Inchcock Today – Thursday 30th May 2019: The brain suffered from duomachy, today!

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Thursday 30th May 2019

Scots Gaelic: Diardaoin 30 Cèitean 2019

WD146.0.0 03:40hrs. I woke in desperate need of a wee-wee – I disentangled my aching, tired, overweight body from the £300 second-hand, grotty-beige, c1968, rickety-rusty-recliner, caught my balance and made for the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). I was startled a bit, by the force and length of the evacuation. Which was of the LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting-Like-Wee-wee) style. But the colour had gone back to normal now.

I got the slippers on, and poddled with the stick, to the kitchen, and took the medications, made tonight’s dosage pot up. Imbibed this morning’s medicines, and got the kettle on, and then did the health checks. Sys 177, Dia 81, Pulse 88, and Temperature 35.8°c. A change for the last few mornings. Up a bit – As Bob Monkhouse used to say in ‘The Golden Shot!’


Ankle strap, not dry enough!

The hand washing shirt and socks were moved and placed on the warm airer.

WD146.0.0 However, the Ankle-Support Strapping was nowhere near dry enough to put on! It cannot be dried with any heat applied. So the walk to the doctors this morning is going to have to be done with great care and patience. I do not want the foot to go over and end up with broken bones, Oh Dear, no!  I’m a little concerned about this, to be honest. But I have to get to the surgery, and no buses run here that early. I might use the four-wheel-trolley-guide instead of the three-wheeler.

WD146.0.0 The innards gave me an indication that they needed the use of the Porcelain Throne. So, off to the wet room. And what a change in that department today! Quick, painful, but so messy and gooey! And I’d just taken some Senna and Movicol with the medications. That might prove a mistake. Flipping ‘eck! Made worse by all the cleaning up needed after the evacuation, Oy Vey!

Got the computer on, and started to update the Wednesday post (Not one of my better days that, Grumph!). The fingers were shaking a few times, but not as bad as yesterday. Got it finalised and sent off to WordPress. Went on the Reader Section for a while to catch-up During which, several more wee-wees were needed, but these were not so forceful and shorter in length and volume. They were of the H.K.W.W. (Heavy-Keen-Wee-wee) classification.

I planned to get the ablutions done at 07:00hrs. This should give me time to sort out things for the doctors and get the trolley-guide prepared etc. for the hobble to Carrington and the Sherringham Park Medical Practice. I made up the nibble-bag while I thought of it, and put it in the four-wheeled-guide box. Such a sad little box, it’s also a seat, but these few nibbles filled it, so it is of little use, if any, for shopping? I think I’ve got it right. Appointment at 09:20hrs – 07:00hrs: Ablutions; shave, teggies, shower, dry, battle with the sock-glide one hour. 08:00hrs: Leaves me 20 minutes to faffle around and get outside togs on and set off out by 08:20hrs: Giving me an hour to walk to the surgery. Gone are the 35-minute hobbles to the doctors of old. Humph!

Made a start on this post.

4Thu001Ablutionisationing time arrived. Closed the computer and off to the wet room.

WD146.0.0 Stubbed the poor old toes again in the seat riser, silently muttered under my breath, “Oh, bother!” Then the foot/ankle went over.

I think I may have said something along the lines of, “Arghhurgh!” 4Thu02followed by “Well Fancy that!”

Got myself sorted, moved the Ankle Support strap in the wet room, in hopes that it dries quicker.

Then I readied things including the four-wheeled-walker and took some bags to the rubbish chute on the way out. I was soon out in the fresh air.

4Thu05The bigger trolley is more comfortable to control downhill but too big really for use on the buses; I’ll find out on the way home later.

A beautiful display of white flowers blooming on Winchester Street.

Getting through on the pavement with the trolley was not easy at all. Some cars and vans from the sub-contractors were parked on the footpath and didn’t give enough room for me to walk through, and I had to go on the road to get by. But I’m not complaining; their illegal parking allows the L9 bus to get by. Without which I would be in a right picklement! 

I pressed on carefully and not rushing, down the hill onto Mansfield Road. The mind had an odd moment of reflection on how things were going, and I was suddenly weighed down by weltschmerz.

Walking along  Mansfield Road, I took some shots of the shops I passed by.



WD146.0.0 They were not a very encouraging sight. Humph! I pressed on up the hill, and down into Carrington.

