Inchcock Today – Thursday 30th May 2019: The brain suffered from duomachy, today!

May 31

2019 May 29

Thursday 30th May 2019

Scots Gaelic: Diardaoin 30 Cèitean 2019

WD146.0.0 03:40hrs. I woke in desperate need of a wee-wee – I disentangled my aching, tired, overweight body from the £300 second-hand, grotty-beige, c1968, rickety-rusty-recliner, caught my balance and made for the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). I was startled a bit, by the force and length of the evacuation. Which was of the LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting-Like-Wee-wee) style. But the colour had gone back to normal now.

I got the slippers on, and poddled with the stick, to the kitchen, and took the medications, made tonight’s dosage pot up. Imbibed this morning’s medicines, and got the kettle on, and then did the health checks. Sys 177, Dia 81, Pulse 88, and Temperature 35.8°c. A change for the last few mornings. Up a bit – As Bob Monkhouse used to say in ‘The Golden Shot!’


Ankle strap, not dry enough!

The hand washing shirt and socks were moved and placed on the warm airer.

WD146.0.0 However, the Ankle-Support Strapping was nowhere near dry enough to put on! It cannot be dried with any heat applied. So the walk to the doctors this morning is going to have to be done with great care and patience. I do not want the foot to go over and end up with broken bones, Oh Dear, no!  I’m a little concerned about this, to be honest. But I have to get to the surgery, and no buses run here that early. I might use the four-wheel-trolley-guide instead of the three-wheeler.

WD146.0.0 The innards gave me an indication that they needed the use of the Porcelain Throne. So, off to the wet room. And what a change in that department today! Quick, painful, but so messy and gooey! And I’d just taken some Senna and Movicol with the medications. That might prove a mistake. Flipping ‘eck! Made worse by all the cleaning up needed after the evacuation, Oy Vey!

Got the computer on, and started to update the Wednesday post (Not one of my better days that, Grumph!). The fingers were shaking a few times, but not as bad as yesterday. Got it finalised and sent off to WordPress. Went on the Reader Section for a while to catch-up During which, several more wee-wees were needed, but these were not so forceful and shorter in length and volume. They were of the H.K.W.W. (Heavy-Keen-Wee-wee) classification.

I planned to get the ablutions done at 07:00hrs. This should give me time to sort out things for the doctors and get the trolley-guide prepared etc. for the hobble to Carrington and the Sherringham Park Medical Practice. I made up the nibble-bag while I thought of it, and put it in the four-wheeled-guide box. Such a sad little box, it’s also a seat, but these few nibbles filled it, so it is of little use, if any, for shopping? I think I’ve got it right. Appointment at 09:20hrs – 07:00hrs: Ablutions; shave, teggies, shower, dry, battle with the sock-glide one hour. 08:00hrs: Leaves me 20 minutes to faffle around and get outside togs on and set off out by 08:20hrs: Giving me an hour to walk to the surgery. Gone are the 35-minute hobbles to the doctors of old. Humph!

Made a start on this post.

4Thu001Ablutionisationing time arrived. Closed the computer and off to the wet room.

WD146.0.0 Stubbed the poor old toes again in the seat riser, silently muttered under my breath, “Oh, bother!” Then the foot/ankle went over.

I think I may have said something along the lines of, “Arghhurgh!” 4Thu02followed by “Well Fancy that!”

Got myself sorted, moved the Ankle Support strap in the wet room, in hopes that it dries quicker.

Then I readied things including the four-wheeled-walker and took some bags to the rubbish chute on the way out. I was soon out in the fresh air.

4Thu05The bigger trolley is more comfortable to control downhill but too big really for use on the buses; I’ll find out on the way home later.

A beautiful display of white flowers blooming on Winchester Street.

Getting through on the pavement with the trolley was not easy at all. Some cars and vans from the sub-contractors were parked on the footpath and didn’t give enough room for me to walk through, and I had to go on the road to get by. But I’m not complaining; their illegal parking allows the L9 bus to get by. Without which I would be in a right picklement! 

I pressed on carefully and not rushing, down the hill onto Mansfield Road. The mind had an odd moment of reflection on how things were going, and I was suddenly weighed down by weltschmerz.

Walking along  Mansfield Road, I took some shots of the shops I passed by.



WD146.0.0 They were not a very encouraging sight. Humph! I pressed on up the hill, and down into Carrington.

The atmosphere was one of decrepitude and misery I’m afraid. Closed shops, unhappy faces, and a sense of defeatism lingered.

A little before the Sherrington Park Medical Practise, I spotted some beautiful small flowers, 4Thu08that appeared to be growing on some nettles? I’ll ask Caroline next week to see if she knows their name.

WD146.0.0 As I got to the surgery entrance, I had to stop as a dizzy as I’ve never had before suddenly came over me. It didn’t last long, a minute or two at most. But it was not like the usual Dizzy Dennis efforts, this time it seemed to be coming from behind the eyes, and the vision went blurry. Mmm?

I was greeted with a welcome from the receptionist, took a seat and got the crossword book out and had a go, an unsuccessful one, again! Hehe!

Dr. Lona Vina called me into her room. I’ve never been in there so long, ten minutes! She asked how I was feeling, and some deeply personal questions that needed answering. Then had a look at my legs, checked the lungs/breathing. I have to keep taking the Furosemide that the hospital had taken me off. She was concerned as to why they had removed the fluid fighting Furesomide in the first place and ordered some from the chemists for me. The kidneys needed checking out, and the iron in the blood will be checked. She arranged for Nurse Nichole to take some blood. Ah, Nurse Nichole… life became worthwhile again! Haha!

I waited in the nurse’s area and had another failed go at the crosswords. I may pack up trying! Tsk! Nurse Nichole came to fetch me, and we had a jolly good natter while she 4Thu09took the blood. It was so lovely after such a long time seeing her again. Gave her some chocolates I’d brought, just in case I saw her. (Proof, that the EQ works?) Thanked her and handed the receptionists some nibbles on the way out. 

I departed, and checked my as good-a-Rolex, second hand £2 watch with its £10 new strap, and there was no point in catching a bus back to Sherwood, for an L9 bs was not due for 58 minutes. So I went to the Lidl store and had a wander around. The small box on the trolley would not 4Thu10hold the things I’d bought, but, I had taken a small back-bag with me and had to use that as well. (Smart Heh?) I came out with mild-mini-peppers, tomatoes, cheese, triple-fried beef chips: chicken pieces, and baking potatoes. I paid at the self-service checkouts and departed.

WD146.0.0  Just missing being knocked over by another, hated, ignorant, doollaly Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist!

WD146.0.0 I (foolishly) decided to walk back to Sherwood. As I started to walk, I saw a git of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist coming towards me – I stop turned and got the camera out and took a picture as he shot by. Unfortunately, the shakes came on, and I took three shots straight after each other. But, this shows just how fast the repugnant antisocial needs-locking up bully was travelling at!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu13aaA far less painful than I expected hobble back to Sherwood was enjoyed.

But it wasn’t long before yet one more Nottinghamian, bullying, inconsiderate, chowderheaded scumbag of a baby-carrying Pavement Cyclist was threatening to have me over, coming from behind again. But it didn’t bother me! (Lie Mode Engaged!)

4Thu14I made my way up to the L9 bus stop at the top of Mansfield Road. A sad sight of another closed down business was straight opposite the shelter where I took a seat on the trolley for the first time. Putting in the breaks first!

A bloke from out flats, the one on all the social security who brags about his Asian wife and child and how much he is still getting, and they have lived apart for donkey’s years. But it didn’t 4Thu16bother me! (Lie Mode Engaged!)

WD146.0.0 Yet another, ignorant law-breaking Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclistess, lurked nearby. But I was safely hidden in the bus shelter at least. Hehehe!

The L9 bus arrived on time, and we all mounted, there were about four of us from the flats by then that got on board.

4Thu17I took a last shot of Sherwood before getting on, and the four-wheeled-guide proved to be too large for me to sit without blocking someone’s passage. I’ll try to use the three-wheeler on buses in the future.

The walk from the bus stop to the flats was a little wearying. I imagine my having sat down for a while and having to get up again was the reason, and of course, the feet were giving me some hassle. Walked back with Mary, who had arrived on the other bus. She had cancelled her move to the Sneinton Flats now, and moved down to the first floor at Woodthorpe Court, from the top storey. That’s the 5th, 9th, then 15th and now the first floor she is residing in. She gets about a bit, s4Thu18he does. Bless her. Hehe!

I got in the flat. I’ve worked out a system with the trolleys. I wheel it to the end of the hallway, unloaded it and the bag, but away what I wasn’t going to use. Then retrieved the airer-dryer from the spare room, back to the hall, and wheeled the emptied trolley into the room. Sort of reverse when going out. I might not 4Thu20have explained that very well, sorry.

WD146.0.0 Had a wee-wee, and what a wee-wee it was! An LHBLWW (Long-Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee) Class. I reckon the Furesomide that I held onto and took this morning was working!

Took this picture from the unwanted hellish new kitchen windows that cannot be reached to clean the six panes of glass that need the use 4Thu19of the stepladder to get to, the thick-framed light & view-blocking frames.

Got the nosh sorted. It looked good, but the eyes were bigger than the stomach again, and I could not eat half of it. But I was so tired. Perhaps that had some effect on it? Mind you, what I did eat, I enjoyed well enough. A flavour rating of 7.5/10 given.

4Thu22I hope to try some of the Boczek Nordic Style bacon for tomorrow’s nosh. Or maybe not, I’ve some roast pork slices with a far shorter use-by date yet to use.

The ingredients listed as being in this bacon, are: Pork Belly Boneless & Skinless (92%), Salt, Pork Gelatin, Spices and Spice Extracts, Stabilisers: Triphosphates, Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum, Flavour Enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate, Soya Protein, Modified Starch, Stabilisers: Sodium Citrate, Collagen Pork Protein, Antioxidant: Sodium Erythorbate, Flavourings (contains Barley Gluten, Soya, Milk), Glucose, Maltodextrin, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Preservative: Sodium Nitrite. Hehehe! But it tastes divine!

I washed the pots, such as they were and got the kettle on.

WD146.0.0 4Thu23Settled in the gungy-beige, £300, second-hand recliner to watch a Frost DVD. Fell asleep, and was woken up by the door chime a couple of hours later. Out of the recliner, nearly toppled over, got to the door. It was Malcolm from nearby, He had seen a parcel outside the door, and let me know, handed me the parcel. I thanked him. 

Well, I was up and about and decided I’d get the hand-washing done. Two shirts and a pair of socks. Got them hanging up to dry.

Then I thought I might as well get this. Blog updated. Made a start, I had rather a lot of photographs to sort out first, so got them done.

I was naked, apart from the PPs and dressin4Thu21g gown now, and I realised how the legs were getting awfully full of fluid again. It looked like some new papsules were beginning to come on again, too. The paleness continues. The knees knobbliness seems to have lessened, though.

WD146.0.0 Well, fancy that! Can you believe it?

Virgin (4a)

I tried Facebook to see if it would come back on, there. Very slow.

