Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st February 2018: Oh, dearie me!

Thursday 1st February 2018

Swahili: Alhamisi 1 Februari 2018

0003hrs: I woke with a start, the mind filled with the tasks and jobs that needed doing today. For a few moments, a sense or feeling that I had athanasy came over me – I was pondering over whether this was a real feeling or had I died and wanted to be waking up in the recliner, all very confusing. A right mess in my mind, an imbroglio of nonsensical hogwash of dreams, desires, fears and worries tumbled around for a few moments.

I came out of this mind-adventure trip the moment I stabbed myself in the bottom when I moved to extricate my mass from the £300 second-hand recliner; somehow, I’d left the fork from last nights meal on the chair, finding it when I moved!?!? Hahaha! Wot a Plonka! Still, no blood this time.

Once out of the recliner, I threw away the bent fork and straight to getting the washing bag with the things needed and down to the laundry room.

A selection of screw-in light bulbs and a pair of trousers had been left on the table in the foyer. A sign of those we have lost from our building since Christmas to the Grim Reaper, having their old flats sorted out. Being a softy, I spent a little time picturing Norman, Eddie, May and Brenda in my mind, and with good memories of each one enjoyed. I think the names are right, but the thoughts are what matter.

Got the machine going and back up to the apartment. Got the Health Checks and medications completed.

No shakes or dizzies this morning, looking good.

Down again, and got the clothes moved into the drier. Had a sweep around and tried to remove some of the dried on like concrete soap powder from the input drawers. I might take a grinder with me next time. Haha!

0105hrs: Back in the flat. Finished off the Wednesday post and made a start on this one.

0145hrs: Down to collect the clothing from the drier. I nipped out through the foyer doors to see what the weather was like.

It was wet again, of course!

Took the things out, folded them and into the bag. Had a sweep around, cleaned the filter, outer casing and sink.

Felt a little stirring of a developing rumble and grumble from the innards.

As I arrived with the bag at the lift doors, I noticed a new sizeable colourful poster had been put up on the wall to the right of the official notice boards.

Not a good idea to tell us, old tenants that the future is ours, is it? Hehe! And, if any of us had put a poster on the wall other than on the notice board, it would have been removed, and if they found out who had done it, a rollicking may have ensued.

What a construction taster workshop means, I don’t understand. But, I do believe that people should be allowed to follow their own path. And, if it (This meeting) helps build up understanding and tolerance, that is a good thing.

Up and to the Porcelain Throne. Messy again! But Harold’s Haemorrhoids although painful, were not bleeding at all.

0330hrs: Went to WordPress Reader. Checked out the comments next. Then Facebooking.

Checked calendar for today.

0800hrs > 0900: Morrison Delivery

0830hrs > 1430: Alarm technician to sort the Strobe calling

1000hrs > 1100hrs: Winwood Social Hour: No chance of getting to it of course, with the NCH making appointments for today. Grumph!

1230hrs > 1700hrs: Heater to be moved in the kitchen.

A busy day is waiting.

Ablutions were done. Had a jolly-good stand-up wash, teggies done, shaved and medicalisationing session. Took the bins to the chute and the Morrison man delivered the fodder.

Updated this post. On CorelDraw graphicalisationing, and doing a humorous ode for posting to WordPress.

1100hrs: Alarm man from Nottingham, City Homes – fit new one of each. All done by 1120hrs. Thanked him and off he shot. Fingers crossed, this will stop the false activations from now on. All this, thanks to Jenny.

1121hrs: Nottingham City Home electrician. Moved heater, oh dearie me!

The chap who called said he had only come to do a minutes work on the electric panel.

I said I thought he’d come to move the radiator in the kitchen. He kindly decided to do the ‘moving’ for me then, and he set about doing the job.

It looks awful in there now. I’ll have to get someone to do the floor again and fill in the holes and paint the walls.

As the rules stand, I’ll have to get permission from Nottingham City Homes to get whoever I do find certificated and granted. Thank heavens, I have Jenny to ask for advice.

I was well pleased with these jobs getting done reasonably early in the day. Because the weather looked perfect for getting some ‘Moody’ photographs taken, on my trip to the Aldi store to get some of their Special Lemon Curd yoghourts, which I no have the time to get done. I can bus up and walk back to get the pictures.

Did the Health Checks and med’s and I hurriedly got ready. Popped into the Obergruppenfureress Wardens Shed on the way out. Spoke with Jenny’s other half Frank and some residents at the bus stop.

Caught the L9 City Bound bus up to Mapperley top and went to the Aldi store.

Where the customary overspending took place.

When I left the shop, the sun was in the perfect position for me to attempt some ‘Moody’ shots…

Oh dear… I’d remembered to take the camera but had left the flipping SD card in the computer at home. Forgetting the SD card earlier had made me feel so disgusted with myself!

Walked back down Winchester Street Hill. The wind had got up suddenly, very strong. So much so, I thought it was going to blow me back up the hill! Hehe!

As I reached the flats, there were many potential photo opportunities of the builders compound with a long articulated lorry struggling to reverse through the gates with Health & Safety Officers assisting. All lost, because this idiot forgot his SD card. What a Plonka!

As I got into the flat, I found two pieces of mail had been delivered. One for a Mr William Wills, which I will mark and return, and one for me about; The Installations of Sprinklers, Public Address Systems and Intercoms in my block.

