Inchcock Today – Thursday 31st May 2018: A messy day!


Thursday 31st May 2018

Bosnian: Četvrtak 31. maja 2018

0300hrs: Woke to the sound of borborygmus movements in the innards. Oh, dear!

Nevertheless, my mind’s usual ecdemomania, wanderings, ramblings of a garrulous nature not being this way this morning, I was at a loss for something to worry or fret about. Haha!

I was soon out of the £300 second-hand recliner, and in the wet room having a wee-wee.

Washed and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


4Thu07I reckon the resulting readings to be okay and not out of the ranges.

Took the medications with a mug of Assam tea, that was not bad at all.

Still, no fretting, panicking or wandering-off thoughts yet. Also concerning!

0400hrs: Noisy Herbert above had his living 4Thu02room light on. But only one bang was heard up to now.

Back for another Wee-wee.

Then the light went off as I took some photographicalisations of the mist lingering outside on the horizon.

Then of the parked cars below. PArked in there 4Thu01usual neat fashion.

Bearing in mind that getting into a position to take this picture of the vehicles was a bit difficult; due to the window not opening fully yet; I was pleased with the resulting crisp clear photo.

A grumble from the innards arrived again, so I trotted off to the wet room’s Porcelain Throne. Another messy, bloody evacuation.


I started to update the Wet Wednesday diary post.

During which, unfortunately, I needed to have a few more mini-wee-wees.

I got an email from Morrisons, they have made substitutions to the order that should be arriving later this morning. I shall return them.


I noticed that the mist had transmuted into a fog now.

Back to the computerisationalisticaling, and got the Wednesday post finished off and posted to WordPress.

An hour later, I went to replace the mug of tea I’d let go cold, and the fog was even worse than it was earlier.

Before getting back to starting this post off, I went and sorted out, making sure to put them in the bag ready. The nibbles, raffle prizes and pressies for the Winwood Tenants get together at the Obersturmbannführeress ‘Temporary Brigadeführeresses archididascalian Warden’s HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers break and rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Ear-plug supply room and Telling Inchcock-Off shed’, for the Social Hour later.

Got the ablutions sorted out, without any Whoopsiedangleplops, accidents or predicaments.

4Thu05I went to make another small mug of Yorkshire English Breakfast type tea. Gorgeous flavour!

Did the comments in and out, then went to the WordPress Reader section.

A lot of good stuff again on there.

Dave, the Morrison man, arrived.

4Thu08WDPA02 A fair bit of confusion resulted. According to the Email and the invoice, the Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Crisps and been substituted with Mature Cheddar & Red Onion flavoured Kettle crisps.

Also, the Morrison’s Jelly Babies were replaced with Bassetts brand.

See photo of the invoice on the left.

4Thu09But, a good while later after we had both sorted through the order, we found that the crisps as ordered, were actually there in the bag? I returned the Jelly Babies. Thanked Dave and got the stuff not the kitchen to sort further and put away.

WDPA02 There was only the one packet of beef chunks, they were on offer at 2 for a pound less. I assumed, quiet unpretentiously, that this would have been one of my cock-ups. As would the two packets of BBQ chicken skewers that were delivered?

4Thu06I got the fodder stored away and noticed the clock in the kitchen read 0535hrs.

Being as it was now 0805hrs, I assumed the battery had conked out. Tsk!

Off yet again for a further wee-wee.

(Getting a bit recapitulatory and repetitious these short-sharp evacuations, now).

4Thu10Made-up the rubbish bags and took them out with me, dropping them in the waste chute on the way to the elevator.

WDPA02 Now ‘B’ lift had broken down for a change. The only one left working was on floor 8 when I pressed the call button. Then it went to 10-8-11 then my floor, 12. Then up to 15 and finally down to the ground floor. I met Cyndy inside and we had a chinwag and walked down to the Gruppehfurheresses ‘Temporary archididascalian Warden’s HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers break and rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Ear-plug supply room and Telling Inchcock-Off shed’.

Jenny greeted me first, come think of it, no one else did. Sad! Hehe!

I gave the crab to Jenny. Later I gave her the candles for the cakes, I nearly forgot to, Tsk!).

I left on the 0930hrs to catch the bus with some other residents.

When I left the hut, I took these shots of the Willmott-Dixon lads working on Woodthorpe (Left) and the Winchester (Right) Courts. No, I got them the wrong way around, Sorry.


I dropped off the bus five stops later on Mapperley Tops and walked down to the Aldi store.

I ended up with another big bag of goodies. A bottle of marinade BBQ sauce, Jelly babies, nibbles to refill the box with, a TV paper for next week, bread for the wardens, brioche 4Thu12ready sliced hot dog rolls (they can go in the freezer), and, two jam & fresh cream doughnuts. Naturally, I am full of remorse and repentance. (No idea how they got into my shopping basket again, Ahem!).

And the thing I went to buy in the first place; some more of the Lousiana Style BBQ Pork Ribs. (Slurping at the thought of eating these next week. Mmm!)

4Thu13As I walked along the top road on the walk home, I came across some new Nottingham Street Art that was not there last week.

As to the style; Expressionism, Modernism, Avant-garde, Social Realism, I don’t know. But it certainly caught the eye when the rat leapt out of the box and scurried away. Didn’t-half make me jump… well, wobble a bit.

Nottingham, the City that has applied to enter the 2023 European Capital of Culture challenge. Honestly, they have!

4Thu16The murders of 16 poor soles in Nottingham, still unsolved! There have been some arrests, but no-one has ever been convicted. With crime escalating out of hand, and 480 fewer policemen on duty. 14 incidents of knife crime last weekend. Amazing!