Early morning, I had another H.K.W.W. (Heavy-Keen-Wee-wee). These, thankfully are less often, but seem to be clearing me out well!

Got the head down again.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 29th May 2019: Busy day, yet little done!

May 29

2019 May 26

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 29 Mai 2019

03:45hrs: I woke with some kind of galvanisation of the mind! Suddenly I was in the mood to excogitate things and events around me. The brain and body seemed more alive today!

I soon realised that I had had a fantastic sleep. Last night I drifted off to sleep almost straight away. I woke up three hours later for a wee-wee, and got back down again, and blessedly slept for another six hours! Around 540 minutes! Sounds a lot more this way, Hehe!

When I woke again, in need of another wee-wee, I felt like this, as if I’d taken a drug or something, and felt as if I could face anything today! Perspicaciousness was visiting me it seemed, anyway. Why and how remains an abditive.

I began to think through the needs of the day, using logic, oh, yes! But was interrupted by the need for another wee-wee. The EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket) was utilised. Again of the SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee) variety. During which, a summoning from the innards, for a Porcelain Throne visit arrived. So, off I limped to the wet room. I realised that I had stupidly not taken the Ankle-Support-Strapping off last night. But then again, I did nod-off and get some delightsome sleep in, so on balance, I got a better bargain for once.

Then things all changed. My outlook, hopes, and confidence all took an instant beating, and the earlier optimism faded away into the ether.

WD 0.31.0 GC blue f03The evacuation was no more bothersome than the last, perhaps a little easier indeed. But, as I standing-up, the right leg went into one of its Hokey-Cokey jumping sessions. While this caused no physical injuries whatsoever; I did manage to knock just about everything off of one of the floor cabinet. Toilet rolls (One of which plopped straight into the WC!), a jar of Cetraben, a tube of Savlon cream, a fresh air spray, a kitchen towel and a pack off PP’s. There was probably more stuff. Picking it up, I got myself more and more wound up! Gruffunbotherations!

3Wed001WD 0.31.0 There would be no showering today. With my leaving on the Ankle-Supports, I just left them on, socks as well. But I’ll have to get a shower this afternoon, somehow. A quick shot of the legs revealed their usual pale whiteness and anaemic appearance. Also, some more fluid retention. I dare not take any Furesomides without the Doctors say so, though.

I was calming down a bit now, I’d let the 3Wed01Accifauxpa with the dancing leg get to me.

I eventually got around to doing the health checks and sorting the medications out. The readings all seemed fair enough to me.

Took the medicines with some spring water, then I made another mug of tea, the 99 Co-op one this time.

3Wed06Got the computer going, and checked that I had put the dentist appointment on the calendar.

WD 0.31.0 However, I had put it on (Although I was not sure and did have the foggiest of how I did it), and could not get the original default view back to the weekly view afterwards for love nor money. I still don’t know how I did it, but it went back anyway. Phwert, what a schlemiel!

WD 0.31.0 As I went on the WordPress Reader, the fingers became electrified again, and started to shake, every time the ends touched anything, and lost feeling at the same time. So, typing and CorelDrawing was damned hard work. More time was spent correcting mistakes than the actual typing. Grumph!

What had started as a surprisingly hopeful day, was turning into a frustrating day.

I made a stumbling, annoyingly messy start to the Tuesday blog updating. Persistence paid off, and I got it finished, with naively hoping there were not too many errors in it and sent off to WordPress.

3Wed05a1WD 0.31.0 I went to have a stand-up wash before the Morrison delivery arrived. I had a toe-stubbing again against the leg of the toilet-riser. It’s incredible how painful this was! Of course, the untreated corns and callous suffered as well!

The Morrison man came and, I let him in. A biggish order this week.

3Wed05a1aI thanked him and soon had the fridge and freezer fully restocked with various delights to meet my coenaculous nature and phagomania. I even bought a sweet & sour ready-made meal amongst the picking, and the treat of the month, or longer, some Boczek cooked bacon!

The following happening, I felt like could have been a scene from Red Dwarf, Only Fools & Horses, or a Faulty Towers comedy!

WD 0.31.0 3Wed08I was going to get the chestnut mushrooms in the crock-pot.

As I lifted the pot out of the cooker, a flash emitted! And it was not connected, well, the power was turned off!

I picked up the whole contraption, and two of the three legs came out and shattered on the floor! I decided it had to go! And threw it in the bin. Luckily, I had another one in the spare room, that I abandoned a couple of years ago, but cannot remember why I did so?

3Wed10The thing slipped from my limited grasp as I took it to the black bag bin. I gladly photographed it, picked it up, and got it in the bag. I went and got the other one, washed it, and set it up. Sliced the somewhat jaded looking mushrooms that Morrison had just delivered, and got them in the new cooker. With distilled vinegar and basil, on a low setting.

The mystery of the slow-cooker flashing and dying will remain with me a while yet. Frit me that did! Hehe!

A fair bit of banging and drilling going on somewhere today. The fire sprinkler installation, I assume.

3Wed04Sister Jane rang about the Evening Post printing about Winwood Heights. I see they choose not to show it in its usual disorganised, no available footpath mode. Winwood Heights Article link.

The view outside was worthy of a photographicalisation before we lose the shadows.

Virgin Internet went down Again! I can’t save anything. Publish owt… Oh, it’s so frustrating! As if it wasn’t bad enough with the shaking fingers. I may have to consider packing in the blog. The last thing I want to do, though, but it is getting such hard work. No, I can’t see myself doing that yet. As the leg and shaking get worse, I’ll have to review the situation, I suppose. (Depressed At The Very Thought Mode Adopted()


Ah, the internet is back on, damned slow, but it’s going.

Then after I’d posted the diary off, for some reason when I got up today’s post, the formatting had gone all to pot. WordPress’s turn to piss me off! No space between paragraphs and a different font altogether? I turned off and back on again, and it was the same. The other blog template was okay? I had to bin it and start again, then everything seemed alright with the new one?

Why is it that this Wednesday is so hostile to me? Antagonistic, unkind, inhospitable, inimical, and adversarial toward me? What have I done to deserve such an oppugnant day? Will things improve, will the shaking stop? Silly questions, the answer is in the hands of anyone but me! Feeling sorry-for-myself-mode engaged!

I got on with this blog at last. The day is flying and not a lot achieved.

Waleska, the INR Nurse, arrived,  to take the blood. She was on a tight schedule but managed to have a few words not connected with medial matters. Which was nice. She couldn’t stay long and had to move on shortly, bless her ♥.

The afternoon already, and tiredness was taking its toll on me. No blue egg tried either. Hehe!

3Wed12aaI took some bags down to the mobile phonist’s… I mean, caretaker’s door. Got the oven on for some sausages, and plan to have them with a blue egg and baked beans? In the end, I had a tin of vegetable sausages and beans with the mushrooms and a blue egg. Overall, a taste rating of 7.5/10. The blue eggs were a little bland tasting,

I shan’t buy them again.


Not for long this time, but annoying. Thank’s Mr Fries!

I gave up on it and got my head down. But it was a pointless effort, the brain filled with worries, fears, and failures from the past again.

So, I took off the Ankle-Support and washed it, along with a jumper and pair of bamboo socks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried again to get some sleep but lie there with the brain reactivated in self-destruct mode.

3Wed12bGot up for one of the SSWWs. The bucket was now again, half-full already!

I got down again, gone midnight already, Tsk!

The legs seemed to have gone down a bit, fluid retention-wise. But they remain deathly pale.

I unexpectedly drifted off, and I woke at 03:40hrs after three and a bit hours. In desperate need of a wee-wee. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Tues 28 May 2019: Sorry it is a long one, but a lot happened today, some good stuff, too!

rhinocerosMay 27

2019 May 31

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Croatian: Utorak, 28 Svibnja 2019

WD0.0.128 Monday evening, 20:25hrs: Gave up trying to sleep, and rose up, made a brew and passed a urination of the FSSWW (Frisky-Short-Sharp-Wee-Wee) variety, it was still brown in colouration. Thankfully, the accompanying pong was nowhere near so pungent now!

Got the computer on, and began to conclude the Monday Inchcock Today. Finally completed, I sent it off to WordPress. Then had a look at the WordPress Reader. The fingers were not jumping about anywhere near as much as earlier in the day. The right leg still tries occasionally to do its impersonation of the hokey cokey, as performed by a three-legged rhinoceros, with the foot stamping down on the floor, of its own accord. Hehehe!

2Tue03I took the belated evening medications. I am a right clot of the highest order!

I made another mug of Glengettie tea.

I noticed the rain had started off again.

And I took a picture through the dirty glass pane of the unwanted, thick-framed, light & view blocking, impossible to get at for cleaning the glass, in the kitchen windows; and that needs the use of the stepladders to see anything down below – like a fire engine, ambulance, police vehicle or gangs of yobboes. For the other photo, I opened the stiff mechanics of the handle and took a distance shot, which didn’t show the rain very well.

The precipitation stopped, and put the kettle on, and nipped into the wet room, in response to a warm, wet sensation from the lower regions. I checked things out, to find it was only a little blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and nothing to fret over.

2Tue06WD0.0.128 A quick check of the pins (legs), revealed that they had swapped fluid retention between the legs again. The different ones this time. Puzzling, but this is always happening? The knee patella areas seemed to have lost their warpedness and gnarled appearance as well.

At first, after looking at these pictures, I thought things looked a lot healthier colour-wise. But then it dawned on me, I had taken these shots in the hallway, where it is much darker. Ah, well!

I returned to the kitchen to make the brew.

When I noticed how quickly the view had changed outside, I just had to take some shots to record the beauty of the skies.


2Tue07I still cannot hold the camera steady enough for me to take a panorama photograph I’m afraid.

I did my best and tried several times, but just got the Unable to take Scenic shot – Hold the camera steady. Or, Unable to take Scenic shot – Move in one direction only or similar messages were coming up. So, I made an auto-selected shot and cut it down. But it is not a very good effort. The best I could muster I fear. Grumph!

Made the tea, and had another FSSWW. Back to the computer. Around about 04:00hrs, I drifted off into an all-too-short, but much needed delightsome sleep.

WD0.0.128 I shot awake at 05:55hrs. I fumbled with great flummoxing haste. Groping my extracting and removing my unwieldy, heavily-ladened body from the welcoming warmth of the £300, second-hand, c1968, gungy-beige, tatty, rickety recliner!

Once freed, and uprightish; I made a grab for the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). I was caught by surprise at the strength of the evacuating fluids this morning, still of brown colouring. To give this effort an acronym or initialisation, I’d plump for of an ELDOPWW (Extra-Long-Drawn-Out-Persistent-Wee-Wee) mode. That’s a first! I emptied the third-filled bucket and sanitised it.

WD0.0.128 Back to the front room and titivated the mess around the recliner. In my expeditiousness to get to the bucket in time, I’d knocked the remote control, two bottles of spring water, a pad & pen, and the mobile phone off of the larger Ottoman. Well, blow me down with a feather duster, Fancy that, Tsk!

