Inchcock Today: Part Ode – with an Ailments Update


The extra handicap of the reaction to the Booster Jab; made my doing anything, taking an inordinately much longer time than usual. Thus, it was nearly midnight last night by the time I’d got the blog finished and posted. Although aching and in pain, and really needed to get some sleep. The mind and body wanted to close down. But, Inchcock, an epicurean, foodie, glutton, gourmet, chow-hounder, and well-known foodaholic, put an end to any thoughts of joining in with any Sweet Morpheusness for a while.

I foolishly started to make a belated meal, and a mini-feast it was too! At last, come around about 01:00hrs, I got it served up.

Raw fresh peas from Nigeria. (Shame the ones from Peru are not available, they were sweeter than the Nigerian ones by a mile, but beggars can’t be choosers when things are out of season) Oven-baked potato slices, tomatoes, crispy smoked bacon was the main course. The bacon was eaten in slices of milk roll bread and was dunked in some absolutely great tasting Thai sweet chilli sauce. I was satisfied with the substituted bottle; as for where I got it from, well, I’ll get some more from Amazon.

Which reminds me, I’ve got some diabetic bamboo socks delivered today. Well, that’s what I say! Bearing in mind my cock-up stroke Whoopsiedangleplop with Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s order dates, I get them arriving yesterday; when my Google calendar clear says that the Sainsbury one is coming Monday and the Morrison one on Tuesday… I’m sinking into the morass mess of mental mayhem of memory mishaps. It has to be admitted. Vascular Dementia Doreen is to blame, methinks.

Of course, you have to bear in mind that it is me we are talking about! No chance! Anyway, I feasted well, did some belching, took an extra Codeine, and flaked out on the recliner searching for sleep…


Sleep as I recall it, when I got up for my fifth wee-wee, at 03:00hrs, seemed far away, a luxury denied me again! Thought Storms Stewart kicked of the instant the eyelids drooped and threatened to nod off. It’s incredible how many things you can fear, hate, smile and laugh about, returning memories to torment you on your failed options and actions. Self-disgust, the injustices of those in charge, shames… not to mention the ailments having a go at you. I had no idea what time I got off into the land of nod, but I kept waking up thinking, I’d better get up, the carer will be here soon – then nodded off again.

The Doctor’s response to this problem when I spoke with her (a few years ago now, of course) Was, “Yes, many older people get this… any other problems?” I decided not to bother her further.

As I woke for the umpteenth time and was going through the routine of planning to get up, then falling asleep again, the door chime rang out its loud, ♫ Oh, Susanna ♫ tune. Gawd, it was late! Carer Richard came in to find a foggy-brained Inchcock staggering up out of the recliner. Hahaha! Fair enough, he does usually find me fuddle-brained anyway.

Richard asked the required medical question, as they do on a Monday. And did a wristlet alarm check to ensure the signal was getting through to the Nottingham City Homes people.

It was his last call, and I enjoyed a little nattering and moaning session with the lad. I thanked and treated him, and off he went.

Then as I put the kettle on belatedly, I took some shots of the morning’s misty views from the kitchenette window.

The photographs didn’t help my spirits much,
Didn’t cheer me up; I still felt I was a bit of a schmuck,
An old man, (Gillie) again being lovestruck…
If she was to adopt me, I’d be thunderstruck!

I wonder when the socks will arrive, they’re made of bamboo,
Had to get some; it’s too cold not to wear them now, Boo-Hoo!
I’ll check the Amazon tracker; that’s what I’ll do…
Nine stops away, couldn’t ask for better, could you!
The socks seem to be of reasonable value…
One can’t say that very often of Amazon, can you?

In an effort to cheer missen up, I perused the box of gifts that HRH Lisa and Billum had sent to me from Fort Thomas in the USA. I know, I wasn’t going to open it until Christmas Day, but anyway…

The box within the box was so pretty, it had to have been decided on by a lady. I put it on the server trolley and investigated away! But I’ll not put them on display until Christmas day.