Just what we need, more hassle noise and disruption. We’ve had six months of the upgrading of the tower and flats so far. And, we have an estimated further eight months to go with this until it is finished, now this new rigmarole we have to cope with.

Not that I don’t understand why, with the unfortunate souls at Grenfell tragedy. The letter got in a Political Meme come message: “The Government indicated following the Grenfell disaster that it would provide financial support to Councils for safety measures. Unfortunately, no support has been provided.”

I got the nosh ready. Beef in Black Bean sauce with trimmings, French fries, egg rice, sugar snap peas, sliced apple, tomatoes and two slices of Scottish Plain bread. And, guiltily… the cream cakes. (Head down in shame!)

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, TV on, nodded off in seconds I think.

Dreaming something about my old cat, Cyril and lost best mate Jock, and I sprang awake.

The landline was ringing… well I could see the flashing light; struggled out of the chair and answered. Someone wanting to talk to Mrs Freckle? I informed the caller no one of that name lives here.

This call got the grey-cells churning over. The earlier letter to Mr William Wills, this request for Mrs Freckle, mail for Margaret the previous tenant etc. I then wondered, how many souls had passed-away in this flat? Been here since 1964, so there must be a few. I think there might be a block up in heaven waiting for us join the others. Be nice to see Norman, May, Eddie and them all again. Just a semi-morbid fun thought with a twinge of mourning!

I remembered I had not taken the evening med’s or done the Health Checks. So I got up and did them.

Got back in the recliner and was soon off to sleep. Surprisingly really, cause the brain-box was galloping away uncontrollably on its own chosen path at the time.

TTFN all.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st February 2018: Oh, dearie me!

  1. There you go forking yourself, leaving the fork and yourself all forked up. That’s too bad you left your SD card at home. Discovering you have no SD card is like those bad dreams when you find yourself in a crowd and realized you forgot to put on clothes. From the unpainted area on the wall, it looks like the new heater is a couple of inches taller the the original heater, which caused the drawer problem. Maybe you can get your noisy neighbor to come down and patch and paint your wall. Probably easier than getting the properly licensed hole spackler and wall painter. What’s the penalty for doing it yourself? Those donuts look great. You shouldn’t feel shame for eating them. You have to enjoy things. My brother-in-law is a nurse, and he said a patient on the floor he was working on asked another nurse for a cup of coffee after his surgery. She told him “I don’t think so, but I’ll ask the doctor”. Apparently, when she asked the doctor, expecting him to say no, he said “Sure! He can have coffee.” Seeing the surprise on the nurse’s face he told her “Look the guy is 80 years old, drinking coffee is the least of his worries!” I think jam & cream donuts are the least of your worries. But forking yourself? Now that is another matter.

  2. Thanks, Sir. Perfect description of not having your SD card, Tim! I like it!
    The penalty for doing it myself without written permission, Tim; Is the Nottingham City Homes redoing it whatever it is I’ve done, and charge me. Also, I’ll lose my Good Tenant status and refund, and may lose the tenancy of the flat. So, best I do it by the book methinks.
    Mind you, Herbert gets away with all the banging and knocking? However, it is his hobby making steam engines and the like, so.
    Laughed at the patient tale. I can see that I will have to remove my inhibitions on treating myself. Hehe!
    As for the nocturnal forking, I do feel a fool!
    When I got up this morning, I had over four hours of no Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas, indeed what I have Christened “Things actually going Rightness’ mode” Haha! I;ve just finished writting about in in today’s diary.
    The mode ended abruptly.
    TTFNski Mon Ami.

  3. Hey my dear one!!!…
    Thank you so much for the warm welcome back : ) having illnesses sucks lol…but I know that you know that lol…
    Glad to know you didn’t get forked to hard…lol … awww well if the lord gives us another day than maybe you can take some more pictures but yes a SD card is a must…I always look forward to your pictures and your blog post…
    That is amazing that you have lived in there since 1964 …that amazes me…
    I am with Tim above^^^ eat those donuts hun… don’t be hard on yourself at all…your suppt to enjoy your life : )
    Huggggs n ♥♥♥

    • You is mostest welcome petal.
      Good job the fork was not sharp pointed. Hehe!
      The flats were built in 1964 gal. I’ve only been here for three years or so.
      Wise words from Tim about the SD card. I’m going to buy another one when the buses run again next week, and try to remember to keep it in my coat pocket, so next time I forget to put one in the camera, I’ll still be able to phtographicalise. Mind you, knowing me, that day I’ll go out in a different coat, Haha! I’ve just bought two more and now have three. Never had so many clothes in me life before.
      I pray things will be easier for you now petal. XXX ♥

  4. I agree with the others…you have to be able to have treats. I hope you enjoyed them immensely 🙂
    Thankfully both workman sorted things out early 🙌
    I would have forgotten my camera, phone, water bottle, etc if I don’t write a list of what to take the day before. I’m very forgetful at the point of leaving.
    Bye for now xx

    • A Whoopsiedangeplop Trait we both share there, Tracey. The times I hav to go back for important stuff surprises even me, gal. Hearing aids, medications along with the usual things. And returning to check the cooker is off, taps not running, Did I lock the door? etc.
      Each time to get to the door with Bertie, think of me and my memory… then check if you have evrything. This doesn’t help I know, but I wanted to try and help a bit.
      Thanks for caring, and the best of luck and wishes for a good day. ♥

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