2Tue01I then got the socks, and jumper hand-washed in the kitchen sink bowl, and hung up to dry before moving the shirt to an airer later. If I get the time, what with Caroline’s visit and the Dentist to be visited today.

I took the morning medications and made up an evening pot for later use. The health checks were sorted out next.

2Tue02The BP results were better, I think so at least. The Sys was down to 139, the Dia 72, the pulse at 82, and the temperature read 35.8°c – which is a little higher than average, but it has been low for a while, so another good reading, methinks?

WD0.0.128 I nearly made a daft and silly Accifauxpa and gave myself a shot of “Enoxaparin”. How this nearly happened is 2Tue04beyond me. I know that the last week’s INR reading came back as being high. I rechecked the resulting form, to find that it was actually low, at 2.2! Yet I firmly believed it to be the other way? It is likely that having a Stroke, can change you from an everyday schmuck, bozo and an idiot, into a higher-class twit… such as a halfwit, cretin, imbecile, lamebrained-clodpole, as well! Huh!

Got the ablutions tended to. The floor in the wet room was looking a bit grotty, so I mopped around the edges.

Then on the computer, to make a start on this post.

Caroline from the Stroke Team arrived, and I cheered up exponentially and immediately. She got the telling of out of the way first (Hehehe!), and discussed what we should do, as the planned bus trip to assess my handling of the four-wheeled trolley walker, had to be sidelined again, due to the Dentist changing the appointment day to today. Life can be such a hassle and bother – but Caroline and Sonia coming to help and assess things make up for it.

Caroline rang the Age Concern, to get me booked in with one of their arranged chiropodists. £30 a session, for nail-cutting. Caroline then fitted the Ankle-Support for me, the first time try. She’s a natural at this. 

2Tue10We decided to have a walk up to Mapperley Top with the trolley, and get some Sourdough Baguettes from Aldi. And I am now so glad we did, for it was like a holiday for me.


A lovely day outside as we departed. I asked Caroline if I could take her photograph, showing the Woodthorpe Court foyer door entrance and signage. Thus giving me a wonderful memory-photo to look back on later, after I 2Tue10alose the wonderful helpers from the Stroke Team. (Sob!) Chestnut Way, looked a dangerous, almost a life-threatening no footpath, busy with road-works, to have to walk along the roadway. This was because it is a dangerous, almost a life-threatening no footpath, busy with road-works way to have to walk along the roadway.

We walked to the end of the Way, me feeling a little vulnerable, and onto and up Sherbrooke Rise. A good nattering session was enjoyed as we tackled the steep road up to Mapperley Top.

WD0.0.128 We were soon arriving at the Aldi store. Where I foolishly tried to go in through the exit doors! I did feel a right-fool standing there, wondering why the automatic doors were not letting me in! Laugh? We had to as we realised I was trying to gain entry at the exit. Shoppers going in had to smile too! Haha!

I got carried away with failing to resist some fantastic looking food. I came out with crispy bacon, mini-potatoes, sourdough baguettes, Brunswick smoked ham, naughty lemon slice cakes and, believe it or not, some English ‘Blue’ eggs? These eggs amazed me. They were very small, and I wondered if they might be Bantam eggs? I intend to have a couple in mid-morning tomorrow.

2Tue11Caroline and I began the walk back to the flats. As we turned down Mapperley Rise, I got Caroline to pose showing the eggs for me.

The four-wheeled trolley was a lot more stable and more comfortable to cope with going downhill than the three-wheeler is. But there is far less room to carry anything in it. In fact, Caroline had to ack the things into the little box, else they would not have fitted at all.

We had a good natter and laugh, with Caroline keeping her eye on my progress, on the way down. When we reached the end of Chestnut Way, I took a couple of shots of Winwood Heights. The momentary shakes affected one, I think.

The area was choc-a-block with sub-contractor, and road repair vehicles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue12cOn the Cow Parsley (I had to ask Caroline for the name again, Tsk!) on the left, where new flats are to be built, had a Ladybird that I really wanted to try and take a good photo of.

WD0.0.128 But, I’m afraid the shakes inconveniently arrived as I was trying to take the pictures. It was impossible for me to get a partly unsmudged shot!

Caroline to the rescue again, and she took the photographs for me. Hidden talents in her there, no doubt! Thanks, gal ♥.

She got me home, the feet were stinging a bit, and had to shoot off to her next lucky patient.

I put away the food and had a wee-wee of the SSWW variety. Then I got the things ready for the visit to the dentist. I did not take any walkers with me, just the walking stick. As the stairs at the Dentist’s are very steep and were not easy to climb before, and this will be the first time I have tried since before the Stroke. So, taking a wheeler is not an option.

2Tue12dI caught the bus down the hill. Had a natter with some residents on the way.

Crossed the road and climbed the steep stairs into the dentist place. Waited in the queue, in the baron of adornments but with plenty of stuff for sale in cabinets, but clean looking reception of the Sherwood Dental stalag.

As soon as I signed in, a lady came to collect me. She followed, very frustratedly, I imagine, behind me as I climbed the stairs, strugglingly, slowly and painfully, up to the treatment room.

The dentist spoke to me, but I didn’t catch it all. I indicated that the hearing aids were not there. He said something after examining the partly toothed mouth, about “Not many left, but well-cleaned teeth…” I gathered that there was no call for any treatment, thanked him, pretending to hear what it was he was saying and offered a farewell. Down to the receptionist, carefully taking my time down the steps, but it was easier than getting up them. The receptionist, who I felt I ought to really try and cheer-up, and paid my £22.70 bill. I tried a wide-dimpled-smile in her direction, but it was ignored, poor girl, so depressed and sad looking. All I got was a look of incredulousness in return.

2Tue12eThere was a good while until the bus was due back. I hobbled down to the Co-op store and had a wander around. I came out with some sweet peas and cooked beef slices. Made a cock-up at the checkout, and selecting the cooked beef. Farcical really. The stick was the problem, whenever possible when going out, I will take the trolley-walker with me, but it was impossible today.

WD0.0.128 The farce: I opened the door to the chiller and got the shakes at the wrong time again. I dropped several packets of the beef, some landing inside of the cooler, others on the floor in the aisle. A lady kindly came and helped me out, picking up those from the deck and shutting the sliding-door for me. I did feel uncomfortable and thanked the woman.

WD0.0.128 At the checkout, the shakes again, they lasted a bit longer this time. This ended up with the stick being knocked onto the floor, the packet of beef ending up yards away on the floor as well, I dropped the change the lady had given me, and I lost grip of the backpack-bag I was putting things into! What a right picklement! At first, no one came to assist me, but a lady in the ever-growing queue did. I think she was getting impatient and annoyed with me. Hehe! I think I must have been red-faced with the sheer embarrassment this time!

2Tue12fWith the time lost, I had to move a bit faster than was comfortable, and awkward with the stick up the road, to the bus stop!

WD0.0.128 On the way, a Nottingamian pedal cyclist shot by me from behind, going at a great pace.

I tried to get a photograph of the ignorant bullying scum-ball of an uncaring young git! But was hidden behind some pedestrians he was weaving between, so could not record his nastiness and careless actions. Swine!

2Tue12gI got up to the bus shelter. Where I realised I need not have rushed after all – the bus was not due for another ten-minutes yet. Fancy me getting confused. Humph!

Gasconading is not my thing, let’s face it, there is precious little I have to brag about. Haha! But, this picture I took at the bus stop, turned out to be one of my better ones. The sky clouds made me take in in the first place, beautiful! It must have been the sunshines direction, that made the lower section come out as if it was cloudy? I liked this one. And no shakes when I took it, another positive!

The bus ride home was packed, and I missed out on some conversation as I could not hear what was being chatted about. Tsk!

The walk from the bus stop to the flat, was not only risky, due to no footpath and the traffic is naturally, going in and out. But the shakes hit me badly en route. I got in the 2Tue14apartment as the shakes eased off. Got the bits put away, and added the next dentist appointment to the Google Calendar.

Got the nosh sorted out. Put the sourdough baguettes in the oven. And got the plate readied with tomatoes sliced and salted, all ready to put in the baguette, with a slice, well, two slices of the German smoked Brunswick Ham. Washed a few sweet-peas, and sliced up a New Zealand 2Tue15Cox’s apple. A pot of mandarins in jelly added onto the tray.

By which time the bread was all crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, perfect! Buttered it up (Lurpak Softer) and filled it with the delicious tomatoes (Dutch vine).

Oh, and two mini-iced lemon cakes!

This time the appetite was ready and waiting. I ate it all up, with a rare relishfullness I haven’t had for ages. Now all I need is for some sleep, tonight.

WD0.0.128 A lady from Age UK rang me about the chiropodist. I had to answer some medical questions, of which my answers did not go down well. I was refused permission to go onto their listing, as I had too many medical issues. The woman will inform Caroline later. Shame! But I was not exactly surprised. What has one to do, to get one’s toe-nails clipped and some treatment to the corns and callouses? It’s been about twelve weeks or more now! Hey-ho!

I settled down and drifted off to sleep almost straight away. I woke up three hours later for a wee-wee, and got back down again, and blessedly slept for another six hours! Around 540 minutes! Sounds a lot more this way, Hehe! When I woke again, in need of another wee-wee, I felt better in myself and a lot more refreshed than for a long time.


Sorry that it’s a long diary today, but a lot happened.

I know my circumlocution addiction, doesn’t help either. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Mon 27 May 2019: A surprise visit from Physio Nurse – very nice, but left me aching all over! As Johnny Kidd & the Pirates nearly sang. Hehe!

May 28

2019 May 28

Monday 27th May 2019 – Bank Holiday

Welsh: Dydd Llun 27 Mai 2019 – Gŵyl y Banc

7Sun22WD 0.0.255c 00:25hrs. Having been woken up by fifteen landline phone calls over an hour, from a food delivery personage, I decided sleep was once again not to be attainable for me. Gadzooks!

I can’t remember if I put this photo I took in yesterdays Inchcock Today or not, but it is so beautiful, I’ll put it on again, just in case.

The wee-wees were of the VSFWWW (Very short Frequent-Weak-Wee-wees) mould again, but pretty frequent. The EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket) needed emptying and sanitising.

I made a brew and got on with the updating of the Sunday blog. Got it finished and posted off, then had a visit to the WordPress Reader.

The tea had gone cold, and I required another wee-wee to go with the three taken while doing the updating. No cramps, and although the leg is dancing and stamping of its own accord occasionally, the fingers and hands are much calmer this morning. Typing is much easier today. (Hope I don’t regret saying this later… Mmm!) I made a fresh mug of Glengettie Special Assam/Nigerian blend tea. Possibly the best-tasting tea ever!

WD 0.0.255c While the kettle was boiling, the need for another wee-wee arrived. Nothing felt urgent in any way, and I grabbed the EGPWWB and began to relieve myself. This time, it was of the LSPDOWW (Long-Slow-Painful-Drawn-out-Wee-Wee) variety. I can’t remember ever having taken so long a wee-wee before in my life! Hehehe! Within five minutes, I needed another wee-wee. This time, it was back to the SWDWW (Short-Weak-Dribbling-Wee-Wee) type. Confusing!

