leg now, poor thing. He’s still enjoying life, loving his little walks and food of course 😆 so he will be ok for a bit longer.

    • Oh, I do hope he is, Tracey. I’ve never fell in love with a dog I’ve only seen in a photo before. Hehe! Tell him we share ageing and Arthur Itis between us. Haha!
      We are allowed caged birds. Dogs visit with relatives though, I’ve seen them arriving to cheer up their family member tenant.
      No threatened snow here yet.
      TTFNski and taketh care. ♥

      • We don’t have snow yet either but think we may get some this afternoon.
        I love birds but you can’t cuddle them quite the same. A parrot would be good company.
        Bertie is lying in front of the wood burner. He’s happy 😊

      • The snow cameth and wenteth. Tracey. Hehe!
        Did you get some?
        I love to see birds at the park canal etc. But the mess I see they make in other folks flats, puts me off thinking of having one. As you say, one can’t nestle up to a bird or cuddle one.
        I can picture Bertie in my mind, and I’ve just gave him a bit of fuss.
        Got the shakes and shivers this morning. I think this is due the workers removing more cladding yesterday?
        Got to go for the blood test and rear-end checks later. Funny time for the first of the appointments 0837hrs. So no buses this erly up at the flats, first one in the week is 0930hrs, so I hope the rain keeps off. Hehe!
        Thanks for caring gal. ♥

  3. LOL! We definitely need a worldwide peace movement as per your Heather graphic.
    I have a new Android wallpaper it’s your automotive and transport collage graphic! Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!

    • Thanks Sir.
      “Peace has always and remains a two-way impossibility for mankind” I wish I could remember where I read that. Tsk! Einstein perhaps?
      So pleased you liked the graphic.
      Cheers and take care.

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