The atmosphere was one of decrepitude and misery I’m afraid. Closed shops, unhappy faces, and a sense of defeatism lingered.

A little before the Sherrington Park Medical Practise, I spotted some beautiful small flowers, 4Thu08that appeared to be growing on some nettles? I’ll ask Caroline next week to see if she knows their name.

WD146.0.0 As I got to the surgery entrance, I had to stop as a dizzy as I’ve never had before suddenly came over me. It didn’t last long, a minute or two at most. But it was not like the usual Dizzy Dennis efforts, this time it seemed to be coming from behind the eyes, and the vision went blurry. Mmm?

I was greeted with a welcome from the receptionist, took a seat and got the crossword book out and had a go, an unsuccessful one, again! Hehe!

Dr. Lona Vina called me into her room. I’ve never been in there so long, ten minutes! She asked how I was feeling, and some deeply personal questions that needed answering. Then had a look at my legs, checked the lungs/breathing. I have to keep taking the Furosemide that the hospital had taken me off. She was concerned as to why they had removed the fluid fighting Furesomide in the first place and ordered some from the chemists for me. The kidneys needed checking out, and the iron in the blood will be checked. She arranged for Nurse Nichole to take some blood. Ah, Nurse Nichole… life became worthwhile again! Haha!

I waited in the nurse’s area and had another failed go at the crosswords. I may pack up trying! Tsk! Nurse Nichole came to fetch me, and we had a jolly good natter while she 4Thu09took the blood. It was so lovely after such a long time seeing her again. Gave her some chocolates I’d brought, just in case I saw her. (Proof, that the EQ works?) Thanked her and handed the receptionists some nibbles on the way out. 

I departed, and checked my as good-a-Rolex, second hand £2 watch with its £10 new strap, and there was no point in catching a bus back to Sherwood, for an L9 bs was not due for 58 minutes. So I went to the Lidl store and had a wander around. The small box on the trolley would not 4Thu10hold the things I’d bought, but, I had taken a small back-bag with me and had to use that as well. (Smart Heh?) I came out with mild-mini-peppers, tomatoes, cheese, triple-fried beef chips: chicken pieces, and baking potatoes. I paid at the self-service checkouts and departed.

WD146.0.0  Just missing being knocked over by another, hated, ignorant, doollaly Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist!

WD146.0.0 I (foolishly) decided to walk back to Sherwood. As I started to walk, I saw a git of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist coming towards me – I stop turned and got the camera out and took a picture as he shot by. Unfortunately, the shakes came on, and I took three shots straight after each other. But, this shows just how fast the repugnant antisocial needs-locking up bully was travelling at!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu13aaA far less painful than I expected hobble back to Sherwood was enjoyed.

But it wasn’t long before yet one more Nottinghamian, bullying, inconsiderate, chowderheaded scumbag of a baby-carrying Pavement Cyclist was threatening to have me over, coming from behind again. But it didn’t bother me! (Lie Mode Engaged!)

4Thu14I made my way up to the L9 bus stop at the top of Mansfield Road. A sad sight of another closed down business was straight opposite the shelter where I took a seat on the trolley for the first time. Putting in the breaks first!

A bloke from out flats, the one on all the social security who brags about his Asian wife and child and how much he is still getting, and they have lived apart for donkey’s years. But it didn’t 4Thu16bother me! (Lie Mode Engaged!)

WD146.0.0 Yet another, ignorant law-breaking Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclistess, lurked nearby. But I was safely hidden in the bus shelter at least. Hehehe!

The L9 bus arrived on time, and we all mounted, there were about four of us from the flats by then that got on board.

4Thu17I took a last shot of Sherwood before getting on, and the four-wheeled-guide proved to be too large for me to sit without blocking someone’s passage. I’ll try to use the three-wheeler on buses in the future.

The walk from the bus stop to the flats was a little wearying. I imagine my having sat down for a while and having to get up again was the reason, and of course, the feet were giving me some hassle. Walked back with Mary, who had arrived on the other bus. She had cancelled her move to the Sneinton Flats now, and moved down to the first floor at Woodthorpe Court, from the top storey. That’s the 5th, 9th, then 15th and now the first floor she is residing in. She gets about a bit, s4Thu18he does. Bless her. Hehe!

I got in the flat. I’ve worked out a system with the trolleys. I wheel it to the end of the hallway, unloaded it and the bag, but away what I wasn’t going to use. Then retrieved the airer-dryer from the spare room, back to the hall, and wheeled the emptied trolley into the room. Sort of reverse when going out. I might not 4Thu20have explained that very well, sorry.