I went on the TFZer Facebooking next. 

Then made a start on this post.

WD 0.0.255c I’m still a bit confused about whether or not I should wear the Ankle-Support-Strapping or not. The problem is, it is now hurting the feet and toes. With all those weeks of my being institutionalised, the toenails are far too long, and the corns and callouses are giving some stick when I wear the Support? I am not supposed to go out without it on. But the only paediatrician… no that’s not right, erm… Chiropodist, I can find, works only at a call-in centre on Mondays. But not today, of course, cause it’s another Bank Holiday. This means I have to wait another week to see him. I might ask the nurse in the morning if she has any id2Tue03eas that might help. I’m a bit nervous in case the foot and ankle give way and goes over, and breaks any bones. That would not be good at all. I think Caroline is due tomorrow, I’ll check the Google Calendar. Yes, that’s right, Caroline is due, and the Dentist check-up at 12:40hrs.

The mystery kitchen object remains just that, a mystery?

I’ve just realised that I have not had a wee-wee for over two hours now. The bladder seems to be doing its own thing? Haha!

1Mon06I got carried away and decided to do some hand-washing again. Or should I, I thought to myself? Being a dippydro, and indecisive-ponderer, after much ado and much shilly-shallying, uncertainty and scrupling, I decided I would do the washing after-all. Just a T-shirt and heavy long-sleeved thermal baselayer jumper to do.

WD 0.0.255c The leg and arm, of course, both started shaking at the same time as I was cleaning the thermal jumper. I dropped it and slashed soapy water all over the sink, drying area, floor and myself! Now I know why I was hesitating over whether I should do the job in the first place – my EQ knew I shouldn’t, but I had frittered away and squandered the EQ advice that I should have known to listen to! Will I ever learn? I am such a nudzh!

WD 0.0.255c Making things even worse; I cleaned up the mess and was getting the T-shirt on the flat airer. With the cunningly positioned bowls and basins to catch any water that drips, which they were doing a grand job of. And I knocked over the big vase with my sticking-out right foot, emptying the water where I had just cleaned up the first chance-medley. And soaked the right foot, slipper and sock through! I am such a schnook! I was in a right shemozzle. Oy Gevalt!

I cleared the newly wetted things up again. Amidst some silent oaths and firm self-mumblage! Then another wee-wee was tended to, thankfully they seemed to have settled back as of the SWDWW (Short-weak-dribbling-wee-wee) type.

It was snug and warm in the flat this morning. I was piddling around with just the night socks, short-sleeved shirt and the PPs on. Not even got my slippers on now (They were drying next to the stand-up airer drying, Humph!).

WD 0.0.255c A feeling that I may need the Porcelain Throne prompted me to put the kettle on and nip to the wet room. After yesterday’s agonisingly painful, and marathon activity session, that was the longest bar one, that I have ever taken. The other was many years ago, in about 1972, when I had a barium meal at the hospital, and the swine didn’t give me any of the loosening crystals afterwards! As I recall, that was a two-hour session! I was not really forward to this evacuation. But it was a false alarm. Plenty of splurting wind arrived, but no signs of any movement from the innards at all!

WD 0.0.255c 1Mon07I did sit there a while, just in case. While I waited in vain for some activity, I did notice how the pins (legs), and one was fatter than the other, both were the new standard for me pale and anaemic. Also, they had accrued some more papsules, spots and growths to go with the scar from yesterday’s battle I lost with the sock-glide when the shakes started at an inopportune moment, just as I was about to put my foot in the glide. Had it been a few seconds earlier or later, I may not have got the wound at all. Hey-Ho!

I think this problem might be caused by Lou Gehrig’s disease or Axonotmesis nerve problem. Either way, its effects are facinorous. The right leg did a bit of its jumping, shaking and stomping while I was in wet room. However, the fingers remain far calmer than yesterday. So, every cloud has a silver lining. I looked this up on Google, it means that even the worst events or situations have some positive aspect. I can’t think of any at the moment, but I think they could be right, I suppose. Humph!

I went onto CorelDraw to create some Inchcock Thoughts of the Day, and a couple of Brexit Humour graphics.

The landline flashed. It was someone from the Stroke Team, a lady, asking if she could call on me in about an hour. I could not catch every word, but she said she’ll be here about 0900hrs. I was surprised by it being a Bank Holiday Monday. So, I ran about getting a wash, shave, and teggies were all done, etc.

WD 0.0.255c I then realised that the wristlet alarm was not on my wrist. Panic! I searched each room repeatedly. I’m sure I had it on when I woke up as well. After half-and-hour of flapping about, checking drawers, shelves and the finnimbrun pots, I recognised that it was 0915hrs, no one had come yet? Had I misheard? Then, I rechecked the kitchen again. The moment I found the alarm, it all came back to me… Tsk! When I was doing the hand-washing, I took the wristlet off, to keep it dry! Hey-ho!

1Mon07aIt was Physio Lucy who arrived around 10:15hrs. A quickie today. Exercises done, that all seemed to go well, to me.

I took a snap of the view from the unwanted, light & view blocking new multi-panes of ungettable-to glass to clean windows.

A hue to it that was pleasing this time.

1Mon07cAn hour or so later, from roughly the same area, but taken from a wider angle.

An early nosh was decided on. I raided the freezer for some Aberdeen Angus beef-burgers, and very fatty they were indeed.

The oven tray I did them in was 1/3rd deep in melted fat in no time at all.

1Mon07dThe chips I added to the oven was soon soaked in fat, and uneatable really, so they got thrown away.

The tomatoes salad and mushrooms were lovely. But the beefburgers were plastic in both composition and taste! Eurgh! Not a lot was eaten.

The body finally gave in to sleep, and I drifted 1Mon08off. I woke a few hours later, an when I burst awake, I was confused as to just what time it was.

It was early evening, and the sky looked quite magnificent. Moody and threatening a little, mind you.

I had an SWDWW, got the kettle on, and updated this diary.

Caroline coming in the morning, then the Dentist check-ups to go for.

Off for a Porcelain Throne visit. Same as of late, hard, solid and a painful devil to move.

Caught up on the TFZer Facebooking. Then went on the WordPress Reader for a while.

Again, sweet Morpheus was denied.

Grrr! But I did catch up a little bit when I nodded off earlier. Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Sun 26 May 2019: Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplops ruled, today. Precious little sleep, too, Humph!

May 26

2019 May 24

Sunday 26th May 2019

Ukranian: Неділя 26 травня 2019 року

WD 0.0.50 W Got to sleep around 03:00hrs I woke in need of a wee-wee at 05:35hrs. My EQ told me this was going to be a stinker-of-a-day. A fraught, exigent sort of Sunday, lonely as well. (It was right too!)

I extracted my bulbous body from the rickety, ci 1968, gungy-beige, second-hand, £300 recliner, caught my balance, but still took the stick with me, and visited the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). I was gobsmacked at how full the bucket was. I knew that the hours spent trying my best to get to sleep, were wee-wee ridden, but the amount passed surprised me. I think I managed around three hours maximum. Getting fed up of this, especially as sleep was never a problem before the stroke. Hey-ho, mustn’t complain, I’m still here, pale and white, struggling, but alive. I must remember this!

I went to empty and resanitise the EGPWWB. The colouring was a darkish brown. As was expected, Sophia and Caroline had warned to expect this with taking the Nitrofurantoin antibiotic. The hands and finger had joined the right leg in dancing about every time any contact is made. The fingers and hand with a mug of tea and the foot contacting the floor seem to be very popular with the Axonotmesis at the moment. Hehehe! 

7Sun01WD 0.0.50 W I had a go at the sock-glide, but I might have been a little overconfident this time, as you can see in the photograph. The shakes came at the wrong time for me (Not that there is a right time, snigger!) Just as I was inserting the foot into the sock. 


I can testify to the good quality metal used in 7Sun16the frame of the sock-glide. Haha!

The picture is a little blurred, as the hands were also shaking a bit, but they all calmed down shortly. I even managed one of the Hokey-Pokey dance routines again.

Off to the kitchen, and was greeted by blasting wind coming through the windows. Mind you, 7Sun02it was blowing a good bit out there Brr!

On closer inspection, it turned out that I had not pressed hard enough last night when shutting the window on the left.

Hence the wind was blowing in.

So, I managed to get it appropriately closed, after a few tries. That’s some else since the 7Sun11astroke, I can’t believe how weak I am now.

I tended to the health checks, took the medications, and made a brew of Strong English Breakfast tea in the China mug.

WD 0.0.50 W I got on the computer and realised how late it was. I don’t like this getting up late. It was already hours passed my usual blog posting time, and I had not even started to update it yet! Sour, bitter, and Fed-up Modes all Adopted!

I had a comment on WordPress, answered it, and went on the Reader Section. By the time I had done this, the EGPWWB was already refilled to a third of its capacity. All of the wee-wees were of the UWTWW Unwilling-Weak-Trickle-Wee-Wee class, up to now. But, they seemed to be getting more frequent, so the antibiotics had worked. Another cleansing of the bucket. More disinfectant added and back in place near the computer chair.

The shakes had tryingly returned, and so much time was lost, with errors being made and having to be corrected. I bet I’ve missed no-end of them. Oy Vey! 

7Sun15WD 0.0.50 W Back to the kitchen to take the midday meds: I was most annoyed but unsurprised, almost nonchalant to find that I had left the hot water tap running. To make thing worse, I emptied the bowl, and sod-me, I did it again! Luckily, I noticed before the almost tepid water overflowed this time. I didn’t get annoyed with myself at all this time. For the earlier warnings from the EQ, had prepared me well. But if anything else goes wrong, things might be different. Semi-Smug-Mode-Harnessed! Hahaha!

WD 0.0.50 W I realised that I had not put the Ankle-Support-Strapping on, as the foot went over when I was still in the kitchen, lucky any damage was limited by my having the walking stick in my hand at the time. The reason for this being; The toes and feet, still in need of the Chiropodists attention, at least to have the toe-nails cut, are no just too painful if I put on the strapping. And, I have another week and a day, before I can get to see anyone. The situation is not good! For certain, walking is more painful, but perhaps less so than with the Ankle-Support on. But the risk of a broken bone is so much higher now. I  can’t win, can I? Peed-Off-Mode now adopted. Humph!

A few more UWTWWs were taken, and the bucket is now about just over half-way filled, so I once again sterilised and freshened it, took the EGPWWB back to the computer chair.

7Sun18The rain came down, and it took my spirits with it a little.

Finally, at last, around lunchtime, I got around to starting today’s blog going. The shakes were still flamboyant in the fingers and hands, but as I was sitting most of the time, apart from the occasional visit to the Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket, this was to be anticipated.

I did so far and then went on CorelDraw to create some funny political graphics and a couple of Inchcock Thoughts funnies for the drafts.

Got the fodder on. Black bean sauce with chicken pieces, tomatoes, spirit vinegar, and mushroom slices. Ate it all this time. (Not all the milk-bread of course).


