Photo’s From Tuesday – with Comments

Starting with the morning views from the kitchenette:

Morning Views

Oh, how lucky I am to have such a fantastic view!
Taken from the mini-kitchenette window,
The lights were brighter than they show here, though,
Can’t keep my hands steady enough, which makes me feel blue,
Cause of the ailments I recently did accrue,
Neuropathy, the stroke, Shaking Shaun, to name a few,
But I have done my bestest, and that is true…
Determined they would be good enough to show you…
But there you, I’ll just continue…!

Bottles For Sister Jane and Pete

Amongst them, a newly discovered brew,
Highly rated by some of the Caring crew,
Easy opening, no need for a corkscrew,
Reported back to me as, as being taboo,
It is tangy and sweeter than honeydew!

19-hr slow-cooked potatoes!

I noticed them when I but my finger,
on the hotpots side, made me whinger!
I turned it off, I didn’t malinger…
I bit a spud; it was so much tastier,
And planned a meal hastier… (well, it’s all I find to rhyme!)

My Planned Recipe!

Microwave poached Eggs Included

My hunger was not controllable,
I needed something digestible…
And made this meal, it  was more than passable,
It came out absolutely delectable!.

What a feast yet again, most desirable!
I was in my eyeholes; it smelt indescribable…
Then rangeth out the doorbell… Oh, Hell!

Twas the Amazon Delivery

And the gits left all the parcels down in the lobby again! Boy did I have problems getting them up to the flat? Yes! The scumball had left about a dozen other packages on the floor and table, for other flats, too! Not too bad for them, there was only one small box or packet for each, Mugwumph here had a few more to collect.

One hell of a job, but somehow or other I managed to get them on the walker-trolley in one go – a bit dangerous, but still. The photo was taken as I got them inside the flat door.

I knocked over the carpet cleaner freshener and burst open as I struggled to carry the goods through to the kitchenette.

Did I swear, you ask? Oh, yea!

Sorry, had an Accifauxpas, I’ll have to stop.

Isn’t life a git! Innit?

4 thoughts on “Photo’s From Tuesday – with Comments

  1. The morning views are wonderful photos. The boxes on the trolley are both an amazing feat and an amazing photo.

  2. ” And planned a meal hastier” is an achievement of power in rhyme. Sometimes yer have to play with the rhymes around at the time,
    building further rhymes to thyme.
    Yes, sometimes yer have bring the thyme to join in the mime.
    Odes are fickle pickles, as odes cause the rhyme for mime to tickle,
    As were the mime a fresh nickle to pickle.
    Those are the tasties brought for the pasties on the menu long with song…

    At least that’s how I seed it with me eyes disguised…

    Better leave it there, afore I lose my hair,

    And some of those Amazon drivers ain’t worth their weight in fake farthings, the coin o’ the realm for the clunkiest among ’em. Marthings are the coin o’ the realm on Mars…

    I rest my case, in case Sweet Morpheus might leave me kip vouchers…lost the rhyme entirely I did right there, a total loss including some gum I got stuck in me tum…

    I would bark some lines about not giving up my day job, but I’ve already pitched me day job when I achieved my goal of becoming a pensioner… …

    • Well spotted there Billum, I was struggling a smidge, the Grammarly was persistent in telling me my mistake. (hehe!)

      Your investigative Sherlockholmesic Dialysis… I mean… what do I mean? The words gone now. Erm… Aha! that’s it… I’ve lot the plot… I’ll start again; Your investigative Sherlockholmesic disquisitions have again proved the worth of you analytisationings, Sir Billum – or I could said, spot on!

      Ah, losing the hair, summat I need not worry about, Haha!

      A lost ode, or even track of, or getting a blind spot…
      This happens to me an awful lot,
      Iambic pentameters, move in like a shot…
      You being an educated, clever swot…
      I effort saved my your counterplot…
      As handsomely as a coquelicot!

      Mosteth entertaining drivel I know, but love it so!

      Jane & Pete visiting today, looking forward to it with some degree of relish. The call fron the Cardiac that didn;t come in yesterday, will likely arrive in the middle of us remeniscing and chinwagging… what’s the odds? Just a feeling, EQ you know.

      Be careful with yer needles mate,
      Don’t leave an food on yer plate,
      I hope nothing happens to abligate…
      Bother & hassle, I really hate…
      Best wishes from this addlepate,
      You coming trip, visit, ambulate…
      Enjoy it… HRH and you mate! ♥

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