Just look at all the work Lisa must have put into making these for me!

She even named them for me in the card she sent with them! ♥

Crazy Furry Goat (Goliath), Long Eared Rabbit (Roger), Wacky Cat Kawaii. Pink Fuzzy Monster (Malcolm), Rudikth, the Red-Nosed Reindeer! The names in brackets are those I’m considering giving them when they get on display and become along with Koala and Teddy Bear, my morning chinwagging partners! ♥

I’ll have to make sure I give them names that I might remember. Otherwise, they will get confused about who I am talking to if I use the wrong word. Hehehe! They put in some ‘Moon Pie’ cakes as well. They are not available in the UK. And they look rather tasty! I shall not indulge until Christmas day!

When I showed them off to the carer who came to check on my medicines stock, she thought they were just like a Wagon Wheel. When I put a picture of an unopened lemon Wagon Wheels on my blog a while back, Billum said how they looked like Moon Pies. Thus they sent them to me to try. Bless their cotton socks!

♥ Thanks again, HRH Lisa and Billum! ♥

The door chime rang forth again;

♫ I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee,
I’m going to Louisiana, my true love for to see
It rained all night the day I left; the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death; Susanna, don’t you cry.
Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me
cos’ I come from Alabama
With my banjo on my knee… ♫

The daycarer from the Meridian office was the day carer; she’s come to check that my medical stocks were sufficient for over the holidays. She thought the Moon Pies were like Wagon Wheels… Oh, I’ve already said this, I guess, sorry!

She thinks I’ll need some more Codeines getting in to last me. Which is not surprising, with all the extras I’ve been taking; What with the 15hr agony of the hospital trolley marathon, the bruised bum, then the absolute nightmare of the reaction to the booster-jab, I think I needed, they got me through anyway. I expect someone somewhere to believe I’ve become addicted, however, and another lecture from the Doctor, of course, over the phone.

Another Escapee Pea!

Making a fresh brew, I trod on something rock-hard on the kitchen floor, almost like an electric shock, it made, jump a smidge. It seems lately that these escapee garden peas are coming out of hiding regularly? Haha!

I checked again in the Mazon bamboo sock front situation. And guess what? As you see, this was the message I got from them. Delivered today; your package was left near the front door or porch. Well, it hadn’t been! I got myself into a mini-flap when I wondered if it had been delivered to Winchester Court in error?

So, I rang ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Warden, Desktop Dancer, and who is also not interested in adopting me! Tsk! It’s just not fair! She said it might be downstairs in the lobby; I mentioned Winchester Court, she said the flat is empty. I had a vision of them leaving the stuff outside the door of an empty apartment – if so, it would not last long! Deana said she’d look for me and let me know. I thanked her and returned to the computer in another failed effort.

Hehe! Ferreting around for something to nibble, I came across the packet of new mini-cheddars I’d ordered, but I resisted the temptation. I’ll have them later when I’m more depressed or even hungrier.

Medicalisation Checks

The right arm looked betterish, and the pain has subsided a lot now.

Little Inchies fungal lesion had not bled all day. I liked that a lot! But I am in no way being fooled; it’ll come again!

The legs (the Knees) had improved beyond recognition this Monday. I had a job to recognise them as my own. Although, Arthur Itis was getting a little frisky with it when I was writing this.

Warden Deana Saves The Day

Deana rang the door chime and entered – with the parcels of socks in her hand, bless her! They had been left down in the front lobby by the Amazon delivery urchin. Along with several other packages for different people! I thanked her kindly.


Cleaning the teeth broke another tooth,
The few teggies left are getting corrosive,
But I wash brushing a little aggressive,
Shaving, not a single cut or nick,
Showered, I almost felt hygienic…
On the radio, the London philharmonic,
Stubbed my toe; that was chronic…
But, I don’t want to nitpick,
Even though I tripped over the walking stick!