Got the washing-up done7Sun19. And watched the rain falling for a while.

I got in the second-hand rickety recliner, and pulled the bobble hat down over my eyes, convinced I would surely be able to nod off this time, I felt so weary mentally.

An hour or so later, I nodded off. And had a repeat dream, I think. The night before, I dreamed of working at Scan Security and being sent to Netherfield in a  hurry.

WD 0.0.50 W This time tonight, I woke in a panic, thinking I was late for getting to the site… It took a moment or two for me to realise it was not twenty-odd years ago, nor real. Most uncomfortable making! I battled to get back to sleep, fighting the pain from the cramps, so it took me a while to drop-off again.

WD 0.0.50 W The landline phone rang, waking me up. I made my way painfully to answer it. An Asian sounding voice waffled on, but I could not understand a word he was saying without the hearing aids being available. Over the next hour and a half, he rang at least ten more times, but I ignored them all. On the next ring, I shouted down the line “What?” The same voice spoke, and I could make-out ‘food delivery’… I told him this is the wrong number, and he keeps waking me up! I slammed down the phone. Tired, weary and now annoyed as well! By now; 22:20hrs, any more sleep was out of the question.

So I got up, had a UWTWW, and got on the computer to update this diary.

WD 0.0.50 W The landline rang out again – it was as she said; A forwarded text message. I rang-off, an unhappy Inchcock!

7Sun22I went to make a brew and took a photograph of the night scene from the unwanted, new, light & view blocking, multi-window panes that need cleaning, and I can’t reach to clean them, windows; That will require the use of the stepladder to take pictures of, or see anything down on Chestnut Walk. Such as ambulances, paramedics, fire engines, Police Cars or muggers.

Then, a summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Crikey it was a hard, solid, and most painful, longest evacuation I’ve suffered for ages!  I took an extra Senna when I eventually got myself sorted out. Still, there was no bleeding, surprisingly.

Worra lonely, frustrating and nervewracking day! Humph!

TTFN, taketh care all.


Inchcock Today – Sat 25 May 2019: An irritating, omnium-gatherum ridden day, and sleep deprived night!

May 25

2019 May 25

Saturday 25th May 2019

Icelandic: Laugardaginn 25 Maí 2019

WD 0.0.50 W 03:30hrs. What a horrible, macabre, perturbing and disturbing night’s effort at sleeping. (I might think of more words to add to this list later, like atrocious, dreadful, direful, hideous, contemptible, execrable, lousy, frustrating, heinous, laughable, doleful, third-rate, rebarbative… depictive words like that! Oy Vey and Pickled Walnuts!

I only got about an hour in, then woke in need of the Porcelain Throne. Or at least I thought I required the Porcelain Throne. An almost nippy exit from the £300, c1968, grotty-beige coloured rickety, ramshackle recliner, the feet,, and toes were giving me bother once I stood up, and off to the wet room. Much wind and no movement, despite great painful efforts made, and my continuing to take the Senna tablets? While I sat there a long time, failing to prompt any activity from the innards, the causes of my lack of kip flowed monositantly and incessantly into the brain. Of course, as to be expected, there were no understanding or solutions found on my behalf, of why, or what can be done to solve this relatively new conundrum?

By the I capitulated and gave up all hope of internal movements, I was not interested in sleep anymore. In fact, it was a struggle to find anything to be involved in. Then I remembered it was Saturday, the Cheesy potato meal for Josie. This cheered me up a little.

WD 0.0.50 W A wee-wee of the VSSWWW (Very-Short-Sprinkly-Weak-Wee-Wee) urination classification. And then went to get the medications ready and do the Health Checks. A bit different today; Dia 154, Sys 69, Pulse 88, and temperature 54.8°. Getting the tablets out of the blister packs reminded me of Ping-Pong. Humph! The finger-ends were dancing about when they made contact with anything hard, more than ever before, and it lasted far longer too, this time. The right leg was occasionally jumping, but I’ve almost gotten used to that. 

WD 0.0.50 W I wanted to make a start on Saturday… erm Friday Inchcock to get it done. There is a lot of photographs and writing to take place. The fingers slowing me down was bad enough, but then the Liberty-Global crap Virgin Internet started going so slow! Of course, its the weekend again!

Virgin (4b)

I stopped trying to use the computer, in the hopes that it will come back to its average pathetic speed soon. “In the hopes…” saying such a thing brings on a feeling of dysphoria, and an acceptance of just how stupid I really am!

I made a brew of tea and got some hand-wash clobber in the bowl with freshener and liquid soap powder6Sat07. A heavy shirt and a pair of bamboo socks. Oh, and the Ankle-Strappings.

WD 0.0.50 W I checked on the computer, and surprisingly, the Liberty-Global internet service was still hogwash and slow. So, I have to be careful without the Ankle-Support on, but at least I am not going out anywhere. Another reason for feeling low!

6Sat06So I carried on with the hand-washing, and did my best to wring them out and got them on the slow-airer flatbed, and hung some up.

Despite the Liberty-Global ramshackle pretend service being so slow, I pressed on, battling not only internet, but the electrified jumping fingers, and it was a hell of a struggle, too, I can tell yers. Humph!

Some or other I got the blog finished but was really in need of some sleep. iLife was feeling mashugana to me now!

A lot of tap-tap, nock-knocking from the flat above this morning. I hope he’s fell over and injured himself, self-stabbed with one of his screwdrivers or drills. Oh, I meant I hope he’s not fell over and hurt himself, self-stabbed with one of his screwdrivers or drills. Silly me!

WD 0.0.50 W I called to see what time Josie would like her nosh, but no answer.

I kept turning the clothes that were drying.

I went on TFZ Facebooking then WordPress Reader.

WD 0.0.50 W I called to see what time Josie would like her nosh, but no answer.

I made a start on this post. But after an hour or so, the internet became even slower.

WD 0.0.50 W I called to see what time Josie would like her nosh, Aha! She was up and answered.

We agreed 12:30 > 13:00hrs for the food to be delivered.

I took some photographs from the view-blocking, thick-framed, multi-glass-panes cleaning needed new Kitchen window, that I have to get on a step ladder in the event of my wanting to see anything below, like a fire engine, ambulance or policeman. I take back the last one, we don’t even see any policemen anywhere in Sherwood, and precious few in Nottingham. Tsk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Got the cheesy potatoes in the oven already, turned them up and went into the wet room to get the ablutions done.

Virgin (4b)

All cleaned up and feeling better, I got Josie’s nosh prepared and went to deliver it for her, at 12:55hrs. No answer to her doorbells. Oh, dear!

I titivated the drying clothes and got my potatoes in the oven.

WD 0.0.50 W No answer to her doorbells. Oh, dear! Mark Two!


 Later, with my potatoes burning and hers going cold, I went again to delivery Josies for her. She answered she had not heard the last two bell rings.

WD 0.0.50 W Shame it was as hot as I would have liked to have been for her. Still, the gal ate it all she said, apart from the bread, she does not eat white bread, sourdough or otherwise.

I did a bit of updating on this blog, then Josie called to return the tray and things. She seemed to have enjoyed it, which pleased me.

6Sat29WD 0.0.50 W I got my plate of food. But once again, I overdid the quantity. I ate the cheesy-potatoes (Of course, Hehe!), some of the tomatoes, sausages, and cucumber, and a little of the greenery, along with the mandarins in water. Not so bad though, I reckon I consumed about 70% of the fodder on offer.Not too bad, really, and the cheesy-potato flavouring was out-of-this-world, delectable. I used distilled vinegar this time, with a little bit of mustard and sea salt added to the mix.

I got down to watch some TV and set the timer, so I wouldn’t miss that Jackie Chan’s film, ‘Who am I’. A light-weight semi-comedy.

Josie rang the ‘I only want to be with you’ tuned doorbells. She gave me some yogourts and two potatoes. It was her way of saying thank you, I think, bless her cotton socks. ♥

Back to trying to get to sleep, and I saw an advert for the Hughie Tyson v unheard of Canadian Norrad fight. Being as kip was again showing no signs of coming, I foolishly stayed up to watch it. Crap! Absolute rubbish!

WD 0.0.50 W To make things worse, I was feeling so tired, despite having done nothing physical for ages, but Morpheus meant to avoid me at all costs. Then the brain started throwing things at me, my worries, desires, and failures, with childhood misery-memories thrown in the salmagundi of sleep denying torments.

WD 0.0.50 W The curtains were drawn, and I pulled the bobble hat down over my eyes. This was not working. So I tried the thinking of happier times… which took a lot of memory searching, and brought to mind more errors and wrong choices I had made over the years: Which made sleep even more distant and reluctant! I concentrated on the angling days at Attenborough reserve. And this brought on how much I miss my pipe of Erinmore Mixture. Getting disturbed, wanting a wee-wee so often. This was not working at all.

However, sheer tiredness, I think, got me off to kip eventually. By then it was about 03:00hrs!

I woke in need of a wee-wee at 05:35hrs. Peed-off! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Fri 24 May: Busy long day, so a long diary I’m afraid. A tectonic day, and a sleepless night! Humph!

May 23

2019 May 23

Friday 24th May 2019

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 24 Mai 2019

03:00hrs. Oh, what a great nights sleep! I woke up, feeling better than I have done in ages. Six hours deep restful slumber, most appreciated. Thanks to Caroline ♥, for her tips on getting to sleep. Although at the time she was telling me, I was somewhat half-not-with-it, she left some printed A4 tips, which I read and used last night. Zzzz… Great, bless yers!

I was in need of a none-urgent (I thought) wee-wee. So I mangled my way out of the £300 second-hand, grotty-pot-marked, c1968, rickety recliner and stood to gain me balance for a moment.

WD0.0.128 There were no signs of any nocturnal nibbling or nighttime wanderings. But I must have been doing some moving about, for there were tablets, a tube of pain-gel, a pen and a part-filled bottle on spring water laying on the carpet near to the Ottoman? Perhaps I yawned or something and knocked them off? They were not knocked very far, they lie close to the box… (Please note the increase in my analysationistical and investigative capabilities this morning, Hehehe!)

WD0.0.128 I grabbed the walking stick and went to the kitchen. On entering through the door, my heart fluttered and a feeling of ‘Oh, not again’, rang in my head, as I thought I could hear the tap running! And this without any hearing aids in! (All broke awaiting repair, which is not for two weeks yet, and then a five-week wait for the new inserts to be made, Humph!) I nearly slipped into ‘Moaning Mood Status’ then! However, contrariwise, the hot or cold taps were not running. Phew! But what or where the noise was coming from, I’ve no idea, but it stopped a minute or so later? Another flat 72 Mystery!