WD146.0.0 Had a wee-wee, and what a wee-wee it was! An LHBLWW (Long-Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee) Class. I reckon the Furesomide that I held onto and took this morning was working!

Took this picture from the unwanted hellish new kitchen windows that cannot be reached to clean the six panes of glass that need the use 4Thu19of the stepladder to get to, the thick-framed light & view-blocking frames.

Got the nosh sorted. It looked good, but the eyes were bigger than the stomach again, and I could not eat half of it. But I was so tired. Perhaps that had some effect on it? Mind you, what I did eat, I enjoyed well enough. A flavour rating of 7.5/10 given.

4Thu22I hope to try some of the Boczek Nordic Style bacon for tomorrow’s nosh. Or maybe not, I’ve some roast pork slices with a far shorter use-by date yet to use.

The ingredients listed as being in this bacon, are: Pork Belly Boneless & Skinless (92%), Salt, Pork Gelatin, Spices and Spice Extracts, Stabilisers: Triphosphates, Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum, Flavour Enhancer: Monosodium Glutamate, Soya Protein, Modified Starch, Stabilisers: Sodium Citrate, Collagen Pork Protein, Antioxidant: Sodium Erythorbate, Flavourings (contains Barley Gluten, Soya, Milk), Glucose, Maltodextrin, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Preservative: Sodium Nitrite. Hehehe! But it tastes divine!

I washed the pots, such as they were and got the kettle on.

WD146.0.0 4Thu23Settled in the gungy-beige, £300, second-hand recliner to watch a Frost DVD. Fell asleep, and was woken up by the door chime a couple of hours later. Out of the recliner, nearly toppled over, got to the door. It was Malcolm from nearby, He had seen a parcel outside the door, and let me know, handed me the parcel. I thanked him. 

Well, I was up and about and decided I’d get the hand-washing done. Two shirts and a pair of socks. Got them hanging up to dry.

Then I thought I might as well get this. Blog updated. Made a start, I had rather a lot of photographs to sort out first, so got them done.

I was naked, apart from the PPs and dressin4Thu21g gown now, and I realised how the legs were getting awfully full of fluid again. It looked like some new papsules were beginning to come on again, too. The paleness continues. The knees knobbliness seems to have lessened, though.

WD146.0.0 Well, fancy that! Can you believe it?

Virgin (4a)

I tried Facebook to see if it would come back on, there. Very slow.

Early morning, I had another H.K.W.W. (Heavy-Keen-Wee-wee). These, thankfully are less often, but seem to be clearing me out well!

Got the head down again.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 30th May 2019: The brain suffered from duomachy, today!

  1. Your selfie of you doing an “Arghhurgh!” is ART. What a great selfie. The doctor spent 10 minutes with you. Wow! I’m impressed. You should have asked her for a prescription for Nurse Nichole, while she was giving you some time. That’s fantastic you got to see Nurse Nichole. She is really good for you. The pavement cyclists were out in force? The weather’s improving I suppose? Do you have to slice that Nordic Style Bacon yourself? It looks great, but mighty dangerous if you have to go at it with a sharp knife. That is a decent looking, rather large meal.

    • Thank’s, Tim. The toes were still stinging when I took the selfie, that helped. Haha!
      Damn, I fogot all about the prescription request, too! Tsk!
      The place was snided with them Pavement Cyclists, mate… Huh!
      The Nordic bacon in a challenge. I must try not to get any shakes when I slice it, fingrs crossed, instead of cut. Haha!
      What bit I did eat of the nosh, was fine. I must get out of the hbit of making such big meals!
      TTFNski, Tim.

  2. “Dr. Lona Vina called me into her room. I’ve never been in there so long, ten minutes! ”
    It is excellent, isn’t it, to get such extensive, undivided, medical attention!
    Imagine, she did a complete workup, and it only took ten minutes.
    Think of all she could do for you in just twenty minutes!
    Gotta love human beings, because, what other choice do we have?
    Plus, we are them, which is actually disturbing.

    • Hahaha!
      You are right Cindy. I felt so fussed over and cared for.
      If only I could get some chiropodist to take me on.
      Or get the hearing-aids done…
      It’s rather sad, but that also makes it comical. Hehehe!
      Thanks gal. ♥

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