Inchcock Today – Friday 1st June 2018: Morpheus, Morpheus, where art tho, Sweet Morpheus?


Friday 1st June 2018

German: Freitag, 1. Juni 2018

0310hrs: WDPA4A I woke-up with a start. The rumbling, growling and churning were coming from the grumbling innards, were so active. I thought, for a moment I could hear the tohubohu in the tummy and bowels.

What had caused this intestinal-turmoil I didn’t think of at this moment. My mind was pondering which of the more than is a fair amount of medications I have, could best be taken to ease this violent raging inner-battle.

5Fri001WDPA4A Then I noticed the condition (New potmark, scar, spots, and blotches-wise) of the legs.

New mystery scratches, the water retention in the left leg still there, but, the right leg had gone down? The skin had gone a shade more yellow in the right leg, but not in the left one? New bruises had appeared overnight on the shin.

The body seems to be disintegrating, crumbling, degenerating, become dilapidated, and maybe even decomposing? Sad innit? Still, I suppose it is just catching up with the brain. Hehehe!

As I tackled the job of extracting my bulk from the £300 second-hand recliner, Anne Gyna started off, and boy, was she in a bad mood! Maybe these stabbing pains are linked to the excessive stomach ache?

I was not in excellent condition. Had I been a car, I’d have called-out the RAC. Haha!

WDPA4A Then, oh dearie me, the signs of noctiferous-nibbling and possibly somnambulance activity were identified. The empty crisp bags in the bin next to the Ottoman, crumbs on the chair, and empty mineral water bottle also in the container. The empty pot that had some jelly babies in it last night? My yarmulke was nowhere to be found. Had I been sleepwalking and ate a load of food, and knocked the legs about? Had this caused the limb and stomach bother?

Off to the porcelain throne. A difficult evacuation followed. No blood, but a right mess to clean up afterward.

This morning was not one of my best starts to a day I’ve ever had. Now, Little Inchies Fungal Lesion has started bleeding! Huh! Back to the wet room and cleaned and medications painfully applied. Good Heavens, worra start, and its only 0420hrs yet!

Got the medications taken, an extra Codeine and Omeprazole were added to the morning dosage. Got the Health Checks completed and updated the Excel page with the results.


5Fri002Sys had come down at last, and the pulse had shot-up. Due possibly, I reckon, to my getting myself het-up over things this morning.

Back to the wet-room for another one of my short, sharp painful wee-wees. The lesion had started to bleed again.

It seemed very warm in the kitchen. I opened the window to let some fresh air in and took 5Fri001bthis photograph.

Another mist hung-over the Nottinghamian shoplifters. Er… Citizens, I mean.

The stomach continued to grind away, as I made a little cuppa and got the computer on to start this post going.

This far, and then I updated the Thursday post and got it posted-off to WordPress.

5Fri005Blimey, that took until 0730hrs.

I got the blood test appointment added to the Google calendar.

Looks like I have a few tasks and jobs on next week.

No comments to read today.

Back to updating this post for a while.

Then on to Facebook, fingers crossed it will let work today. It did!

So I made a few more TFZer graphics and got them posted off, here are some:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few bangs and clunks from Herbert up above, but I’ve no idea if any emanated for an hour or so when the workers started the balconies outside. Made me jump everytime they started drilling. But nae bother.

Doing a bit of sneezing now, Tsk!

The lads are back doing some more work on the balcony bases. Maybe next week the other sub-contracted company will make a start on them. No idea how long it will be when they begin, but imagine it will take a good few weeks. With so many needs to be done.

Went in to get the oven turned on, do the Health Checks and get the bits prepared for the cooking of the meal.

5Fri005aWDPA4A Bent down to move the tray that was heating to the centre and cracked my head on the oven side. With the drilling noises I already had a headache, but now of boy have I got one! And Dizzy Dennis has paid me a visit.

I’m not too good, so I’ll pack up on the computer and catch up in the morning.

What a clot I am!