WD0.0.128 A good one this was! I’d got the kettle on for the tea, and as I was washing the mug from last night, the right leg devilishly went into dance-(shaking)-mode. The foot was coming up a good few inches, twisting and slamming down again. If a CCTV camera had been fitted in the kitchen, I imagine it would have looked like a cross between a pregnant overweight baby elephant with three legs trying to dance the hokey pokey, or some poor devil suffering from Sydenham’s chorea (St Vitus). But it only lasted for an entertaining minute or two. I grabbed the counter and let it have its way. Not that I could have stopped it anyway. This reminded me of a week or so ago when this happened. I was at the bus stop on Winchester Street, waiting for the 40 bus. About five other passengers were waiting, who were all taken like I was, by surprise by my sudden impulsive jerking about. When the bus arrived, and we all got on, the other folk all sat as far away from me as they could. The situation was made worse, by my stuttering as I tried to explain why I was seemingly dancing. Tsk!

All calmed down again, and I made the brew, took the medications, including the last of the Nitrofurantoin antibiotic tablets, and did the health checks. Sys 175, Dia 71, Pulse 98, and temperature 35.2°c. With no Carer any more, I can now have a shower at 0700hrs (Okayed by the Tiller Girl and Nottingham City Homes Patch Manager, Angela!), when I do the ablutions later. I’ll struggle with the fresh socks-glide and Ankle-Support-Strapping after the ablutions are finished and done.

WD0.0.128 Off to the wet room in response to the need for the Porcelain Throne. This was the third movement in over a week now, and a right painful one too! A solid torpedo that amazed me at how it came out at all! This time the blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids was only slight, that was a good thing! I am still taking the Senna, though. At least things are coming at last, but I couldn’t half do with things softening a bit. Haha! No idea why I laughed there?

WD0.0.128 5Fri001The morning’s picture of the pins left me a tad concerned. The pale white, cadaverous, almost hoariness of the skin was more acute than ever.

I found the pitiful paleness, ominous… no, that’s not the wording, erm, ill-boding, or baneful perhaps. Certainly not precisely over-hopeful for how things are going. Ah-well, c’est la vie. I think Hehe!

5Fri002WD0.0.128 Later, when I put the photos from the card to the computer, I found this picture that had been taken? Another Inchcock’s Flat 72 Mystery!

Finally, I got on with completing the Thursday post. I was in a better frame of mind yesterday, as I am today too, so doing up the draft was a pleasant job this morning. I got it done relatively fast also.

WD0.0.128 Until the fingers started wobbling, and that slowed me down somewhat. Made a brew (I’ll get one drank, I hope. Haha!) I took a shot of the distant cloudiness that was hiding a lot of the distant view. The shadow in the foreground is from my (Despite all the mess we’ve had for two years of upgrading), beloved Woodthorpe Court.


I created a page Brexit Humour graphic for top for the Inchcock Today, then I made a start on this post next.

WD0.0.128 Typing was still tricky, as the fingers insisted in acting like they getting an electric-shock each time the ends touched the keyboard. Yet any sensation of making contact was absent? Humph!

5Fri003aWD0.0.128 I went again to the kitchen, determined to make a brew and get it imbibed this time. Talking of time, I feel the need to add some advice for other Warfarin users;

  • Do not take things for granted when washing your tea mug. There may be a pair of scissors in the washing up bowl that you were soaking. The pointy ends of the scissors have a habit of sticking down your fingernails and drawing blood, not good if you are on Warfarin. So try to avoid this scenario, please.

I gave up with making the tea. As it was 0700hrs now, and I opted to get the ablutions sorted, then tackle the sock-glide and the titanic painful struggle to get the Ankle-support strapping on.

5Fri006Got some shirts and socks in soak for a hand-washing.

Back in a bit, I hope! Hahaha!

The shave and teggie-cleaning were bloodless. (Haha! Smug-Mode-Adopted!) A mid-shave wee-wee proved to be of the SHSNCWW (Short-Hosepipe-Splashing-No-Sensation-Wee-wee)  variety. A rarity!

WD0.0.128 The shower was enjoyed. Getting dressed was alright, and no problem until I went to fetch the Sock-Glide from the spare room, and stubbed my toes on the four-wheeled-trolley! A couple of silent unmild-oaths were uttered. But getting the long 5Fri007bbamboo sock on went well.

I went to the kitchen and titivated the clothes I’d left soaking and drying from the had-wash.

I got the two drying/airing devises out, after wringing out the togs as best I could. It’s incredible how much strength I’ve lost since the stroke.

5Fri007It’s going to take ages for them to get dry, but never-mind, at least I’m still here to make a mess of it. Haha!

One, the flat one in the kitchen with bowls and paper towels underneath to catch the dripping water. Sad innit?

The stand-up machine in the hallway with the damp extra large shirt and the socks on it. 5Fri007aThen, having avoided the task for a while, I tackled the dreaded job of getting the Ankle-Support put on.

But it was no bother or hassle, whatsoever, a piece of cake, simplicity itself, cushty, couldn’t have been easier…. all right then… that might not have strictly been absolutely correct as descriptions go…


This picture of the Ankle-Support-Strapping on my foot does look like it has been achieved successfully alright, and this may be the case indeed.

The fib is in my saying it was no bother. If I could bottle the pain and frustration I used-up in getting the thing on; We could then send it to Jean-Claude Juncker, to show him what pain and frustration really feel like! I would not charge a fee for supplying it!

Lucy from the stroke support team and Clinical Neurosis ladies are calling this morning. So I must catch up on this blog as much as possible, for it may be a long meeting with the neurosis ladies.

Lucy arrived, I had put down the appointment wrongly on the Calendar. Hard to believe I know! Haha! It was just Lucy. Cognitive tests, Memory Tests, Blood taking, and Physio tests all done over the next two days… Well, it felt like it! A nice lady, patient with my waffling and going off track, too! She may see me in a year she said when sadly departing.

11:25hrs. I got ready the three-wheeled-trolley- guide and had a limp down to the shops.

The weather was perfect for a little hobble-out. The three-wheeled trolley has still not been mastered going downhill, though. Hehe!

5Fri09WD0.0.128 On the walk down Chestnut Way, the place looked busy today, contractors mostly. I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and 5Fri10residents shed, but nobody was in, so I continued to the end of Chestnut Way and turned to take a shot of Winchester Court and the vehicular obstructions.

Going down Winchester Street, I should have known the name of these wildflowers, after Caroline told me them the other day, but I can’t recall it. Humph! But to me, they are beautiful!

5Fri11Down in Sherwood, I bought the groceries and the right-size this time, sink plug.

The Big Issue sellers spot had the daughter in the spot today. She only has two mobiles compared to her Mother’s four.

I went to the Ozan food centre. I had a heck of a job getting around with the three-wheeled trolley, up the steps and getting in peoples way. 5Fri015Huh!

I came out with cucumber, two tomatoes, a potato (For Josie and my nosh tomorrow), and a packet of some chicken cooked skinless sausages, with lots of ingredients, but they taste awfully delicious.

Then I hobbled up to the Co-op store. Again, just like last Friday, the shelves looked bare. 5Fri016Well, the fresh food one did.

I spent a lot in there. Baguettes, mini-tomatoes, salad tray and some smoked mackerel, to go with the Cheesy-potatoes on Saturdays shared fodder with Josie.

She says I am her weekend cook. Haha!

Out and across the road up into Aslam’s Post Office shop5Fri017.

Got disinfectant for the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket). Now the Nitrofurantoin antibiotics are finished, I expect that the frequent, everyone-different wee-wees will return. A bottle of spring water. 

WD0.0.128 And the most disappointing loaf of Polish Sourdough I’ve 5Fri018ever had! In fact, looking at the picture, I may well have bought the wrong bread altogether. It was dry and tasteless. Eurgh! Hey-ho!

Back across the road and into the Wilko store. Where I got an air-freshener, sink plug (the right size this time) and some more liquid soapflakes for the hand-washing. Paid up, and made my way up the hill to the Dentist to confirm the appointment for a check-up.

WD0.0.128 The feet and toes were getting painful, and I 5Fri12was limping badly now. I think that the earlier stubbing of the toes has caused a problem.

As I limped rather embarrassingly up Mansfield Road, just before Hood Street, I stopped to allow the foot and toe-pain to ease.

It took a good while to ease off. And for some reason, I was amused at some poor devil of the motorist who was struggling herself, to get out 5Fri013of Hood Street to turn right up Mansfield Road.

I almost gave a cheer of congratulation out loud, when after I don ‘t know how long, she eventually got out. I wondered how much petrol had been used up in that one manoeuvre? Ah, well! Just thought I’d mention it, after my taking the pictures.

I got to the dentist near the bus stop, and as luck would have it, Christine and her hubby were standing outside. I asked them to keep an eye on my trolley; then struggled up the steep step into the hallway then, to the reception. Apparently, they have sent me a letter telling me the appointment has to be changed as the technician (not Dentist?) was not available on that day. She gave me a new date, Tuesday 28th May 2019. I must remember to put this in the Google Calendar.

WD0.0.128 I added about the stroke and Warfarin, asking that he does not do any work that is not absolutely needed. She gave a head-moving smirk and said: “None of our technicians do that!” I replied: “You’re talking to someone who knows different. His skill in banging in his screwdriver to make a cavity is well known to those patients who have moved surgery after paying out!” I laughed. The look on her face – I should have shrivelled up and died, really! Hehehe! I departed and joined Christine and hubby. A natter of sorts was had. Getting on the bus, only one seat remained a side-saddle, which of course with the trolley, was fine.

Back up to the flats in the bus, a quick hello with some residents waiting to get on the vehicle, after I all but fell with the trolley getting off. Then limped, no, really limped, with Christine back to the flats.

5Fri014When I got inside, many letters had been delivered.

One from the dentists was telling me about the need to reset the appointment.

The INR Anticoagulation & Deep-Vein Thrombosis Clinic results and dosages for the week.

I needed to take a look at the pins and feet; they were giving me agony now.

I got the Ankle-Support-Strapping off and got some immediate pain relief from the feet and toes.

5Fri20WD0.0.128 Not a pretty sight. The area stubbed earlier had left some scratches/bruises. The wear-blotches were from the Ankle Support Strapping and shoes. The long overdue nail cutting was adding to the discomfort. The big toe is moving behind the next toe, worryingly like Sister Jane’s is doing, though nowhere near as advanced or corrupt yet. But she has her eye problem that has taken precedence now, bless her.

WD0.0.128 Called at Josie’s to see when she wanted her nosh tomorrow and if she like Smoked Mackerel, but no answer.

After a one-off LHBLWW (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee), I got the purchases away, and the nosh prepared.

I sorted the evening medications into a pot. Jane rang while I was sorting the tablets out. We had a good chinwag. Afterwards, I started the medication pots again, in case I got anything wrong with stopping half-way through.

Took the night medications, a little earlier than I should have, but at least I won’t forget to take them now.

5Fri019WD0.0.128 Got the fodder sorted and prepared. I didn’t eat all of it this time. Mainly because the Polish sourdough sliced bread was nothing like it usually tastes. It was bland and dry. Bit of a cock-up at the bakery, or is it me?

The chicken & vegetable flavour skinless sausages were sweet, though. Flavour Rating (Not counting the Sourdough bread) was 7/10 – Counting the bread: 2.5/10. Tsk!

