Inchcock Today – Frid 19 July 2019: Another mixed day: Frictious, Accident-Prone and Logic-Free!

2019 July 19

2019 July 18

Friday 19th July 2019

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 19 Gorffennaf 2019

WD 0.0.150 01:35hrs. I woke up wobbling and shaking all over – but whatever the cause was I’ll never know, it stopped within a minute or so, I lay there for a few moments, fearing I may have had another stroke, got pneumonia or whatever. But things were fine, no pains whatsoever, and the shivering stopped. Perhaps I had had a dream? I expect so, it’s not rare for me to forget the nocturnal meditations, and something later in the day triggers the brain to recollect things.

I became almost sprightly, as I removed my obesely potbellied short torso, with its fluid-filled legs and gangly thin arms, slumbering, short, plump, ailment-ridden body from the second-hand, tatty, beige coloured, c1968, rickety recliner. Walkingsticklessy I hobbled the few paces to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket), revealing that it had not been used overnight at all (a rarity indeed!), and had an ELWPWW (Extremely-Long-Weak-Powerless-Wee-wee).  

Apart from some lingering cramps in the fingers, I began to feel practically perky! Without the walking stick, I limped into the kitchen and put the kettle on and started to do the hand-washing. Rinsed and put the things on the upright airer for drying, when a smattering of common-sense broke into my brain, and I decided to fetch a stick to use.

WD 0.0.150 A WD 0.0.150 I was in the wet room, cleaning and sanitising the grey bucket, and needed another wee-wee, so I used the WC. What a change for this passage of fluid! An ELPSOA (Extra-Long-Powerful-Spraying-Out-Allover) wee-wee. Unbelievable! By the time I had stopped the persistent flow, I don’t think there was anywhere in the room that had not been sprayed or splashed on, including me! Why this outburst from my inner splanchnic area, I don’t know, but the humorous side came out in me a little. I was having a persiflage, a repartee, or banter with myself about the calamity, all of the hour I had used up while cleaning my torso and the room!

WD 0.0.150 A But the self-nattering soon stopped! As I was cleaning out the mop head, the danged arm and shoulder went off on one their polyneuropathy inspired dancing sessions. It didn’t last for long, but enough for me to clout myself on the head with the mop handle as it swung around before I could let go of it! I should perhaps have been more annoyed than I was, but I appreciated how god things in the ‘dancin’ department had been lately, I think that relieved the temper a bit.

5Fri01Back to the kitchen, stick in hand, and got the kettle on the boil again.

Got the medications taken, and after winning the battle to get the sphygmomanometer to work, I did the health checks.

Another reason to be pleased, all bar the temperature which was only 34.6°c, things looked really good to me.

WD 0.0.150 Well, blow-me! Back to the wet room for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised. What a painful struggle and experience that was! Cor, Luvvaduck and blimey! (which is nearly what I said, ahem!) I have not laboured like that before, but at least there was no bleeding (astonishingly). I thought it was bad enough being indoors waiting and not knowing if the nurse will call or not to take the blood, without being stuck in the wet room on the throne! Hehe!

I observed that something had been put through the letterbox, and went to investigate. The envelope contained a sample-vial, and Jenny had delivered it for me. She is so kind to me. ♥

I went to find some clothes to put on later and noticed the legs were looking a bit battered again. The skin was ashen looking once more. The papsules, lumps and spots seem to have increased, too. It’s the first time since I’ve been wearing these bamboo socks that the swelling marks have shown up on the pins?


WD 0.0.150 I needed another wee-wee and used the grey bucket to control the spray in case it comes out like last time. It came out worserer! At least the splashback from the short, but hose-pipe-like release, was more concentrated and forceful, thus, to avoid getting anything but me wet! Tsk!

I had a wash down, then got on the computer to update and post off the Thursday post. Which was at first. Easier than of late, no dancing from the limbs kicked off for ages, I’m glad to say. I got through the finalisation and got the post all but posted when the arm and shoulder started playing up.

In celebration, I thought I’d make a cuppa. The drilling noises, presumably from the on-going fitting of the new intercoms, was much fainter now, so it might get more so, as the day goes on, and the chap moves on to a higher floor? (I was wrong, it got louder an hour later, Hehe!).

The view from the unwanted light and view-blocking new kitchen windows looked rather nice, and I tried with the old Nikon camera, to take a panoramic shot. I’m afraid it took me eight tries, but on the last one, it took alright! Smug-Mode Adopted.


A shame the Nikon on will not let me take any wide shots. I assume this is because it so much smaller, with tiny buttons, and my Anoxonotmesis Neuralgia affected hands, arms, leg, and shoulder know about this, and refuse to hold steady long enough for me to take the shot? Hehehe!