Then Sherwood and Arnold’s residents were told not to panic when they see all the extra patrols that will be out and about, to ensure their safety last weekend. According to Radio Nottingham, they didn’t get a single caller saying they saw any policemen at all! Things are getting bad locally.

4Thu13aBut Nottingham City Council want to become the European City of Culture?

I walked down Mapperley Rise on the way home. The plates-of-meat and Hippy Hilda were both giving me some hassle.

The weather was okay though. The fog that turned to mist was still there, especially in the distance.

When got down to the junction with Chestnut Walk (on the right in this photograph). I attempted a panoramic picture.


The greyness in the background that would usually show thousands of council houses, gardens and the Nottingham City Hospital and its grounds. All hidden at the moment by the distant mist.

WDPA02 I managed to get the blue van looking a little warped. Tsk!

4Thu15I got back to the (Winwood Heights as it is soon to be known) complex.

I made my way precariously between the weeds and 56 vehicles parked contrary to or forbidden by the law the length of Chestnut Walk.

The poor devils have no option really, with so many contractors and Willmott-Dixon workers grafting away.

Anyway, they can rest assured no Nottingham policemen will be in the area to notice them!

For anyone under 19 who can’t remember when it was a Police Force and not a Police Service, here is a picture of a Nottingham Bobby as they were known by the few honest citizens of our fair-town in those days.


Above left, 1962, the right 2016. But they have been made redundant to save money now.

3Wed05On the left, yesterday. Yes, I can’t see any either!

Natheless, I’m wondering off again.

I limped along and into the Nottingham City Homes Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone and crooked residents things to steal from the hut, shed.

BJ was there, said he will let me know when the next steaming is on, at Papplewick Pumping Station. I took the nibble box around and had few laughs and words on the way. A chinwag or two. Some of the gals gave forth with old songs. I love it when they do this.

I did not stay for long, the feet and Hippy Hilda were still bothersome, said my farewells, but I don’t think anyone heard me. I made my way home.

The workers were drilling away, very close to my apartment. Within an hour of getting in, I had a cracking headache. Then had a wee-wee, or two very close to each other.

Put the food away, and got the oven on a low light so it will be quicker later to get the pork shoulder cooking.

Did the health Checks and took the medications. Then got on with updating this blog. Took an extra Codeine.

During a break in the drilling, Noisy Herbert made a hell of a bang on his floor, my ceiling. I think he must have dropped something heavy. I hope he is alright… ish!

A hoist would keep going up or down for a while. It seems the builder lads are busy.

I got the pork shoulder slices in the oven. I must keep checking them to make sure they do not burn but are still cooked thoroughly. Going to have them with bbq flavoured baked beans and a bit of bread, methinks.

Pressed on with the updating on WordPress.

WDPA02 The meal was prepared and consumed. I’m afraid the picture I took of the pork shoulder and baked beans in the dish has dissipated into the ether from the SD card, Again! A Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, Aliens or an Inchcock Error, I’ve no idea why.

Herbert above was doing his banging again.

WDPA02 Then, I realised I had not got my wrist alarm bracelet on, but could I find it? No! I seemed to recall that in the lift with Cyndy this morning, I’d noticed I was still wearing it and thought I’d put it in my pocket. Which was the first place I searched? Then the wet room. All the drawers, chairs cupboard, the floors, the laundry bag… I was getting myself in a right panic and pickle! Just when I wanted to do the battery checks with the NCH control cause it is the end of the month too! Humph! I’ll have to confess to Warden Deana, if I can’t find it my morning, and pay to have a replacement one.

WDPA02 I had a wee-wee and continued to search. Ending up checking the pockets in the jacket I started searching first, and found the wrist alarm that somehow or other I had missed the first time! What an absolute, Klutz!

I stripped off and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Fell asleep and was having a dream about my being in an underground cave, and chasing some people who were using zimmer frames, but could not catch up with them… and then, the door chimes rang out.

WDPA02 By the time I’d got up out of the chair and slipped a shirt on, Warden Deana had let herself in an was standing in the room. With me stood there WTHorpe3awith my protection pants on with blood marks from the lesion leakage and no trousers on! I was feeling uncomfortable, nonplussed, and awkwardly embarrassed!

But I recall hoping that Noisy Herbert would do some bashing and be banging around while the pulchritudinous Deana was there to hear him. But he was silent. Just my luck! A wrist alarm battery check was done.

Off the pulchritudinous Warden Deana went, and I settled down again. It must be hard for people to understand why I get my head down, and get up so early. It puzzles me a bit. But I do fade earlier in the day nowadays.

IT took me ages to nod-off again.

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  1. I look forward to new words for common things when I read your posts, Gerry. Did you know the plural of “borborygmus” is “borborygmi”? I’m trying to visualize the effect of a pluralized “borborygmus” situation, and can only come up with what we – my siblings and I – used to say in such situations when we were children many centuries ago: “HIT THE DIRT!”

    • Hahaha! Roger-Wilko, understood, Doug.

      Found a site for the furries similar condition. Thought you might be interested, Sir.

      Borborygmi: Certain conditions of the gut, such as inflammatory bowel disease, can cause an increase in gas production, which can also lead to some abnormal sounds in the abdomen. Another disease called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), fairly common in dogs but also in cats; leads to borborygmus.
      Got it from this site, Doug:


      • Lots of fun…we’ve been there! Both the kitty boys had major diarrhea as kittens thanks to a parasite they got eating an infected grasshopper or two (per their veterinarian…), and both required daily baths. Persians, you know! LOL!

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