Did the washing up, and settled into the c1968 rickety recliner. Eating and watching the TV at the same time now. I was tickled pink to see that an hour programme called ‘Dusty Springfield at the BBC’, was on BBC 4… but it didn’t start until 21:00hrs. Oh, dear! I dilly-dallied, equivocated and fence-straddled over whether to stay-up-to watch it. My vacillating is getting worse lately.

As it happened, there was no getting to sleep anyway. So I watched the programme. How disappointing it was, though. Cover songs and a few newer ones, but none of her good stuff at all! An old one of the Springfields doing a version of Wimoweh was interesting. A lot of time was spent about her work in the USA, and the sad Pet Shop Boys with Dusty. A duet with a young Tom Jones, in there. All crap!

Although I felt annoyed that I’d stayed up late (for me) to watch it, really I had no choice, because sleep was still not an option even after the programme had finished.

WD0.0.128 Plenty of repeated bouts of leg cramps, and a few SWWWs (Short-weak-wee-wees), ensured it was hours before I managed to nod off. The mind was doing its toying with me, fears, worries, past errors, even uncomfortable, thorny memories from my childhood joined it the stampede of uncherished thoughts from so many years ago; especially some wrong choices I have made. No chance of any kip, really.

I pondered on whether I should wear the Ankle-Support in the morning, then remembered it needed washing tonight. I’ll do it in the mornings along with a shirt and socks… anything but sleep!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 23rd May 2019: Yet another busy day for the doolally Nottingham Pensioner and Whoopsiedangleplopper, Hehe!

May 24

2019 May 21a

Thanks, Lynton mate, I love it!

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Zulu: NgoLwesine 23 Meyi 2019

02:50hrs. Well, flipping ‘eck, a good nights sleep had! Caroline’s advice tried, and it seemed to work brilliantly! Only interrupted twice for a wee-wee, and the last session last for about five hours, I reckon. Of glorious, unbroken bliss! Woke a lot more refreshed, but still, the heavy eye-lids from previous sleep deprivationing lingered. (Clever word, eh? I looked it up!)

A little mind-musing and wandering about nothing and everything, then I pulled together my thoughts and freed myself from the second-hand, £300, c1968, grotty-beige rickety recliner. Got my balance, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna both in a good mood; got the stick and wandered off for a wee-wee. Definite improvement with the infection now, a fair liquid this time, a blast experienced that lasted a decent while, and, with no pain or blood with it! Double-Smug-Mode engaged!

The legs amazed me. They are almost in the same condition as yesterday, and that hasn’t happened in months. Same colour (pale), knees not as warped, etc. No new papsules or bruised.  Although maybe the left leg has gained some fluid retention? Even the right ankle is not sticking out so far today. Most encouraging!


The morning medications were taken, and health checks are done. Sys a bit high at189. Ah, well, you can’t win em all!

Back to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne visit that came on a bit suddenly. The second session of the week. It was more a tad painful, but far more voluminous (is that the right word?) and a successful session this time. And, no bleeding either. Smug Mode Adopted!

It was then that I began to muse about all the medical appointments for the rest of the week and next week. They seem to get added to pretty regularly as well! Just look at them! Grumph! Still, it shows that someone is caring for me. Caroline – Sonia – Jemma – Muhsina – Angela – Josie – Jane – Stroke Kerry – Physio Charlene, etc. ♥ Contented-Smug-Mode-Adopted!


Please note: No Whoopsiedangleplops heretofore? Yee-Haa!

I got the Thursday… no, Wednesday blog updated and sent off.

Washed the mugs, made a brew, and put some shirts and socks in to soak – cleaned them and got them hanging to dry. All with no accifauxpas! Treble-Smug-Mode-Engaged!

I’m not used to these Midas Touches, and streaks of good luck – surely something will go wrong soon? Hahaha!

4Thu03aGot the ablutions sorted, wee-wee, teggies, shaved, washed and polished the head. Again without any mishaps! (Haha!)

Peripheral neuropathy nurse and Jemma are calling today. Getting out shopping and appointments is hard.

I then had a go at putting on the Ankle-Support strapping myself. I found it problematical, discommodious and devilishy difficult, not to mention detrimental to my determination. However, surprisingly, my willpower was rejuvenated, when after what had begun as a mission impossible, I struggled on and got it fitted, in a fashion. But it was not tight enough for real protection. However, if I can do this today, I can on other future days. I can always ask someone to tighten them later, thus pleasing the Care supervisor and cancelling the carer calling. I decided to cancel them today.

 Carried on with creating this blog, until a carer arrived.

WD 255.0.0 A first-time caller. Etienne (French). I explained I could manage in future and asked him to cancel the visits. I also told him to tell his boss that he could have four boxes of disposable Protection Pants. Then explained to him what they were and showed him. I asked him to tell his boss to call and make a date for collecting them, to suit himself. Showed the man the unwanted new balcony with its finger-trapping openings, gaps, feathers that had come through the cracks between the windows and the complicated, uncleanable for old folks, farcical opening system.

I considered making a prandicle for a late breakfast. But decided not to. My options, preferences, selections, choices, alternatives, opportunities, appraisals, judgements and decision-making qualities; even before the Stroke, left much to be desired. Nowadays, things have gone from bad to worse, retrogressed to an unfortunate state of affairs. This is noticeable every time a decision or alternative are called for. So much so, I tend to find myself being manipulated easily or going along with anyone’s first suggestion. Without working out the problems or affect decisions can have on other issues. Oy Vey!

08:30hrs. Made another brew, and went on CorelDraw to do some more blog page top graphics, and then created another draft for WordPressing. This was the plan anyway!

Around 10:00hrs, Jemma and Muhsina arrived, from the Stroke Support Team. Much chinwagging took place in between tests, exercises and medical examinations.

Shame about the pulse-finding, apparently I died twice. Shame. Hehe! The third time I sprang to life: Dia sat down: 124, Sys was 64. Stood up: Dia 128, Sys 68.

They kept it quiet about what the pulse was or wasn’t. Haha! My weight was 88 or something in foreign money. I inquired what that was in English; it pleasingly turned out to be 14.4st Super-Smug-Mode-Adopted!

Jemma tightened the Ankle-Support for me, as I explained that I am freeing the carers from their duties, and going to do it myself, despite the pain and struggle – in the hopes that things will improve later.

Rubbish, Josie not eating chicken, so I had a black bean meal readied for tonight.

Mushina called the St Anns Valley Centre, to check if the drop-in Nail-Cutting Service will be available next Monday or not, with it being a Bank Holiday. Nope! So I changed the appointment on the Google Calendar, to the following Monday – if I can still walk, that is! Humph!

Some physio exercises later, with well-aching limbs, the nurses prepared to depart. They reminded me that I have to vote, and I went with them, using the three-wheeled trolley; down and some more nattering was enjoyed. A real tonic these helpers are. Caroline picking flowers for me, all with a caring nature… Made my day, they did! Ah, Bliss!

Jemma gave me a list of medications to check with the Doctor, for those that should have been stopped according to the Chemist they are still on the list?

We parted company as the girls got to their cars Sad! And into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery, raffle-prizes, books and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. Cast my votes in the Euro elections, glad I took the three-wheeled-walker me.

WD 255.0.0 On the way back, I had a little Dizzy Dennis moment and had to stop. But it was all over within a minute, and I continued nice and steadily up to flat 72.

Joycie was letting someone out of her apartment as I passed. I checked to see if she like chicken, but she does not eat it at all. So I will demolish the black bean and chicken meal tonight. I got inside, put the wheels away in the spare room, changed into my slippers, then got the oven warming up, ready for the black beans and cobs to be cooked later on.

Shaddath, the Carer Supervisor rang, he will be calling to see me in about an hour. He can pick-up the PPs then to distribute to those in need.

Updated this blog for a while until Shaddath arrived.

WD 255.0.0 He stopped the Carer service. Then got me to carry some of the boxes off PP’s down to his car. Humph, cheek! Made worse, when I realised I had not taken the door fob with me to get back in! Hahaha! Luckily someone4Thu27 came out, and I nipped in!

I got the nosh in the oven, intending to add the part-baked cobs later. Added some part-baked cobs later when I stirred up the black bean with an extra half can of black beans and black bean sauce. Yes, I like black beans and sauce. Hehe!

Although tired, the day has been another busy mind-testing one for me; I ate all of the meal with a certain relishness, but ate it slowly, to savour the excellent delicate flavour! I did three whole mushrooms with balsamic vinegar over the day in the slow-cooker, added some small tomato-halves. The Sharwoods black bean sauce with peppers is another discovery I made, expensive, but truly tasty and worth a mention for any food connoisseurs. I purposely overcooked the mixture, almost caramelised it – and it was gorgeous!

I reckon the wee-wees infection is a lot better now. Just one more Nitrofurantoin in the morning finishes the full antibiotic course.

Despite feeling so weary tonight, and all the concerns milling about in the brain, which I oddly expected to keep me awake, although it took a while, Caroline’s tips on getting to sleep, eventually worked ♥. And a good seven hours uninterrupted sleep flowed blissfully for me! Ah!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 22nd May 2019: Another busy day. Four nurses and Caroline called to help me. Nice! ♥

May 20


Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Scots Gaelic: Diciadain 22 Cèitean 2019

WD68-54-45 Sleep? Morpheus? Rest? What’s that then? Grumblemoanweedoffandtired!

03:00hrs: I decided to stir my humongous torso from the warm-clutches of the £300, second-hand, c1968, dowdy-beige, rattling recliner. Other than the right leg and arm shaking a touch, and the feet, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood with me. I rose and was getting my balance when an urgent wee-wee was required. A few paces to the part-filled overnight EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket) and topped it up a little. Haha! Only the littlest bit, for it, was another of the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) category. Still no signs of any activity in the Porcelain Throne department, although, there were a few involuntary silent, nefastous, pongy minuscule escapages of wind coming from the rear-end occasionally this morning. Could today be the day of a movement? Or, not.

I went to get the morning health checks, and medications tended to, moving the remote control onto the Ottoman – but dropped it on the floor. A mug of cold tea slipped through my fingers, splashed the glasses (spectacles),  and dropped them while cleaning them. Made a mug of tea, and the milk bottle cap shot out the shaking-electrified right hand – I still haven’t found it yet! Then, to top off the pathetic performance, I lost a few tablets taking them out of the blister packs.

3Wed01aI took a picture through the unwanted, thick-framed, multi-glass needing to be cleaned; and I cannot even reach some of them. Light and View-blocking kitchen window.

Then straight on with updating yesterday’s Inchcock. I don’t think I was making as many mistakes on the keyboard today, despite the shaking hand and electrified fingers. I finally got the blog finished and posted off.

WD68-54-45 During the updating of the Inchcock Today, I had five SSPWWs, and each time the colour was slightly different. Eventually turning from deep yellow; to a sort of pale brown, now. Well, it helps keep you from being bored. Hehe!

WD68-54-45 The ablutions were sorted out. Teggies, shave… all done, and then the Porcelain Throne was used!