Got the Health Checks completed and took the medications.

5Fri006I got the meal prepared, to the accompaniment of a couple of clunks from Herbert above.

Tired as I was, with that headache and now Duodenal Donald is having a bash at me, I ate and enjoyed this plate of skewers, gherkins, seasoned potatoes, sugar-snap peas, red onions, beetroot, and tomatoes.

Followed by a lemon mousse and a mug of orange juice. I even nibbled a bag of Seasalt & Balsamic vinegar crisps afterward. And, no brewing or rumbling from the innards.

WDPA4A I went to check that I’d locked the door and found a letter had been delivered. It looked like the ones do from the bank, so I opened it with trepidation waiting in the wings of my mind. I got the contents half-way out and realised it was not for me, but Josie in the next flat! I did feel guilty in not checking firs5Fri007t before I tore into it. I’ll drop it off tomorrow, and apologise.

The evening was clammy, and this did not help with my getting to sleep.

Beautiful sky though.

That headache and Duodenal Donald were not helping either.

Then, when the itching started, and the sneezing, I decided to put the TV on, in the vain hope that this would send me off into the land of Nod; as it has done so many times before for me.

WDPA4A As I was laying there viewing and listening, with the odd two-minute nod-off here and there, and the sound suddenly stopped. I fiddled with the headset, to no avail. Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and checked on the extension cable linkage. Then the plug in the back of the Television and in the extension linkage got a visit from Dizzy Donald at this time, and did not know which of the three points that I’d taken the plug out from! What a Lummox!

I tried all three in order, but no sound. I turned off the set and back on again. Now I had sound, but no control over the volume? After getting myself all in a muddle altering the settings for the sound, and still no adjustments to the audio, I went for a wee-wee.

Went to top-up the orange juice mug and returned to the chair, put the headphones on and tried turning up the volume… and it now worked! Ghosts, Aliens or Lucifer was toying with me again! Grumph!

I played with the controls to see if it would continue and it did. Completely baffled me!

I noted that the film, Déjà vu was showing, but thought it was far too late for me to watch it.

WDPA4A After half-an-hour of failing to nod-off again, I put the TV back on and watched the film after all. Well, not exactly, I missed the last ten minutes as I drifted off only to wake-up as the credits rolled on the screen. What a Schlump!

5Fri008I found it so hard to understand how I could not get to sleep while feeling so drained and tired?

I decided to have a shave and shower, then do the medicationalisationing of the delicate areas of this pot-marked bruised distended, protuberant, ovoid body.

To find that the blotches had been joined with some new bruises. One bruise had disappeared altogether on the left leg. 

The rash on the right wrist had changed into a yellowish blue bruise.

Both legs had gone almost thin, with no signs of any water retention.

Harold’s Haemorrhoids had been bleeding profusely and needed a lot of attention to get them back into a tranquil mood.

The Fungal Lesion was the worst by far for discomfort, soreness and pain during the cleansing, desensitising and medicating that had to be done.

I felt so tired and exhausted; and yet, I was not in a lousy mood whatsoever? No self-pity, no feeling peed-off or unhappy? Just wasted.

Even after getting the ablutionisationing done, and still failing to fall to sleep, I just got up again, made a brew and passed-wind.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 1st June 2018: Morpheus, Morpheus, where art tho, Sweet Morpheus?

  1. Speaking of Déjà vu, did you ever see the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray? I’ve noticed as we get older daily life becomes like “Déjà vu all over again”. I think you are infested with ghosts who like playing tricks on you. Out here, the post office often delivers mail to everyone other that who the mail was addressed. Really great graphics in the slide show, and the food looks marvelously well arranged.

    • I’ve not seen this film, Tim. I looked it up on Google, and it sounds well-worth a viewing. I might find it on the web to watch?
      Our Post Office has a reputation that I don’t think it wants, Tim. Hehe!
      I could I suppose, blame approaching dementia for my ‘Odd Periods’. But your ghosts scenario sounds far more interesting. Hehe!

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