I got the Thursday file updated and sent off at last. A total of nine wee-wees, all of the persistent and of various ‘Getting-Yourself-Wet’ modes!

WD 0.0.150I set about creating the graphics for and then started off this blog. It took me ages, far longer than it should have, thanks to the twitching and jumping limbs. I got as far as here and went to get the very-belated ablutions done. Hopefully, I will not rush about and risk any cuts!

I haven’t heard from the doctors about the INR Warfarin blood not being taken. I don’t suppose they are too interested.

Made some black bags and one recycling up, took the rubbish ones to the chute of the way out. With my walking down Winchester Street,

Bags, to the waste chute, one to the recycling bin.

Taking a walk to Sherwood with four-wheeler trolley-guide. It is better at going downhill  (I thought!).

WD 0.0.150 I was greeted by rain when I got outside. Dropped the bags at the bin, and had a miserable, wet, depressing walk along Chestnut Way, to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

5Fri007Oberstgruppenführeress Wardens Deana and Generalfeldmarschalless Julie were in the hut. A quick natter and nibbles handed out, then back out into the rain.

I took this first shot from under the brolly as I set off. See the orange bowser and chap in the picture? He was watering the grass lawns. Haha!

5Fri007aThe four-wheeled trolley was uncontrollable with only one hand. The other was holding the umbrella! It was going all over the place, and progress was hard and slow. Especially going down Winchester Street hill.

WD 0.0.150 Heck of a struggle and the brakes were useless in the wet, meant I had to go out onto the road, and nearly went over as I did so.

5Fri007bI got back on the pavement further down the road.

It was not cold at all, and no wind to worry about, either meteorological or physical. Hehehe!

As I got down and passing the bus stop, the cars gave my trousers a splashing, soaked the legs and bum!

5Fri007baA bit nearer Mansfield Road, a car gave me a splashing, and the shoe and socks got soaked as well!

The trolley was even more wayward as it got wetter en route. Near the trees and bushes, the leaves and petals got stuck to the trolley wheels, and it became even more difficult to control!

5Fri007bbThere were not many folks about, but who can blame them in this weather.

WD 0.0.150I tumbled down the kerb at this junction with Winchester Street. I didn’t fall over, mind, but the foot did go in a deep puddle of water. I may have one of the cleanest pairs of feet in Nottingham soon!  Humph! I got down to the bottom, and turned right, to the Co-op.

I got in the shop and bought just a packet of decent looking quality pod peas. Paid the lady, and back out, and up the hill towards the L9 bus stop, to get home. I was far too miserable and wet to stay out. On the short hobble, a Big Issue seller, with two mobile in use, Two Heart Foundation and a beggar tried to stop me for a cash donation.

5Fri007cAt the bus stop, the shelter was full, but no bother, I was so wet by then it didn’t matter to me one iota. Anyway, if I went under, out of the rain, the trolley couldn’t be used to sit on, it was also precipitationaly affected. Haha!

A queue had gathered, that kept going down in number as each bus arrived, yet still, two women were sat in the shelter. I assumed that they must be waiting for the L9 as well.

5Fri08But no, a minute or two later, a Land Rover Vogue pulled up and collected them. The cheek of it! Keeping all those bus passengers out in the rain! Haha!

The lock-up shop opposite the bus stop, although still having the For Rent sign above, had opened again, a second-hand clobber retailer.

When the L9 bus arrived, it was late, but in this weather, I felt lucky it came at all, there were many of the Winwood Heights clan on board. As usual, I got on last as all those who arrived after I had, rushed forward. Ah, well! I sat on a side-saddle seat next to Mary, we chatted, and Ray and Pete joined in on the short trip up the hill, and home. I walked back to Woodthorpe Court with Mary, and we continued our chinwagging.

WD 0.0.150 A WD 0.0.150 Just as I was getting the trolley up the kerb, the leg, arm and shoulder burst into a Peripheral Neuralgia inspired dancing and shaking! Mary showed her concern, and it all over within a minute or so, thankfully. At least it waited until the end of my vicambulation. Doris joined us afterwards, and we all went up in the lift cage together. Nibbles were shared, and a laugh had between us.

5Fri08aI got in the flat, and dried and cleaned the trolley. Had a wash, then decided to get a load of the fresh pod peas podded, ready for the morning. Enough for me tonight, and Josie and me on Saturday, or Sunday, I’ve not been able to get in touch with her again this week either, to find out what day and time she’d like her nosh doing and delivering. Most frustrating every weekend!

