Drastically Demystifying Daily Deliration – In odes


Why have I been chosen, a selected one of many,
Who often bleeds when he spends a penny!
I fall in love with Carers, like Caroline and Gillie?
But none of them wants to adopt me…
If they did, they would have to be silly,
My waterworks and Porcelain Throne session: Agony!

Years ago, I never thought of acting bellicosely,
But bad luck started early and kept at me grossly,
I suffered bullying, parents fighting with barbarity,
That, from long ago, I remember with clarity!
Breakfast today? No idea; it could have been a chip butty?
My failing memory, the short term one, is really burdensomely!

My thoughts can often work well, indeed cohesively,
An interruption comes, and earlier plans become a mystery!
I stutter at times, and some people talk to me derisively,
My shaking right side arm, leg and hands decidedly…
Make strangers shocked, and talk to me impolitely,
They speak to me; if they do at all; as if I need psychiatry…
I had a Dizzy Dennis moment and fell over, getting an injury…
A bloke said to his missus: He’s drunk! Very dismissive!

I started waffling again then, lost the theme of this Ode,
I’m obviously getting more senile as I get old…
The reason? My cleaning lady arrived, came in very bold,
She was taking my laundry to wash, I was told…
Off she went with the Bold and freshener scent…
Back to the blogging, well. that was my intent…
Esther, return washing all done, we nattered, that was fun,
But my inspiration and concentration were done!
I hoped to return to it, but I fell asleep, woke by Carer Julie Pathan.

Beyond any energy using now, physical or mental at all…
Went to the Porcelain Throne and had a fall…
Banged my Booster pained arm against the wall…
It’s getting dark, soon be nightfall…
I’ll get some nosh sorted but will return to things philosophical,
If Gillie doesn’t let me take her for a week in Portugal…
It’s no fun being moral and mortal…
Life is likely seen through some alien portal…
The very thought of that made me chortle!

Another Feast!

I think it is called Comfort Food?

Polish cooked pork (9.5/10): Nigerian podded peas (3/10),
Royale Anya potatoes (5/10), Sainsbury’s Tomatoes (4/10),
Microwave poached eggs (8.5/10), I hope to try them again,
With Thai sweet chilli sauce (7.8/10), A banana (8/10),
A large layered yoghourt, real raspberry, extra cream (6/10),
Then, the Thought Storms Began – I’ll go potty, I’m certain!

Self Assessment

The truth is, I’m getting in a mental pickle,
My chances of rest and peace, ain’t worth a nickel!
As for today’s opticians’ findings optical…
Cataracts, glaucoma, pupils needing to be widened…
Before the examination can be completed; but, no stickle!
I’m to have a procedure, I wasn’t too enthusiastical!
Needles in the eye job, she said, all matter of factly,
Then drops for a few days: can my costs be deductible?
And start the whole procedure over again… there’ll be trouble!
I’m sure things might get better… Gawd knows when!

Evening Care Arrives…

The Evening Carer came about seven o’clock,
Sweet Angel, but in a rush, but she was still therapeutic,
I gave her a big box of Quality Street chocs,
To share amongst the Carers, she went, I took off my socks…
And fought with the Thought Storm a little longer, then…
Sleep arrived: but I soon woke up… needing a wee-wee again!

Part of the Inchcock’s True Odes to Life Series

4 thoughts on “Drastically Demystifying Daily Deliration – In odes

  1. Like “Born Under A Bad Sign” if it wasn’t for bad luck, you might not have any luck at all. Is that Julie in the photo? Lovely lass, indeed. Comfort food for sure. Nice ode for the holler days.

    • Yes, that be Julie, Tim. You can see how I struggle to concentrate some days. Hahaha!
      My bestest wishes and hopes all the family and pets have a smashing holiday! ♥
      I magine guitar will be utilised? Cheers.

  2. You boys! I tell ya! A nice lookin gal’s gotta put up with a lot – and if she’s also NICE she gets it more! There are so many girls who would love the attention being as nice and lovely as the lovely looker but they aren’t bothered. Which is worse, I can’t say since I started and lived long as the former and felt the jabs of the latter LATER! Of course, now I know whatever I weigh or my age I am a gorgeous woman deserving of all the attention I receive. I only got here by knowing the difference in outside approval being given and taken away mean nothing about the person I am inside. That is where my beauty lies and that spills over the outside too. Inchie we have suffered slings and arrows from inside and out but we can all see you are an exceptional being! Though our bodies may be assaulted – and our brains may lose a bit of RAM (temporary memory) we are as bright and brilliant as we were on the day we were born. Our brains are not where our spirit lies – any more than our legs or arms that rely on chemical and neurological processes to remain at their peak – our brain manages our system,. Our spirit won’t be diminished – which you show so brilliantly. Day to day you show a big drive to care for yourself and others. I have to wonder if this extra care you’ve been given has done that horrific financial jab you feared but you still buy the plonk and the treats and give them generously. I want to adopt you as my uncle and make sure these carers who are so ready to receive your generosity don’t get the wrong end of the stick thinking you can be their SUGER DADDY! Take care my darling and I saw your reflection in the picture you took of your carer! What a dear you are!! You make me feel happy!

    • Bless you HRH Lisa, That was lovely, and all true to how it is, sweetheart. ♥
      Does with mean an adopted Niece? That’s very nice. Peace! And more attentions for you form Sweet Morpheus. XXX

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