Food Glorious Food

The dessert was a bit special. On the label, it read; Raspberry Gourmet Greek-style thick & creamy live yoghurt with fruit layer. Confusing innit? Tasted okay. Cooked seasoned sliced Polish pork knuckle with seasonings sarnies, Nigerian podded peas, and crispy chips (oven fries). Flavour rating; 8/10.

Late Phone Call

A call from the opticians came in. Which left me more confused than ever. According to the lady calling me, I did not have an appointment with them. But when I called in there last week on my way to the dentist, I called in to book an appointment, got home and put a date in the calendar, January 4th 2022. She said they had not made an appointment for me?

I’m getting mixed up here; back to the phone call: She asked if I could come in the morning (today at 09:00hrs for an eye test? Presumably, they had had a cancellation?).

Being the keen attentive, alert, sharp sort of person that I’m not, I made another Whoopsiedangleplop; I told her her ‘Yes’ I’d come. Then realised I had the Amazon order coming? Too late to get help ringing her back; the staff had all gone!

Evening Carer Valerie arrived, and I soon fell asleep after she’d gone.

Fed up! Woke up wide awake at midnight and got this blog finished and posted, a little late, but betterer late than never!

Morning All!

The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe Series

25 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Part Ode – with an Ailments Update

  1. Wow! What a day. I think “The Fifth Wee Wee” would make a great move title. Did you see “The Fifth element”? Nice you got a natter, bitch and moan session in with Richard. That probably did him more good than you know. That gift box from HRH Lisa and Billum is precious. What a wonderful thing to do for you. Great photos from the kitchenette.

    • Ah! The fifth element, I have seen it, and loved it. So many unexpecteds. Loved the flying cab routine when he first saw her. I hope I’ve got the right film – Bruce Willis?
      Richard sometimes seem a smidge uptight himself, I’ve made it my mission to cheer him up. Haha! He’s a good, caring lad.
      HRH & Bill, hae cheered me up, at a time where I am usually looking back and feeling sorry for myself – Bless ’em!
      Opticians later this morning. The wicked witch is examing me again – Oh, dearie me. I’m still embarrassed from jerking when I got the shakes while in her chair and knocked over all of the trial lense in the rack. Tsk!
      Cheers, Tim.

      • Oh, dear dear, Tim. Cataract, glaucoma and Saccades diagnosed, Tsk! Pupils to dilated get any details. Booked me in when an eue hospital lady will be there to feed in drops to swell the pupils, then a full examination can take place – and advice be given to me on what is or isn’t needed. She expects an appointment to be made at the QMC after the appointment. Not surprising that I keep walking into things, and struggle to type and read, I’ve even stopped doing the crosswords. ‘Humph!’
        Ah, well, Jane and Pete are visiting me Thursday. That should be interesting; I’ve missed being told off and what to do! Hahaha! They can collect their case of wine, anyway.
        Cardiac DVT called today, they are having a meeting and will know if my cancelled (Nov 2019) check-up will be back on, when or not, and let me know tomorrow.
        Things ain’t good. Har-har!
        Oh, and the e Amazon man left all my four parcels down in the lobby – went to fetch them, about crippled missed getting them back up on the walker. Please remind me not to use them again, if can get stuff elsewhere. Not so good at the moment, but hopefully a buxom young carer will soon call, fall in love with me, and demand attentioning! Well, maybe not.
        Cheers Sir. Must get some food and sleep. Hehe!

      • Hopefully they can get a little bit of stuff going. You need all the buxom young careers you can get. Perhaps a prescription for a wet nurse is in order!

  2. Wonderful to see Lisa’s creations being welcomed to their new home. We are most chuffed. I thought those Moon Pies might be similar to Wagon Wheels, let us know if they are similar. You certainly were correct about the fancy wrapping being done by a lady. We are more than happy that you enjoy them already. I think they did no want to wait until Sunday. Can’t blame them!
    You have a full plate of visits to make, medications to take, and dried peas to be watchful of. Many things are out of season. I hate it when doctors give me that speech about anything they don’t want me to take, as if they know what it is like for the patient. They should give their patients more patience.
    We are going to a favorite monastery for four days right after Christmas Day. I am certain that they do no have wi-fi connections there, but perhaps if we go somewhere for coffee?
    TTFNski from us guys in Ft. Thomas!