5Fri08bWD 0.0.150 I cleverly used the bowl to catch the pods and any escaping peas, while I  podded them. However, things didn’t go according to plan, But, with my luck, this was no surprise. Hehe! By the time I had shelled just three pods, two had gone missing, flew off into the ether. Finishing the last one, and around eight peas had absconded in total. I found two later, though. Huh!

5Fri09The meal was served up. It consisted of beef pasties, Marmite cheese, tomatoes, fresh peas, and some mash with lots of mature cheddar cheese! Another good un! 9.22/10 Flavour rating!

Put the TV on to watch Rumpole of the Bailey, nodded off and missed the ending of it.

Had to get up for a wee-wee, they seemed to be changing again, this one was of the SHS (Short-Hosepipelike-Sensationless) mode of wee-wee. One of the dangerous ones, that one cannot tell when or if it is finished! Hahaha! Thinking things in the wee-wee department might get worse (They didn’t), I emptied and sanitised the grey plastic bucket. I’m glad I did, though. I found two more peas!

Got down, and soon nodded off again!

Inchcock Today -Thursday 18th July 2019: The vicissitudes of life, ruled the day!

2019 July 18

2019 July 19

Thursday 18th July 2019

Welsh: Ydd Iau 18 Gorffennaf 2019

WD 200a 04:15hrs: I was woken, yet again, by the stabbing pains from a Colin Cramp’s visit to the feet! I got the camera off of the Ottoman and realised I had also left the light on overnight, but at least I’d remembered to remove the bamboo socks. The signs of the toe-stumpings had all but cleared up! The toes were warping with the cramps, I presume.


The cramp hassle softened. I noticed that the toes had seemed to settle into a different position to normal. Thankfully, the pain slowly lessened later, as I moved (hobbled) around.

I removed my cumbersome burly short body from the £300, second-hand, grotty-beige coloured, rickety, c1968, rusty recliner, grabbed the stick, and used the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket), for a most unwilling wee-wee of the UWT Unwilling-Weak-Trickling) variety. The bucket was taken with me to to the kitchen, for cleaning and sanitisationing. I got the hand-washing done, rinsed and on to the slow-airer for drying. Took medications. Did the health checks, and had another UWT Unwilling-Weak-Trickling) wee-wee.

Then I made a potent Glengettie brew of tea.

I began to update the events of Wednesday, frightfulness, horridness and dreadfully ropy happenings. The fingers and other limbs, apart from the shoulder, which was annoying me regularly, were pretty tame, so I made decent progress for once. Also, an even higher rarity… The Virgin Media Internet did not cut-off, and was moderately speedy! I appreciate this may sound like a porky-pie, but it’s true! Mind you; I’m sure it will not last long!

4Thu05I took a picture out through the light & view-blocking kitchen windows that have unreachable glass panes to clean and needs a stepladder to be used to photograph or see anything below on Chestnut Way.

In the event that the fire alarm goes off, and we need to check if any emergency vehicles have arrived on site. I used auto-extra option.

Not that I can hear the fire alarm anyway, mind you. So, it’s a grand job that the Nottingham City Homes are doing in making sure we do not have the dangerous cladding, like that the poor devils had at Grenfell Tower.

I got the post finished and sent off to WordPress, then decided I’d better get the ablutions tended to. Obersturmbannführeress, Housing Patch Manager, and part-time Cosmopolitan Model, Angela Gould, said I could have a shower at 07:00hrs alright.

WD 200a3Wed01a I had another even less-willing UWT wee-wee first. Then had to utilise the Porcelain Throne, which turned out not to be a good thing. First, the evacuation was big, hard, yet messy. One of the most painful I’ve ever had, lots of bleeding from internal and external haemorrhoids. And second reason; The putrescent, nidorous after-aroma had to be endured, while I did the teggies, shaved, and had the shower and won the battle with the sock-glide! Hehehe!

WD 200a I thought I heard the new Intercom tone playing, so I went to the panel on the wall. But no indication of a missed call? I got the foyer-door picture up, and the door was just closing, but I could not see anyone in the view. So I assumed someone had let the Iceland man or woman in. A few seconds later, the panel alarm went off again, but nobody was there… then I realised it was the door chime ringing but in another tune! The exact-same melody as the panel has! I let in the delivery driver and explained and apologised for keeping him waiting. Someone had allowed him in the foyer door. He took the fodder through to the kitchen for me. I thanked him and set about putting the food away.

WD 200a This was when I understood what the problem was. The engineer who put the Intercom in for me must have caught the door alarm box, that’s just below the new box he’d fitted, and changed the tune option without realising. It does happen sometimes. It is only a little button on the side. It needs scrolling through to find the tune you want, but if you leave or do not press it long enough, it sets on whatever theme is playing. I tried to reset it, but without thinking, I used the peripheral neuralgia affected right-hand, and it was a bit of a farce. I could not find the “I only want to be with you” tune I like to use, and can identify with the front door. I tried again using the left hand, not easy, but well doable, and hey presto, Dusty Springfield’s song is now back on! I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.