I shan’t go into too much detail, but it was hard-work and somewhat uncomfortable. The evacuated product was almost black, lots of solid pieces. The blood flowed, I think from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, so some cream was applied after a sanitisationing session. Hehe! 

3Wed001The legs were looking a little worn and white, almost anaemic! Warped and pasty! Right Ankle without the strap on, all twisted outwards. Hehe!

Misshaped, knotty, one fat one thin. The knees may have looked a little less scary.

Not very healthy at all.

No wonder I’m not feeling very well this morning.

3Wed04I did some hand washing, socks and a couple of long sleeve tops. Hung the tops up on the shower rail in the wet room to dry. Socks on the warm airer.

I think that the strategy was not a good one, the shirt-tops do not seem to be drying at all. A change of ploy might be needed later on in the day if things? 

Made a start on Today’s Inchcock. But didn’t get far before the Morrison delivery arrived, around 07:20hours or so. Included amongst the purchases were some black bean & 3Wed05a1achicken meals with egg rice. They were on offer at 3 for £6.

I’d got a lot of stuff at this time. But I think I needed everything I bought.

The carer Jay arrived. He soon had the Ankle-Support fitted and told me that the carer service will shortly be costing me. I asked him how much, he said he’d try to find out for his next visit and would have a word with his boss to see if a cheaper (yet he didn’t know how much it would be earlier?) or a free service might just be available from volunteers. I thanked him, and he was off.

3Wed05a1The sun came out momentarily, and I grabbed the camera, but it had gone in by the time I took this picture. 

Caroline from the Stroke Support arrived and got to work helping with advice on getting to sleep. The phlebotomy nurse came to take the blood for the Warfarin INR test. Which she soon did, and departed in some haste. I thanked her.

Caroline carried out a sleeping questionnaire with me. Then she did another Q&A form.

She recognised that I was tired and not in my best form. The bus trip with the trolley was cancelled, and we had a little walk outside by the tree copse with the four-wheeled-trolley. I took some recycle-bottles and jars out with us and dropped them in the appropriate bin.

I enjoyed the hobble so much. Caroline even told me the names of some flowers. SHe kindly picked some and put them in my coat front pocket. The weather was warm and hardly any wind, and as I said, the walk was appreciated from Caroline, bless her. ♥

3Wed06Hobbled back with the new four-wheeled stroller to the apartment, and Caroline took a photograph of me with the flowers she had plucked for me, in my pocket. That was so nice! ♥

Don’t I look, anaemic, etiolated, anaemic, grey, pasty-faced, waxen, weak, drained, ghostly, infirm, sallow, deathly and enervated? You don’t have to agree. Hahaha!

She then called the St Anns Valley Medical Centre and discovered that they have a Nail Cutting Service available, starting on Mondays at 10:00hrs. 


I’m not sure if they will be open on Monday next, cause it is a Bank Holiday… again!

The intercom rang again after Caroline had left. It was the Stroke Teams Physiotherapist, Charlene. This is the first time she had visited. By gum, she put me through some tough exercises. Haha! We managed a chinwag in between the agonising exercises. Hehe! She said she would ring me with the next appointment, thanked her and off she trotted.

Back to the computer, and the intercom rang again. When they arrived at the door, it was two heart nurses. They were after Audrie, it turned out she is at Winchester, not Woodthorpe Court.

3Wed07Got the meal cooking, hope it comes out alright. 

Took a snap of the wildflowers, and put them in a tub of water. Bootiful!

Got the nosh sorted out. A ready meal. Chicken in black bean sauce with Special egg fried rice. I’ve got two more (Three for £6 Special offer), to 3Wed28use on Saturday, if Josie likes black bean sauce and chicken, of course. I must ask her tomorrow. I added some extra bean sauce and some tomatoes. I ate most of it, and all of the tasty baguette!

Blooming busy day today!

Found a letter delivered. From the Division of Clinical Neuroscience! Confirming the appointment for Friday 24th at 10:00hrs. For cognitive tests, a questionnaire and a blood test. Another busy day is coming up! Is there no rest to be had? Life in my later years seems filled with habeas corpora, hassle and medicationalistical mayhem! Not to mention my losing it mentally, Hahaha!

Inchcock Today – Tues 21 May 2019: A messy day – legs going all warped, dropping things, feeling… Well, never mind. TTFN

May 22

2019 Stroke 3

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 21 Mai 2019

03:15hrs: When I woke this morning, things felt comfortabler, and life appeared and felt a little rosier. And, I could still taste last night’s Cheesy Potato on my palette. Hehe! 

WD 255.0.0 But my earlier bright outlook was dampened as soon as I moved my limbs. The fingers ends were shaking when coming into contact with anything, (this did not happen at all yesterday) had returned. Moving the remote control, pen and putting the torch on the Ottoman, resulted in my dropping each one!

I got out of the £300 second-hand, c1968, uneasy on the eye grotty-beige, rickety recliner with relative ease. But bending down to retrieve the dropped items was not easy. Humph!  This caused my temperament to be obrumpent with frustration, after seconds earlier, feeling so… what are the words? ‘Optimistic, that things were improving.’ Ah, well!

WD 255.0.0 I needed to use the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket), and what a wee-wee came forth, of the LBHPWW (Long-Blasting-Hosepipelike-Wee-wee) variety of old! All over in a few seconds, but by gum there was a lot released in a hurry. Hehe! Changed colour too, a deepish orange today. (Well, it creates a bit of interest!) I cleaned the EGPWWB, rinsed, and made a brew of tea.

As I got the computer on, another wee-wee demand arrived, and off to the wet room for this one. Well, well, back to the SWWW (Short-Weak-Wee-wee) mode. But the colour remained orangeish. Washed and back to the computer.

I checked the Google calendar. Had to update the Carer calling times from 07:00>08:00hrs to 07:00> 09:00hrs. Add the Morrison Delivery and the next Stroke Team call. Then added the Audi clinic appointment for June!

Typing is more than a drudge and somewhat frustrating. The jumping fingers are making more and more corrections necessary. Causing adscititious hassle. Kine-Ahora!

2Tue01I went to make another brew of tea to replace the one that went cold. As I was about to take a photo of the view through the unwanted, extra glass to be cleaned and I can’t reach to do so, thick-framed, light & view-blocking new kitchen window, that needs the use of the step ladders to see anything below to photograph; and a crow flew into view. I got back on the computer and emailed the picture to the TFZ’s Lona. It’s not very big in the piccy, but she does love them, crows. An English bird for her. X

Knocking noises aplenty from up above.

08:00hrs: Carer Jay arrived. He soon had the Ankle-Support strapping on for me and was shortly off on his way.

WD 255.0.0 I started to finalise the Monday diary. A real hassle with the right-hand fingers being so jerky. Almost looked like I was having an electric shock. The right leg is sometimes almost stamping the foot on it own accord at times? After a week or two, (Joking!) I got it finished and posted. Hahaha! Only three wee-wees during the hours of my doing the diary, all of the SWWW variety.

2Tue07No signs of any interest from innards to use the Porcelain  Throne. Odd, this is!

I got some bobble caps and bamboo socks washed in the liquid soap powder.

WD 255.0.0 Quick change of subject here – I found the missing not working new hearing aids! They were in the white porcelain crock-pot in the picture at the back.

A 2Tue06natural place to look for them, but I didn’t on the earlier searches. Hehe!

Getting them dry is going to be a problem. I went down to the laundry room, but both dryers were in use.

So back up, and got them on the slow-airer-dryer thingy. I need to keep going and moving the clothes around to share what heat there was available. Tsk!

Knocking noises aplenty from up above.

Next, I got a good scrub up, shave, shower, etc. After the shave and teggies, I realised how bad the floor was in the wet room. So I got the mop out and gave it as good clean as I could. No Whoopsiedangleplops! Then got the shower.

The legs were not a pretty sight. Haha! Deep Vein Thrombosis, the cause?


2Tue05The knocking noises keep sounding on and off as I moved the clothes around and made a brew. It might be some noisy repair work going on.

I took a snap of the view from the unwanted, unliked, trouble bringing dangerous new kitchen windows.

Sister Jane rang, and I thought someone was knocking at the door and rang off. But it from up above again. Hehe! I rang her back to finish the chinwag so she could tell me of the stuff the Doctor had given for her eyes. The problem is called Blepharitis, I looked it up on Google and emailed the results to her. Hope it works out alright for her.

2Tue09WD 255.0.0 Moved the togs around the airer again. With the shaking hands, the things kept getting shaken and knocked off, and I ended up using some naughty language as I annoyed myself. Humph!

WD 255.0.0 Still there were no signs of any Porcelain Throne needs. But, the innards are beginning to feel somewhat bloated. Oh, dearie me!

Knocking noises aplenty from up above.

Caroline and Sonia from the Stroke rehabilitation arrived. A how-to-get-up-after-a-fall lesson was given. The leg was still shaking occasionally, but no problem. Caroline tried to call the foot lady for me. No connection? She will try again later, and let me know what’s what on Wednesday, bless her cotton socks.

Sonia off for two weeks for the kids holiday. Caroline is calling in the morning. The sweet INR blobotaminist, phlebotomist blood nurse, is calling tomorrow as well. She rang after the girls had gone, to confirm her appointment with me.

2Tue10aI got the nosh started.

Black beans with peppers and beef in the saucepan, balsamic vinegar, extra gravy, tomatoes and some chips on the oven. And some Polish sourdough bread thawed out from the freezer.

WD 255.0.0 I didn’t eat it all, the ever-changing appetite had gone back to the less-hungry mode. Although I started off, feeling peckish, this deteriorated to a ‘Not-Really-Bothered’ style. Huh! However, it was not the best tasting of noshes I’ve made, so it’s understandable.

2Tue10The washing up afterwards was a long session.

WD 255.0.0 No cuts, but I managed to drop the saucepan, big spoon and dining spoon while doing the pots. Got down to clean the floor afterwards, and amazingly I got up almost without any bother, although it took me a long time to do so. Hehehe!

I had to stay awake for when the Chemist brought the prescriptions for the Atorvastatin and the proton pump inhibitor, Lansoprazole. (Yes, I looked it up, Haha!)

WD 255.0.0 I failed to remain conscious and fell asleep. Luckily the headphones were not worn, and I heard, even without the knackered hearing aid in, the intercom ringing when he arrived. Javid did not look very happy, so I tried to cheer him up with a few quick quips, and a dimple-smile – which failed. Humph! Thanked him and added the medications to the evening dose pot, and imbibed them all.

WD 255.0.0 I got back down in the shaky, beyond its best, £300 second-hand, rickety, c1968, gungy-beige recliner. But sleep would not come. I suppose, with the lack of being able to get out and about having lasted for so long, I should not be surprised really. I hope to get out with the four-wheeled-trolley tomorrow with Caroline. I’ll ask her if it is possible for me to keep both aids, the three and the four-wheeled, so I can use the three-wheeler for going on the bus, and the four-wheeler for walking? I’ll see if I can muster up the cheek to ask Caroline.

It was ages before I nodded-off, which unfortunately gave the mind time to fret over anything and everything. Glumph!

TTFN each, have a great day folks!