    • The Moons look almost identicle,,, no identical, Billum. I feel a smidge guilty at opening the pressies early, si shall noit indulge in a tasting until the day.
      I agree with views on the medicals, Billum.
      I just hope that Jane is not too critical of me on her visit, she just can’t help advising and lambasting me without knowing the reasons for various situations. (Blimey, that read almost as an educated stement?) Smug-Mode Adopted!
      I wisheth HRH and your good worthiness a really grand time away! ♥

      • An entire box of the larger-sized Moon Pies disappears rapidly in this household, Excepting Alan, he does not like chocolate in *any* of its incarnations. Seems a super-human feat.
        Jane needs to be more undeerstanding of ailments tht her brother suffers. If you don’t have such limitations as do you, yer should maintain blessed silence.
        We have not been away for yonks, and trips to the dentist 73 miles away does not count, at least I hope it doesn’t.

      • Believe this or not, Billum… but I know a person who feels the same way over chocolate, but she will not eat bacon either? Amazing!
        Our Jane is a sweet thing really. I am looking forward to her comming to see me today, with hubby, the Xyrophobia suffering Pete.
        With Janes eye, and Pete’s Cancer treatment, I have to asmit to a new appreciation of how they’ve both coped with it all. Being previously so fit and healthy for so long, it can’t be easy for them. They’ve done well.
        But no doubt I shall get some critisim again, it’s just her way, innit? Hahaha!
        My last holiday away… I’ll have to think about this now… erm, er… I did have a say wway treated by Pete when I came out after t he hert operation to Skegness for a day trip, and with the Tenants Association for a day when I first moved into t he flats that Jenny had arranged. That was a day walking around on my own. Not knowing anyone you see. They all broke into parties and shot off as we got off of the minibus, not to be seen again until it was time to go home. But a stay away holiday… erm, maybe… It must have been my last fishing holiday then, Bill. So long ago. I did used to love them, but which was the last one? Wainfleet I think, no, no. Locherbie, yes, but when, what year? Jock, Bill, and Andy, we stayed at a cottage for a week. Neighbour Jock was with us, so I was still in the old house… My best guessimate is 1982. That tested the memory box. Hahaha!
        I really hpe it all goes smoothly, and peaceably mate, and leaves you all mostest contented! ♥

      • The chocolate as well as the caffeine molecules are complex nesting mazes that are indispensable, yet many are just not built to accept those organic wonders. Bacon is also a complex hydrocarbon, as I recall.
        Ypou cannot simply guess that someone you meet on the street is in perfect physical and mental shape. Well, yer don’t encounter *any* police officers on the street, but that is another matter.
        Next year sees the 40th anniversary of the 1980’s, mate. A different world for certain. I’ve seen it noted that 2022 promises to be a return to the year 2020: twenty-twenty too 🙂
        So far so goodeth, an early New Year’s greete, cocker!

      • Lost me wiv hydrocarbon, still if it hadn’t been that it would have been sunnat else. Hehehe!
        Excellently slipped in acknowledgement to the local policemans sparsity, there, by the way, Sire!
        Looking back (I do that alot, I shouldn’t, but I do), damn it, I’ve forgot what I was looking back at now.
        Thank heaven I found you both on the web, one bit of good fortune anyway.
        Humira has been of benfit, which pleases me well, I hope it continues as well!
        All the bestest wished, with an inkling of hopes for the New Year, to all five of you!
        Do not forget to enjpy that seasonal break, I fank you!

      • Danged if a response to a mention of our correspondence was quickly lost somewhere. I am going to blame that Scrooge Fries for doing it, He’s done much worse. If it did not arrive, I shall try to rememberise wot I wroteth.

      • I just checked the thread contents. It looks like my reply made it to flat 72, yes it do. Thanks for asking, I never deliberately ignore a missive, unless that missive is from a collection agency.

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