An email from Jenny earlier soon put me right on a few things. I’d got the wrong date for the eight-hour water turn off. (Fancy that, me getting something wrong. Hehe!) Also, there a lot of tenants with the problem of not hearing the new Intercom, with it being so soft and low. She has reported this to the Nottingham City Homes Management, already! The gal is coming back on to being herself again! Precious, impavid, intrepid, compassionate and benevolent Jenny is! Bless her cotton socks!

The Iceland order had some Substitutes. The yoghourts had been replaced with Toffee flavour in place of lemon ones. Disappointing, but I will hand all four of them to the Social Hour as prizes, with the other bits later on.

I put the computer in sleep-mode and took some bags to the waste-chute. Then set out to go to the Willmott Dixon supplied Portakabin, Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, Holding cells, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

As I got outside of the foyer doors, I wanted to photograph the new grass on the end carpark, in different settings, but the hands and fingers started playing up as I did so. A workman, the one in the first picture, came over to me and saw I was struggling. He took the camera and shot the photographs you see here. He even chose a different setting for each one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WD 200a I forgot to ask him what settings he was on. Huh! If we get the forecasted rain for today and tomorrow, it should help the turf to settle and grow, methinks?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu10As I limped along with the trolley-guide to the hut, I took this shot which caught Winchester Court, showing how nice and close the new bus stop is situated for the tenants of the said court.

I’m not jealous, of course.

Oh, no! I’m just glad it’s us at Woodthorpe Court who has the pleasure of a nice brisk walk to get to the bus stop. We’ll be much fitterer & 4Thu09healthier then! Haha!

I was well-pleased with how this zoomed-in shot turned out. Left to right (I hope I’ve got the names right – Jenny will correct me if not) Ray in his new disability Scooter, Pete, Angela, and Mary seated. And Roy, with his customised four-wheeled ‘L’ plate bearing trolley, giving me a rum stare! Hehehe! Good job I’m not wanting the bus. With Ray and his scooter, and Mary and Roy’s giant trolleys, I would not have been able to get on the bus with my walking-guide.

I got in the shed and left some pressies, prizes, and nibbles. And had a little natter or two. I went over and enjoyed a chinwag with the gang at the bus shelter.

4Thu11Then on the way back to the beloved, but further to walk to and back from than Winchester Court than is Woodthorpe Court.

But it doesn’t bother me, Oh no!

The new grass seems to be doing a lot better here as well. This is the frontage part of the new Winwood Court and, that along with Woodthorpe Court (At the end of the road, farthest from the bus stop, letterbox and new Oberschützeress Wardens HQ) than Winchester Court, which all will comprise Winwood Heights when its all finished. Confusing innit? The shed being used at the moment is due to be removed later this P1220982month, I think.

I shall be sorry to see The Willmott Dixon supplied Portakabin go, after over two years and a bit, but not sorry to get some peace and hopefully far less harassment, and noise. I pray!

Shame about the new balconies. I loved the old open, far less maintenance requiring ones.

I had a natter, well for a few seconds, with Frank on the way back to the flat. Got in, and made an excellent brew-up. Then got the computer restarted and updated this blog to here.

Then, went on the WordPress Reader to see what the other bloggers had done. Some great stuff on today.

Then I visited the Facebook site to visit the TFZers and put some photographicalisations on. I enjoyed that.

4Thu28Time to close down and get some nosh prepared, ready for me to (I hope) fall asleep. By gum, I need it! Sadly!

One simple but most satisfying meal. Instant potatoes with added grated cheese and dried onion, gherkins, chicken stick thingies (I’ve forgotten the name, flipping lethologica!), freshly podded peas, and lip-smackingly tasty sausages. Followed by a pot of wantonly, promiscuously, naughty-but-oh-so-nice, Limoncello. A most worthy taste-flavour rating of 9.20/10!

4Thu27I washed-up, and got the hand-washing done.

WD 200a Then I got settled down to watch something on the TV, but the nodding-offs soon started, so I turned off and no sooner had I done so, that Colin Cramps came on! The toes and hands were targeted at this time. I fully expected another long sleepless night as the cramps gave me some stick.

After ten minutes or so, almost miraculously to me, Morpheous took over, and by Golly, he did, too! I think I had over six-hours sleep, straight through to 01:30hrs, no wee-wees, no ailment pains waking me either, mind you, when I did wake, the efforts to get a wee-wee tout de suite, were a tad ridiculous, but humorous at the same time! Hehehe!